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CALENDE, BRAZIL  -  manufacturer of foundry machines and hydraulic presses - gravity cast machines for aluminum, sand core machines, automatic saw machines for foundry parts and special machines.

CIIGSA, COLOMBIA  -  Comercializadora International de Metales Preciosos Metales Comunes Inversiones Generales S.A.: refining and marketing of precious metals, export of gold and silver.

CMPFA, INDONESIA  -  a full service materials research and testing facility serving manufacturers in a variety of industries, chemical analysis, metallurgical evaluation, mechanical testing, corrosion simulation, failure analysis, and metallurgical course / training.
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CONDAT-FRANCE, lubricants and coatings for processing - high / low pressure die casting and gravity die casting, ladle coatings, different release agents for horizontal and vertical squeeze casting, lubricants for aluminium extrusion, wire drawing and heat treatments, lubricants and products for maintenance - greases, engine oils, transmission and compressor lubricants, lubricants and products for the iron and steel industry, lubricants for underground construction and for petroleum industry CONDAT - FRANCE  -  lubricants and coatings for processing - high / low pressure die casting and gravity die casting, ladle coatings, different release agents for horizontal and vertical squeeze casting, lubricants for aluminium extrusion, wire drawing and heat treatments, lubricants and products for maintenance - greases, engine oils, transmission and compressor lubricants, lubricants and products for the iron and steel industry, lubricants for underground construction and for petroleum industry, a complete range of lubricants designed to meet the needs of all casting techniques at all stage of the foundry process such as: vanishing lubricants, plunger lubricants, slide-rail lubricants, fire resistant fluids, heat transfer fluids, water free die lubricants, water based release agent, ladle coating, anti-soldering paste.
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CHINAR 93 - GEORGI SAVOV ET, BULGARIA  -  production of wooden, aluminum and plastic patterns, specialized in manufacturing both small and ultra large patterns.

CARBOMAX AB, SWEDEN  -  virgin artificial graphite, calcined petroleum coke - recarburiser for gray cast iron, crushed graphite electrodes - recarburiser for ductile cast iron, ferroalloys, inoculants for gray and ductile cast iron, recarburisers, slag binders, metallurgical coke.

COPPER AND COPPER ALLOYS FOUNDRY, SERBIA  -  one of the integrated parts of Copper Smelter and Refinery Bor Ltd., continuous casting of copper and copper alloys, ingots for remelting based on non-ferrous metals alloys, gold and silver ingots.

COATINGS & COATINGS (INDIA) PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  foundry fluxes, innoculants, slag coagulants, mold coatings, clay bonded sand, carbon dioxide & silicate systems, organic binders, parting agents, adhesives, refractory coatings.

C & D EQUIPMENT, USA  -  a wide array of services for the crushing, screening and recycling industries, distributor of used foundry equipment - jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, screens, feeders and hoppers.

CS ADDITIVE GmbH, GERMANY  -  production and trade of carbon and sulphur products for steel works, iron foundries and the chemical industry, foundry coke, coking coal, anthracite coal, petroleum coke, decarburizes, carbon raisers, solid sulphur specialties.

CARBON & GRAPHIC SUPPLIES CC, SOUTH AFRICA  -  manufacturer and supplier of composite and non composite carbon and graphite products for industry, graphite moulds, carbon brushes, brush holders, brush gear assemblies, mechanical seals, sleeves, furnace electrodes, carbon crucibles.

CALDERYS AUSTRIA GmbH SOFIA OFFICE, BULGARIA  -  representation of Calderys Austria GmbH, refractory materials for ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy and foundries.
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COLLECTORS & FILTERS, INC., USA  -  dust collectors and after filter systems.

COLESHILL ALUMINIUM LTD., UK  -  aluminium smelter, production of primary and secondary aluminium alloys.

C.A. LAWTON COMPANY, USA  -  poured or machined urethane foundry patterns, mahogany, pine and plywood short run production foundry patterns, styrofoam patterns, near net shape castings for molding metals, plastics or composites, patterns for fiberglass composites, patterns for vacuum forming.

CMC (AUSTRALIA) PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  ferro alloys - ferro chrome, ferro manganese, ferro molybdenum, ferro niobium, ferro phosphorus, ferro silicon, ferro titanium and ferro vanadium, metals - aluminium, copper, magnesium, nickel, tin, pig iron, aluminium grain refiners, aluminium modifiers, recarburisers, inoculants, nodulants, slag coagulants, steel and metal products - hot / cold rolled coil and strip, rectangular, square and circular hollow sections, pipes, bars, wire mesh, wire rod, fence wire, fence posts.

CONSOLIDATED ALLOYS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of tin and lead based products including a full range of solders, bearing metals, jewellery casting alloys and fusible alloys, supplier of zinc, lead, tin, aluminium, antimony, bismuth, cadmium, indium, tin oxide and silver.

C.A. RICH PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  production of foundry patterns and core-boxes, die casting dies, plastic injection moulds.

C.A. TOOLING, INC., USA  -  wood, metal, urethane and epoxy foundry patterns and core boxes, permanent mold tooling, prototyping.

CERQUISA ANTIACIDOS Y REFRACTARIOS S.A., SPAIN  -  manufacture of shaped and unshaped refractory products for cast iron and steel, aluminium, copper, tin, brass, lead and zinc foundries, bricks, special refractory parts, concrete, masses, putties, mortars, paints, graphite powder for foundry sands.

CORONA BRASIL, BRAZIL  -  manufacturer of silicon carbide and graphite crucibles for nonferrous metals casting.

CONLY BLAST EQUIPMENT WUXI CO., LTD., CHINA  -  a complete range of blast equipment - overhead rail shot blast machines, rubber belt tumble blast machines, roller conveyor shot blast machines, application: deburring for pressure die casting and stamped parts, cleaning of cast iron castings and precision castings, descaling of forgings or heat-treated work pieces, decorative blasting of nonferrous metal surfaces, surface finishing, treatment of metal plates or profiles in the steel constructions.

CARPENTER BROTHERS, INC., USA  -  various metals and alloys for metal casting industry, ceramic filters, sand additives and chemical binders.

CARLO BANFI S.p.A., ITALY  -  airblast, wheelblast, peening equipment, suspended workpiece blasting machines, continuous feeding blasting machines, loose workpiece blasting machines, rotating table blasting machines for foundries.

COMMANDER CERAMICS, PAKISTAN  -  manufacturer of fire clay, medium and high grade alumina refractory suitable for blast furnace stack steel ladle lining and heat treatment furnace, stoves walls checkers lining and electric arc furnace roof, nozzles for tundish and pouring items, magnesite and magnesite chrome bricks for converters, steel melting furnaces, secondary steel making, ferrous & non-ferrous foundries, low porosity bricks for copper furnaces, silicon carbide bricks, acid proof bricks, abrasion resistant bricks, insulation bricks, gunning, ramming mix, cements, mortars and castables refractories.

CONSARC CORP., USA  -  vacuum induction melting furnaces and vacuum arc remelting furnaces for specialty and reactive metals and alloys.

CYCLONAIRE CORP., USA  -  engineering and manufacturing of pneumatic conveying equipment, some of materials conveyed - bentonite, carbon (powdered, granular), carbon black (multiple grades), coke, graphite (powder, resin), kaolin clay, foundry sand, zircon sand, zeolite.
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CONVEYOR COMPONENTS COMPANY, USA  -  manufacturer of conveyor controls, motion controls, level controls, bin aerators, and conveyor belt cleaners.

CINKARNA CELJE D.D., SLOVENIA  -  chemical processing company, production of zinc-aluminium alloys / zamak for foundries, titanium-zinc sheets for deep drawing, zinc wire for anticorrosion protection of metals, zinc anodes for zinc coating by galvanizing, cathode protection of land pipelines and metallic constructions in the sea, recycling old zinc sheets.

CHANG CHUN GROUP, TAIWAN  -  phenol formaldehyde resins and furan no-bake resins for cast iron and steel foundries, epoxy resins for production of foundry patterns and core boxes, polyvinyl alcohol for coatings (for V-process foundries).

CARBO CERAMICS, INC., USA  -  manufacturer of technically engineered ceramic media for applications in the foundry metal casting and industrial mineral grinding industries as an alternative to silica and specialty sands.

CHIH CHUEN INDUSTRY CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  supplier of silica foundry sand, thermal reclaimed foundry sand and resin coated sand.

CT-CASTECH INC. OY, FINLAND  -  casting simulation software for foundries.

CRYSTAL CHEMICALS JSC, BULGARIA  -  furan resins, phenol resins, hardeners.
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CASTING CONCEPTS, LLC, USA  -  specialist to the foundry and metalcasting industry, consulting services, studies, audits and project management to metalcasters and suppliers - operations, engineering, engineering economy, metalcasting processes, quality, production, plant layout, flow, capital equipment, supply chain, sales, marketing, market demographics, advertising, trade show/exhibitions, sales networks, manufacturing representatives, product launch/introduction, market share, leadership and problem solving.

CMA CORPORATION LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  a leading integrated metal recycling group with operations in the supply, processing, smelting and exporting of scrap metal, supplier of high purity ductile grade pig iron, "Meretec meltstock", dri-melt steel, baled steel, sheared metals and briquettes, copper, aluminium, lead and tin based ingots.

C.C.M. ASIA GROUP, IRAN  -  import-export of foundry and steel industries equipment and raw materials, foundry bentonite, ferroalloys, coal coke, lime, sodium carbonate, chromite, magnetite iron ore.

CHENZHOU CHENXI METAL CO., LTD., CHINA  -  producer of nonferrous metals and alloys, main products - arsenic metal, arsenic lead alloy, copper arsenic alloy, bismuth ingot and silicon metal.

CHI CHIANG MOLD INDUSTRY CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  production of die casting molds (dies) for aluminum, magnesium and zinc alloys die casting.

COOINDA CERAMICS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  production of of industrial ceramics, ceramics for the foundry industry - high alumina ceramic pouring and running systems, tubes, reducing tubes, bends, tees, tapered downsprues, slotted ingates, flowered ingates, rod covers, pouring wells, pouring bells, Ezy-pour bells, ceramics for investment casting - cones, solid rods.

CREATIVE CARBON PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  supplier of engineering products for industrial applications, fire bricks, fire clay, castables, ramming masses and other furnace consumables, silico-manganese and ferro alloys, continuous core and mould drying ovens, sand mixers, turbo mixers, continuous mixers, induction melting furnaces, ladle refining furnaces, frequency converters, ladles for metal pouring, safety leather uniforms, hand gloves and shoes.

COMIL COVER SAND INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO LTDA., BRAZIL  -  coatings and lubricants for gravity die casting and pressure die casting, shell molding coated sands exothermic sleeves, mold / core glues, release agents for all molding processes, fluxes for treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous melts.

CHR - CERAMICA TECNICA, BRAZIL  -  manufacturer of ceramic tubes for diverse applications such as steel, petrochemical, chemical and ceramic industries.

COGNIS DEUTSCHLAND GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  a specialty chemicals company, sodium and potassium silicates, binders for risers and foundry molding sands, trade mark - Nuclepon.

CLANSMAN DYNAMICS LTD., UK  -  manufacturer of industrial manipulators and robots for foundry, forge, and waste processing applications.

CHEMETS d.o.o., SLOVENIA  -  rapid prototyping, manufacture of plastic prototypes in silicone moulds, polymethylmethacrylate patterns / models impregnated with epoxy resin or wax suitable for investment casting and art casting, manufacture of sand moulds for gravity casting.

CALCOM ESI, SWITZERLAND  -  an engineering company which is involved in the development and marketing of the metallurgical simulation software ProCast, PAM-Cast and CalcaSoft.

CONSOLIDATED ENGINEERING COMPANY (CEC), USA  -  ovens, furnaces, washers, dryers and systems.

CAMEL ENGINEERING LTD., AUSTRIA  -  a joint-venture (Austria & China) company, production of die-casting molds and parts for zinc and aluminum alloy foundries, plastic injection molds and precision machining parts.

C-E MINERALS, USA  -  aluminas, alumina-silica calcines, and fused minerals used in refractory, investment casting, semiconductor, abrasive, metal producing and many other industrial applications.

CERAMICA ELECTRICA S.A.C., PERU  -  thermocouples, flexible thermocouple cables, wires, temperature controllers.

COLOMBO EDIGIO S.a.s., ITALY  -  mullers, screening and vibrating machines, jolting and squeezing moulding machines, core-blowing and core-shooting machines, shakeout systems, processing and distribution equipment for floor moulding, conveyor belts.

CONFECCIONES ESTE S.L., SPAIN  -  producer of workwear - heat & flame retardant and metal splash articles certified up to D3 and E3 for aluminium and molten iron splash.

CORPORACION FAEZA, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  manufacturer of zamak ingots, aluminum alloys ingots, zinc anodes.

CHIROOK FOUNDRY SAND CO., IRAN  -  the main part of Ehya Sepahan Industries & Mines Complex, producer of silica granulated foundry sand and shell molding sand.

CONTRACOR GmbH, GERMANY  -  supplier of sandblasting equipment, abrasive blasting machines with manual or remote control, blast cabinets pressure or suction type, boron carbide and tungsten carbide blasting nozzles, blasting hose couplings and nozzle holders, blasting hoods and overalls.

CARLO GENNARI FORNI, ITALY  -  plant and machinery supply for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, melting and holding furnaces, mini furnaces for low-medium capacity bronze, brass foundries, laboratory, educational, prototyping, gold, etc., ladles for liquid metal's transport, heat treatment furnaces, furnaces for forging processes, heating systems in metallurgy, mixers for paints for dies and sand moulds, second hand casting machines, second hand melting and holding furnaces for aluminium, brass, bronze, zamak, second hand complete plants for different sectors, metal news center specialized both in the study of ferrous and non ferrous metal markets from production to transformation and recycling, both in Italy and abroad, consulting services.

CYRUS GmbH SCHWINGTECHNIK, GERMANY  -  a medium-sized family business with its own production facilities in Germany and India, supplier of machines and systems to various industries, mobile charging machines which are frequently used to automatically fill the induction furnaces, shake-out grids and separation troughs to free castings from moulding sand, cooling troughs to prepare hot castings for further processing, moulding sand recovery systems to recycle foundry sand for reuse by utilising modern vibration crushing technology, vibralift-technology to convey hot sand vertically and space saving, even in conditions where bucket elevators would fail in service, screening machines to separate impurities from the moulding sand, and vibrating conveyors to transport various materials such as ores, sand, gravel, coal and salt, a Schulte Strathaus Group Company.

CHANGZHOU HUERTI ALLOYS CO., LTD., CHINA  -  rare-earth metal alloy of silicon and iron, iron and magnesium, copper and magnesium, nodular powder, and special nodular powder for iron cast pipes.

C.H.EVENSEN INDUSTRIOVNER AS, NORWAY  -  manufacturer and supplier of industrial furnaces and industrial heating equipment with low energy consumption and environmental protection, heat treatment furnaces, furnaces for metal melting and holding, dryers, spare parts, installation services.

CARBONES HOLDING GmbH, AUSTRIA  -  supplier of pig iron for the steel production and for the foundry industry, pure magnesium, magnesium alloys ingots, magnesium granules, copper granules, nickel, tin, si-metal, ferro alloys, metallurgy coke, graphite, silicon carbide, binders, resigns, coatings, slag forming additives, ceramic and ceramic foam filters, graphite / zircon / aluminium-silicate refractory, fireclay, blasting materials, foundry accessories, steel scrap, aluminium scrap, solid fuels.

CHUO HATSUMEI INSTITUTE CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  organic / inorganic impregnants and impregnation equipment for aluminum die-casts, sintered components, coating agents for low pressure die castings.

CIVIDONO HNOS S.A. / PIREM S.A., ARGENTINA  -  manufacture of coated sands, exothermic risers, insulator sleeves, exothermic powder, phenolic resins, alkyd resins, molding paste, mold removal products, glues for cores and molds.

C. HILZINGER-THUM GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  grinding, deburring and polishing tools, and technical rubber rollers for the metal / machine industry.

CASTEC INC., JAPAN  -  supplier of core pins and inserts for die cast dies.

CLAROS INSTRUMENTAL, ARGENTINA  -  measurement and control instruments, hardness testers - Brunel, Rockwell, portable testers, surface roughness portable profilometers, gauges, micrometers, own laboratory specialized in the certification and calibration of instruments, metrology training courses.

CONQUEST INDUSTRIES, USA  -  equipment for spin-casting.

CERAMICA INDUSTRIAL AVELLANEDA S.A., ARGENTINA  -  fireclay and high alumina refractories, fire bricks and shapes, refractory mortals, cements and coatings, refractory and insolating castables, ramming mixes, ceramic fiber insulation materials, special ceramics.

CANBENSAN INDUSTRY & TRADE CO., TURKEY  -  bentonite for foundry industry.

CONSOL INDUSTRIAL MINERALS (CIM), SOUTH AFRICA  -  supplier of foundry and metallurgical industry silica sands, a part of Consol Group.

CENTRAL INDIAN PATTERN and MODEL, INC., USA  -  urethane foundry patterns, prototype castings, molds.

CERAFLUX INDIA PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer & exporter of foundry chemicals, specialized in the design, development and production of precast refractory shapes and joining aids for molten aluminium handling systems, non ferrous foundry fluxes, degasser, grain refiner, master alloy, die coats and lubricants for gravity and pressure die aluminum castings, sand additives, silicate binders, refractory coatings for ferrous foundries and supplliers of ceramic foam and extruded filters for ferrous and non-ferrous castings.

COKES INDUSTRIALES, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  supplier of foundry silica sand, bentonite, carbon powder, ferroalloys, metallurgical coke.

COMPAX INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  a solution provider of foundry applications in modern coreshops and low pressure and gravity die casting shops - Compax cold-box core production unit with high speed and flexibility requirements up to shot capacity of 150 kg, Compacor semi automatic cold-box coreshooter for small facilities and core suppliers, Compashell fully automatic shell / hot-box coreshooter for vertically / horizontally or multiple parted tooling, Compajet fully automatic CO2 gas injection system suitable for CO2 silicate process / CO2 cured phenolic binder system, Compacure tri-ethyl amine curing system, Compax sand handling and distribution system, Compax fully automatic binder feeding and dosing system, Compax raw sand feeding systems and sand dosing system, Compacast low pressure die-casting machines for aluminium foundries, Compax fully automatic sand decoring machine for aluminium castings.

C.I. TERMOINDUSTRIALES S.A.S., COLOMBIA  -  thermal solution for the industrial processes, melting furnaces for nonferrous metals, heat treatment furnaces.

CHIMATECH JSC, BULGARIA  -  foundry materials - ethylsilicate for precision casting molds, silicones for wax patterns production, calcium stearate additive for coated sands, linceed oil for sand binders, fast-curing glue for cores, anticorrosive coatings, chemical test lab services.

COMEX JSC, BULGARIA  -  production of various refractory materials and ceramics for foundries and heat-treatment workshops, fireclay, mortar, ramming masses, heat-treated quartz powder for investment casting, ceramic foam filters, ceramic pipes and funnels, primary aluminium ingots and billets.

C. JOHNSON & ASSOCIATES, LLC, USA  -  a consortium of consultants with multi-discipline expertise, incl. foundry processes, testing, resins, compounding, environmental and safety.

CHINA JULONG NONFERROUS METAL CO., LTD., CHINA  -  a complex enterprise which integrates production, research and development, manufacturer of aluminium alloys ingots.

CASTING KFT., HUNGARY  -  trading and consulting, raw and auxiliary materials for foundries - ferro-alloys, pig iron, graphite nodularizers and modifiers, carburizers, furnace lining materials, mould release agents, covering and cleaning salts, slag coagulants, die casting mould coats and lubricants, professional consulting activity mainly for iron and steel foundries.

CUKUROVA KIMYA ENDUSTRISI JSC, TURKEY  -  foundry chemicals, auxiliaries and refractory materials.
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CKD KUTNA HORA A.S., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  wooden, plastic, metal and combined foundry patterns and core-boxes, forms for the pressure and die casting and permanent mould casting of non-ferrous alloys, blasting materials - round steel shot, steel grit.
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CARBO-KOKS Sp. z o.o., POLAND  -  manufacturer of foundry coke, blast furnace and industrial fuel, and coal derivatives, coke production capacity is up to
250 000 tonnes per year.

CARDINAL LTD., BULGARIA  -  production of tin low-carbon steel chaplets with square plates for sand moulding.

CERAMISIS LTD., UK  -  production of laboratory heating basic elements, sample heaters and sample heater controllers, high temperature laboratory vacuum / inert atmosphere furnaces with graphite hot zones, laboratory crucibles, a complete range of technical ceramic materials and components, pyrotytic boron nitride and pyrolytic graphite, carbon and graphite materials and components, graphite and carbon composites.

CHEMANEX LTD., SRI LANKA  -  manufacturer of specialty industrial chemicals and additives, supplier of paraffin wax, polyvinyl alcohol and dextrin for foundry industry, a member of CIC Group of Companies.

COMETECH LTD., BULGARIA  -  inoculants and nodulizers for grey and nodular cast iron, carburizers, desulfurizers, foundry ladles, graphite electrodes, graphite crucibles.
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COMPUTHERM, LLC., USA  -  provider of powerful and easy to use phase diagram and thermodynamic calculation software tools for industrial, academic, and educational use: Pandat - a software package for calculating phase diagrams and thermodynamic properties of multi-component alloys, anEngine - the calculation engine from Pandat, is available as a Dynamically Linked Library (DLL) that can be used to create custom software applications such as microstructure and microsegregation simulations.

C. LEAR & SONS LTD., UK  -  supplier of new and good quality used foundry plant and equipment - green sand systems, resin bonded sand equipment, core equipment, pattern making equipment, moulding boxes, melting and heat treatment furnaces, ladles, fettling equipment, filter units, conveyors.

CENTRE LINE PATTERNS, AUSTRALIA  -  engineering and automotive patternmakers, wood, plastic and polystyrene equipment and parts, patterns, coreboxes, moulds, check fixtures / gauges, vacuum forming tools and fibreglass parts.

COMERSIAL LEMMA S.A., CHILE  -  aluminum and zinc alloys, ingots for foundries.

COLORITA 51 LTD., BULGARIA  -  foundry patterns.

CAGDAS MUHENDISLIK, TURKEY  -  coating materials for molds and cores, chromite and zircon sands.

CASTING METALLURGY AND PROCESS TECHNOLOGY, LLC, USA  -  consulting company specializing in steel castings and foundry processes, the diversity of consulting projects includes foundry metallurgist, metallurgical consulting to casting buyers, foundry operations - audits and assessments, quality audits, technical support to companies specifying castings, casting specification development, weld procedure development, development of heat treat procedures to maximise mechanical properties, development and application of melting procedures, non destructive testing procedures - qualification and application, expert witness consultant for casting failures or foundry related issues, due diligence consultant- foundry evaluation, benchmarking foundries.

CLEARFIELD MACHINE CO., INC., USA  -  cast iron foundry, a complete in house pattern shop, manufacture of wooden, styrofoam and metal patterns.

CHEONGAM METAL CO., LTD., KOREA, SOUTH  -  aluminum alloy ingot.

COMPANIA MINERA GRAL. RODOLFO FIERRO, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  silica sand and bentonite for foundries.

C.M.H. MANUFACTURING CO., USA  -  machinery for the tilt pour process of permanent mold casting.
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CARN METALS LTD., UK  -  manufacturer of lead free pewters for centrifugal or spin casting into vulcanised rubber moulds, and lead free solders for use with pewter.

CIHAN METAL LTD., TURKEY  -  silicon carbide crucibles, refractory materials.

CIE MATRICON S.A., ROMANIA  -  pressure die casting, design and manufacture of pressure die-casting moulds / tools for aluminum and zinc alloys, stamp tools, and moulds for plastic injection.
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CYM MATERIALES S.A., ARGENTINA  -  a complete line of systems for surface preparation and blast cleaning - blasting by compressed air or turbines, shot peening equipment, hydro-sandblasters, spare parts, maintenance and alterations of all types of machines blasters, buy and sell used equipment, abrasives - carbon steel and stainless steel shot, cut wire shot, glass microspheres, aluminum oxides.

C.M. S.n.c. di TARICCO NATALINO & C., ITALY  -  dies for permanent mould casting.
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C.M. SURFACE TREATMENT S.p.A., ITALY  -  design, manufacture and sales of automatic blast cleaning and shot peening equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, light alloy extrusion, heat treatment, stamping, forging, glass container, plastics, tool manufacture, gear, and spring, equipment in ranges including rotary table units, tumble units, hanger units, in-line belt units and machines for special applications.

CHINO MINERALS TRADING CORP., CHINA  -  met coke, foundry coke, ferro silicon, ferro manganese, silicon manganese, pig iron, bauxite, graphite power, flake / amorphorus graphite, electrode paste, flint clay, kaolin, brown fused alumina, silicon carbide, silicon metal, manganesite metals and bentonite.
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CALIFORNIA METAL-X INC., USA  -  manufacturer of brass and bronze ingot recommended in the art foundry industry and widely used in industrial, production foundries, a variety of alloys for the jewelry industry.
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CHUAN NEN ALUMINUM CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  aluminum materials melting and refining manufacturer, production of secondary aluminum ingots.

CMI NOVACAST, INC., USA  -  manufacturer of electromagnetic pumps and flow meters for liquid metal - aluminum, zinc, sodium, mercury, potassium and magnesium, electromagnetic pumps for transferring molten aluminum or zinc in a controlled and non-turbulent manner for low pressure filling of sand, permanent or semi-permanent molds.

CERAMIC OXIDE FABRICATORS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  supplier of ceramic products to industry, research laboratories and universities, laboratory standard crucibles, thermo-gravimetric and differential thermal analysis crucibles, furnace tubes, alumina or zirconium rods and tubes, oxygen probes, ceramic oxygen sensors for measurement and control of oxygen at high temperature, ceramic machined products.

CUNNINGHAM PATTERN and ENGINEERING, USA  -  prototype foundry patterns.

CAPITAL PATTERN & MODEL, INC., USA  -  manufacturer of close tolerance foundry patterns and tooling in many types of materials from prototype wood and plastic patterns to full production equipment.

CRAFT PATTERN & MOLD, INC., USA  -  machined metal, urethane, and epoxy patterns and molds.

CENTRAL PATTERN CO., USA  -  foundry patterns and tooling.

CVETMET PRIVATE ENTERPRISE, BELARUS  -  production of brass and bronze ingots, bronze bars, billets, centrifugal cast bushes, annual volume of manufacture more than 3000 tons, a subsidiary of Belcvetmet JSC and Belvtormet Association.

CEREFCO (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  services to the foundry, metallurgical and industrial sectors, a representative of Inductotherm Corp. - USA.

CHEMOVATE PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  production of resins, polymers and specialty chemicals, novolac and resol phenolic resins, phenol formaldehyde resins, epoxy resins, refractory grade resins, foundry furan resins, resins for shell-moulding, resins for hot-box, cold-box, alpha-set or pep-set processes.

CASTIGLIONI PES Y CIA. S.A., ARGENTINA  -  extraction, production and export of natural sodium bentonite for foundries.

CONSOLIDATED REFRACTORIES AUSTRALASIA PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  a wholesaler of refractory products - refractories, fire bricks, furnace, bricks, ceramic fibre, fibrecoat, furnace cote.

CAPITAL RESIN CORPORATION, USA  -  producer a full line of foundry products - acid cured phenolic binder system, phenolic urethane cold box and no bake systems, alkyd and furan cold box resins, water based and alcohol based coatings, lost foam coatings for aluminum casting, mold releases.
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COMPANIA REFINERA DE ALUMINIO S.A. - COREAL, SPAIN  -  recycling, smelting and refining of aluminium, production of aluminuim alloys for green-sand moulding, pressure die casting, gravity die casting and shell moulding.

CAPITAL REFRACTORIES LTD., UK  -  manufacture and supply of linings for coreless induction furnaces, a complete range of castables for the melting and holding of aluminium, crucibles, ancillary products - chamottes, earth leakage electrodes, furnace formers, gas diffusers, insulation products, temperature measurement, vibration equipment, wash coats.

CLIMAX RESEARCH SERVICES, USA  -  metallurgical testing, chemical analysis, engineering consulting and materials research to a diverse spectrum of clients.

CENTROZAP S.A., POLAND  -  a commercial-investment-production holding, acting in foundry, steel, chemical, machine, metallurgy, energy and raw materials markets - blast-furnace pig iron, blast furnace coke, foundry coke, ferroalloys - silico manganese, ferro manganese, ferro silicon, ferro chrome, ferro vanadium and ferro molybdenum.

COASIN S.A. ARGENTINA  -  supplier of precision instrumentation for physical, chemical and quality control laboratories, industries and various enterprises, testing machines, spectrometers mainly for use in steel mills, ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, accessories and consumables for electron microscopy, X-ray diffractometers for identification of crystal phases, analytical instruments for structural analysis, instruments for surface analysis, machines for preparing samples, tools and spare parts for analysis of carbon, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen in metals, equipment for measuring sound and vibration.

CODAM S.A., ARGENTINA  -  zinc ingots, pure tin ingots and anodes, electrolytic copper anodes and nuggets, cobalt briquettes and cathodes, nickel discs for producing most of the castings and forgings alloys containing nickel, including low-alloy steels and cast iron, Ni-hard, Ni-resist cast alloys with thermal resistance, electrolytic nickel anodes, nickel pellets, ferro-alloys.

COMETAL S.A., SPAIN  -  a variety of products covering the area of grey nodular and compact graphite iron - magnesium alloys, inoculants for grey and nodular iron, core wire alloys for nodular iron, long life inoculants, cerium mischmetal, dispersit, representation services - machinery and equipment for steelworks and foundries.
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CONIEX S.A., SPAIN  -  plate semi-automatic and automatic centrifugal machines for the production of cast accessories for the footwear industry, costume jewellery, promotional articles, key rings, automatic presses for the vulcanization of rubber, silicon and organic moulds, automatic electric ovens for melting of zamak and pewter, extensive range of rubber and silicon moulds, specially designed for zamak, pewter, lead, and other materials such as resins and waxes, zamak and pewter alloy ingots, online consultations.

C.S. ALUMINUM CORP. (CSAC), TAIWAN  -  production of aluminum alloy ingots, aluminum alloy ingots for die-casting, zinc alloy ingots for die-casting and zinc anodes for electroplating, aluminum products - plate, sheets, coils and foils, wholly owned subsidiary of China Steel Corporation.

CSC SCIENTIFIC COMPANY, INC., USA  -  the company specializes in three critical testing areas: moisture analysis, surface tension analysis, and particle size analysis, direct-reading mechanical moisture balance, tensiometer and consistometers, sieves and sieve shakers.

CVC SPECIALTY CHEMICALS, INC., USA  -  a worldwide specialist in niche epoxies, manufacturer of specialty epoxy resins for various industries and applications.

CAMATTINI S.p.A., ITALY  -  supplies a complete range of application cycles and products to the model and mould industry, the sales program includes the polyurethane, silicon and epoxy resins for negative and foundry patterns, tooling boards for foundry patterns, tooling boards for prototyping, etc.

CAVENAGHI S.p.A., ITALY  -  coatings, binders, hardeners and other chemical products for foundry use, refractory materials.

CHESAPEAKE SPECIALTY PRODUCTS, INC., USA  -  metallic abrasive products for steel surface preparation, ballast media for steel ingot mold casting, counter balance weights, and ship's ballast.

CEEVER S.r.l., ITALY  -  producer of a robotized high pressure washing and deburring machines specific for cast aluminium products after mechanical processing, solutions for the automotive sector.

CELSIUS S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  manufacturer of temperature control sensors and measuring instruments - digital pyrometers, portable pyrometers, temperature controllers, thermometers, temperature sensors, interchangeable thermocouples, thermoresistors, temperature transmitters, measurement and control indicators.

COLOSIO S.r.l., ITALY  -  production of horizontal cold chamber pressure die casting machines for aluminium, brass and magnesium casting, hot chambers pressure die casting machines for zamak and magnesium casting, accessories - automatic ladles, die sprayers, pieces extractors and robots, used die casting machines and accessories.

CRASE S.r.l., ITALY  -  measuring instruments, hardness testers, instruments and consumables for metallography.

CO.STAMP S.r.l., ITALY  -  production of moulds for die casting of aluminium and magnesium castings for the automotive industry, maintenance and optimization of existing moulds, production of medium / small batches, prototype series, project management.

CECON TECHNOLOGY, USA  -  foundry control systems, robotics, vision systems, production data management systems.

CLARK TESTING, USA  -  an independent testing laboratory, comprehensive and specialized testing, consulting, training and inspection services for clients in the coal, coke, mining, steel and metal industry.

COMPUTATIONAL THERMODYNAMICS, INC., USA  -  calculation of phase diagrams using the Calphad method (based of the fact that a phase diagram is
a representation of the thermodynamic properties of a system), enable users to model and numerically solve a vast number of different materials-related engineering problems, consulting services.

CRAIC TECHNOLOGIES, INC., USA  -  provider of optical tools, UV and NIR microscopes, UV-visible-NIR microspectrophotometers, instruments to measure thin film thickness and colorimetry on the microscopic scale, Raman microspectrometers, applications: research in materials science, chemistry and physics, forensic science, semiconductor metrology, quality control of optics and flat panel displays.

CRIDEL THERMOSET, INC., USA  -  manufacturing epoxy and urethane compounds for the tooling & pattern making - aluminum-filled casting resins, urethanes, high- and abrasion-resistant materials, materials used in foundry, patterns and core boxes, polyurethane elastomers, mould making and mould repair products, and mould release agents.

CHEM-TREND L.P., USA  -  mold release agents, pressure / gravity die casting lubricants, plunger lubricants, tire paints, purge compounds and ancillary products related to molding, casting and forming operations.

CASTOOL TOOLING SYSTEMS, CANADA  -  manufacturer of tooling systems for die cast machines and extrusion presses, a division of Exco Technologies Ltd.

CARRIER VIBRATING EQUIPMENT, INC., USA  -  vibratory systems for foundries.

CURTIS VIBRATORS (GRANTHAM) LTD., UK  -  foundry equipment - shakeouts grids, retractable compaction tables, sand mills, conveyors with stainless steel section for use with an overband magnet, screens, low level shakeout / sand mill combined, recycling equipment, spiral elevators.
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CAST WELL ENGINEERS, INDIA  -  manufacturer, supplier and exporter of pressure die casting accessories, pressure die casting dies and supporting equipments, centralised diecoating systems, automatic spray systems, special jet spray cooling systems, plunger lubrication systems, stationary and mobile degassing units, die casting shot sleeves, automatic ladle machines, automatic furnace cover.

CARL ZEISS AG, SWITZERLAND  -  light and electron microscopes, optical sensor systems, industrial metrology, a part of Carl Zeiss Group - Germany, a leading organization of companies operating worldwide in the optical and optoelectronical industry.

CENTRALA ZAOPATRZENIA HUTNICTWA S.A., POLAND  -  sales of ferro-alloys, zircons, pig iron, steel products and semi-products, aluminium, chromite sand, foundry coke, blast-furnace coke.

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