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BARRICADY, RUSSIA  -  centrifugal casting, tubes up to 380 mm in diameter and up to 6820 mm in length.

BELUX, BELGIUM  -  cast items for the gastronomy industry and household equipment sector, hand gravity die-casting in high quality aluminium, craftsman-cast saucepans, frying-pans and casseroles.

BURCELIK, TURKEY  -  steel, cast iron and ductile iron castings for cement industry, automotive industry, power plants, shipyards & marine industry.

BRONSGIETERIJ ATELIER 80 B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  art casting foundry, bronze, brass and aluminium alloys monumental castings, statues and articles of renown artists, lost wax method.

BRONZE AGE ART, SOUTH AFRICA  -  a multifunctional art foundry that specializes in casting sculpture in bronze with both the lost wax and sand casting processes, provides a service to artists from around the world, the design studio produces a wide range of products, ranging from lights, interior accessories to our trademark bowls and exclusive, once-off furniture pieces.

B & C NON-FERROUS FOUNDRY LTD., UK  -  sand castings in aluminium, bronze, gunmetal, copper and brass.

BDI ALLOY ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. (BAE), THAILAND  -  pressure die casting, motorcycle and automobile spare parts, machinery parts, electronic parts, electrical appliances, a subsidiary of B.D.I. Group.

BRONZE ART FINE ART FOUNDRY, IRELAND  -  bronze fine art foundry, lost wax process, sculpture fabrication from the monumental to small scale, a wide range of bronze plaques for different county councils and organisations in Ireland and abroad, awards for various special achievement / business awards and film award ceremonies, various sword parts and props made in bronze for the Irish film industry, restoration or repair work, specialised bronze fixtures and fittings.

BORBET AUSTRIA GmbH, AUSTRIA  -  manufacturer of aluminium cast wheels for the European automotive industry, multi-low-pressure die casting method,
a member of Borbet Group - Germany.

BERTOLOTO & GROTTA LTDA., BRAZIL  -  production of bearing sleeves, nodular iron casting.

BASS & HAYS FOUNDRY, INC., USA  -  municipal type manholes, frames & grates, manhole accessories.

BODINE ALUMINUM, INC., USA  -  aluminum sand and permanent mold castings, St. Louis Plant - aluminum sand and permanent mold castings for hydraulic & pneumatic components, electrical equipment, diesel engine components, agricultural equipment, pumps, compressors, valves & transmissions, automotive,
Troy plant - low pressure, permanent mold, and high pressure casting facility dedicated 100% to Toyota Motor Company.

BPS & IIW, THAILAND  -  Burapa Steel Co., Ltd (BPS) - cast steel and ductile iron parts for automotive (especially trucks and trailers) industry, water works, agricultural, earth moving, electrical and machinery parts, green sand and CO2 sand manual moulding lines, International Iron Works Co. Ltd. (IIW) - grey and ductile iron parts, a vertical automatic line, two horizontal automatic lines, a furan sand line and a manual moulding line.

BRONZE & IRON ART STUDIO, IRELAND  -  metal specialist and foundry company, bronze, brass, copper, lead, pewter, and aluminum cast, sand cast, lost wax cast, vacuum cast, large / small sculptures, furniture, door knobs / locks, hinges, balustrades, chandeliers, lanterns, console tables, coffee tables, railings, fountains, blacksmith works, restoration and conservation of historical (religious, artistic, technical and ethnographic) and archaeological objects.

BAJWA AGRO INDUSTRIES LTD., PAKISTAN  -  casting and machining of automobile parts and agricultural implements, castings in ductile cast iron, grey cast iron and non-ferrous alloys.

BRONSGIETERIJ & KUNSTATELIER DE PAARDENSTAL, THE NETHERLANDS  -  bronze casting using the lost wax method, sculptures, monuments and artifacts, repairs and restoration.

BERNARDES & KIN FOUNDRY, SOUTH AFRICA  -  castings in all grades of steel and cast irons for heat, corrosion, wear and abrasion resistance, cast parts to various industries - petro chemical, pump and valve, power generation, steel making, heat treatment, mining, cement, rail stock, and food.

BRONZE AGE LTD., UK  -  art sculpture casting foundry using the lost wax method to cast works in bronze and other non-ferrous metals.

BENES & LAT, FOUNDRY AND MACHINEWORKS JSC, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  zamak high pressure die castings, weight range from 0.005 to 1.4 kg, capacity is
70 tons per month, and aluminium alloys gravity (chill) casting and low pressure die casting products, weight range from 0.1 to 10 kg, capacity is about 60 tons monthly.

BRABANT ALUCAST PRODUCTS B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  casting and machining of high-grade products in a range of magnesium and aluminium alloys, high-pressure diecast components, mainly for the automotive industry - powertrain, suspension and structural parts, a subsidiary of Euralcom Group B.V. - The Netherlands.

BRONZE ALU S.A.S., FRANCE  -  single parts and modules in copper aluminium alloys, aluminium and composite materials, cast parts for trucks and railway, industrial equipment, gearboxes, pantographs, sowing machines, high pressure die casting, sand moulding, machining, heat treatment.

BRINK & van KEULEN, THE NETHERLANDS  -  casting, grinding, sanding and polishing, maintenance and restoration of brass chandeliers for churches, government agencies, museums, royal palaces and other impressive rooms.

BRUZAHOLMS BRUK AB, SWEDEN  -  manufacturer of wear parts for asphalt and concrete mixers, wear and heat resistant castings from Ni-hard, high chromium alloyed iron and steel, bainitic nodular iron, high chromium alloyed white iron, low chromium alloyed grey iron, and nickel-chromium steel.

BERNTSEN BRASS & ALUMINUM FOUNDRY, USA  -  high-conductivity copper castings for electrical applications, special high-strength aluminum-bronze castings for petroleum industry, lawn and garden related castings.

BAILSCO BLADES & CASTINGS, INC., USA  -  producer of a wide variety of specialty aluminum castings, cast aluminum airfoil propellers and v-belt sheaves (pulleys) directed to the air movement market.

BRONSBEELDGIETERIJ BINDER B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  art foundry, bronze statues and monuments.

BRONSGIETERIJ BOGART B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  sculptures in bronze, brass and aluminium, lost wax method.

BECKETT BRONZE CO., INC., USA  -  manufacturer of bronze centrifugal castings, and continuous cast bars for the hydraulic, pump, diesel engine and compressor industries.

BEMZ - BREST ELECTROMECHANICAL PLANT JSC, BELARUS  -  manufacturer of agricultural machines, multipurpose agricultural units, electricity meters and devices, medical devices, aluminum casting parts weighing up to 1 kg, steel investment casting, dies and patterns for foundries.

BH BAYERQUE HERMANOS S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  automated cast iron casting and machining, camshafts for the autoparts aftermarket and automotive manufacturing plants.

BEHRENDS BRONZE, INC., CANADA  -  cast bronze, brass and aluminum signs, plaques, letters, drink coasters, unique crests and trophies, door pulls.

BOMBAS BORJA S.A., SPAIN  -  industrial valves, hand pumps and control products for driving all kinds of fluids, own cast iron foundry.

BESTECHNOLOGIES BESTEL S.A.S., FRANCE  -  aluminum foundry, castings weight up to 700 kg, production of foundry patterns, moulds, tools and prototypes.

BRONSGIETERIJ CUSTERS, THE NETHERLANDS  -  bronze art foundry for both professional and amateur artists.

BRONALVEN C.A., VENEZUELA  -  aluminum and bronze castings.

BRDR. CHRISTENSEN ApS, DENMARK  -  production of large range of cylindrical and taper plug valves and small batches of soft seated gate valves, the company operates a foundry of its own, gray iron, ductile iron, carbon steels, austenitic and duplex stainless steels castings from a few hundred grams up to 5 tons, a green sand moulding line Disamatic 2013 and a hand moulding line producing moulds in ester cured alkaline phenolic bounded sand.

BRONSGIETERIJ CSER B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  art foundry, sand moulding and lost-wax casting, bronze art works and sculptures.

BR CASTING COMPANY A/S, DENMARK  -  pressure die-casting, production of 300 tons of zinc castings and 250 tons of aluminium castings annually.

BUVO CASTINGS B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  aluminium high-pressure die casting products.

BRONZE CRAFT CORP., USA  -  non-ferrous products, ranging from very simple sand castings to fully fabricated assemblies.

BARRON-CLARK CASTINGS LTD., UK  -  sand and gravity die aluminium castings, sand castings - from small intricate water pump bodies weighing 0.5 kg, up to large bottom tables for textiles nachines weighing 190 kg, gravity die castings - range from 0.07 kg for a breather pipe up to 5 kg for a diesel engine oil pan.

BAY CAST, INC., USA  -  castings in carbon steel, alloy steel, heat resistant stainless steel, tool steels, alloy cast iron classes.

BREMEN CASTINGS, INC., USA  -  a greensand ductile and gray iron casting foundry.

BALLANTINE CASTINGS LTD., UK  -  producer of iron castings to the architectural, engineering and construction sectors, restoration and refurbishment to existing metalwork worldwide, fencing, monuments, ornamental structures, post boxes, lamp posts, tree grilles, bollards, manhole covers, gully grates and frames, trapped gullies, channels, drain grates.

BATERIAS COSMOS LTDA., CHILE  -  manufacturer of batteries for vehicles, foundry for lead parts.

BOLAN CASTINGS LTD., PAKISTAN  -  the largest automotive foundry in Pakistan producing grey and ductile iron castings for tractors, trucks, buses and other vehicles.

BRAM CASTINGS LTD., CANADA  -  aluminum-based foundry, castings are produced using green sand, resin bonded sand, or permanent molds, with the finished products weighing up to 600 kg.

BEIJING CHENGHONG FOUNDRY, CHINA  -  ductile and grey iron castings, mainly pipes and fittings, annual capacity is 7000 tons, ISO 9002.

BUCK COMPANY, INC., USA  -  gray, ductile and malleable iron castings, non ferrous castings.

BAS CASTINGS LTD., UK  -  grey iron, ductile iron, Ni-resist, Ni-hard, austempered ductile iron castings, market sectors - turbine and power generation, marine, petro-chemical, construction equipment, mining, railway, pumps, quarrying and crushing machinery, lathe beds.

BOMYUNG CO., LTD., KOREA, SOUTH  -  cast iron street lamp poles.

BONGSHIN CO., LTD., KOREA, SOUTH  -  grey and nodular iron castings, chilled casting for mixing rolls of rubber and plastics, calendar rolls (bored rolls and drilled rolls), paper calendar rolls, hydraulic cylinder piston rams, industrial machine parts for compressor housings, gear cases, hydraulic cylinders, catapult parts, machine tool parts for plano millers, machining centers, lathes.

BERNIER CAST METALS, INC., USA  -  aluminum, brass, copper, zinc, grey iron, ductile iron, and steel castings by the green sand molding, air-set (no bake) and Lost Foam casting, producer of wood or plastic patterns.

BN DOCKYARD, BANGLADESH  -  the major repair establishment to provide repair and maintenance support to ships of Bangladesh Navy, own foundry shop, casting of different types of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, up to maximum one ton in weight.

BRONZE D'ART SERRALHEIRO S.A.R.L., FRANCE  -  bronze and brass art foundry.

BEST DIE CASTING PARTS, INC., TAIWAN  -  pressure die casting, aluminum, zinc and brass alloys.

BEYONICS DIE CASTING SDN. BHD., MALAYSIA  -  part of Beyonics Technology Ltd., computer storage devices, medical devices and electronics communication products, aluminium die-castings production.

BRONSGIETERIJ DE HOOISCHUUR, THE NETHERLANDS  -  bronze casting and finishing, artworks, busts, statues, childhood memories, grave ornaments, urns.

BRONZI DE LUCA, ITALY  -  cast bronze monuments and sculptures.

BRONZES DE MOHON, FRANCE  -  art foundry, bronze sculptures, plaques, trophies, medals, office articles, sand moulding and wax lost casting.

BLACKHAWK de MEXICO, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  a foundry of gray and ductile cast iron with a yearly production of 25 000 tons of castings, production of cast components for heavy-duty trucks, agricultural tractors and other applications, green sand automatic molding lines, a subsidiary of Grupo Quimmco - Mexico.

BOTOS D.O.O., SERBIA  -  manufacture of knotters and replacement parts for balers, precision castings foundry.

BRONSGIETERIJ DE SMELTERIJ, THE NETHERLANDS  -  art castings in bronze, brass and aluminium alloys, lost wax method.

BAODING DOUBLE TIGER FOUNDRY CO., LTD., CHINA  -  ductile iron and gray iron castings for municipal engineering covers, engineering machinery accessories, art & crafts, fire fighters and agricultural machinery accessories.
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BRONCES DEL VALLE, COLOMBIA  -  special bronzes and aluminum castings for the manufacture of spare parts required in general metalworking, industrial safety, plastics, footwear and pools sectors.

BETON ENGINEERING & FOUNDRY, SINGAPORE  -  gears, shafts, marine propellers, pump impellers, bronze fittings and non-ferrous castings.

BHUNIT ENGINEERING CO. PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  gravity die cast components from 10 g to 100 kg in aluminum alloys, castings for various industries such as switchgear, transformer, automotive, engineering, railways, electrical, etc., capacity of 3000 MT/annum, capabilities to design & manufacture permanent moulds.

BELTOR-ELITE LTD., BELARUS  -  scrap processing plant, production of copper and bronze castings, and non-ferrous ingots.

BARAMATI ENGINEERING PVT. LTD. (BEPL), INDIA  -  castings in stainless steel, high nickel alloys - hastealloy, monel and heat resistant alloys - discs, ventilated discs, impellers, ball valve balls and bodies, butterfly valves, end connectors, casings, heat treatment trays.

BRAVO ENTERPRISES S.L., SPAIN  -  aluminium, magnesium (Mecanor-Spain) and zamak (Mecanor-Mexico) pressure die casting, cast parts for automotive starters, steering, wipers and generators systems.

BAYCAST FOUNDRY, NEW ZEALAND  -  casting in non-ferrous metals, castings for boat fittings, zinc anodes for the marine industry, aluminum floodgates for pipe systems companies, parts for the engineering industry, greensand casting for replacement car parts and farm machinery, art work in bronze and brass.

BILLMAN'S FOUNDRY, AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of bronze fountains, street, park and garden furniture and ornamental castings, a large range of functional and ornamental castings in aluminium, bronze and cast iron suitable for private or municipal applications, also specialised in heritage, reproduction, restoration and engineering work of all sizes.

BRAMBLEY FURNITURE, UK  -  aluminium alloys foundry, sand moulds casting, garden furniture, benches and chairs, tables, boot scrapers, knightsbridge, planters & urns, sunloungers.

BULBECK FOUNDRY, UK  -  one of the few remaining lead foundries still casting traditional lead fountains, water cisterns, planters and garden statuary.

BENICIA FOUNDRY AND IRON WORKS INC., USA  -  a wide array of iron beds, cast aluminum garden furniture, and other ornamental iron works.

BALASHIKHA FOUNDRY AND MECHANICAL PLANT JSC, RUSSIA  -  castings in titanium, magnesium and aluminium alloys, cast components for Russian aircraft industry.

BADGER FOUNDRY COMPANY, USA  -  gray iron castings, green sand and no-bake molding processes.

BROST FOUNDRY COMPANY, USA  -  one-stop-shop company with metal casting and machining capabilities in aluminum, brass, copper and steel alloys, casting processes - precision investment casting, shell molding, permanent molding, green sand and no-bake.

BUCHEON FOUNDRY CO., KOREA, SOUTH  -  gray cast and ductile cast iron products, automobile motor cases, railway train parts, pulleys, hubs, brake drums, cylinder bodies, exhaust manifolds, gear cases, decelerator parts, pump and valve parts, Disamatic moulding line.

BM FOUNDRY CO., LTD., KOREA, SOUTH  -  cast iron castings for automobile and compressor parts, valve, sporting goods and agricultural implements.

BRASS FOUNDRY CASTINGS LTD., UK  -  brass castings, lost wax process, antique furniture fitting, antique furniture restoration cabinet hardware, architectural fittings and interior design mounts.

BOTOU FANGYUAN FOUNDRY CO., LTD., CHINA  -  grey and ductile cast iron, steel castings, various manhole covers, surface boxes, gratings, light posts, pipe fittings, machinery parts, ornamental casting, 20 000 tons of castings annually.

BENTON FOUNDRY, INC., USA  -  gray iron, ductile iron and austempered ductile iron cast parts for pumps, valves, compressors, motors, drives, marine, agriculture, railroad and mining.

BLOOMFIELD FOUNDRY, INC., USA  -  gray iron foundry, cast parts for a multitude of industries.


BUCHANANS FOUNDRY LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  manufacturer of ferrous and non-ferrous castings for such sectors as aluminium smelters, quarry equipment, electrical power transmission, oil and sugar industries, valves, railway and multi-clone cyclone dry scrubbing systems, a complete range of spheroidal graphite iron, high chrome irons, grey cast irons and steels, production methods include furan resin silica or zircon sand casting and gravity die-casting.

BULGARIAN FOUNDRY LTD., BULGARIA  -  centrifugal cast products made of gray cast iron, carbon and alloy steel, small series and single castings of gray iron and steel in sand molds, castings for machine-building, chemical, metallurgical and mining industries.

BRONZES FROM THE SEA, USA  -  art castings, limited edition production of bronze and sterling sculptures.

BRANO GROUP, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  castings for automotive, agriculture and electrical industries.

BEMIC GJUTMETALLER AB, SWEDEN  -  pressure die castings of aluminium, zinc and brass.

BENNINGER GUSS AG, SWITZERLAND  -  grey and nodular cast iron.

BLRT GRUPP AS, ESTONIA  -  grey and ductile cast iron, carbon & manganese steel castings, copper and aluminum alloys castings, sand molding, gravity-die casting, pressure-die casting, centrifugal casting.
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BRONCES GARITANO S.A., SPAIN  -  bronze, brass, copper and aluminum castings.

BOTOU HENGSHENG CRAFTS CASTING CO., LTD., CHINA  -  production of ductile and grey cast iron, aluminium, bronze and brass art castings, sculptures and statues, bells, ornamental street lighting - lamp post, light head and accessories, candle stands, decorative garden tables, chairs, fountains, fences and gates, tree grates, bird feeders / birdbaths, fireplaces and stoves, bbq grills, cookers, kettles, urns and planters, manhole covers and grates, hand water pumps, couplers, truck parts, machine parts.

BAODING HENGLIAN MECHANICAL CO., LTD., CHINA  -  precision castings in stainless steel, alloy steel, heat-resisting steel, carbon steel, and grey iron castings, malleable iron castings, non-ferrous castings.

BEIJING HUARUILANG MACHINERY MANUFACTURING CO., LTD., CHINA  -  medium and large size types of castings, mainly counterweights, two V-process casting production lines, annual manufacturing capability of 15 000 tons.

BEIJING HITHERTOP PRECISION CASTING CO., LTD., CHINA  -  lost wax investment castings in stainless, carbon and alloy steel, cast iron, bronze, brass, magnesium, titanium, aluminum alloy, and nickel alloy, for general machinery, aircraft, automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, watercraft, marine hardware, building hardware, family hardware, tool hardware, fitting, valve, pump & pipe accessories, van wheel, turbine, blade, gulf club, saddlery, etc.
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BESCAST, INC., USA  -  investment casting foundry, gas turbine engine and compressor components such as integrally-cast compressor wheels, turbine wheels, turbine nozzles, fuel pump impellers, shrouded gas compressor impellers and combustion swirlers.

BEVERLEY INDUSTRIES AUSTRALIA (BIA) PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of cast iron and steel castings for municipal and civic works, press tool castings for car manufacturers, wear parts for the mining industry, cast iron and steel parts for agriculture and general engineering, architectural and street furniture - bollards, chairs and light poles, manhole covers and grates, green-sand and hard sand moulding, pattern making, heat treatment and machining.

BATO INTERNATIONAL CORP., PHILIPPINES  -  manufacturer of brass and aluminum handles, knobs, hinges, drawer pulls and other furniture hardware parts, lamps and lighting components, candle holders, sculptures and tabletop accessories, permanent mold casting, investment casting, a part of Pacific Traders & Manufacturing Corp.

BENGAL IRON CORPORATION, INDIA  -  industrial castings, sanitary castings, ornamental castings.
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BRANDON INDUSTRIES, INC., USA  -  cast aluminum decorative street signs, sign trims, sign poles, bases and finials, traffic signs.

BERMAG INDUSTRIES, LLC, USA  -  aluminum, zinc, and bronze castings, plaster and airset sand molding processes.

BRAKES INDIA LTD., INDIA  -  automotive and non-automotive braking systems and ferrous castings, permanent mould process (grey iron castings in grey iron moulds), capacity 14000 MT per year, casting weight from 0.2 to 8 kg, Disamatic high pressure flaskless greensand moulding lines for ductile and grey iron castings, capacity 33000 MT per year, casting weight from 0.3 to 16 kg.

BARATA INDONESIA PT. (PERSERO), INDONESIA  -  steel castings for rolling stock, shipbuilding, cement, mining, sugar and chemical industry, centrifugal casting, lost-foam process.

BRONZE INOX S.A.S., FRANCE  -  production of aluminium bronze cast parts for railway sector, shipbuilding, fluids, oil and gas, street furniture, gravity die casting.

BRILLION IRON WORKS, INC., USA  -  gray and ductile iron castings for truck and automotive components, fluid power products, and other transportation, construction and agricultural equipment.

BADESTNOST JSC, BULGARIA  -  manufacturer of hydraulic distributors and hydraulic components, own cast iron foundry, shell-process.

BAMEX JSC, BULGARIA  -  production of cast iron, steel and non-ferrous castings for metallurgy, quarry and road-building machines, automotive industry, forklifts, agriculture machines, ore-output and ore-processing industry, water supply and sewerage (manhole covers, grates, hydrants), decorative castings, classic green sand-bentonite base moulding lines, own V-process foundry having an automatic V-process moulding line, delivered by Sintokogio - Japan, specialized in serial manufacture of castings mainly for counterweights.

BELASSITSA JSC, BULGARIA  -  manufacturer of water meters and products for measurement and control for hot and cold water, gas and electrical control apparatus, spare parts, gravity die casting of brass parts up to 3 kg without cores or up to 10 kg with cores.

BUDMASH JSC, UKRAINE  -  the Pryluky Construction Equipment Plant specializes on manufacturing of building machines of various purposes - cement carriers, lifts, amalgamators, mortar-pumps etc., own grey cast iron foundry with the productivity of automatic moulding lines up to 6000 tons of castings per year.

BULCHIM JSC, BULGARIA  -  gray and spherodical graphite cast iron, steel and non-ferrous metals casting, cast parts for metal-tool equipment companies - spindle-shaped box, gear box, support box, carriage, lunette.
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BOTOU JIAHE CASTING FACTORY, CHINA  -  gray cast iron & ductile iron casting - manhole covers, valves (gate, globe, check, ball, butterfly, etc.), water pipe, settings (tees, elbows, cross, etc.), gratings, barbecue stove, water pump bodies, flange, mechanical parts, motor bodies.
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BEIJING JINMEI ENTREPRENEUR CO., LTD. (DJM), CHINA  -  production and export of metal matrix ceramic composite castings, bimetallic composite castings, martensite steel castings, high manganese steel, stainless steel, alloy steel or carbon steel castings, high chromium cast iron, ni-hard cast iron and white cast iron castings, wear resistant steel and cast iron parts for mining, cement, petroleum and metallurgy industries, vacuum pressure die casting, permanent mold casting, investment casting.

BUMMASH JSC - FOUNDRY PLANT, RUSSIA  -  paper manufacture machines and equipment, steel foundry for carbon, alloy steel and stainless steel forging blocks weighting 2, 8 and 19 tons, cast iron foundry, grey, ductile and wear-resistant iron castings, weight range from 1 kg up to 20 tons.

BELLFORM KUNSTGIESSEREI, SWITZERLAND  -  art foundry, bronze and aluminum alloys casting.

BRONSGIETERIJ KEMNER, THE NETHERLANDS  -  art foundry, bronze monumental, garden and park sculptures, figurines, reliefs, plaques, souvenirs.

BRONSGIETERIJ KLIJNSTRA, THE NETHERLANDS  -  bronze foundry, lost wax casting method, experience with the casting of simple to complex statues and figurines from few centimeters up to monumental size, gold or chrome plating.

BACHO LTD., BULGARIA  -  castings in gray cast iron, bronze and aluminum alloys, spare parts for the general machine-building, agricultural machines and farm implements, castings for the furniture production.

BILBOBUL LTD., BULGARIA  -  a Company staffed by Spanish and Bulgarian professionals with over 25 years of experience in metallurgy, sand-moulded casting in carbon steel, stainless steel, grey and nodular cast iron, bronze and aluminum alloys, cast parts for valves, pumps, components, turbine blades and other related machinery.
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BRASS LTD., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  non-ferrous sand and gravity die castings.

BRONZE LTD., BULGARIA  -  bronze, brass, aluminum alloys and gray cast iron castings, spare parts for agricultural machines, road sanding equipment, ceramic industry and power engineering, park and street interior decorative appliances, centrifugal casting, gravity die casting and green-sand molding, production of dies and patterns.

BLISK LIVARSTVO D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  family-owned aluminium foundry, pressure die-casting of aluminium alloys, tool production, mechanical treatment and machining of castings, parts for the electro / electronics and automotive industries.

BEJARANO L.H. INDUSTRIAL E.U., COLOMBIA  -  castings in zamak, aluminum and bronze-brass, shaw process and lost wax investment casting, production of molds for balls with any design, dies for gravity and pressure die casting, and plasic blow molds.

BRONCESTOBERIET LEIF JENSEN A/S, DENMARK  -  art foundry, sculptures and figures in bronze, restoration works, maintenance and installation of sculptures, reduction modeling, industrial cast parts, lost-wax casting technique.

BRADKEN-LONDON LTD., CANADA  -  energy and industrial castings in heat and corrosion resistant stainless steel, carbon steel, Ni-hard, Ni-resist and ductile cast iron, air-set / nobake molding process, Bradken's Engineered Products Division.

BIOLI LESTARI PT., INDONESIA  -  production of cylinder liners and spare parts for motor vehicles and agricultural equipment, own foundry.

BRONCES LEVANTE S.L. (BROLESA), SPAIN  -  castings in aluminium bronze, tin bronze, lead-tin-bronze, tin-zinc bronze, manganese bronze, brass naval, normal and tensile brass, all aluminium alloys, green-sand moulding, pressure and gravity die casting, centrifugal casting, cast parts for iron & steel industry, naval sector, energy, mining, cement plants, railroad, oil & gas pumps and valves manufacturers.

BLOMSTERMALA METALLGJUTERI AB, SWEDEN  -  aluminium and copper alloys castings made by the sand moulding method, manufacturer of patterns made of wood, plastic or metal.

BEK-METAL BT., HUNGARY  -  casting and assembling of aluminum, copper and bronze parts, gravity die casting, green-sand moulding.

BOBRUISK MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT JSC, BELARUS  -  the largest in CIS countries manufacturers of centrifugal pumps for oil refining, petrochemical, mining, metallurgical, power generation, pulp and paper industries, cement producing plants as well as for handling of pure and waste / sewage water in municipal, agricultural and industrial water supply systems, different type of manholes - road manhole covers, lightweight manholes, floating sewage manholes, rectangular rain water collectors for streets, yards and other territories, cast iron home ovens, doors, wind box doors, semi-doors and other parts, aluminium cast cookware, own foundry for steel, cast iron and non-ferrous castings, a part of HMS Group.

BRONSGIETERIJ MYRON B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  bronze art casting, sculptures and figurines - torsos, people, animals, mythology articles.

BARDANE MANUFACTURING COMPANY, USA  -  aluminum and zinc pressure die castings.

BUFFALO METAL CASTING CO., INC., USA  -  aluminum, brass, bronze, and copper castings, green sand molding, no-bake sand casting, precision shell casting, loose pattern and floor molding are also available for prototype and short run production, pattern-making.

BARODA METAL CAST PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of steel castings up to 2000 kg single piece, carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, heat resistant and wear resistant steel castings for steel and iron plants, pump and valve manufacturers, sugar mills, cement plants, crushing, mining, petrochemical, mineral processing and general engineering industries, centrifugal, sand CO2 and sand no-bake processes, in house pattern shop.

BIRIBA METAIS FUNDICAO ARTISTICA LTDA., BRAZIL  -  bronze sculptures, busts, bells, bronze and aluminum plaques, decorative vases and bowls, nameplates, letters.

BOLONG MECHANICAL FOUNDING LTD., CHINA  -  cast iron parts, from 3 kg up to 300 kg, for tractors, lift wheels, gear cases.

BORSOD METAL FOUNDRY LTD., HUNGARY  -  gray iron, ductile iron and alloyed iron castings, unalloyed and alloyed steel castings, special alloyed steel ingots, wood and resin foundry patterns.
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BEPOWER MOULD LTD., CHINA  -  pressure die casting in aluminum, zinc and own special die-casting alloys, manufacture of die casting moulds and plastic injection moulds for the worldwide customers.

BARA MULTI METALIKA PT., INDONESIA  -  cast iron and steel automotive cast parts, a subsidiary of Sekawan Pt.

BAOLONG METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD., CHINA  -  ornamental metal components for fence, gate, stairs, construction & furniture.

BRONCERIA MATEU S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  bronze casting, funerary art products, various restorations and reproduction antiques and accessories, antique beds, chandeliers and lamps.

BARANOVICHY MACHINE-TOOL PLANT, BELARUS  -  grey cast iron and ductile cast iron parts with weight from 0.05 kg up to 40 kg, castings used for own production of compressors, and automotive parts - brake disks for passenger cars, brake drums and hubs for trailers, brake cylinders, clutch cylinders and crankshafts, automatic moulding lines Disamatic, capacity of 24 000 tons of fit castings per year, a part of Atlant Company - manufacturer of refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and household appliances.

BENCO METAAL VENLO B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  gravity die casting, aluminum, copper, brass, zinc and lead alloys castings for the furniture industry, shipbuilding, engineering, catering, art, music and construction industry.

BJERREGAARD NIELSEN A/S, DENMARK  -  gravity die casting foundry.

BRABANTSEE NON-FERRO GIETERIJ B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  aluminum alloys casting, seiatsu-process.

BELARUSIAN OPTICAL AND MECHANICAL ASSOCIATION (BELOMO), BELARUS  -  production capabilities concentrated in special-purpose production lines, such as mechanoprocessing, optical, polymeric material processing, stamping shops, electroplating shops, assembly shops and tool shops, foundry for aluminium, copper and zinc alloys, carbon steel, stainless steel and heat-resistant steel, gravity and pressure die casting, investment casting.

BREECAST PRODUCT, BELGIUM  -  aluminium foundry, gravity and low pressure die castings for electronics, industrial transport, public transport, silo building, lighting, medical equipment, engine building, electricity, navigation, security, agriculture, thermal applications, furniture, construction, water treatment.

BLEKINGE PRESSGJUTERI AB, SWEDEN  -  pressure die casting of aluminium and zinc including aftertreatment and lacquer finishing.

BARRY PATTERN & FOUNDRY, INC., USA  -  gray iron, ductile iron and aluminum municipal and construction castings, cast abrasive nosings & treads, cast abrasive structural treads, cast abrasive thresholds, catch basin drainage - grates and frames, curb and sidewalk guards, standard curb inlet grates, frames & hoods, standard manhole rings & covers, tree grates, trench grates, stop plank grooves, cast aluminum brick vents, cast stadium seat brackets, cast column bases, extruded aluminum nosings.

BIS PIPE FITTING INDUSTRY CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  manufacturer and exporter of malleable cast iron pipe fittings.

BTH QUALIFORM LTD., HUNGARY  -  sand and gravity die-castings from different aluminum alloys for automotive industry, elements for scaffold-constructions in the building industry and pneumatic elements for medical devices, range of weight 0.1 - 25 kg.

BUKHARA REPAIR and MECHANICAL FACTORY, AO (JSC), UZBEKISTAN  -  repair and manufacture of spare parts for drilling and exploration and oil field equipment, production of cast iron castings, non-standard equipment, and metal structures for various purposes.

B.R DURHAM & SONS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  production of stormwater, sewer and electrical cast iron and aluminium access covers and grates, gully grates and frames, drain boxes, tree grills.

BRONSGIETERIJ R.ISEGER, THE NETHERLANDS  -  art foundry customized for artists, companies, individuals and municipalities, bronze and aluminium alloys castings.

BARBERO S.A., ARGENTINA  -  manufacturer of centrifugue home dryers, ceiling fans, squeezers of citrus fruits, vegetable peelers, kitchen utensils, centrifugal pumps, electric grinders, and drills, own grey and nodular cast iron foundry.

BAWOROWO S.A., POLAND  -  gray and nodular cast iron castings with weight range from 0.5 up to 300 kg, the production is intended for textile industry, motor industry, agricultural machines, brake drums for buses & trucks, safety and shut-off valves for water or oil pressure plumbing, parts and components for pumps and compressors.
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BREMET S.A., ARGENTINA  -  aluminium and zamak pressure die casting, parts for cars and motorcycles, accessories for aluminium fences and lighting.

BROSOLO S.A., ARGENTINA  -  aluminium cast parts and accessories for industrial burners, supports and boxes for traffic signal light, elbows, flanges and bends for fluid containers, trucks and tanks, parts for the automotive industry.

BETSAIDE S.A.L., SPAIN  -  grey iron, ductile iron and austempered ductile iron castings for the automotive, gas, hydraulic, agriculture, electricity, white appliances and construction industries, Disamatic moulding lines, weight range of castings from 200 g up to 20 kg, production capacity - 50 000 t / year.

BIG SKY BRONZE ART FOUNDRY, USA  -  fine art bronze casting, scilpture casting.

BRONSGIETERIJ STIJLAART B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  bronze art foundry, lost-wax method.

BAKU STEEL COMPANY, AZERBAIJAN  -  production and trade of steel and cast iron castings for oil industry, street and garden furniture - decorative lamp posts, benches, fences, bollards, tree grilles, manhole covers and grates, different grades of steel billets, steel angle bars, rods, squares, tubes and wires.

BORAN STEEL CASTING INDUSTRY CO., INC., TURKEY  -  low, medium and high alloy steels, austenitic manganese steels, stainless steels, Ni-hards, high-Chromium white cast irons, alloyed pig irons, cast products for defence, mining, construction, cement & soil, energy, machinery and machine industries, weight range of 0.5 kg up to 1600 kg, 150 tonnes monthly production, 60% of it to European countries.

BET SHEMESH ENGINES LTD. (BSEL), ISRAEL  -  a multi-faceted company that includes research and development, castings, machining, assembly and testing of complete modules and turbine engines, vacuum and air cast of stainless steel and superalloys by investment casting - turbine blades and vanes, various aerospace parts and other applications.

BUKANG SPECIAL INDUSTRIES CO., LTD., KOREA, SOUTH  -  sand moulded castings - u-bends of radiant tubes, supports, brackets, working beams, liners, trays, jigs, recuperator bodies, precision investment castings - recuperator, jigs and mechanical cast parts, centrifugal castings, turbine parts, castings for defence industry, stainless steel, heat resistant steel, cobalt / nickel base alloys.

BOHAMET SP.J., POLAND  -  products for shipyard industry, grey cast iron, nodular cast iron, non-ferrous castings.

BRONSGIETERIJ STUDIO LEMAREZ, THE NETHERLANDS  -  art studio, own foundry shop for lost-wax casting of bronze sculptures, reproduction of original works of art, restoration of damaged sculptures, customers consist of professional artists, private individuals, companies, organizations and institutions.

BEIJING SHENGSHICHANG LONG WEAR MATERIAL FOUNDRY CENTER, CHINA  -  producing a variety of foundry goods, especially counterweights ranging from
20 kg up to 20 tons for forklifts, industrial cranes, drilling rigs and heavy locomotives, main technical process is vacuum sand casting, total annual sale amounts reach 50 000 tons.

BOYANG SPECIAL METAL CO., LTD., KOREA, SOUTH  -  heat resistance, wear resistance, acid resistance and shock resistance castings, industrial furnace parts, unique industrial parts for petrochemistry, energy, paper making, construction equipments, investment casting, centrifugal casting, sand moulding.

BRAGONZI S.p.A., ITALY  -  grey, ductile and austempered ductile cast iron foundry.

BRALCO S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  bronze, copper, and aluminum alloys castings, sand moulding, gravity die casting.

BRINELL S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  cast steel parts for oil and gas, railways, roads, agriculture and other industries, carbon steels, stainless steels and special steels.

BRINSA S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  bronze industrial castings, green sand / synthetic self-hardening sand moulding, continuous casting of solid and hollow bronze bars, centrifugal casting of bushes, rings and crowns.

BRONMAT S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  bronze foundry, gravity-die and pressure-die casting.

BRONZES STRASSACKER S.A.R.L., FRANCE  -  bronze or aluminum art foundry, sculptures, plaques, letters, fountains, funerary art casting, restoration work.

BREA SYSTEM S.A.S., FRANCE  -  a family owned aluminium foundry, pressure die castings from 50 g to 20 kg and gravity die castings up to 30 kg for cars and trucks, agricultural machines, street lighting, street furniture, electricity and building sectors.

BMC SANAYI TICARET A.S., TURKEY  -  cast iron foundry.

BRONZE SCULPTURE - TREVOR J. ASKIN, NEW ZEALAND  -  art studio and foundry, bronze birds, animals, people and abstract sculptures.

BOLA-TEK MFG. CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  ball valve factory, investment castings in stainless steel, carbon steel and other alloys, screwed fittings, sanitary fittings.

BAKRIE TOSANJAYA PT., INDONESIA  -  grey and ductile cast iron products for automotive / transportation and general engineering, a subsidiary of
PT. Bakrie & Brothers Tbk.

BAKU UNIVERSAL MACHINE-BUILDING JSC, AZERBAIJAN  -  manufacturer of oil equipment and spare parts, production of steel, cast iron, aluminum, bronze, brass and copper castings.

BINAY UDYOG PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of cast iron castings - cast iron pipes centrifugally casted, fittings, manhole covers and various industrial castings.

BRONSGIETERIJ VOLKERS, THE NETHERLANDS  -  art foundry, bronze, brass, silver and aluminum alloys castings.

BORAMTEK VIETNAM CO., LTD., VIETNAM  -  production and supply of pressure die-casting parts for motorcycle and automotive manufactures, key set, switches, hubs, engine parts.

BRONSGIETERIJ van den BROEK, THE NETHERLANDS  -  art foundry, lost-wax method, sculptures, torsos, reliefs, restoration and repair of bronze articles.

BRONSGIETERIJ van den KLEIJ, THE NETHERLANDS  -  art foundry, statues in bronze, brass, tin or aluminum, art casting for artists and hobbyists.

BAHRAIN WORKSHOP COMPANY W.L.L. - ENGINEERING DIVISION, BAHRAIN  -  heavy fabrication and associated manufacturing activities connected with aluminium smelter refineries and other major companies around the Gulf, own foundry, steel, heat resistance cast iron and non-ferrous casting.

BUNDABERG WALKERS ENGINEERING LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of sugar factory equipment and parts for the aluminium smelters, pump manufacturers, construction companies, general engineering and mining industry, production of grey, ductile, high tensile and white cast irons, alloy steels and bronze castings.

BORBAS ZAMAK ONTODE KFT., HUNGARY  -  zamak hot chamber pressure die-casting, cast parts from 0.001 kg up to 1.7 kg in weight for the automotive industry, computer components, furniture products, telecommunications parts, gas system components, locks and hinges.

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