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Bilbobul Ltd. has Certification ISO-9001.2000 and C.E. mark certification for pressure parts. The Company manufacturing carbon steel, stainless steels and refractory steel castings.

We produce castings till 1000 kg nets, and also we can manufacture your patterns and machine your castings. We have our own delivery facilities to guarantee a reliable delivery, and our delay is between 3 and 6 weeks. Our monthly capacity is about 100 net tons melted.

We produce castings in two different processes:
  • Silicate + gaseous or liquid catalyzer.
  • Pep-setŪ (Phenolic-urethan binder).
Our production facilities comprises:
  • Melting furnace of 1400 kg capacity, Inductotherm, and others with less capacity.
  • Emission spectrometer with four analyses programs.
  • Continuous mixer 6 ton / hour.
  • Heat treatment furnace till 1200°C.
  • Arc-Air of 2000 Amp.
  • High frequency equipment in finishing operations (converters + grinding machines).
  • Shot blasting machine with stainless steel and sand shot blasting.
  • Machining shop with CNC machining center and auxiliar shops.
Between the provided steels, we can emphasize the following ones:
  • CA6NM-1.4313. is a martensitic stainless steel, with an adapted balance between C and Cr to assure its structure. The addition of Ni gives a good corrosion resistance and a high toughness. In addition, its good mechanical resistance makes this steel adapted to many different applications. Applications: Hydraulic turbines parts, (Francis Wheels, Pelton, Kaplan, blades, etc.). Valves, tubes e interchangers, rotors y pump elements, pistons, close elements of valves, food industry elements, Chemical and Paper Industry.
  • UNS S 31813 (DIN 1.4462). Austenoferritic stainless steel, with a high pitting corrosion resistance due to the high content of Cr and Mo. Its duplex microstructure gives a very high stress corrosion resistance, and a very important mechanical strength. Applications: Interchangers, tubes and valves of gas production Plants, desalinization Plants, Chemical products transportation, tanks, valves and chlorides container parts, rotors, ventilators, pumps, really where is needed a good combination of corrosion fatigue resistance.
  • CK3 MCuN-J93254. This is an austenitic stainless steel with very low C content. Due to its chemical composition and structure, it has a very good pitting corrosion and stress corrosion cracking resistance in reductors acids, specially sulphuric acid. Applications: Equipments in contact with sea water, gases cleaning system, equipments with high hallures content, petroleum distillation equipments.
  • 50Cr/50Ni (with or without Nb). This alloy has very important properties at high temperature, because of the content in Cr and Ni to assure a structure free of hazardous intermetallic compounds. Normally is used in furnaces of Petrochemical Plants, and has a very high oxidation and carburization resistance and very high resistance to thermal cycles. Applications: Petrochemical Plants, static and marine evaporators, heat treatment furnaces, refining furnaces, etc.
Technological supports

In addition to the 25 years of experience in the manufacturing of steel castings, (our team has been involved in the production of more than 100.000 t of cast steel), and the collaboration with Rousse University of Materials, (Bulgaria), near one of our Production Plant, we have collaboration contracts in Technical Assistance with INASMET, Spain, Metallurgical and Materials Technological Center, with which we are preparing a research project in new materials development.


Alberto Luis Pulido Cruz


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