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Bulchim is a metal-working company, established in 1950. 100 % private property since 1993. It is located near Sliven, just out of the city on one's way to Veliko Tirnovo.

Bulchim is providing metal-tool equipment companies with 300 sorts of details - spindle-shaped box, gear box, support box, carriage, lunette, etc.

The main activities comprise gray and spheroidal graphite cast iron, steel and non-ferrous metals casting:
  • moulds producing technology: synthetic sand-bentonite mixture in casting box and moulding press;
  • cores and steel casting technology: cold box and fast drying up CO2 mixture;
  • aluminium alloy or wood patterns;
  • electric-induction melting;
  • capacity: 600 t of grey cast iron annually.


8800 Sliven, BULGARIA
tel.: (++359 44) 624 390,  fax: (++359 44) 624 331,  mobile: (++359 888) 680 575
e-mail:   bulchim@abv.bg
website: www.bulchimbg.com