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VIADRUS, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  established producer of heating technique with cast iron components, own pattern shop with more than hundred years tradition, foundry patterns made of metal, resin and wood, for low-series and series production.

VIOMOL, GREECE  -  lead alloys and products.

VACUMET AG, SWITZERLAND  -  special steels, nickel-, cobalt- and copper-base alloys, custom-made special materials, precious metals, production of shaped castings in metal and ceramic moulds (precision investment casting), alloy ingots, alloy samples for tests master alloys, pre alloys, semifinished products - blocks, round bars, rods, plates, sheets, technical equipment: high vacuum induction melting furnace, arc knob furnace - vacuum / inert atmosphere.

VOXELJET AG, GERMANY  -  manufacturer of industrial 3D printing systems serving the automotive, aerospace, film and entertainment, art and architecture, engineering and consumer product end markets, production of sand cores and mould packages for metal casting, cast parts in small batch sizes, patternless sand mould-making services, wax patterns for investment casting, prototypes in rapid manufacturing.

VDM ALLOYS B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  trading and processing of ferro alloys, noble alloys, minor metals and scrap metals.

VUHZ A.S., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  auxiliary equipment and services for metallurgy of steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals - aluminium wire and cored wire feeders, regulation and control systems for inert gas injection for bottom blowing in EAF, regulation and control systems for flow control of inert gas in ladle and tundish, porous plug testers, manipulators for sampling and measuring of molten steel parameters in EAF, ladle and tundish, development, designing and deliveries of atypical equipment for foundries, steel, cast iron and bronze castings by method of horizontal centrifugal casting - reducing and sizing rolls, milling rolls, semifinished products for energetics, cylinder liners, special centrifugally cast castings, heat resistant casts.
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VIKING BLAST & WASH SYSTEMS, USA  -  a full line of industrial cleaning equipment including abrasive shot blast machines, parts washers and vibratory deburring equipment, replacement parts - from blast wheel blades to electrical components, used blast cleaning & parts washing equipment, industries served - aerospace, automotive, foundry, forge, stamping, powder coat, structural steel, weldments, heat treat, pipe / oil field, general manufacturing.

VAGABOND CORPORATION, USA  -  manufacturer of polyurethane casting resins for model-makers, pattern-makers and mold-makers.

VARDAR DOLOMIT DOO, NORTH MACEDONIA  -  refractories, bricks and ramming masses for melting foundry / metallurgy furnaces and ladles, a part of
Haznedar Refrakter Sanayi A.S. - Turkey.
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VOLCLAY DE MEXICO, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  bentonite, bonds for the green sand systems of foundry and pellets of concentrated iron in the steel industry.

VEKTRA D.O.O., CROATIA  -  supplier of abrasive materials and grinding tools widely used for surface grinding, incl. cast parts.

VIMS ELEKTRIK, SERBIA  -  manufacture of electro-technical equipment for medicine, jewelry and engineering, goldsmith's line contains: scaling-furnaces with wax eliminator, special-purpose furnaces with the possibility of mixing of the contents inside the furnace, furnaces for aluminum alloys and zamak melting, furnaces and vacuum units for gold smelting, centrifugal casting units, electro-furnaces for laboratory assay of materials within processing engineering, dentistís offices, goldsmith's factories and thermal processing in small factories, presses for production of the goldsmith's imprints, wax injector for manufacturing positives of jewelry and wax models, devices for the removal of gypsum, machines for polishing, ultrasonic baths.

VEI-ENGINEERING GmbH, GERMANY  -  induction crucible melting furnaces, electric melting furnaces, vacuum furnaces, pouring furnaces, induction type heating plants, second-hand foundry equipment and machinery, spare parts, consulting.

VERSATILE EQUIPMENTS PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  greensand, reclaimed sand, thermally bonded sand and chemically bonded sand testing equipment, and expert service for foundry laboratories, all of the standard conventional sand testing equipments are offered, in addition to the advanced testing equipments such as friability, wet tensile, gas evolution, and the hot distortion strength.

VANGUARD EXECUTIVE SERVICES, INC., USA  -  executive search and recruiting, incl. for metalcasting.

VSS FOUNDRY A.S., SLOVAKIA  -  grey cast iron and nodular cast iron castings, production of patterns and pattern equipment with complicated shapes up to maximum size of 6000 x 2500 x 2000 mm, made of wood, metals and synthetic resins.

VOLKOVYSK FOUNDRY EQUIPMENT PLANT LTD., BELARUS  -  production of foundry sand mullers.
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VALMIERA FIBER GLASS SIA, LATVIA  -  manufacturers of glass fiber based products for technical thermal insulation for the metallurgy, automobile and machine building, aerospace, chemical, military and protective clothing and other industrial markets, the Group companies are located in Latvia, UK and USA.

VELCO GmbH, GERMANY  -  machines for the refractory industry, steel and metallurgical plants, foundries and non-ferrous metal industry.

VESUVIUS GROUP S.A./N.V., BELGIUM  -  Vesuvius Foundry Division supplies to ferrous and non-ferrous foundries as well as investment casting, with a wide range of refractories - monolithic and brick linings for furnaces, flow control products, crucibles used to melt and transfer molten metals, temperature measurement systems, dosing accessories, degassing products and ceramic filters which reduce flaws and control turbulent flow during mould filling.

VIASVEDEN HIEKKA - JA KULJETUSLIIKE OY, FINLAND  -  quartz sands for foundries.

VAUGHANS (HOPE WORKS), UK  -  blacksmithing and foundry supplies, crucibles, seamless steel ladles, loose bottom ladles, skimming ladles, large foundry ladles in all shapes and sizes, ladle handle, foundry tongs, coke and stone forks, riddles, sieves, leaf, square, round and oval spoon, moulding boxes, moulders dry brushes, leather gloves, panorama safety spectacles, martindale face mask, screw type goggles.

VTORMET JSC, UKRAINE  -  production and realization of alloys of nonferrous metals on the basis of aluminium, cooper, zinc, tin and lead, a purchase scraps and waste products of nonferrous metals and alloys.

VSK KENTAVAR LTD., BULGARIA  -  clothing for special protection against heat and flame, protective clothing for foundrymen and welders.

VARINE KARUNA UAB, LITHUANIA  -  wholesale non-ferrous metals and their alloys - copper, bronze, brass, aluminum, lead, solder, tin and babbitt.

VITCAS LTD., UK  -  manufacturer of refractory castables, plastic mouldables & rams, fire bricks, refractory cements / mortars, chemical & acid resistant cements, zircon refractory products and high temperature insulation materials for use in industries including steel plants, heat and power stations, foundries both ferrous and non-ferrous, cement producers, lime producers, glass works, ceramics, coke plants, incinerators, renewable energy, chemical works, sugar refineries and petrochemical industry.

VTORTEH LTD., UKRAINE  -  aluminium alloy ingots, aluminium powder, cover-refining fluxes for aluminium melts, degassing tablets, aluminium-strontium modifiers, castings.

VAN LEEUWEN MODELMAKERIJ B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  production of foundry patterns, core-boxes, pattern-plates and dies through CNC machining in wood, plastic and aluminum, production of moulds and prototypes for vacuum formers, concrete moulders, yacht builders, interior sector, polyester processors and other product developers.

V LESS PLUS LTD., LATVIA  -  aluminium scrap buying and recycling, production of secondary aluminium alloys in form of ingots up to 5 kg, non-ferrous metals trading.

VENETA LOMBARDA REFRATTARI LTD., ITALY  -  refractory materials for foundries and other industries.

VALLE MODELLVERKSTED AS, NORWAY  -  production of wood foundry patterns, core boxes and prototypes.

VERTICE MODELACAO E DESENVOLVIMENTO LTDA., BRAZIL  -  manufacturer of foundry patterns, dies and tools for gravity die casting, aluminum foundry.

VENTISTAMP METALURGICA LTDA., BRAZIL  -  manufacturer of specific vents for each casting process.

VICK MAQUINAS LTDA., BRAZIL  -  green sand and resin sand machines and moulding lines, foundry solutions.

VOTORANTIM METAIS LTDA., BRAZIL  -  production of primary aluminum (ingots, dowels, coils), zinc (zamac, special alloys, dust) and electrolytic nickel, a part of Grupo Votorantim.

VMT PRODUCTS B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  foundry patterns and prototypes in wood or plastic.

VIROMET S.A., ROMANIA  -  manufacturer of furan resins, phenolic resins, melamine resins, urea-formaldehyde resins, formaldehyde and derivates, hardeners, methanol, etc.
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VIETNAM STEEL CORPORATION, VIETNAM  -  steel billets, bars, wire rod, sheet, pipes, flat steel products, ferro-alloys, pig iron for foundries.

VISTA SOLUTIONS, INC., USA  -  provider of turnkey automated machine vision inspection and vision-guided robot solutions for metalcasting.

VACFORM S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  production of ceramic fiber parts with organic binders and / or inorganic fibers by vacuum forming, refractory products, kiln cones, furnace tapholes, casting runners, burner blocks, high temperature seals and gaskets, mufflers, hot metal separators, refractory insulating plates, spoons backup plates, tundish backup plates, insulating risers and sleeves, special parts for laboratory furnaces, ceramic protection of sensors.

VAGLIO S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  production of metal foundry patterns and pattern plates.

VEMEK S.R.L., ITALY  -  foundry chaplets especially suitable in the ringed stem version, for casting motors, cylinders, boilers, pumps, etc.

VARMET S.R.O., SLOVAKIA  -  manufacture of foundry chaplets, trade in ferrous alloys, metals, alloying elements and auxiliary materials for foundries and metallurgical plants.

V-SMART THERMOTECH PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of electronic equipments & sensors required for foundries & steel plants, the product range is widely used in ferrous foundries producing grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, malleable cast iron, various grade steel castings & nonferrous foundries.

VIKING-T, BULGARIA  -  protective safety clothes and personal protective equipment, professional work shoes, boots, gloves, ear protection, protective helmets, respiratory protection, goggles, protective equipment, clothing and accessories for foundries and metalworking plants.
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VOSTERMANS TOOLING AND PROTOTYPING B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  patterns and tooling, incl. resin patterns.

VALCAN TECHNOLOGIES INC., CANADA  -  aluminum molds for the investment casting, large or small series of machining.
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VIHAB - VIBRERANDE HANTERING AB, SWEDEN  -  foundry shakeouts, vibrating grids and vibrating tables, a part of Petro ETT AB.

VIDIA-V-04 JSC, BULGARIA  -  a company for manufacturing of cutting tools, straight & taper shank twist drill bits, purposed for drilling or enlarging cast or stamped holes in alloyed and unalloyed steel, gray cast iron and malleable cast iron, light and non-ferrous metals, synthetics, wood, etc.
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VEGA Y CAMJI S.A.I.C., ARGENTINA  -  integral processing of precious metals and alloys, platinum and platinum-rhodium, thermocouples.

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