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UDDEHOLM AB, SWEDEN  -  a wide range of tool steel and high performance steel in a wide variety of dimensions and executions, standard grades and customized, ingots produced in accordance with customer specifications ranging from 100 kg to 6 tons, granshot for foundries, mainly investment casters and stainless steel manufacturers, granshot is available in many different compositions - carbon and low alloy steels, tool steels, stainless steels, cobalt base alloys, nickel base alloys, copper base alloys.

UMEGA AB, LITHUANIA  -  the Electrical Engineering Department develops and manufactures laboratory and industrial electric furnaces, gas furnaces, high temperature thermal insulation materials for use in furnaces, kilns, ovens and other high temperature applications.

UMPORNPRASERT ALUMINIUM INGOT CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality foundry aluminium ingot.

UNITED ALUMINUM INDUSTRY (U.A.I.) CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  a fully integrated extrusion plant, consists of casting, homogenizing, extruding, aging and anodizing operation, production of aluminum-base alloys ingots for die casting and other non-ferrous foundries.

UNLIMITED FOUNDRY DEVELOPMENT (UFD) INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  supplier of full range foundry materials - release agents for green sand or furan sand moulding, anti-piping compounds, core adhesives, mould seals, ceramic-filters, riser sleeves, refractory coatings, carburizers, nodulizers, inoculants, deoxidising or desulphuring agents, covering agents, slag coagulants, refining agents for copper, degassing agents for aluminium alloys, release agents for gravity die casting, aluminium master alloys, aluminiun ingots, copper ingots, magnesium ingots, pig iron, ferro-alloys, foundry coke, limestone for cupola furnaces, quartz powder, zircon sand, bentonite, foundry sand testers, hardness testers, micro-structure analysis systems, spectrometers.

UMICORE GROUP, BELGIUM  -  production of zamak, zinc alloy, zinc die casting alloy, hot chamber zinc alloy and zinc special alloys.

UKCG GROUP LTD., UK  -  production, distribution and servicing of carbon, graphite and magnesium based products to global industrial sectors including aerospace, defence and steel - graphite electrodes which are utilised by leading steel, foundry and fused mineral producers, carbon electrodes which are used in varying customer applications including ferroalloy and silicon production, a full range of carbon gouging rods suitable for all industrial applications, a varied range of high carbon content powders and particles for use predominantly by steel makers and carbon and graphite product manufacturers, specialty graphite products, carbon / graphite scrap.

UQ INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD., MALAYSIA  -  manufacturer and supplier of furnace equipment for the aluminium and waste management industry - electric, oil or gas fired aluminium melting and holding furnaces, rapid melting furnaces for aluminium die casting industry, scrap melting and recycling furnaces, fire resistance test furnaces, custom built furnaces, furnace consumables, a part of CMTS Group of Companies.

UNITS IM-TECHNOLOGY AG, SWITZERLAND  -  computer tomography - cast parts in aluminum or magnesium alloys up to 120 mm thickness, engineering & reverse engineering, 3D digitizing, laboratory measurement units.

U.K.PATTERNS, INDIA  -  Unni Krishnan.K / Ullas Kumar.U Company, gravity die casting and pressure die-casting in aluminum alloys, brass, gun metal, lead and copper, all types of wood and metal patterns.

UKRTRANSFORMATOR LTD., UKRAINE  -  manufacturer of transformers and power reactors, furnace transformers up to 100 MVA for voltages up to 220 kV for power supply of arc steel furnaces AC and DC systems and ladle furnaces, induction furnaces, ore-smelting furnaces, re-melting furnaces, electric and electrothermal installations for different purposes.

UNITED METALS CO., EGYPT  -  metal recycling services, manufacturer of aluminium alloy ingots and brass ingots or rods of different diameters.

UBE MACHINERY CORPORATION, LTD., JAPAN  -  manufacture and sale of die casting machines for aluminum or magnesium, injection molding machines, extrusion presses, crushing machines, pulverizing machines, cranes, conveyors, bridges, steel structures and other industrial machinery, peripheral automation machinery.

UNIMEMS MANUFACTURING CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  micro-electromechanical systems manufacturing company, thermal sensors, digital pressure sensors, electronic products for industrial non-destructive testing.

U-METCO, INC., USA  -  supplier of carbon steels, low alloy steels, stainless steels, nickel alloys, cobalt alloys, master alloy ingot, pure elements upon request.

ULBA METALLURGICAL PLANT (UMP) JSC , KAZAKHSTAN  -  one of the world largest producers of uranium products - natural U3O8, UO2 powders, fuel pellets for atomic power plants, beryllium products - ingots, powders, copper-beryllium, aluminum-beryllium and nickel-beryllium master alloys, beryllium oxide base ceramics, tantalum products - ingots, rolled metal, chips, wires and rods, powders, materials for capacitors, TaW alloys and products, niobium products - ingots, chips, rods, wires, powders, NbTi alloy ingots, NbZr alloy ingots and products, niobium pentoxide, hydrofluoric acid, metallurgical grade fluorite, and manganese fluoride.

UP-N-ATOM, INC., USA  -  cupola access equipment, lifts for foundry machinery.

UNIVERSAL PATTERN & MOLDMAKERS CO. LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  patterns and moulds in wood, resin, steel and aluminium.

UNITED PERLITE CORP., PHILIPPINES  -  volcanic sand (perlite) products, perlite insulation grade for insulation cover on the surface of molten metal to prevent excessive heat loss during delays in pouring, kaolin clay for the ceramic industry, rockwool mats for heat insulation of industrial furnaces.

UNION PRECISION DIE CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  design, manufacture, repair and sales of gravity diecast molds and low pressure diecast molds for aluminum casting mainly for the parent company Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

UCEL PRES MAKINA SAN VE TIC. LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  manufacturer of pressure die-casting machines.

URJA PRODUCTS PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of fiber glass filter fabrics for molten aluminium filtration - mesh sizes 25, 36, 50, 100, 200, 300, and up to
400 mesh, filter baskets in any shape and dimension for smelters and foundries.

ULTRAFLEX POWER TECHNOLOGIES, INC., USA  -  customer-focused solutions for induction heating, melting, and casting applications worldwide - induction heating and power electronic products, jewelry, dental and industrial induction casting machines, static or tilting induction melters.

UNITED RESIN CORP., USA  -  producer of epoxy systems, casting resins, adhesives, surface materials, laminating resins, high heat resins, for the aerospace, electronics, automotive, marine and construction industries.

UPETROLAM S.A., ROMANIA  -  a commercial company from the mechanical processing sector, a member of Uzingroup, continuous casting segments, continuous casting conveyors, rolling mill stands, presses, aluminium ingots casting and transport machines, spare parts - rods, nuts, columns, rams, anvils, rolling cylinders for cold- and hot-rolled strips, support cylinders, connecting rods and sleeves, stand bearings.
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UOGISHI SEIKI INTERACTIVE CORPORATION, JAPAN  -  design and manufacture of die casting molds for aluminum castings and aluminum wheels, design and manufacture of low pressure forging.

U.S. REFRACTORIES, USA  -  ceramic parts for furnaces.

U.S. SILICA, USA  -  producer of ground and unground silica sand, kaolin clay, aplite and related industrial minerals, supplier of over 80 grades of round, angular and sub-angular sands to the foundry industry for molding and coremaking applications.

U.S. STEEL SERBIA D.O.O., SERBIA  -  branch of Kucevo, production of bulk lime, metallurgical and hydrated lime, and quartz.

UTERNA UAB, LITHUANIA  -  design and manufacture of electric furnaces and dryers for different branches of industry - stationary and tilted crucible furnaces for melting of non-ferrous metals, multi-purpose electrical furnaces for thermal processing, furnaces for ceramics and jewellery workshops, laboratory furnaces.

USISERRA USINAGEM E MOLDES LTDA., BRAZIL  -  dies / molds for aluminum or zamak pressure die casting, molds for injection of plastic or rubber.

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