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International Industry Fair, April 8-11, 2025, Celje

29th International Conference on Materials and Technology (29 ICM&T), October 2-4, 2024, Portoroz

64th International Foundry Conference (IFC) - Portoroz 2024, September 18-20, 2024, Portoroz             50th IFC Portoroz 2010

5th Slovene Microscopy Symposium 2024, May 16-17, 2024, Rogla

8th International Conference on the Development of Industrial Engineering, November 23, 2023, Šmarješke Toplice

10th Recycling Industry Conference - REC2023, October 19-20, 2023, Bohinjska Bistrica

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Livarna = Foundry

ALPMETAL & CO. d.o.o.  -  pressure die-casting, aluminium and magnesium alloys, zamak, lead, cast parts for the automobile, air-conditioning system, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulics industries.

ADUT d.o.o.  -  grey iron and nodular iron casts with all possible kinds of graphite.

ALUMAR d.o.o.  -  pressure die casting in aluminium alloys, products for automobile and electro industry.

ALUTECH d.o.o.  -  aluminium alloy permanent mould casting, cast parts for construction works, pneumatics, mechanical engineering, electro engineering, telecommunications, gaming equipment, hand-held power tools, agricultural machinery, garden furniture, street and garden lights.

ALMOS SKOFJA LOKA d.o.o.  -  aluminium castings of different types, gravity / low pressure die casting and sand moulding.

AGIS ZAVORE d.d.  -  pneumatic, pneumatic-hydraulic and hydraulic break aggregates, clutch amplifiers with inclusion of ABS systems for tracking cargo vehicles of different producers, own foundry for aluminium and zinc alloys pressure die-casting.

BLISK LIVARSTVO d.o.o.  -  family-owned aluminium foundry, pressure die-casting of aluminium alloys, tool production, mechanical treatment and machining of castings, parts for the electro / electronics and automotive industries.

CPF LUKEK d.o.o.  -  pressure die-casting of aluminium and zinc alloys, cast items up to 500 grams in weight, parts for the automotive and transportation industries.

CRONING LIVARNA d.o.o.  -  carbon and alloyed cast steel, wear-resistant cast steel on the basis of Cr and Mn, stainless and corrosion-resistant cast steel, heat-proof steel castings, austenitic-ferritic steel castings, serial castings (fittings from DN15 up to DN100), weight 0.2 - 40 kg, according to the Croning method, capacity 150 t monthly, individual and smaller series castings (fittings from DN100 up to DN600), weight 15 - 1000 kg, according to the Veloset method (self-hardening sand moulds), capacity 100 t monthly.

CIMOS TITAN d.o.o.  -  malleable cast iron fittings and cast parts for machine construction, automotive and electrical industries, railway, agricultural facilities, Disamatic moulding line and conveyor moulding line, weight of castings from 0.1 kg to 10 kg.

DIFA d.o.o.  -  high pressure diecasting and machining of aluminium and zinc alloys, automotive, pneumatic and other mechanical cast parts.

ETA CERKNO d.o.o.  -  grey iron castings, annual capacity of 12 000 tons.
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ELKO ELEKTROKOVINA MARIBOR d.o.o.  -  electric motors, pumps and non-ferrous foundry, aluminium alloys, brass and bronze castings, green sand moulding and pressure-die casting.
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HIDRIA ROTOMATIKA d.o.o.  -  manufacturer of pressure die-cast aluminium components for the automotive industry - engine parts, wipers, control mechanism, fuel supply system etc., components used in air-conditioning, heating and ventilating, parts to the manufacturers of pumps, cylinders, components for motorcycles, and fittings for furniture industry.

ISKRA ISD - LIVARNA d.o.o.  -  aluminium pressure die casting, processing of castings and assembly, cast parts for the electrical, construction and automotive industries, a part of the ISD Group.

JGZ POHORJE MIRNA  -  production of valves and fittings for fire extinguishing equipment, gravity die / pressure die casting and sand moulding of non-ferrous metals.

KGL d.o.o.  -  manufacturing and processing of metal products, production of cylinders and pistons supplied to manufacturers of small two- and four-stroke petrol engines, own pressure die-casting foundry.

KOFRA - LIVARNA d.o.o.  -  pressure die-casting of aluminium for engine parts, car parts, pumps, electrical and hand tools.

KOVIS LIVARNA d.o.o.  -  grey iron and nodular iron castings for the railway vehicles - brake discs, axle boxes, brake pad and brake shoe holders, covers, pivot pins, motor arms and flanges, and for the machine-building industry - gas housings, flanges, valves and gear boxes, green sand automatic moulding line, castings masses from 5 kg up to 200 kg, a part of Kovis Group.

KOVINAR VITANJE d.o.o.  -  foundry and processing of aluminium and copper alloys, gravity die casting in permanent moulds and sand moulds, cast parts in weight from 0.10 kg to 50 kg for mechanical, electro-technical, building, agricultural and automobile industries, drop forging of steel, aluminium, copper and brass.

LIVARSTVO BERCIC d.o.o.  -  high pressure die casting of zinc alloys, cast parts for the automotive and hydraulic / pneumatic industries, electronics, household and furniture appliances.

LIVARSTVO BRATES MARKO s.p.  -  aluminium, brass and bronze castings in small series or prototypes, ornamental garden furniture, cast products for home decoration, small bells, gifts and other decorative items, sand moulding.

LTH CASTINGS d.o.o.  -  high pressure die casting and machining of aluminium and magnesium parts, a wide range of high specification automotive transmission and engine components, steering and breaking systems components, a part of LTH Castings Group, having foundries in Skofja Loka and Ljubljana in Slovenia, Benkovac in Croatia, and Ohrid in North Macedonia.

LIVAR d.d.  -  grey iron and nodular iron castings for domestic utensils, agricultural machinery, automotive and engineering industries, municipal engineering
castings - manhole covers, gratings and frames.
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LIBER d.o.o.  -  pressure-die zinc alloys castings for automotive industry, electrician and electronics industry, household appliances, furniture industry, bathroom equipment, gas supply, engine equipment, telecommunications, pneumatics and hydraulics, funeral equipment.

LIGO d.o.o.  -  a part of Ernst Zuern Group - Germany, grey, nodular and alloy cast iron foundry, the yearly capacity is about 12 000 t of cast parts from 0,5 kg up to
25 kg for bearing housings, transmission housings, pump housings, weights, hubs, flanges, starter housings, gear shifts, brake drums.

LIMBO d.o.o.  -  non-ferrous foundry for aluminium and brass castings - post-boxes, garden sinks, benches and tables, belt-pulleys, crosses, art casting, size of casts is 1500 x 1000 mm and weight up to 200 kg, hand moulding into sand and gravity die-casting.

LIVARTIS d.o.o.  -  bronze art casting, lost-wax technology.

LIVMARK d.o.o.  -  pressure die-casting in zinc alloys.

LKR d.o.o.  -  castings up to 100 kg in steel and super alloys.

LIBAMETAL - DARKO PIRC s.p.  -  non-ferrous (mainly aluminium) alloys casting, sand moulding and gravity die-casting.

LIVARSTVO JANEZ KAVAR s.p.  -  castings in non-ferrous alloys, ornamental and decorative items, rosettes, door knockers, handles, brackets.

LETRIKA KOMEN d.o.o.  -  production of aluminium pressure die castings from 50 g to 1.5 kg, parts for the automotive electrical components, a subsidiary
of Letrika d.d. - a Slovenia based global manufacturer of starter motors, alternators and drive systems for battery powered vehicles.

LIVARSTVO KAVCIC d.o.o.  -  zinc and aluminium alloys components for electric motors, cast items weighing from some ten grams up to kilogram, pressure die casting.

LIVARSTVO KRIM d.o.o.  -  non-ferrous foundry.

LIVARSTVO MOSTAR JAKOB s.p.  -  copper, bronze, brass and aluminium castings, bells up to 120 kg, plaques and reliefs, small artwork, awards and sculptures, name-plates, handles for doors with signs and logos, art accessories, industrial cast parts.

LIVARSTVO-ORODJARSTVO MARJAN PODKUBOVSEK s.p.  -  pressure die casting foundry, aluminium alloys castings and engineered components for electric, chemical, car and machine-building industries, toolmaking section.

LIVARSTVO ROMAN LOVSIN s.p.  -  non-ferrous foundry, aluminium alloys and bronze castings, sand moulding, gravity die-casting.

LITOSTROJ STEEL  -  a specialized producer of complex shaped individual castings made of steel, cast iron and special alloys, cast components in weights from 0.10 to 60 t for water turbines, thermal turbines, pumps and valves, machine building and shipbuilding.

LIVARSTVO SZILAGYI s.p.  -  brass and aluminium alloys high-pressure die casting.

LIVARNA TRBOVLJE d.o.o.  -  pressure die-casting, mostly to fulfill the needs of automotive industry, casting of different types of aluminium alloys, machining of castings, tools for die-casting, trimming tools, and other related services.

LITO UROS OGRINC s.p.  -  non-ferrous metal foundry.

LIVARNA VUZENICA d.o.o.  -  grey cast iron products - flywheels, exhaust manifolds, pump housings, reductors, bearing housings, housings for electrical engineering, brake drums, steel tube furniture frames, a subsidiary of the Cimos Group.
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L.V.L. d.o.o.  -  pressure die-casting aluminium parts - casings for brake systems, electronic computer devices and meat cutters, bearing shields for electro motors, counters for electric measuring systems.

MLM d.d.  -  aluminium pressure-die castings, brass castings, bronze rods, tubes and profiles made by continuous casting.
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MOTO-LIV d.o.o.  -  centrifugal casting foundry, zamak cast products - clips and decorations for the shoe industry and motorcycles, medals, ornaments and small sculptural items.

OMCO FENIKS d.o.o.  -  grey iron castings - stator frames, guidance of the immersion pumps, compressor and pump housings, alloyed grey iron castings - fire grates, nodular iron castings - pump housings, bearing cases, glass moulds castings, continuous cast bars, cast bells from real tin-bronze bell-metal.

PROMETAL KOVINSKO PREDELOVALNA INDUSTRIJA d.o.o.  -  pressure die-casting foundry, zamak castings for the automotive and furniture industry.

SEBENIK LIVARSTVO KLJUCAVNICARSTVO s.p.  -  cast iron and aluminium castings for the agricultural sector.

TALUM d.d.  -  aluminium gravity and low pressure die castings for engine-construction, power supply-heating, system & handling, engineering and transport technology, cast parts from 0.2 kg to 30 kg, CNC machining, thermal treatment, and assembly.
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TC LIVARSTVO d.o.o.  -  development of new products, optimization of technologies, manufacture of prototype or small series of castings, agents of ESI Group and NovaCast Systems.

VALJI GROUP d.o.o.  -  production of spin cast rolls for ferrous metallurgy, rolls for rubber and plastic industries, rolls for food and paper industries, and static cast grey, nodular, Ni-resist and Cr-hard castings for metallurgy, tool shops, machine building, automotive and food industries.

VKP d.o.o.  -  aluminium and zinc alloys pressure die-castings, sockets and switches, electrical cable glands and clamps.

Invited Companies:

Alum d.o.o. - non-ferrous castings, Aria Franc Pintar s.p. - non-ferrous castings, Brates Mladen s.p. - metal casting, Darik d.o.o. - jewelry vacuum-pressure die casting, Dusan Hedl s.p. - copper, bronze, brass and aluminium castings, bells, plaques and reliefs, awards and sculptures, FPT-Liv d.o.o. - non-ferrous castings,
KGL Hocevar Ivan s.p. - brass and bronze castings, grave vases, funeral metal letters, housings for funeral candles, Livarstvo Antonija Dolnicar s.p. - non-ferrous casting, Livel d.o.o. - castings for funeral accessories and direction-marking pillars, Livarstvo Kirbis Andreja s.p. - metal casting, Livarstvo Kopac Janko s.p. - cast iron, LSV Livarstvo Vidmar Stane s.p. - cast iron, Livarstvo Novak d.o.o. - aluminium, bronze and brass castings up to 100 kg (sand moulding, gravity die casting), Livarstvo-Orodjarstvo Babic Klavdijo s.p. - non-ferrous castings, Livarstvo Opresnik d.o.o. - gravity die casting in aluminium, zamak and lead, MB-95 Krog d.o.o. - aluminium pressure die-casting for the automotive industry, Pok Tomaz Zeman s.p. - aluminium pressure die-casting, Rupar Hilda s.p. - non-ferrous castings,
Tloal d.o.o. (Zlatko Belancic s.p.) - cast iron and non-ferrous industrial castings.

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