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ELTEX, SERBIA  -  production of cam switches, compact switches and equipment for self-supporting cable bundles, non-ferrous metals pressure die casting.

EZAL, POLAND  -  aluminium and magnesium alloys cast in permanent moulds, garden furniture manufacturing.

ELEKTROSTOMANA - 2004 JSC, BULGARIA  -  carbon, alloy and manganese steel, grey and nodular cast iron, spare parts for tractors, bucket loaders, bulldozers, concrete-mixers, road construction and agricultural machines, crushers, ball mills.

EICHENBERGER AG, SWITZERLAND  -  precious metal foundry, gold, platinum, silver, bronze, brass, copper-beryllium jewelry and art items, rubber moulds, centrifugal casting.

ESSEN ALUMINUM, INDIA  -  castings in copper and aluminium based alloys - by sand, gravity, die, centrifugal and squeeze casting methods, plumbing and hardware fixtures, gears, valves, gear housings, cams, and wide range of copper stud connectors and motor terminal lugs.

ET ALPLAST, BULGARIA  -  production of aluminium alloy castings, industrial cast parts, shape forming details for optics, floor siphons, drainage grates, street and garden lighting lanterns, benches and fence elements, green-sand moulding, gravity die casting and pressure die casting.

EZZE AB, SWEDEN  -  brass and aluminium pressure die-cast goods.

ECSERI ALUMINIUM FOUNDRY LTD., HUNGARY  -  aluminium alloys high pressure die-casting for automobile, electrical, food industry and agricultural machinery - bearing housing, filter case, gear-box, engine-house, cap-screw, locking-ring, covers, shields, etc.

EAST AFRICAN FOUNDRY WORKS (K) LTD., KENYA  -  grey iron and nodular iron castings - manhole covers and frames, storm water gulley gratings, road gratings, telecommunication covers, rail brakes, weights, gravity die or centrifugal bronze, brass and aluminium castings, service parts and components for the building, agricultural and mining industries, a part of East African Foundry Works Group (EAFW).
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ERSEL AGIR MAKINA SANAYI VE TICARET A.S., TURKEY  -  grey iron, steel, stainless steel and other special alloyed castings.

ENGINEERING & PARTS CO., IRAN  -  a subsidiary company of Heavy Equipment Production Co. (Hepco) - Iran, design, prototyping, manufacturing and assembly of parts & components for road construction, mining & agricultural equipments, gray cast iron, ductile iron, aluminium, and steel complicated cast parts, counter weights of road construction equipments, forged steel parts.

EBA ALLOY WORKS LTD., JAPAN  -  copper alloys and aluminium alloys castings, ship bearing parts, name plates, box cases and housings.

ERIE BRONZE & ALUMINUM COMPANY, USA  -  bronze sand castings and aluminum tubes and rings typically used in glass container moulds, compressor labyrinth seals, bronze valves and specialty products.

ETABLISSEMENT BANCEL JEAN-MARC - FONDERIE AU SABLE, FRANCE  -  religious articles, commemorative medals, medals for sporting events, honorary medals, reproductions, decorations, non-ferrous metal parts for industrial sector.

ESCO CORPATION, USA  -  manufacturer of wear and replacement products used in resource mining, infrastructure, power generation, aerospace and industrial applications, precision investment cast components for the aerospace, energy and turbocharger markets.

EUROTECH CASTINGS B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  a part of Eurotech Group, aluminium castings, moulding technologies - machine moulding in green sand moulds, hand moulding in furan sand, V-process.

ETA CERKNO D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  grey iron castings, annual capacity of 12 000 tons.
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EXPRESS CASTING INC., USA  -  cast parts in any metal by using patented Enriched Burning process, cleanest platinum casting.

ELECTROSTEEL CASTINGS LTD., INDIA  -  ductile iron spun pipes, cast iron spun pipes.

EATHISA CHILE S.A., CHILE  -  water systems connectors, manhole covers & grates.

EREDI CAGLIONI S.n.c. DI CAGLIONI FRANCESCO & C., ITALY  -  cast parts in copper and aluminium alloys, sand moulding.

EMPIRE DIE CASTING CO., INC., USA  -  pressure die casting foundry, aluminum castings from 140 g to 13 kg, zinc die castings from 28 g to 7 kg, cast parts for the aerospace, automotive, military, electronics, food processing, pumps and valves industries, medical equipment, home appliances, lawn and garden, sports and recreation.

EXCELSIOR DIECASTING COMPANY PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  high pressure diecasting, aluminium and zinc alloys cast parts for the automotive industry, white goods, electronics, camera support equipment, train braking systems, electrical lighting, building industry, commercial solutions.

EMEK DOKUM IMALAT SANAYI VE TICARET, TURKEY  -  manufacturer of grey and ductile cast iron tractor parts, exhaust manifolds and elbows, clutch sleeves or supports, brake drums, front wheel hubs, and other miscellaneous parts.

ERTAN DOKUM LTD., TURKEY  -  serving Turkish and International industry with finished and non-finished ferrous and non-ferrous castings.
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ERBIL DOKUM SANAYI VE TICARET A.S., TURKEY  -  grey cast iron, ductile cast iron and cast aluminium products especially for the park, garden and environment sitting benches.

ERKUS DOKUM SANAYI VE TICARET LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  grey cast iron and ductile iron manhole caps, sewer system covers, rain grates.

ENIS DOKUM VE IMALAT SANAYI, TURKEY  -  grey and ductile cast iron foundry, cast parts for cement and soil industry, mining industry, machine manufacturing industry, energy industry, defence industry, port, ship and petrol platforms, automobile parts, gratings, manhole cap and frames.

EKP ELKER A.D., BiH  -  aluminium cast parts, pressure die casting.

EEHABS ENGINEERING COMPANY (PVT) LTD., PAKISTAN  -  grey cast iron and ductile iron casting, steel forging, differential casings, axle hubs, engine sleeves, brake & clutch pedals.

ENERGOMASHSPETSSTAL (EMSS) JSC, UKRAINE  -  manufacture of special cast and forged steel components for heavy, power and transport engineering, metallurgy, cement, mining and other industries - steam and hydraulic turbines casings, pump equipment casings, components for press equipment (traverses, foundations, anvil stands, cushions), casings for shut-off valves and valves for oil- and gas pipeline of big diameter of various working pressures, articles for metallurgical and ore mining and processing industries, castings of weight from 10 t up to 300 t made of carbon, alloyed and high alloyed steel grades.

EISENGIESSEREI ED. MEZGER AG, SWITZERLAND  -  grey, nodular and bainitic (ADI) cast iron castings in small and medium series with a unit weight from 0.3 kg up to 2000 kg, automatic green sand moulding line, furan-sand hand moulding.

ELKO ELEKTROKOVINA MARIBOR D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  electric motors, pumps and non-ferrous foundry, aluminium alloys, brass and bronze castings, green sand moulding and pressure-die casting.
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EDNA ENGINEERING (PVT.) LTD., SRI LANKA  -  production of agricultural water pumps, sprayers, two wheel tractors, fire fighting equipment and systems, grey and ductile cast iron components, water pump castings, manhole covers, gulley gratings with frame, channel gratings, surface boxes, sewing machine stand castings, platform scale weighing machine components, a part of Edna Group - one of the largest diversed conglomerates in the Sri Lanka.

EXCEL ENGINEERING (PVT) LTD., PAKISTAN  -  grey iron castings from 0.75 kg up to 1000 kg in weight, engineering & automotive parts, own pattern shop.

ESTANHOS EL REI (VITORINO PEREIRA MORAIS LDA.), PORTUGAL  -  manufacturer and supplier of the pewter articles-copies off real 18th century silver pieces such as milk bottles, coffee bottles, salves etc, green sand hand moulding and centrifugal casting in rubber moulds.

ESTAS EKSANTRIK SANAYI VE TICARET A.S., TURKEY  -  manufacturer of camshaft blanks as chilled cast, the capacity of casting is 1500000 camshafts without machining per year, ductile iron and grey iron castings are performed as well.

ENTIL ENDUSTRI YATIRIMLARI VE TICARET A.S., TURKEY  -  lamelar and spheroidal graphite cast iron, alloyed grey and white cast iron, cast products for manufacturing industries such as automotive, food, iron and steel, household appliances, agriculture machines.

EPCOR FOUNDRY, USA  -  a part of Seilkop Industries specializing in aluminum sand casting, pattern making, metal stamping, die-making.

ECCLES FOUNDRY & ENGINEERING, AUSTRALIA  -  aluminium, brass, bronze, grey and ductile cast iron castings, muff couplings, lumpends, elbows, nuts& tails, skin fittings, sockets, reducing bushes and tank fittings, various castings servicing the marine, mining, industrial and rural sectors.

ERHART FOUNDRY & MACHINE CO., USA  -  a jobbing foundry, no-bake sand casting process, gray and ductile iron castings for the specialized machinery / industrial, automotive, oil & gas, power, mining, valve & pump, art / architectural sectors.

ELYRIA FOUNDRY CO., USA  -  gray and ductile iron castings, weight range 20 kg to 36000 kg, processes - no bake molding, evaporative foam and composite pattern, green sand molding using high pressure BMM, cast parts for refrigeration and gas compressors, pumps and valves, process machinery, internal combustion engines, power and transmission equipment, metal cutting and metal forming machine tools.

EVER FAMOUS CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  pressure die casting parts of aluminium, magnesium, zinc and brass, investment casting, sand moulding, malleable iron pipe fittings, parts for automobiles, motorcycles, compressors, telecommunication & microwaving, furniture.

EKU FREN KAMPANA LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  manufacturer of brake drums and discs for trucks, trailers and buses, the capacity of the foundry is 20000 tons / year grey iron equivalent to 350000 pieces of finished product.

EGNATIA FOUNDRY S.A., GREECE  -  manufacturer of wear resistant parts - cast steel surface mining excavator teeth, ground engaging tools, machines spare parts - grey and nodular cast iron brake system components, vehicles oil pump parts, aluninium alloys protector clamps for oil wheels control lines, an important number of spares for defense systems, water systems, moulding processes - automated no-bake moulding lines, shell moulding process, research projects in expandable pattern casting.

ELZAMECH FOUNDRY SP. Z O.O., POLAND  -  grey iron castings weighting up to 30 000 kg, nodular iron castings up to 13 000 kg, alloy and high alloy iron castings, "Ni-hard" cast iron, castings for all types of turbines, medium and heavy castings for gear transmissions, large-size elements for the chemical, automotive and metallurgical industry plants, wind power plant's elements, castings for machine tools, marine engines' bodies, etc.
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EAST FOUNDRY TECHNOLOGY CO., CHINA  -  various size and high quality grey and nodular iron, stainless and carbon steel castings, sand moulding, lost wax and vacuum lost foam processes, pressure die-casting, low-pressure die-casting and gravity die casting.

ENGEL GmbH, GERMANY  -  aluminium permanent mould foundry, cast parts up to 1.5 m in length and weighting from 10 g to 100 kg.

ELLIOT GANTZ & CO., INC., USA  -  art bronze casting foundry, sculptures, plaques, funerary art.

ELDON GRUPA D.O.O., SERBIA  -  aluminium, bronze and brass castings, cast parts and spares for the automotive industry, electrical equipment and installations, electric motors, pumps, gasification, air conditioning, excavators and other construction machines, sand moulding and gravity die casting, production of pressure / gravity die casting dies and tools.

EBBERS GROUP INDUSTRIES B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  supplier of a full range of cast iron, steel, bronze and aluminium alloys castings, the Group comprises: Alucast Neede B.V. - green-sand moulding and gravity die casting non-ferrous foundry, Brons Gieterij de Needse Berg B.V. - all types of bronze, aluminium bronze and brass cast industrial products - pump casings, valve casings, adjustable chairs, art works and sculptures, machine moulding (clay-bound moulding sand), hand moulding (furan sand, water-glass sand), lost-wax casting, Gieterij Neede B.V. - grey and ductile iron cast parts, automatic Kunkel-Wagner moulding line for castings weighting from 0.1 up to 110 kg, manual processing for castings up to 3000 kg, Mercator Gieterij Neede B.V. - cast iron and cast steel products.

ENGEL HUNGARIA ALUMINIUMONTODE KFT., HUNGARY  -  aluminium gravity die-casting, castings weighing from 0.1 kg to 15 kg, automotive components, lighting equipment, industrial cast parts, a 100% subsidiary of Engel GmbH - Germany.

EXCEL HOSICO DIECASTING PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  a part of Hosico Engineering Group, manufacturer of high pressure die-castings for automotive, computer equipment, electrical and electronics, instruments, defence and aerospace, builders hardware, hand tools, sporting goods, medical equipment, telecommunications.

ELPROM HARMANLI JSC, BULGARIA  -  cast iron castings, weight - up to 70 kg.
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EDUARDO H. PEREZ & HNOS. S.A. (PISTONES PERSAN), ARGENTINA  -  manufacturer of pistons for motorbikes, cars, trucks, buses, tractors and compressors, aluminium foundry.

EXCAL, INC., USA  -  aluminum, stainless steel, ductile iron, gray iron castings, green sand, no-bake and investment casting processes.

EGYPTIAN IRON & STEEL CO. (HADISOLB), EGYPT  -  the major iron and steel producing company in Egypt, manufacturer of semi finished steel products and pig iron for foundries, production of cast iron castings with capacity 2000 t/y, steel castings with capacity 6750 t/y and non-ferrous castings with capacity 350 t/y.

ESKAY INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISES, INDIA  -  grey iron founders, manufacturing of all sorts of municipal, sanitary, construction castings and non-standard items as per customers' specifications, cast iron flanged pressure pipes, fittings, sublimation pipes & scrubber for sulphur furnace, nozzle, and spray headers, manhole covers and gratings, fire hydrants, valves, water meters.
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ELITE INVESTMENT CASTING CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  stainless steel and carbon steel investment casting and machining, valve and pump parts and fittings.

EGM INDUSTRIEGUSS GmbH , AUSTRIA  -  grey cast iron and spheroidal graphite cast iron foundry, Disamatic moulding line - small and medium-series of castings
up to 10 kg, Stotz moulding machine - small and medium-series of castings up to 150 kg, furan moulding - individual and small production series of castings
up to 4500 kg.

ECK Industries, Inc., USA, World renowned manufacturer of premium aluminum castings for the military, aerospace, marine, medical, industrial and energy markets ECK INDUSTRIES, INC., USA  -  a privately-owned family business with over 64 years of experience in the aluminum foundry industry, specialists in premium aluminum castings for the military, hybrid vehicles, commercial trucking, aerospace, marine, medical, industrial and energy markets.

ELMOT JSC, BULGARIA  -  manufacturer of electric brake motors with cone rotor, rope electric hoists with capacity from 1 to 20 t, reduction gears and geared motors, elastic couplings for driving systems, crane components, DC traction motors, own foundry for aluminium alloys pressure die casting.

EAST JORDAN IRON WORKS, INC. (EJIW), USA  -  gray and ductile iron construction castings for use in road building, underground, and utility construction, manhole covers, tree grates, trench grating, valve boxes, monument & meter boxes, cast iron lids, drainage products, airport and port authority castings.

ENERGOREMONT-KRESNA JSC, BULGARIA  -  castings from carbon, low- and highalloyed steels, the max weight 4500 kg, castings from grey iron, the max weight
600 kg, castings from spheroidal-graphite iron, the max weight 250 kg, aluminium castings, the max weight 50 kg, castings and spare parts for power engineering,
for mining and cement industry, for shipbuilding, turbine blades, etc.

EUROCAST KOSICE S.R.O., SLOVAKIA  -  production of castings made of grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, and alloy cast iron, the weight of castings is from 10 kg
up to 6000 kg - hand moulding, and from 10 kg up to 150 kg - automatic moulding line.

ELEKTRO-LINDEN AB, SWEDEN  -  aluminium alloys pressure die casting.

EGES METALLGJUTERI AB, SWEDEN  -  pressure die casting, aluminium alloys cast parts for the automotive industry, telecommunications and industry in general.

ELECTRO MOLD & CASTINGS, USA  -  aluminum, bronze and brass castings, sand casting, permanent molds, commercial/industrial, sporting goods, memorial, artistic and decorative applications.

ELART METALL A.S.. NORWAY  -  aluminium alloys foundry, seiatsu automated moulding line - the weight of castings up to 30 kg, self hardening moulds - castings
up to 500 kg, patternmaking using traditional methods of wood and plastic, and by machining on the 3D files.

ESFAHAN MALLEABLE CASTING CO., IRAN  -  foundry for low, medium and high carbon steels, low alloy steels, stainless & heat resistant steels, cast iron, Ni-resist, Ni-hard, high silicon corrosion resistant, air melt nickel-base & cobalt alloys, hastelloy, incoloy, stellite, cast parts from 1 kg up to 2000 kg for industries such as steel making, food, cement, chemical and petrochemical, oil & gas, construction materials, mineral and mine, valve and pump.

ERDENET MINING CORPORATION (EMC), MONGOLIA  -  copper and molybdenum concentrates, machinery-construction production - spare parts and wear resistive elements for mineral processing plant equipment, steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous cast parts.

EKSTRA METAL DOKUM VE IZABE SANAYI LTD., TURKEY  -  grey and ductile iron cast parts, 3500 tons per year.

ESTABLECIMIENTO METALURGICO FRIDMAN, ARGENTINA  -  aluminium alloys, copper and bronze castings for packaging machines, agricultural and auto parts, furniture and home appliances.

EKO Metal Industries Sdn Bhd (EMI)-Malaysia, Renowned aluminium and zinc alloys pressure die casting foundry. EKO METAL INDUSTRIES SDN. BHD. (EMI), MALAYSIA  -  Renowned pressure die casting foundry, precision die-casting products in aluminium and
zinc alloys for telecommunications, consumer, home, industrial, audio, visual, heat sinks, fixtures and tools applications, a part of EKO Group.
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ELMETAL MV LTD., BULGARIA  -  carbon steel, stainless and manganese steel, cast iron, aluminium alloy, zinc-aluminium alloy, brass and bronze castings for the construction machinery, electrical engineering, household needs, chemical, textile, food and automotive industries, green sand moulding, pressure die casting, precise (investment) casting in ceramic and shell forms, artwork.

EL-NASR CASTINGS CO. (ENC), EGYPT  -  grey cast iron, ductile cast iron and steel foundry, production of ductile cast iron pipes and fittings for water and waste-water sectors, rolls for steel rolling, flour mills, plastic and paper industries, decorative light posts, miscellaneous castings for the automotive, textile, chemical, cement and metallurgical industries.

EMMANOUEL N. KAZIS S.A., GREECE  -  grey, ductile and other special qualities of cast iron, max. weight 2000 kg, yearly capacity in one shift of 6000 tons ferrous castings and 500 tons non-ferrous (mainly bronze) alloys, the castings are intended for submersible pumps, mixed & axial flow pumps, horrizontal centrifugal pumps, and multistage horizontal / vertical pumps, cast iron oil or gas firing boilers.

ELIR - NIKOLA TESLA D.D., BiH  -  electrical machines and equipment for machine industry and ore mining, aluminium alloys cast parts for electric motors, decorative elements of lighting poles, sand moulding and gravity die-casting.
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ERIKOISVALU OY, FINLAND  -  castings in aluminium alloys, copper alloys and zinc alloys, sand and shell moulding technique.

EKOPOL-OPOLSKI SP. Z O.O., POLAND  -  grey cast iron manhole covers, frames and grates, ornamental cast iron parts.

ERIS PROPELLERS CO., TURKEY  -  marine propeller casting and cast auxiliary equipments - ruddles, bearings, struts, couplings, flanges, tiller arms, brackets, and various other castings.

ESSENTIAL PRODUCTS LTD., BANGLADESH  -  a subsidiary of S. Islam group of Companies, manufacturing of industrial, agricultural equipment and domestic utensils, one of the most modern foundry in Bangladesh, cast iron pipes and hand pump spares and fittings, cast iron grills for windows, gas burners, jute pins.

E. R. AMANTINO & CIA. LTDA., BRAZIL  -  shotguns manufacturer, components made with special steel in investment casting with subsequent heat treatment.

E ' S FOUNDRY, SOUTH AFRICA  -  a medium sized family owned foundry, aluminium, bronze, brass and cast iron castings, sand moulding, gravity die casting.

EBROACERO S.A., SPAIN  -  steel and alloyed iron castings for all kind of industrial applications.
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EDUARDO S.A., BOLIVIA  -  steel and cast iron foundry, machinery, spare parts and components for general industrial sector.

ELECTROACEROS S.A., SPAIN  -  carbon and alloy steel castings from 200 g up to 1500 kg for naval, paper, oil, chemical, agricultural industries, transport and public works.

ENERBOM S.A., ARGENTINA  -  carbon steel and manganese steel castings commonly used in the oil, gas, chemical, steel, railway and mining.

ESFEROIDAL S.A., ARGENTINA  -  grey, ductile and special cast iron castings, weight range from 100 g up to 10 tons.

E. SABEL AB, SWEDEN  -  abrasion resistant cast iron parts for mining industry, quarrying, pulp industry, iron and steel works, rolling mills, waste disposal, and material transport.

ELMET S.A., ARGENTINA  -  aluminium castings, lighting fixtures, lamps and lanterns, columns, wall- and to hang construction accessories, stoves and burners, garden furniture, cast parts for agricultural machinery, equipment for microsurgery, industrial electrical, automotive protection equipment, electronics, construction sector and shipbuilding.

EXAMETAL S.A., SPAIN  -  small and medium sized works of art using the lost wax process, centrifugal casting, bronze, zamak and lead art castings, big sculptures and services for sculptors, small sculptures, trophies, medallions, gifts, imitation jewellery, religious artifacts, advertising and corporate designs.

EAGLE SIGN & DESIGN, INC., USA  -  cast bronze, aluminum and brass products.

ERNST STRASSACKER GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  bronze art foundry, religious, sacred and churchyard statues and ornamental works.

ELECTROMASINA S.R.L., MOLDOVA  -  motor cultivators and appliances, household utensils, semi-automatic washing machines, gas stoves, spare parts, cold sheet forming, nonferrous pressure die casting, production of technological equipment - casting moulds, cold forming dies, instruments.

ERKUNT SANAYI VE TICARET A.S., TURKEY  -  grey and nodular cast iron parts for the automotive industry.

EISENGIESSEREI TORGELOW, GERMANY  -  grey cast iron, nodular graphite cast iron and high alloyed grey and nodular graphite cast iron castings up to 150 tons, furan moulding process, capacity max. 8000 tons / month.

E. TOMAN & COMPANY, USA  -  pressure die castings in all zinc alloys.

EMIRATES TECHNO CASTING (ETC), UAE  -  steel foundry with a capacity of 36 000 tons of steel castings per annum, steel castings ranging from 20 kg to 12 tons of single piece cast weight to oil, gas, power, chemical engineering, construction & mining industry, gate, globe, check, butterfly, ball and plug valve castings, pump castings, casting for track shoes of earth movers.

ENKEI THAI CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  a provider of aluminium alloy wheels and other cast parts to the global automotive and allied industries, tilting gravity die casting technology and low-pressure die casting technology.

ENDURANCE TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. - ENDURANCE GROUP, INDIA  -  high pressure, low pressure and gravity die casting, tool room, machining, painting and assembly, intricately shaped castings in weight from 400 g to 8.5 kg per piece - cylinder heads and blocks, gear box housings, fly wheel housings, pump housings, pinion brackets, filter brackets, cylinder head covers, transmission covers, gear case covers, valve base covers, cam covers, oil sump covers, bed plates, convertor chambers, brake drums, alloy wheels, and other cast components.

ECCLES (UK Foundries FE) LTD., UK  -  ductile iron manhole covers & gully gratings.

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