The Association of Metal Casters of Serbia was first founded in 1952 in Belgrade. The creator of the association was, now deceased, Professor Milan Pajevic. Throughout the years the association has been changing its name, working actively and motivationally in founding of and cooperating with other metal caster associations of all of the republics of ex-Yugoslavia. The best witness to those activities is the fact that in 1969 Belgrade was the host for 36th International Foundry Congress with 1050 delegates from 29 countries from all over the World.

On 7th of March 2008, a Serbian Foundrymen Society founding assembly has been held.

The goal and purpose of Association existence is in connecting all profession-oriented and other interested parties, to a unified organized whole, in order to solve ongoing and strategically important projects and tasks. Expected activities will include education and thorough informing, professional seminars, courses, symposiums, publication of professional-oriented magazine "Livarstvo", certifications and issuing of diplomas, making of case studies and projects. The realization of the aforementioned will be done with help from Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade, relevant companies, institutes and associations from our country and abroad.


Prof. Dr. Srdjan Markovich - President


TMF, Karnegijeva 4, 11120 Belgrade, SERBIA
tel.: (++381 11) 3370502, 3303675,  fax: (++381 11) 3370387, 2788510