Hrvatsko Udruzenje za Ljevarstvo - Hrvatska, Croatian Foundry Association, CROATIAN FOUNDRY ASSOCIATION
Hrvatsko Udruzenje za Ljevarstvo

Croatia belongs to lower tier of world casting producing nations. Currently, this sector of industry employs more than 3500 workers in
70 operating foundries with casting production of 53 000 tons. The Croatian foundries produce castings for most famous car brands, for ships, fittings, etc. About 60% of casting production is exported.

Founded in 1953, Croatian Foundry Association (Hrvatsko Udruzenje za Ljevarstvo) is currently the only such association of foundry industry in Croatia. The association has 36 members, out of which 22 are foundries. The main activities of Association comprise:
  • keeping track of developments and achievements of foundry industry in the world through published works in scientific and professional journals and books from around the world, through attending scientific conferences and expositions;
  • informing its members by direct communication of the recently published scientific and professional works and books;
  • informing its members by direct communication of the current opportunities for supply of foundry material and equipment;
  • organizing scientific and professional conferences;
  • publishing journal "Ljevarstvo", etc.

Smiljan Hren, BScME, President


Froudeova 9, P.O.Box 28, 10020 Zagreb, CROATIA
tel.: (++385 1) 6524 339,  fax: (++385 1) 6527 284