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NANMAC CORP.  -  temperature measurement and control in both industrial and research applications, standard thermocouples, industrial thermocouples, high temperature thermocouples, bare wire thermocouples, cable assemblies, ceramic insulators, fittings and bushings, accesories.

NIELSEN ENTERPRISES, INC.  -  foundry patterns, prototypes, wood, metal, plastic types-patterns, molds, dies.

NORTHERN FOUNDRY  -  ductile cast iron foundry specializing in small or high volume castings for the automotive, commercial vehicle, industrial and recreational industries, Disamatic moulding lines, a part of Metal Technologies, Inc..

NIKKIN FLUX CORP.  -  manufacturer and distributor of foundry fluxes for aluminum, magnesium, copper, zinc, and lead.

NISSHO IWAI AMERICAN CORP.  -  equipment for breaking down cast iron and non-ferrous scrap materials and components.

NDC INFRARED ENGINEERING LTD.  -  development and manufacture of measurement and control solutions for a wide diversity of manufacturing and process industries, scanning and fixed point measurement and control systems, measurement sensors, scanning frames, analyzers for the measurement of key components in product samples.

NEWAGE TESTING INSTRUMENTS, INC.  -  hardness testers.

OXBOW GROUP  -  metallurgical coke, petroleum coke.

PTM & W INDUSTRIES, INC.  -  supplier of surface coats, laminating systems, adhesives, epoxy casting resins for a variety of industrial applications, incl. foundry patterns, urethanes, prototyping materials, accessory products.

PENDEX CORP.  -  process control, quality control testing, electronic test equipment, vacuum processing systems and controllers, laboratory equipment, industrial controls.

POLYCHEM CORP.  -  manufacturers of a wide variety of resin products and systems, epoxy and polyester casting resins.

PLIBRICO COMPANY, LLC  -  monolithic refractory products and applications, a complete line of high alumina and alumino-silicate refractories - plastics & ram mixes, insulating castables, shotcrete castables, free flow castables, gun mixes, injection & service mixes, mortar, aluminum contact products.

PETER E. MACLER ASSOCIATES  -  management and engineering consultants - foundry design, business assessments, feasibility studies, environmental systems design, expert witness services.

PRECISION FOUNDRY TOOLING  -  foundry tools - patterns, core-boxes, molds.

POWER HAMMERS, LLC  -  pneumatically operated single blow impact casting degating hammers for ferrous foundries.

PILLAR INDUCTION  -  coreless induction systems for melting of ferrous and nonferrous alloys.

PYRONICS, INC.  -  combustion products - burners, blowers, mixers, valves, regulators, flame safeguards and accessories, industry applications - ceramics, glass, iron & steel: burners for annealing, tempering and general heat treating processes, non-ferrous metals: combustion solutions for aluminum melting and heat treating, brass and copper melting, molybdenum heat treating, crucible heating, ladle heating.

PEKAY MACHINE & ENGINEERING CO.  -  sand preparation equipment.

PALMER MFG & SUPPLY, INC.  -  no-bake equipment and systems, batch and continious mixers, core blowers, automatic molding systems.

PACIFIC METALLURGICAL COMPANY  -  metallurgical and materials consulting and laboratory services: failure analysis of metallic and non-metallic materials, fractography and fracture analysis, physical metallurgy, high and low temperature oxidation and corrosion of metals and alloys, scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy, optical microscopy, metallography, micro- and macro-hardness testing, production problem solving, expert witness testimony, routine and non-routine metallurgical testing, industrial and legal, forensic and production-related consulting services.

PEK MACHINERY CO.  -  molding machines and mullers.

PYE METALLURGICAL CONSULTING, INC.  -  specialized in heat-treatment trouble shooting for heat-treatment processes, metallurgical consultant and material problems, developing customized heat-treatment / metallurgical educational courses.

PRECISION METROLOGY, INC.  -  a full range of calibration and repair services - accelerometers & vibration, dimensional gages, electronics calibration, machine tools, temperature capabilities, sand testing equipment calibration: AFS clay testers, cone jolt toughness testers, friability testers, hot tensile testers, melt point apparatus, moisture tellers, mold strength testers, permability meters, sand rammers (compactability tester), green sand strength machines, sand squeezers, ultrasonic cleaner, wet tensile testers.

PETERBORO TOOL CO., INC.  -  wax injection molds for lost wax casting technology.

REMET CORP.  -  manufacturer and distributor of waxes, binders, refractory stuccos and flours to serve the needs of investment casters, crucibles, ladle liners and specialty shapes, nozzles, a complete range of ramming and capping materials, mold releases, pattern washes, anti-foams, wetting agents, core mixes & binders, and hot toppings.

RIMROCK CORP.  -  die casting automation equipment, robotic applications and automation solutions for the foundry industry.

REDFORD CARVER FOUNDRY PRODUCTS CO.  -  cold-box core machines.

RIVER CITY INDUSTRIES  -  specialists in modeling, programming, wax investment tooling, foundry patterns in wood, metal or plastics, production machining and turn key assemblies.

RIKE EQUIPMENT CORP.  -  distributor of all types of used die casting equipment, trim presses, foundry & related equipment.

RIEHL ENGINEERING LTD.  -  metallurgical consulting services, corrosion abatement & protection, materials process design, composites, high performance, high temperature, reinforced & light structural alloys, coatings, polymers, friction stir welding, ceramics, high temperature creep, fracture mechanics, thin film deposition, ferroelectrics, materials research.

RECCO FURNACES  -  furnaces for specialty metals and aerospace materials, melting and holding furnaces for non-ferrous metals, metal heat-treating furnaces, transfer ladles and launder systems for conveying molten metal, refractory materials distribution, spare and replacement parts for heating equipment, installation and start-up, troubleshooting and repair, scheduled maintenance, system repairs and upgrades, control and automation retrofits, used furnaces, kilns and ovens, used manufacturing machinery and tools, a division of W.P. Keith Co., Inc..

REYNOLDS-FRENCH & COMPANY  -  casting repair service, repair of cracked or damaged castings - cylinder heads, engine bases and main frames, exhaust manifolds, compressor cylinders / power cylinders, pump housings, compressor frames, industrial castings of all types.

ROYER FOUNDRY SYSTEMS LTD.  -  foundry equipment, machinery.

ROTOMETALS, INC.  -  alloys and anodes for all types and sizes of ships, lead ingot, tin ingot, zinc ingot, indium ingot, bearing alloys, bullet casting alloys, low melting alloys, zinc sheet, lead sheet, lead wire, lead shot, galvanizing products, ladles for casting.

RNARIMAN METAL-CASTING CONSULTING, INC.  -  expert technical support to ferrous metals foundries and casting users and designers.

REX MATERIALS GROUP  -  manufacturer of custom engineered high temperature material systems and refractory products, vacuum formed ceramic fiber, fused silica materials for die casting ladles, pour basins, pins and spouts, nozzles, filter bowls and dams, high temperature insulating parts for the delivery of molten metal to the mold in a wide variety of foundry casting technologies, insulating refractory, ceramic / ceramic-metal matrix composite, aluminum resistant foam back up insulation, ceramic fiber heaters, high temperature refractory shapes, dipping, pouring and transfer ladles.

ROSE METAL INDUSTRIES, INC.  -  hemispherical pressed steel bowls, ladle bowls with stub handles, custom ladles - low carbon, stainless or cast, standard and custom skimmers and hand tools for the metal casting industry and other industrial processes - hooks, rakes, scrapers, fluxers, pry bars, tongs, test spoons.

RAVENNA PATTERN & MFG.  -  foundry patterns and tooling.

RUST PATTERN & WOODWORKING, INC.  -  a full service foundry pattern shop, patterns and core boxes made of wood, plastic, and metal.

RELIANT PATTERN, INC.  -  patterns for foundry use.

RAPID PRODUCTS SOLUTIONS, INC.  -  stereolithography prototypes and models, patterns for mold manufacturing.

RELIABLE PATTERN WORKS, INC.  -  wood, steel, aluminum, plastic, urethane, and epoxy foundry patterns.

REFRACTORY STOREHOUSE  -  advertising & consulting, refractory engineering, industrial process application expertise, material compliance verification, refractory product selection, installation procedure control.

ROBERTS SINTO CORP.  -  manufacturer of a complete line of flaskless molding machines.

R.W. HALE & ASSOCIATES  -  remanufacturer of used foundry machines, after market replacement parts.

REFRACTORIES WEST, INC.  -  refractory products.

S&A CONSULTING GROUP LLP  -  consulting services specializing in Global resource management development in the areas of financial management, manufacturing technology management, marketing and strategic business, metal manufacturing technology management consulting, process control in metal manufacturing industries and foundries, lost wax manufacturing and technology problem solving.

SHENANGO ADVANCED CERAMICS  -  refractory kiln furniture made of cordierite, silicon carbide and mullite compositions.

SAWYER AND SMITH CORP.  -  foundry equipment for core making, sand removal and shake-out.

SUMMIT CASTING CORP.  -  manufacturer of aluminum castings using facilities for producing mahogany, aluminum & epoxy patterns.

SILICON CARBIDE PRODUCTS  -  ceramic thermocouple protection tubes and ceramic components for molten metal handling.

STATES ENGINEERING CORP.  -  ringmullers, rotary screens, aerators, elevators for metal casting industry.

SUNCOKE ENERGY, INC.  -  provider of metallurgical coke to the integrated steel industry.

STRESS ENGINEERING SERVICES, INC.  -  metallurgical services to hundreds of clients in the refinery, petrochemical, electric utility, and foundry industries, metallurgical consultants, material selection, corrosion characterization and mitigation, fracture surface evaluation, wear failures, field services including metallography, hardness testing, residual stress measurement and NDE, full laboratory characterization of metals, alloys and other engineering materials, mechanical testing of force, load, tension, pressure, fatigue, temperature, noise, vibration, torque, strain, creep and displacement.

SCHAEFER FURNACES, INC.  -  furnaces for aluminum alloys.

SAUNDERS FOUNDRY SUPPLY, INC.  -  supplier to the precision investment casting industry, art casting and architectural restoration - wax melting tanks and pots, turntable mixers, fluidized beds, foundry burn-out furnaces, metal melting furnaces, crucibles, crucible tongs, crucible shanks, safety pouring shanks, refractories, digital hand lance pyrometers, foundry waxes, molding rubber and releases, safety clothing.

SUMMIT FOUNDRY SYSTEMS, INC.  -  foundry machines and equipment.

SIMPSON GROUP  -  The Simpson Group of companies comprises Simpson Technologies Corp., Beardsley & Piper LLC, and Hartley Controls Corp., batch and continuous molding sand mixing equipment, sand cooling and pre-conditioning equipment, pneumatic sand reclaimers, electronic sand laboratory instrumentation.
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SUPERIOR GRAPHITE CO.  -  engineered carbon-based products to service a wide range of industrial applications, graphite electrodes, recarburizers.

SIMTEC, INC.  -  simulation technology software consulting.

SURFWARE, INC.  -  Surfcam product solutions for manufacturing industries - production machining, automotive, aerospace, power generation, forging, mold making, castings / patterns.

SHELLSPEN INTERNATIONAL, INC.  -  a non-settling ceramic shell slurry used for coating wax sculpture and pattern forms of every size and scale in the lost-wax ceramic shell bronze casting process.

SARAN INDUSTRIES LP  -  industrial finishing and custom processing of forgings, castings and machined parts by providing services such as blasting, peening, impregnating, coating, annealing, cleaning and stripping, deburring, grinding, inspection/sorting services, lab services and warehousing.

SHERRY LABORATORIES  -  a complete range of metallurgical, nonmetallic and environmental testing services, chemical analysis, corrosion tests, failure analysis, machining capabilities, mechanical testing, metallography, weld testing.

SIPI METALS CORP.  -  a refiner of precious metals and manufacturer copper alloys.

SPRINGFIELD METALLURGICAL SERVICES, INC.  -  full-service laboratory for metallurgical testing, analysis and consulting serving, expertise and testing in support of failure analysis, reverse engineering, product development, quality control, and litigation support.

SMELTER SERVICE CORPORATION  -  aluminum recycling company, supplier of aluminum ingots.

SMITH-SHARPE FIRE BRICK SUPPLY  -  fire brick, all forms of refractories, ceramic fiber insulation, resin-coated sands, resin systems, additives.

SANDMOLD SYSTEMS, INC.  -  cooler and classifier systems.

STORK TESTING & METALLURGICAL CONSULTING, INC.  -  tests on metals and alloys, metallurgical analysis, chemical analysis, nondestructive testing, liquid penetrant inspection. magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic testing and inspection, failure analysis and consulting, corrosion testing and consulting,
a member of the Stork Materials Technology (SMT) group of companies.

TOM BERTONE CONSULTING, INC.  -  metallurgical consulting, a wide variety of physical metallurgical services, expert witness testimony for litigations, chemical analysis, corrosion control, metallurgical failure analysis, fractography, mechanical testing, microhardness testing, microstructure analysis & metallography.

TECPRO CORP.  -  grey iron and special alloys, refractory coatings for foundries.

THERMAL CERAMICS  -  refractory ceramic fibre products, insulating firebricks and monolithics.

THERMTRONIX CORP.  -  manufacturer of electric resistance and gas fired aluminum or magnesium melting and holding furnaces for the foundry and die casting industries, special atmosphere furnaces for pressure pouring, low-pressure permanent mold, squeeze cast and semi-solid casting applications, portable degassing systems.

TONAWANDA COKE CORP.  -  producer of foundry coke.

TOOL CHEMICAL CO., INC.  -  materials for foundry patterns, core-boxes, match plates, gating and risers.

TULSA CENTRIFUGAL CASTING MACHINES, LLC  -  machinery design, consulting, and manufacturing of all types of vertical, horizontal and babbitt centrifugal casting machines, manufacturer of all vertical and horizontal permanent steel centrifugal casting molds.

TensileMill CNC Inc. - a North American leader in the production of tensile test sample preparation machines TENSILEMILL CNC INC., USA
A North American leader in the production of tensile test sample preparation machines.

T.C.SERVICE CO.  -  pneumatic tools, rammers, hammers, grinders, air saws, air drills, air routers, adaptors.

THE FEDERAL METAL COMPANY  -  copper-based secondary smelter, manufacturing capacity is hundreds of tons of ingot every week, a leading supplier of lead-free brass and bronze ingot to the foundry industry throughout the world, supplier of foundry additives and scrap metal of all kinds - tin bronzes, hard brass, red brass, semi red brass, yellow brass, technical consulting service.

THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC, INC.  -  analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, software, services, consumables and reagents, a full range of XRF instrumentation to cover the specialized analysis needs of the foundry industry, tools for screening incoming scrap, nondestructive chemistry and grade verification of chill castings and final product, positive material identification (PMI) equipment to quickly and accurately test metal alloys.

THE HILL & GRIFFITH CO.  -  coatings, realeases, green sand additives and other specialty foundry products.

THE HILLER GROUP  -  charge carbon, foamy slag carbon and LMF carbon products.

TECHNALYSIS, INC.  -  mold filling & solidification software.

TEKCAST INDUSTRIES  -  supplier of spin casting equipment, vulcanizers, metal melting furnaces, liquid rubber and organic and silicone rubber mold compounds, plastic casting resins, and metal casting alloys.

TRIALCO, INC.  -  specializes in primary and secondary aluminum alloys for the die-casters and sand/permanent-mold casters.

THE MOUAT CO., INC.  -  melt and auto-pour systems, sand handling and processing systems, molding and core systems.

THE MACKENZIE GROUP  -  professional recruiting specialist works in all disciplines of manufacturing but specializing in foundry, diecast, plastics and metalworking.

THE MIDSON GROUP, INC.  -  metal casting and metallurgical consultant services - conventional pressure die casting, vacuum die casting, gravity die casting, continuous casting, squeeze casting and semi-solid casting, metal shaping and metallurgical evaluations, casting of non-ferrous alloys such as aluminum, copper, zinc and magnesium, as well as casting ferrous alloys.

THE NAGLE COMPANY  -  promt, professional, effective recruiting and referral service to the most respected foundries.

TINKER OMEGA MANUFACTURING, LLC  -  continuous mixers, batch mixers, compaction tables, sand heaters, sand coolers, molding systems, reclamation systems, etc.

THE PLATT BROTHERS & COMPANY  -  zinc, zinc alloys and other non-ferrous products used for research facilities, fuse manufacturers, automotive design, marine use, and construction and decorative architectural work.

TEMPO PLASTIC CO.  -  a pattern-maker for lost foam castings.

THE PQ CORP.  -  products that can be used as foundry binders - sodium silicate, potassium silicate and silicate powders, etc.

THE SECAT INC. - RESEARCH AND TESTING FACILITIES  -  materials preparation, microstructural characterization, scanning electron microscopy and micro analysis, chemical analysis, mechanical testing equipment for monotonic and fatigue testing, metal quality analysis.
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THERMAL SPRAY TECHNOLOGIES, INC.  -  thermal sprayed coatings for iron and steel foundry patterns and core boxes.
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TRIORIENT TRADING, INC.  -  trading company, pig iron, coking coal, foundry coke, hot briquetted iron, pellets, iron fines and slabs.

U-METCO, INC.  -  supplier of carbon steels, low alloy steels, stainless steels, nickel alloys, cobalt alloys, master alloy ingot, pure elements upon request.

UP-N-ATOM, INC.  -  cupola access equipment, lifts for foundry machinery.

ULTRAFLEX POWER TECHNOLOGIES, INC.  -  customer-focused solutions for induction heating, melting, and casting applications worldwide - induction heating and power electronic products, jewelry, dental and industrial induction casting machines, static or tilting induction melters.

UNITED RESIN CORP.  -  producer of epoxy systems, casting resins, adhesives, surface materials, laminating resins, high heat resins, for the aerospace, electronics, automotive, marine and construction industries.

UES SOFTWARE, INC.  -  casting simulation software.

U.S. REFRACTORIES  -  ceramic parts for furnaces.

U.S. SILICA  -  producer of ground and unground silica sand, kaolin clay, aplite and related industrial minerals, supplier of over 80 grades of round, angular and sub-angular sands to the foundry industry for molding and coremaking applications.

VIKING BLAST & WASH SYSTEMS  -  a full line of industrial cleaning equipment including abrasive shot blast machines, parts washers and vibratory deburring equipment, replacement parts - from blast wheel blades to electrical components, used blast cleaning & parts washing equipment, industries served - aerospace, automotive, foundry, forge, stamping, powder coat, structural steel, weldments, heat treat, pipe / oil field, general manufacturing.

VAGABOND CORPORATION  -  manufacturer of polyurethane casting resins for model-makers, pattern-makers and mold-makers.

VANGUARD EXECUTIVE SERVICES, INC.  -  executive search and recruiting, incl. for metalcasting.


WEST BEND EQUIPMENT, INC.  -  die & mold handling equipment.

WYO-BEN, INC.  -  a leading manufacturer of bentonite clay based products, the materials are used worldwide in applications such as oil, gas, and water well drilling, metalcasting, environmental construction and remediation, hazardous waste treatment, cat litter, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, as well as many other industrial and consumer related products.

WHITING CORP.  -  manufacturer of overhead cranes for iron and steel foundries, ladle handling overhead cranes, steel mill overhead cranes, bucket or grapple cranes, scrap handling overhead cranes.

World Equipment & Machine Sales Co. - USA, second hand foundry, machines & equipment, sand mullers, core room equipment, melting equipment, shakeout & screens, shot blasting equipment, WORLD EQUIPMENT & MACHINE SALES CO. - USA  -  used second hand foundry machines & equipment, sand mullers, core room equipment, melting equipment, shakeout & screens, shot blasting equipment.
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WAGSTAFF, INC.  -  a leading global specialist in ingot and billet casting machinery and automation technology.

WPL INDUSTRIES  -  materials for patternmaking, model making, design and prototyping, urethane modeling boards, modeling clays, pattern lumber, plywood, epoxy resin systems, fiberglass fabrics, tooling urethanes, RTV silicons resins, special adhesives.

WALTER INDUSTRIES, INC.  -  producer and exporter of coke for blast furnaces and foundry coke.

WSF INDUSTRIES, INC.  -  dewaxing systems for investment casting, autoclave systems for metal casting, vacuum vessels, reactors.

WASHINGTON MILLS COMPANY, INC.  -  producers of abrasives and fused mineral products, offering an exceptionally wide line of standard abrasive grain and specialty electro-fused minerals from its worldwide multi-plant locations, fused aluminas, fused mullite, emery, zirconia mullite, magnesia chrome, alumina bubbles, fused silica, spinel, chrome alumina, ferro silicon, boron carbide and silicon carbide, a wide variety of industries and specific applications from aerospace to cosmetics, for metallurgy - refractory materials for furnaces in production of gray, ductile or malleable iron and steel.

WINONA PATTERN & MOLD  -  wood, urethane, aluminum, cast iron & steel patterns.

WEST PATTERN WORKS, INC.  -  foundry patterns, dies for metal gravity pouring, prototypes.

WILLAMETTE PATTERN WORKS, INC.  -  experience in building pattern and core boxes made from quality materials - hardwoods, composites, urethanes, aluminum, iron, and steel.

W.R. GRACE & CO. (GRACE DAVISON)  -  colloidal silica for metal casting and mold coatings, precipitated silicas & sodium aluminium silicate, adsorbents.

WESCO REFRACTORIES, INC.  -  ceramic coatings.

YXLON INTERNATIONAL, INC.  -  casting X-ray inspection solutions.

ZIRCAR CERAMICS, INC.  -  ceramic foam filters, crucible melt heaters for die casters.

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