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EASTERN ALLOYS, INC.  -  manufacturer of zinc alloys.

ENGINEERED CERAMICS CORPORATION  -  refractories for melting and transfer applications, ladle liners, crucibles, ramming materials.

ERIE COKE CORPORATION  -  producer of foundry coke.

EASTERN CRUCIBLE REFRACTORIES CO.  -  variety of crucible sizes and special shapes.

ESM GROUP, INC.  -  magnesium products and injectors for steel desulphurization.

EKK, INC.  -  3-d finite element casting process simulation software.

EMSCO, INC.  -  an Inductotherm Group company, repair of induction furnaces, coils, water cooled leads and associated systems.

E-JAY THERMO PRODUCTS  -  temperature controls for the die-cast industry, thermo laminate refractory ladles, thermo cast ceramic specialiies, thermo sentry thermocouple units, thermo buoy floating thermocouple, specialty thermocouple, thermo diffuser degassing tubes, thermo guard protection tubes, high-temperature coating & bonding refactory cement.

EQUIPMENT MERCHANTS INTERNATIONAL, INC. (EMI)  -  supplier to the foundry industry, equipment design, manufacture, technical assistance (for installation, start-up), equipment inspections / reviews, equipment remanufacturing programs, spare parts along with complete turn-key systems, equipment for core making, green sand molding, matchplate molding, flasks and pallet cars, semi-permanent mold casting, low pressure aluminum casting, robotic applications, casting wedge devices and briquetting presses, used equipment.

ESSIX RESOURCES, INC.  -  supplier of raw materials and minerals for the foundry and steel industries, ladle sands, ladle carbons, alumina fluxes, foamy met slag, deox briquettes, metallurgical coke briquettes, calcium aluminates, ferro alloys, aluminum briquettes and chips, refractories, silica sand, importer of Norwegian olivine sand.

ELECTRO-SENSORS, INC.  -  industrial speed control and motion detection systems for belt conveyors, vibratory conveyors, mixers.

FICK and ASSOCIATES  -  consulting services in casting and forging.

FOUNDRY COATINGS, INC.  -  a specialty coating manufacturing company, water base coatings for use with the Lost Foam casting process, a graphite refractory coating designed for both ferrous and non-ferrous applications, a zircon refractory coating designed for heavy sectioned iron and steel castings, a ladle coating designed for applying on ceramic or ferrous surfaces to prevent molten aluminum adhesion, an oil based parting agent which contains several release agents along with an anti-corrosive inhibitor to eliminate rusting, a water based paste that can be used on most binder systems, and which will stop metal runout at the parting line of each mold, a graphite-based mudding compound which is used for repairing surface defects on all chemically bonded sand cores and molds, an oil carried phenolic resin adhesive manufactured for the shell molding process to produce dimensionally accurate castings in ferrous and non-ferrous, a water based release agent used to release resin-bonded shell molds and cores in the metal casting process, a permanent mold coating designed for both ferrous and non-ferrous applications.

FOUNDRY CONSULTANTS, INC.  -  consulting services and solutions from prototypes to full production, representing foundries, pattern-making and layouts services.

FOUNDRY DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY  -  foundry consulting and implementation worldwide with ability to provide very good used, rebuilt and new equipment.

FARGOWEAR, INC.  -  manufacturing replacement parts for virtually all brands of sand mixers, sand mullers, sand plows, molding machines, and continuous mixers.

FERRALLOY, INC.  -  the company's primary focus is in providing the metalworking industry with castings, fabrications, forgings, machining and related products, thermal process equipment service, scrap metal recycling, foundry consulting - customer retention, sales growth, process diversification, market expansion.

FIRST IMPRESSION PATTERNS  -  pattern making for foundry industry.

FOUNDRY INFORMATION SYSTEMS LTD.  -  control of casting processes.

FAIRMOUNT MINERALS  -  producers of industrial sand - high-purity silica sand, lake sand, resin-coated sand, silica gravel, and other specialty sands for abrasive, filtration, foundry, oil & gas, etc.

FREEMAN MFG. & SUPPLY CO.  -  the industry-leading supplier to anyone making parts, patterns, tools, or molds, casting resins, mold releases, pattern coatings, core box air release vents, and core box alignment pins and bushings, supplier of hand molding appliances - riddles, benchrammers, sprue cutters, slicks & trowels, mouth spray cans, paste bulbs, etc.
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FLEXBAR MACHINE CORPORATION  -  unique and innovative products ranging from metrology grade replica and casting materials, precision inspection measuring instruments, machine tool accessories, machine safety guards, microscopes, hardness testers, surface roughness gages, and optical and video inspection systems.

FOUNDRY SOLUTIONS & DESIGN, LLC  -  foundry solutions consulting, operational assistance, foundry general contracting, foundry equipment automation and installation.

FINITE SOLUTIONS, INC.  -  casting software.

FL SALES, INC.  -  one of the leading companies for used equipment in the machinery industry, including foundry machines and equipment.

FLOW SCIENCE, INC.  -  software for metal casting applications.
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G & S METAL CONSULTANTS, INC.  -  a producer of recycled primary aluminum ingot for the casting industry.

GREEN DIAMOND PRODUCTS  -  foundry sand for foundry industry.

GMD ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (GMD)  -  foundry sand reclamation equipment and systems, dust collectors and dust collection systems.

GAYLORD FOUNDRY EQUIPMENT, INC.  -  amine liquid catalyst converters.

GATAN, INC.  -  manufacturer of instrumentation and software used to enhance and extend the operation and performance of electron microscopes, supplier of specimen preparation tools for the materials science market, specimen holders for transmission electron microscopy and CCD cameras for electron microscopy.

GEOFORM, INC.  -  dimensional inspection, CAD drawings/models, precision physical models, patterns, tooling for formed and cast metal parts, transfer hand-made master models and patterns to 3-D CAD or drawings, the clients range from small job shops and manufacturers to leading firms in commercial, industrial, defense, automotive, and aerospace markets.

GOFF, INC.  -  a complete line of abrasive shot blast cleaning equipment, the blast equipment utilizes cast steel shot or grit, along with other types of abrasive media, and is used for metal cleaning, paint removal, rust removal, mill scale removal, sand, ceramic or shell removal from die castings, steel and iron castings, or investment castings, metal surface preparation prior to paint or coating, automotive parts remanufacturing, and shot peening for metal fatigue life and stress relief.

GENERAL KINEMATICS CORP.  -  vibrating processing equipment, chakeout, sand conditioning and reclamation, casting cooling conveyors, sand screeners.

GREENVILLE METALS, INC.  -  nickel, cobalt and iron based alloys.

GREEN MACHINE TOOL, INC.  -  design and manufacture of large structural foam, compression, RIM, vacuum and injection molds.

GEOTECH PATTERN AND MOLD, INC.  -  foundry and plastics tooling, both sand and permanent molds.

GREEN SAND CONTROLS  -  process control equipment for controlling the production and quality of green sand used in the metal casting industry.
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GLOBE SPECIALTY METALS, INC.  -  producers of silicon metal and silicon-based specialty alloys for the silicone chemical, aluminum and steel manufacturers, producers of photovoltaic solar cells and computer chips, the auto industry, ductile iron foundries and concrete producers.

GUARDIAN SOFTWARE SYSTEMS, INC.  -  business solution for foundries.

GLOBAL TEST SUPPLY, USA  -  a distributor of new and refurbished test & measurement equipment from leading manufacturers.

HYDRACAST  -  hot chamber die casting machines and accessories.

HARDFACE ALLOYS, INC.  -  metal alloys.

HUNTER AUTOMATED MACHINERY CORP.  -  molding and mold handling systems, molding machines.

HOBSON CONSULTING, LTD.  -  solutions for the commercial and technical manufacturing needs, functional strengths of company include: blow molding, injection molding, die casting, compression molding, thermoforming, micro molding, rubber molding, and mold making.

H.E. PHIPPS CO., INC. / METALS RECYCLING CORP.  -  international brokers of new and second-hand aluminum, steel and copper / brass equipment for all the processing disciplines related to melting, casting, and scrap-processing.

HORMEL FOODS CO.  -  sand binders for aluminum and magnesium castings.

HAPCO, INC.  -  design, development, and manufacture of epoxies and urethanes for tooling and mold making for foundry, automotive, metal forming industries.

HUNTSMAN INTERNATIONAL, LLC  -  a global manufacturer and marketer of differentiated and commodity chemicals, Huntsman Advanced Materials, Belgium, is a leading global manufacturer and marketer of advanced epoxy resins, adhesives, coating systems, electrical insulating materials, printed circuit board technology, tooling materials and structural composites, the leading epoxy adhesive brand in Europe, the Americas and many parts of the world Araldite® is a registered trademark of Huntsman, LLC.

HEATING INDUCTION SERVICES, INC.  -  induction heating elements and other melting and heat treatment products.

HAUCK MANUFACTURING COMPANY  -  a wide range of combustion products - burners, blowers, and controls products for industrial furnaces in the iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, precious metals, ceramic, glass and food industries.

HARRISON MACHINE CO., LLC  -  core and automatic molding machines for the foundry industry.

HELANDER METAL SPINNING CO.  -  manufacturer of stainless steel or carbon steel ladles for die casting and foundries, custom ladles for manual pouring and automated machine pouring.

HORIZON PERSONNEL  -  recruitment service for the foundry industry.

HASTINGS PLASTICS CO.  -  a full line of polyester resins, casting epoxy resins, urethane resins.

HEWITT-ROBINS  -  conveyor equipment, a complete line of conveyor idlers, markets served - sand and gravel industry, mining installations for ore, coal etc., steelworks, sinterplants and foundries.

HOLLISTON SAND CO., INC.  -  natural sand & stone products, washed, screened and dried sands for the foundry industry.

HIGH TEMP, INC.  -  refractory products for steel and aluminum foundries.

INDIANAPOLIS COKE  -  foundry and blast furnace coke.

INCITO CONSULTING GROUP  -  design and deployment of practical, real-world Lean Six Sigma solutions within the metal casting and foundry industry.

INDUCTOTHERM GROUP  -  melting & refining systems - melting, smelting, refining, holding, charge, handling, degassing, filtration, automatic pouring, metal transfer, thermal engineering, die casting.

INNOVATECH LABS, LLC  -  manufacturing support, materials testing services, failure analysis, materials characterization, and quality control.

I. SCHUMANN & COMPANY  -  production of alloys for the foundry industry, primary metals such as copper, tin, lead, zinc, nickel and aluminum, brass and bronze ingots, scrap metals for foundry, mill, and refinery consumption.

IGC TECHNOLOGIES, LLC  -  manufacturer of antiveining compound for use in gray and ductile iron castings, fluxes for aluminum, brass, bronze, and ferrous melts.
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J & M MOLD  -  tools for pressure-die casting of aluminum and zinc alloys.

JORDAN, APOSTAL, RITTER ASSOCIATION, INC.  -  casting process simulation software.

J & S CHEMICAL CORP.  -  a leading global supplier of specialty chemicals, cold / hot box, green sand and shell core release agents, die casting lubricants, metal forming fluids, heat treating fluids, metal cutting fluids, corrosion preventives, engineered chemical specialties.

J.E.I. METALLURGICAL, INC.  -  metallurgical expert witness service, metallurgical failure analysis, metallurgical engineering and metallurgical consulting.

JOHNSON GAS APPLIANCE CO.  -  manufacturer of industrial heat treating, metal melting and soldering furnaces, crucible furnaces for melting aluminum, brass, silver and gold, soft metal melting furnaces for melting lead, babbitt, tin, zinc, type metal, low or medium-fusion metals, pot furnaces for oil drawing, metal finishing, plastic coating, wax melting, sterilizing, industrial burners, temperature control equipment, steam curing systems for concrete block, pipe, precast and prestressed products.

JENSEN INTERNATIONAL, INC.  -  cast iron foundry, manufacturer of patterns & core boxes, three types of material - urethane, aluminum & wood.

JFP TECHNICAL SERVICES, INC.  -  an independent failure analysis materials and metallurgical laboratory providing consulting, testing, and expert testimony for product development and process control, material evaluation and mechanical testing of ferrous and nonferrous metals, plastics, rubber, fiberglass and electronic components.

KINDT-COLLINS CO., LLC  -  pattern shop and foundry supplies, pattern making plastics, pattern shop tools.

KEVIN KENNEDY & ASSOCIATES, INC.  -  engineering and management consultants, vast resource of world-class consultants, engineers and experts in materials technology, product development, and lean manufacturing.

KALCO METALS, INC.  -  manufacturer of specialty alloys for investment casting, aerospace and steel industries.

KEYSTONE SYSTEMS, INC.  -  optimization software.

KISS TECHNOLOGIES, INC.  -  supplier of specialized measurement systems and process monitoring and control systems specifically developed for the steel industry, copper & brass industries, power generation and nuclear plants, mold oscillation monitoring systems used for both non-casting mechanical diagnostics and short-term on-line measurement while casting, portable mold oscillation monitoring systems for process and mechanical analysis at the caster, mold temperature monitoring system which produces thermal maps, ladle slag detection systems, portable digital taper gauges.

LECO CORP.  -  analytical instrumentation, ladle liners and crucibles.

LOBENHOFER CONSULTING, INC.  -  assisting foundries to improve their profitability through improvement of existing processes.

L. H. MARSHALL COMPANY  -  thermocouples, protection tubes, thermocouple wire, and electronic meters for temperature measurement of nonferous metals.

LYDALL, INC.  -  fiber ceramic paper for furnaces.

LORAY INTERNATIONAL CORP.  -  blast furnace coke, foundry coke, carbon products.

LORAIN MODERN PATTERN, INC.  -  manufacturer of patterns, materials include foam, wax, wood, plastic, urethane, epoxy, aluminum, steel & iron.

LOCK-N-STITCH, INC.  -  manufacturer of crack and thread repair products, specializes in all aspects of the repair of cracked and damaged cast iron and other cast metals.

LIBERTY PATTERN & MOLD, INC.  -  foundry patterns, models, forms, prototypes, tooling, product materials - woods, urethane, epoxy, styrofoam, wax, composites & other compounds.

LATROBE PATTERN COMPANY  -  patterns for the foundry industry, patterns of all types and sizes in wood, metal, plastics, and styrofoam.

LAMAR TOOL & DIE CASTING  -  die cast die manufacturer.

LUMASENSE TECHNOLOGIES, INC.  -  temperature and gas sensing instruments for the energy, clean technology and industrial markets - metal production, induction hardening processes, pouring stream temperature non-contact measurements, and aluminium processing.

MILLER & CO., LLC  -  distributor of briquetted alloy products, silicon carbide grain, Sorelmetal, pig iron, INCO nickel products, Milco carbon products, ferrophosphorous, ferro-alloys, ferrosilicon based inoculants, desulfurizers, refractories and cored wire.

METAL CASTING CONSULTING (MCC)  -  a foundry consulting firm dedicated to the development and advancement of the foundry industry.

METALLURGICAL CONSULTING, INC.  -  a consulting engineering firm specializing in fracture mechanics, failure analysis, metallurgy and materials, corrosion, welding, laboratory testing.

MATERIALS EVALUATION AND ENGINEERING (MEE), INC.  -  an independent laboratory solving materials-related problems for a diverse clientele, failure analysis, mechanical failure investigations, corrosion failure investigations, materials, process and product evaluations, forensic engineering, microsectioning and metallography, corrosion analysis and testing, mechanical testing (Rockwell hardness, microindentation hardness testing, tensile testing), surface analysis.

METALS ENGINEERING AND TESTING LABORATORY (METL)  -  a diversified, full service metallurgical testing laboratory, chemical analysis, mechanical testing, metallurgical analysis, consulting, expert metallurgical witness testimony, failure analysis, reverse engineering service, fastener testing, aviation services, scanning electron microscopy, welder qualification, warranty issues, materials and process problem solving, turbine engine component testing, electronic device testing, and miscellaneous tests on non-metallic materials.

McKIE EQUIPMENT CO.  -  new and used foundry equipment & machinery, melting furnaces, sand handling equipment, mixers and mullers, molding machines, flasks and jackets, core machines, cleaning and blast equipment, conveyors, foundry / metallurgy lab equipment.

METAL EXCHANGE CORP.  -  trader and manufacturer of non-ferrous metals, non-ferrous metal scrap processing, supplier of primary and / or secondary aluminum re-melt sows, T-bar and foundry ingot, primary and / or secondary aluminum billet, primary and / or secondary magnesium ingot and sow, copper cathodes,
a complete line of aluminum deoxidizers, including shot, notch bar, cones, and pyramids.

MICRO EXPRESS CONSULTING, INC.  -  a specialized technology firm focusing on ISPs, software development, networking, data analysis, engineering and consulting services.

MACAWBER ENGINEERING, INC.  -  transfer and injection systems for powders, granular, and other bulk materials, sand handling dense-phase conveying systems.

MORRIS EQUIPMENT SALES, INC.  -  used foundry equipment, shot blast equipment, dust collectors, and process equipment.

MIDWESCO FILTER RESOURCES, INC.  -  baghouse and dust collector filter parts, accessories and services for metals industries, including foundries.

MALCOM G. STEVENS, INC.  -  a foundry supply, equipment, and safety clothing distributor, accessories for pouring, ladles, resin coated sand, bentonite, ferro alloys.
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McLAUGHLIN, INC.  -  abrasives ferrous/stainless - steel shot, steel grit, abrasives non-ferrous - glass beads, aluminum oxide and silicon carbide, plastic, walnut shells, cut wire, blast machine parts and components, air bast equipment, dust collection equipment, air blast parts.

METALLURG, INC.  -  aluminum, chromium and ferro alloys.

MINCO, INC.  -  fused silica products to markets around the world, particularly for applications including investment casting, fillers, and refractories.

MINELCO, INC.  -  a wide range of industrial mineral products to various end use applications - foundry bentonites, chromite foundry sand, olivine - slagging agent, refractory raw material and blasting sand, zircon flour for investment casting, foundry zircon sand, inorganic binder system for sand-core production, etc.

McENGLEVAN INDUSTRIAL FURNACE CO.  -  foundry furnaces, heat treat furnaces, shanks, crucibles, pyrometers and furnace accessories, flasks, foundry mullers.

MAUMEE PATTERN CO.  -  foundry patterns and tooling.

MATERIALS RESEARCH FURNACES, INC.  -  manufacturer of high-temperature, vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnaces for a wide range of applications - alloy creation, annealing, arc casting, arc melting, metal injection molding, powder metallurgy, ceramic firing, crystal growing, debinding, degassing, dewaxing, laboratory research, temperature sensor calibration.

METSCH REFRACTORIES, INC.  -  refractories, ceramic products for investment casting molds - pouring cups, mold support rods, vent plugs.

MWK SOFTWARE  -  software for foundries.

METAULLICS SYSTEMS CO.  -  molten metal systems, molten metal pumps, vertical gate filters for aluminum die, permanent mold and sand casting.

MOMENTIVE SPECIALTY CHEMICALS, INC.  -  an extensive range of products for all applications in cold, heat and gas curing processes, including refractory coatings, resin-coated sands and binders for sand cores and molds.

METALLURGICAL SERVICES INTERNATIONAL  -  consulting services over 40 years of experience in worldwide metallurgical markets, new and existing product and process development, failure analysis and problem solving, strategic sourcing, metallurgical and metals processing expertise, training and education, presentations.

McGEE SYSTEMS, LLC  -  foundry equipment and machine retrofits, rebuilds and installations, used machinery, custom made parts, industrial automation systems.

MSI TESTING & ENGINEERING, INC.  -  independent metallurgical consultants, testing and engineering services, ICP metal analysis and spectroscopy analysis, metallurgical failure analysis, corrosion testing, mechanical testing services, hardness test lab, metallographic examinations, weld testing, positive material identification.

METALLURGICAL TECHNOLOGIES, INC.  -  a metallurgical engineering service laboratory specializing in forensic failure analysis of metallurgical components, corrosion & defect investigations, mechanical testing, chemical analysis, metallography, reverse engineering, professional engineering and consulting services in various aspects of metallurgy, corrosion and manufacturing, material alloy selection, heat treatment and protective coatings recommendations.

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