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3D MAKINA KALIP URETIMI ve BILGISAYAR SISTEMLERI SAN. ve TIC. LTD. STI.,  -  complete pattern production from 2D drawings to finished patterns, core boxes, runners, ingate systems, complete die production for die-casting foundries, plastic injection molds, prototype production.

5M ELEKTROMEKANIK  -  manufacturer of melting furnaces, holding furnaces, heating furnaces, spare parts.

AHMET BUMIN GUNER (ABG) BENTONITE MINING CO. LTD.  -  supplier of bentonite for foundries - metal casting and moulding sands.

ALDA INDUSTRIAL POLYMERS A.S.  -  sealants, industrial adhesives and coatings based on silicones, epoxies and polyurethanes.

AN-KA KONTROL LTD.  -  metallography laboratory equipment.

ATA KARBON MINING CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD.  -  supplier of metallurgical coke, metallurgical dust, metallurgical fluorspar, lignite, anthracite, manganese ore, chrome ore, zinc clinker and lead oxide for the factories in steel, chemistry, paint and glass.

ADA METALURJI  -  used foundry plants, moulding lines, furnaces, equipment.

AYHAN METAL CO.  -  pressure die casting machines.

ADO MINING INDUSTRY AND TRADE CORP.  -  barite producer and exporter, olivine products producer and exporter, electrical arc furnace and tundish supporting sand, raw material for refractory industry, olivine foundry sand, blast cleaning sand.

ALCE NDT GROUP  -  nondestructive testing services - radiographic, ultrasonic, magnetic particle and die penetrant testing of metals.

ALTINGOZ REFRAKTER MADEN LTD. CO.  -  refractory bricks for steel industry.

ARSLAN TUGLA LTD.  -  furnace bricks, refractory & isolation materials.

BORDEN ENGINEERING CONSULTING & TRADE CO. LTD.  -  representation of foreign producers of technical products and raw materials, engineering, planning and management consultancy in the area of casting, forging, iron, steel, non-ferrous industry, aluminium foil, galvanizing, coil coating, ceramic, glass, cement and machine producers.

BILGUNOGLU ENDUSTIRI MALZEMELERI SAN. ve TIC. A.S.  -  metals and metal alloys, pig iron and nodular pig iron, ferro alloys, binders and chemicals for iron, steel and non-ferrous foundries, foundry crucibles, furnace refractories, foundry lubricants, ceramic filters, low carbon steel shot & grid, microscope and laboratory equipment, metrology measuring equipment, hardness testers, destructive and non-destructive measuring systems, quality control and measuring software.

BALCIK ISI ELEMANLARI SAN. ve TIC. A.S.  -  tubular heating elements for electrical household and industrial ovens appliances, a distributor of Kanthal-Sandvik Materials Technology-Sweden.

BEFAY MAKINA SANAYI ve TICARET LTD.  -  aluminium melting, holding and heat treatment furnaces, charging machines, billet casting machines.

CANBENSAN INDUSTRY & TRADE CO.  -  bentonite for foundry industry.

CUKUROVA KIMYA ENDUSTRISI A.S.  -  foundry chemicals, auxiliaries and refractory materials.

CAGDAS MUHENDISLIK  -  coating materials for molds and cores, chromite and zircon sands.

CIHAN METAL LTD.  -  silicon carbide crucibles, refractory materials.

DOGUS METAL LTD.  -  crucibles for non-ferrous alloys.

DOKUM MAKINA LTD.  -  complete quality control and material testing laboratories for the foundry, metallurgy, machinery factories and metallurgical & materials research centers, laboratory spectrometers, carbon-sulphur analysers, tribology wear metal analyser, laboratory hardness testers, metal thickness gages, coordinate measuring machines.

EGES ELEKTRIK ve ELEKTRONIK GERECLER SAN. ve TIC. A.S.  -  manufacturer of induction furnaces, converters, cooling systems.

ETS INDUSTRIAL TECHNICAL SYSTEMS ENGINEERING COMPANY  -  manufacturer of induction furnaces for melting of copper alloys.

ERYAS MADENCILIK TIC. LTD. STI.  -  supplier of olivine sand for cast iron and steel foundries, olivine sand for metallurgical furnaces and tundishes, olivine products for refractory and slag manufacturers, sand blasting materials.

FIBERFLON A.S.  -  manufacturer of fiber glass filters for casting of aluminium pistons.

FOUNDRY CASTING CONSULTANCY  -  consulting company specializing in iron castings, foundry processes and factory investments.

GARA METALURJI SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.  -  production of mini risers composed with selected silica sand and with exothermic formulation for casting of cast iron parts by high pressure automatic moulding lines.

HATKO A.S.  -  trading activities in iron-steel scrap, long, flat, semi-finished and finished products, supplier of pig iron, coking coal, metallurgical coke, anthracite, ferro alloys, copper mould tubes, graphite electrodes, oxygen lance tips, tuyeres, cooling plates and mould plates, refractory materials for the iron and steel industry, circular saw blades for the pipe factories and the rolling mills, spare part supply of marine gearboxes, clutches, pto’s and control systems, railway machinery and equipments, representation and consultancy services to the leading European companies for their activities in Turkey in the field of defense industry and ship building.

HAZNEDAR REFRACTER SAN. A.S.  -  chamotte based fireclay bricks, chemical bonded high alumina bricks, resin-bonded alumina-carbon bricks, mullite and corundum bricks, resin-bonded magnesia-carbon bricks, resin-bonded dolomite bricks, dolomite based insulating bricks, refractories of different types and shapes for iron & steel industry - converters, electric arc furnaces and ladles, non-ferrous metallurgy - aluminium, copper, lead and tin smelting, incinerators - reheating furnaces and heat treatment furnaces, cement and lime industry - rotary kilns, lime kilns, coolers and calciners.

HIDROTEKNIK - UCAK METAL ENJEKSIYON SAN. A.S.  -  manufacturer of pressure die-casting machines for aluminum alloys, and tilting furnaces.

IDEAL DOKUMHANE TEKNOLOJILERI SAN. TIC. LTD. STI.  -  consulting, project design, manufacturing, installation and trainees for various foundry equipments, melting furnaces, refractory ramming machines, pouring ladles, complete sand preparation / reclamation systems, complete moulding systems - resin sand, green sand, investment casting, shell moulding, shot blasting machines, scrap briquetting / baling presses, foundry consumables.

ISTANBUL METAL  -  trader and importer of metal ingots, ferro alloys, graphite powders, fluxes, crucibles.

KARAKAYA BENTONITE MANIFACTURE AND TRADE CO.  -  moulding sand bentonite for cast iron or steel foundries.

KUMAS (KUTAHYA MANYEZIT ISLETMELERI) A.S.  -  magnesite refractories.

KALE PORSELEN ELEKTROTEKNIK SAN. A.S.  -  production of low tension electrical installation materials, industrial fuses and switching devices, technical ceramics - insulating beads, components for resistors, spark plug insulators and electrodes, surface treatment chips, honey-comb and round-hole molten metal filters.

METKO HUTTENES ALBERTUS  -  a company specialized in foundry auxiliaries, synthetic resin-based binders and ready-to-use mould coatings.

MARMARA METAL LTD.  -  import / export of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, hematite pig iron, nodular pig iron, ferro alloys, inoculants, recarburizers, refractories, foundry coatings, foundry sands, etc.
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META METALURJI MAKINA SAN. ve TIC. LTD. STI.  -  production of resin coated sands for shell cores & moulds, production of exothermic & insulating sleeves and feeding powders, distributor for companies offered foundry materials and equipment.

MIKROMETALURJI MALZEMELERI SAN. ve TIC. LTD. STI.  -  blasting products - stell shot, grit, steel cut wire.

POSLU MAKINE (PMS) CO.  -  production of foundry machines - sandblasting machines with hangers, sand mixers, spide mixers, portamix sand preparation machines.

SILTAS SILIS KUMLARI SAN. ve TIC. A.S.  -  silica foundry sands.

TEKNIK DOKUM KAPLAMA MALZEMELERI SAN. ve TIC. A.S.  -  manufacturer of jewellery casting machines.

TURKOGLU ENDUSTRI TOZLARI ve METAL SANAYI  -  manufacturer and supplier of pulverized coal dust-additive for sand moulding foundries.

TEK KUMLAMA MAKINA SAN. TIC.  -  sandblasting machines and equipment for foundries.

UCEL PRES MAKINA SAN ve TIC. LTD. STI.  -  manufacturer of pressure die-casting machines.

YILKAN MACA SUPPORTLARI A.S.  -  pin, square, double head and triple head core chaplets, core clips and plates, chills, and vents for foundry sector.


MTC METAL TIC. LTD. STI.  -  delivery of iron and steel products, billets, corrugated sheets, hot rolled steel plates, sheets and strips, cold rolled steel in coils and sheets, galvanized coils, deformed reinforcing bars, pipes, wire rods and mesh, wrought iron, profiles, scraps.

NATIMPEX  -  trader of stainless steel coils / sheets, bars, tubes, stainless steel deep drawing products and stamping parts.

ORJINAL METAL URUNLERI SAN. ve TIC. A.S.  -  manufacturer of semi-finished products as brass billets, brass rods and brass profiles for the customers work in many different fields - electrical and automotive industry, taps and fittings, connectors, valves, handles, plumbing tubes, small mechanical items.

SARKUYSAN ELEKTROLITIK BAKIR SAN. ve TIC. A.S.  -  copper cathode, wire rod, single wire, multi wire, bunched wire stranded, rope - lay conductors, flat wire & profiles, billet, tube, bar, centrifugally cast products.

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