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ABRASIVE ENGINEERING PTE. LTD.  -  production of blasting and shot peening machines, providing surface treatment through blasting and shot peening services.

ASWELL (F.E.) PTE. LTD.  -  blasting equipment & accessories, autoblast machines, blast rooms and portable blasting systems, general hardware.

ALBEDO LTD.  -  trading and distribution, cast iron rolls manufacturing, scrap metal recycling, representative of world class producers of raw materials, consumables and disposable supplies, measuring systems, equipments, engineering spares into the steelmaking plants, steel rolling mills, cast iron and steel foundries.

ALLIED METALLURGICAL PRODUCTS PTE. LTD.  -  supply of foundry and die casting products and services, melting and holding furnaces, crucibles, flux injectors, shotbeads dispensers.

ANYCASTING SINGAPORE PTE. LTD.  -  simulation software development and distribution, AnyCasting™ - a casting simulation program that predicts melt filling and solidification in metalcasting processes - sand casting, gravity die casting, pressure die casting, investment casting, consulting services - mould and die design, casting simulation.

BISLEY ASIA PTE. LTD.  -  a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bisley Group, supply of construction raw materials and products - ferro alloys, specialty and noble alloys, graphite electrodes, carbon products, metal powders to the automotive and jobbing foundries, steel making, powder metallurgy, aerospace and welding industries.

BLAST & PEEN SERVICES PTE. LTD.  -  equipment, spare parts and abrasives for use in the abrasive blasting and shot peening industries, Scorpion blast abrasive blasting cabinets, pressure, suction, manual, semi automatic and automatic configurations, spare parts - operator safety equipment including blasting helmets and breathing filters, remote controls and abrasive metering valves, blast hoses, couplings, nozzle holders, tungsten carbide and boron carbide blast nozzles, specialty blasting equipment, internal pipe, flat surface robot, dust collector filter cartridges and reverse pulse equipment, abrasives - plastic media, glass beads, aluminium oxide, carbon steel, stainless steel, zinc, copper and aluminium cut wires, ceramic beads, steel shot and grit, zinc shot, stainless steel shot, walnut shell, silicon carbide, vibratory finishing media.

BMS METALLURGICAL PTE. LTD.  -  supplier & distributor of heat processing equipments, bath-type furnaces, crucibles, lubricants, fluxes, foundry coke, pig iron, ferro alloys, aluminium alloys and deoxidants for steel and cast iron foundries, aluminium and zinc die-casting foundries.

INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC PTE. LTD.  -  supplier of industrial chemicals, activated carbon, bentonite, kaolin, paraffin wax, silica gel, silicon carbide powder.

LESOON EQUIPMENT PTE. LTD.  -  design and fabrication of pressure blast machines, after-coolers, dehumidifiers, dust-collectors, pneumatic vacuum machines, auto blast and spray paint plants.
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NDT INSTRUMENTS PTE. LTD.  -  a German subsidiary, products, after-sales maintenance and repair calibration services to the ASEAN region customers in the field of non-destructive testing and quality assurance & control - radiography testing equipment & accessories, radiation detection systems for metal scraps, ultraviolet meters, X-ray equipment.

PAN ABRASIVES PTE. LTD.  -  a complete range of surface preparation products and services - granular abrasives, airless centrifugal wheel blast cleaning equipment, pneumatic recovery blast rooms and accessories, air and airless shot peening equipment, airblast pots, hoses, nozzles, helmets and valves, automated airblast systems, pressure, suction and wet blast cabinets.

SPEEDO MARINE PTE. LTD.  -  supplier of a wide variety of industrial equipment and product - surface preparation & fluid handling equipment, design and installation of blast chambers, blasting cabinets, spray chambers and automatic shot blasting equipment, portable pressure blast machines, air ventilation, temperature, humidity and pollution control equipment, measuring instruments - coating thickness, hardness testing and roughness measurement equipment.

TECK YAK ENGINEERING PTE. LTD.  -  sandblasting equipment manufacturer, pressure blast cabinets, suctions blast cabinets, portable suction blasters, high pressure recovery systems and customized sandblasting cabinets, boron carbide nozzles, nozzle holders, blast couplings, blasting helmets.

YISON DIE-CASTING & DIE PTE. LTD.  -  production of pressure die casting molds for aluminium and zinc die casting.

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