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ALNOOR REFRACTORIES (PVT) LTD.  -  one of the leading manufacturers of alumina refractories in Pakistan, an annual peak capacity of 15000 tons of shaped products, in addition the company produces monolithic (cast able and mortar) and insulation bricks for variety of industries.

COMMANDER CERAMICS  -  manufacturer of fire clay, medium and high grade alumina refractory suitable for blast furnace stack steel ladle lining and heat treatment furnace, stoves walls checkers lining and electric arc furnace roof, nozzles for tundish and pouring items, magnesite and magnesite chrome bricks for converters, steel melting furnaces, secondary steel making, ferrous & non-ferrous foundries, low porosity bricks for copper furnaces, silicon carbide bricks, acid proof bricks, abrasion resistant bricks, insulation bricks, gunning, ramming mix, cements, mortars and castables refractories.

ELECTROHEAT (PVT) LTD.  -  manufacturer of high tech induction melting and heating furnaces and equipment - capacitors, series & parallel control panels, software controlled power supply units, medium frequency solid state generators, series type inventers, duraline yokeless crucibles, steel frame crucibles.

LUCKY METAL ENTERPRISE  -  manufacturer and international trader of aluminium, zinc, tin, lead, copper, bronze, brass, cadmium and antimony ingots, solder bar and wire.

MUGHAL CERAMICS INDUSTRIES (MCI)  -  manufacturer of refractory fireclay bricks and blocks, alumina bricks and blocks, pre-cast shapes, insulation bricks, alumina based castables and mortars for iron and steel, cement, glass, power and chemical industries.

MUMZA INDUSTRIES  -  manufacturer and exporter of leather gloves, garments and accessories for a wide range of applications, safety gloves for welders and foundrymen.

PAKTHERN (PVT) LTD.  -  manufacturer of induction melting furnaces.

SIMCON INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD.  -  unique IT based engineering enterprise providing state-of-the-art quality services to broad range of customers covering the whole spectrum of CAD / CAM / CAE / PLM, the manufacturing services include CNC and conventional machining of parts, pressure die casting dies and parts production, other production tools manufacturing, machine fabrication and assembly.

SUN METAL INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD.  -  manufacturer of all grades of aluminum alloys, aluminum deoxidise ingots, copper and zinc alloys.

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