July 9, 2023, 17 links (not updated)

BAK-SA MOLD CO., LTD.  -  die-casting molds, injection molds.

CHEONGAM METAL CO., LTD.  -  aluminum alloy ingot.

DUKHEUNG ENGINEERING  -  aluminum high-pressure die casting dies for automotive parts, electronics and white goods industry products.

DAEBO MAGNETIC CO., LTD.  -  magnetic equipment manufacturing company, magnetic separators used in cement, coal, mines, chemicals, iron and steel foundries, ceramic and environmental industries, lifting magnets used in transporting steel and scrap iron, electromagnetic testing equipment.

DONGSEO MECHATRONICS CO., LTD. (in reconstruction)  -  manufacturer of low pressure die casting machines, gravity die casting machines and rotary gravity die casting machines for aluminum alloy cast parts production, industrial testing machines and induction heaters.

EXPRESSLAB CO., LTD.  -  technology solution provider, advanced simulating software for continuous casting: CC-Master - professional tool for process design, process optimization and quality estimation in continuous casting, CC-Eye - on-line Version which offers a function of on-line tracking of slab defects such as cracks and central segregation based on transient condition, CC-Design - design roll geometry of pass-line under which internal and surface cracks are prevented.

HANANO CO., LTD.  -  production of aluminum, zinc, lead, copper or magnesium die-casting release agents and lubricating oils.

HYUPSHIN CO., LTD.  -  silicone rubber, urethane rubber, liquid plastics, spray plastics, rigid & flexible foams, life casting materials, release agents, adhesives, modeling tools.

HYUNDAI METAL CO.  -  production of functional bolt and reinforcing parts for the engine, vents for foundries - exhausting both air and gas in casting and injection process, gravity diecasting, low-pressure casting, core-boxes.

HANMI MTI TECH CO. LTD.  -  material testing instruments - spark emission spectrometers, force / torque measurement equipment, non-contact 3-dimension measurement systems, push-pull gauges, hardness testers, hydrogen analyzers.

KAL & C CO., LTD.  -  die casting oil (release agent), plunger oil, heat transfer oil (lubricants), anti-solder wax.

KUKDO CHEMICAL CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of plastic materials, organic / inorganic chemicals, epoxy resins.

KOREA REFRACTORIES CO., LTD.  -  shaped and monolithic refractories, industrial furnaces.

SUK AM CERAMICS  -  ceramics for industrial uses - ceramics for industrial electric furnaces, ceramic for electric heaters, ceramics for welding, ceramics for measuring smelting temperature, sample ore analysis instruments and terminal plates, fine ceramics for automobiles and home appliances.

SANG SHIN METALLIC CO., LTD.  -  recycling of industrial waste lead, pure lead and lead alloy ingot production.

SINIL TRADING COMPANY  -  production of hydraulic gravity die casting machines, automatic shell core blowing machines, sand mixers, production of gravity die castings for faucets.

WORLD METAL, INC.  -  production of cooper-alloy castings, extruding goods, recycled aluminum ingots.

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