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AUDEC CO., LTD.  -  manufacturing of various kind of chemical products, lubricants workable under high temperature, mold release inorganic agents, ceramic paints and protective coats on fire bricks, ceramics for casting, heat resistant sealing agents, heat resistant adhesives, castable ceramic powders for electric insulation, equipment for metal surface treatment and processing agents, spray type chemical products.

AKIBA DIE CASTING. CO., LTD.  -  production of dies for die casting.

ASUKA INDUSTRIES, INC.  -  aluminium alloy ingot for diecast & sand cast.

ASAHI ORGANIC CHEMICALS INDUSTRY CO., LTD.  -  phenolic resin for casting, resin-coated sand, moulding binders - organic self-hardening binder and gas hardening binder.

ASAHI SEIREN CO., LTD.  -  secondary aluminium ingots for die casting and sand moulding, aluminium deoxidization ingots for steel making, flux for cast steel / cast iron making, remelted aluminium metal for rolling mill's use.

AOKI SCIENCE INSTITUTE CO., LTD.  -  die casting lubricants - mold release agents, plunger tip lubricants and ladle coating agents.

AISIN TAKAOKA CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of pattern plates for cast iron production, dies for aluminum casting.

AHRESTY TEGHNO SERVICE CORPORATION  -  die cooling parts, measuring equipment peripheral to die casting, parts for dies.

AKITA ZINC CO. (AZC), LTD.  -  zinc ingots for metal casting industry.

BEYONZ CORPORATION  -  automobile components and parts, core pins and inserts for pressure dies.

CHUO HATSUMEI INSTITUTE CO., LTD.  -  organic / inorganic impregnants and impregnation equipment for aluminum die-casts, sintered components, coating agents for low pressure die castings.

CASTEC INC.  -  supplier of core pins and inserts for die cast dies.

DAIKI ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY CO., LTD.  -  secondary aluminum alloy ingots for die-casting, casting, deoxidation and for roll products, aluminum mother alloy ingots, desin, construction, and repair of aluminum smelting furnaces, from large smelting furnaces to mini furnaces and small pot furnaces, aluminum scraps recycling.

D.I.E ENGINEERING CORPORATION  -  vacuum systems for pressure die casting.

DAI-ICHI HIGH FREQUENCY CO., LTD.  -  induction heating equipment, high frequency power supply, compact induction melting furnaces.

DAIWA KOUGYO CO., LTD.  -  pressure die-casting molds.

EASTERN TECHNICS CORPORATION  -  mould makers for die cast parts of automobile and communication apparatus.

FURUKAWA CO., LTD.  -  metal smelting and refining - copper, gold, silver.

FUJI ELECTRIC THERMO SYSTEMS CO., LTD.  -  low, medium and high frequency crucible induction melting furnaces, induction channel furnaces, vacuum induction melting furnaces, devices, equipment and associated systems.

FUJI METAL INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.  -  various metal ingots, white metal ingots, solders, copper alloy, low melting alloys, special alloys, aluminium alloy, alloys for processing a turbine blade of airplane jet engine, bearing metals of internal combustion machines, gas turbine engines, generators, air conditioners, and all sorts of industrial machines.

GIFU DIE & MOLD ENGINEERING CO., LTD.  -  manufacture of aluminum die-casting dies for a variety of industrial fields including automobiles parts and household electrical products.

GUN EI CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD.  -  ester-cured alkaline phenolic no-bake system for Alphaset-process, ester-cured alkaline phenolic cold box system for Betaset-process, industrial phenolic resin for: shell molding, raw materials for epoxy resins for foundry patterns, shaped refractory, electrical insulating materials, and general grinding wheels, kynol carbon fiber products for: high heat resistance work clothes, safety devices, and safety products.

HIROCHIKU CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of industrial furnaces, systems for aluminum melting, melt supply, and melt holding for die-casting foundries, installation technology, maintenance and repair services.

HISHINUMA MACHINERY CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of pressure diecasting machines, automatic devices, hydraulic devices, peripheral equipment.

HAMAMATSU PHOTONICS K.K.  -  imaging and analyzing systems, non-destructive inspection, infrared detectors, mini-spectrometers, photomultiplier tubes, imaging tubes, opto-semiconductors.

ITOCHU CERATECH CORPORATION  -  manufacturer of Cerabeads - a ceramic sand of spherical particles made of mullite and widely known as ceramic media or mullite sand, used by a growing number of foundries, especially for automotive component castings and steel castings, refractory raw materials - sintered alumina, sintered spinel, synthetic mullite, aluminite ball.

ISUZU MFG. CO., LTD.  -  low pressure die casting machines, gravity die casting machines, deducing pressure die casting machine, peripheral equipment for those machines.

IKK SHOT CO., LTD.  -  production of steel shot and steel grit for surface preparation and sand removal of castings.

JAPAN METALS & CHEMICALS (JMC) CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer and industrial supplier of ferroalloys, hydrogen-occluded alloys as materials for nickel-hydrogen batteries and secondary batteries, high-purity metal chromium using the ferroalloy-manufacturing technology, materials for soft-ferrite, silicon nitride and boron nitride ceramic products, agro-chemicals.

KUROTANI CORPORATION  -  copper and copper alloy scrap recycling and processing, brass ingots for marine propellers, plumbing hardware, valves and industrial machinery parts.

KYOWA INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.  -  mold making company, dies for gravity / pressure die casting - car parts, electric household appliances, housing equipment, industrial materials.

KOYO LTD.  -  automatic molding machine for foundry use.

KAO-QUAKER CO., LTD.  -  binders for molding sands and related materials for castings - furan no-bake resins and catalysts, alkaline phenol no-bake resins and catalysts, CO2 gas hardening resins, core and mold paints - alcohol based, water based and Full mold process type, releasing agents for easy pattern stripping, anti build-up agents of mixed sand, burn-on removal agents, catalyst controllers for easy shake-out time control according to sand temperature, compressive strength testing equipment for mold strength measurement.

KOBE RIKAGAKU KOGYO CO., LTD.  -  furan, phenolic, urethane resins, water glass, hardening agents and additives for foundries.

KUSAKA RARE METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  foundry ferro alloys, non-destructive nodularity detectors.

MIZUSHIMA FERROALLOY CO., LTD.  -  manufacture and sale of ferromanganese, silicon-manganese and other manganese-based ferroalloys, a wide variety of medium and low carbon ferromanganese tailored to customer requirements by oxygen-blowing de-carbonization process of the shaking ladle, coupled with stable operations of the shaft-type smelting furnace.

MORITA KIGATA, INC.  -  foundry patterns, core-boxes and other equipment in wood, epoxy resin and alunimum alloys.

MARUAI-LIME CORPORATION  -  limestone (calcium carbonate) for metallurgy and other industries, production capacity - 10 000 tonnes / month.

MATSUMURA MOLD & PATTERN CO., LTD.  -  foundry patterns and core-boxes, dies for gravity and pressure die casting.

MATSUSHIMA MACHINERY LABORATORY CO., LTD.  -  blast furnace level meters, belt speed monitoring sensors, various position sensors, dust measuring devices, defect inspection systems and other products for factory automation in the field of iron & steel, cement, power plant, mining, etc.

MITSUBISHI MATERIALS TECHNO CORPORATION  -  a variety of non-ferrous casting equipment to major refineries both in Japan and overseas, refining furnaces.

MATSUMURA OIL RESEARCH CORPORATION  -  base materials - liquid paraffin, sulfonate, functional lubricating oils - vacuum pump oil, hydraulic fluids, cutting fluid, die casting lubricants - mold releasing fliuds and plunger lubricants for zinc, aluminum and magnesium alloys, hot-melt adhesives and other high temperature applications.

NICHIAS CORPORATION  -  fire-resistant & thermal insulation materials for induction furnaces, heat- and fire-resistant cement, alumina fiber reinforced ceramic composites.

NIPPON CRUCIBLE CO., LTD.  -  refractories and crucibles, products for steels - iron runner material, tap hole material, immersion nozzles, sliding gates, graphite sheets, products for cast iron and cast steel - refractories for cupolas, materials for induction furnaces, refractories for special alloys, long stoppers, refractories for graphite spheroidizing, immersion nozzles, products for non-ferrous metals - graphite crucibles, thermo tubes, shaped refractories, monolithic refractories, crucibles for special alloy melting, crucibles for high-frequency induction furnaces, crucibles for high-purity aluminum melting.

NAMBU CO., LTD.  -  hydraulic cylinder for gravity and pressure die-casting units and machines, hydraulic core puller cylinders and related parts for dies.

NICCHU CO., LTD.  -  air blasting machines, shot blasting machines, wet blasting machines, abrasive media.

NICHIBEI CO., LTD.  -  products and machinery for die casting foundries - hand and automatic spray guns, automatic and robot spray systems, spray cassettes, die and plunger lubricators, quantity measurement systems, automatic extractor systems and trimming presses.

NISSABU CO., LTD.  -  instrumentation for melt temperature measurement and control, immersion thermocouple units, thermal analysis equipment for nonferous alloys, portable digital thermometers, temperature controllers.

NIKKIN-FLUX CO., LTD.  -  foundry fluxes for melt treatment, covering and exothermic fluxes, degassing fluxes, modifying and grain refining fluxes for aluminum, magnesium, copper, zinc, and lead, degassing units for aluminum melting, gas control equipment, ceramic submerged heater tubes for thermocouples.

NIPPON GRAPHITE INDUSTRIES, LTD.  -  manufacturer of graphite products, graphite powders for general use - flake graphite, amorphous graphite, synthetic graphite, graphite paints - hot and warm forging, mold lubricants for squeeze casting, lubricants for die casting.

NIPPON LADLE INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.  -  pouring ladles for foundries.

NIPPON LIGHT METAL CO., LTD.  -  recycling of used aluminum products, production of secondary aluminum alloys ingots for automotive industry.

NIKKEI MC ALUMINUM CO., LTD.  -  aluminum alloys ingots for foundries.

NISSO METALLOCHEMICAL CO., LTD.  -  non-ferrous alloys manufacturer, zinc and aluminum ingots for foundry industry.

NANIWA PRODUCTS CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of core making machines, shell and green sand molding machines, sand mixers and foundry tooling - patterns, molding dies, core-boxes.
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NIHON PARKERIZING CO., LTD.  -  production and sales of metal surface treatment chemicals, corrosion prevention chemicals, industrial chemicals.

NANIWA ROKI CO., LTD.  -  a sole specialized plant manufacturer for cast iron melting facilities in Japan, cupola furnaces and cupola accessories, heat recovery systems, metal heat exchangers, material charging systems, exhaust gas coolers, dust collectors, melting control systems, ladle transfer systems, waste materials melting and solidifying systems.

NISSIN REFRATECH CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of graphite crucibles, small-size refractory crucibles (spinel, zirconia) for precise foundry, dry ramming material for induction furnaces, Boron Nitride composite and other BN products, pre-casting block products, degassing apparatus for aluminum melting, water-soluble parting compound for aluminum magnesium die-casting, silicon nitride-silicon carbide-natured and graphite products for immersion heater tubes for continuous melting / holding of aluminum alloys and zinc, cone-shaped funnel with graphite refractory which makes fluidity of the liquid being smooth, special refractory.

NAKANIHON-RO KOGYO CO., LTD.  -  designing, manufacturing and installation of vacuum furnaces, aluminum melting furnaces, combustion furnaces, ancillary facilities, and control equipment.

NIPPON RARE METAL, INC.  -  refining of indium, special alloys, various low melting point alloys, high purity metal products for the electronics and optoelectronics.

OSAKA ALLOYING WORKS, CO., LTD.  -  master alloys - phosphor-copper, phosphor-nickel, phosphor-iron, phosphor-tin, cupro-manganese, cupro-silicon, cupro-nickel, cupro-iron, cupro-magnesium, cupro-cobalt, cupro-aluminum, cupro-zirconium, wear-resistant copper mold materials, copper electrodes, deoxidizes and additives.

OMCO-GROUP  -  green-sand matchplate moulding machines, blow machines, separation screen machines, sand mixers, sand preparation and reclamation machines, shot blast cleaning machines.

OKAZAKI MINERALS & REFINING CO., LTD.  -  alcohol and water base coatings, furan and phenol no-bake binders.

PROGRESS CORPORATION  -  production of dies for aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, and magnesium alloy castings.

PLUS ELECTRIC CO., LTD.  -  industrial robots, handling robots, transportation robots, and automatic pouring robots for pressure die aluminum casting.

RIGAKU CORPORATION  -  X-ray spectrometry and diffraction, computed tomography, nondestructive testing and thermal analysis, analytical and industrial instrumentation.

ROBOTECH CO., LTD.  -  pressure die-casting automated systems.

REAL, INC.  -  recycling of aluminum scrap, secondary aluminum alloys ingots for castings.

RIKEN OPTECH CORPORATION  -  industrial safety and health protective equipment, safety spectacles, eye protectors for radiation, goggles, face shields, safety devices and accessories.

SUMMIT ALUMINUM LTD.  -  secondary aluminum smelter, subsidary company of Sumitomo Corp., aluminium ingots for automobile producers, die-casters, rolles.

SORITSU CORPORATION  -  production of metal molds for die casting.

SHOKO CO., LTD.  -  aluminium ingot, secondary aluminium ingot, aluminium scrap.

SINTOBRATOR LTD.  -  supplier of surface treatment technology, machines and equipment, blasting abrasives - steel shot & steel grit, shotblasting / airblasting / sandblasting machines, finishing media and finishing processes, industrial applications include deburring, glazing finish, blast cleaning, shot peening and micro-processing.

SINTOKOGIO, LTD.  -  engineering, manufacture and marketing of foundry equipment, environment systems, pollution control, surface treatment equipment, fine ceramics forming machines, powder & granule treatment machines, plastic forming machines and dies, molding machines for V-process and Seiatsu-process.

SANMEI MECHANICAL CO., LTD.  -  automated system for aluminum die-casting.

SATO METAL TRADING CO., LTD.  -  a distributor and an agent, representing worldwide producers of high quality non-ferrous metal goods, various ingots, gold, silver, copper, and other scraps.

SODICK PLUSTECH CO., LTD.  -  magnesium alloy die casting machines.

SANJO SEIKI CO., LTD.  -  lost wax molding machines for investment casting, consisting of horizontal wax molding machine, wax heating / mixing tank unit and jib crane for mold.

SANKEN SANGYO CO., LTD.  -  design and manufacture of industrial furnaces and equipment, aluminum melting furnaces and heat treating furnaces.

SHOWA SENKO K.K.  -  graphite electrodes for use in arc furnaces, granulated graphite widely used as a foundry recarburizer.

SHINKO TECHNOS CO., LTD.  -  various equipment for temperature control, digital temperature indicating controllers, oven temperature control equipment, infrared thermocouples, software.

TOUNETSU CORPORATION  -  manufacturer of many kind of industrial furnaces, aluminum and nonferrous metals holding, melting, and melting & holding furnaces, low pressure furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, vacuum furnaces, closed aluminum melt supply system to the sleeve of die casting machine from a holding furnace without ladle, submerged heating tubes and heaters.

TYK CORPORATION  -  manufacture, development and sales of refractories, fine ceramics including metal matrix composites, porcelain products and certain construction materials for aesthetic purposes, carbon and ceramic crucibles & auxiliary equipments, bricks for cupola, bricks and sleeves for induction furnaces, bricks for rotary kilns, heat insulating bricks, bricks for ladles, protection tubes for thermometers, preserving furnaces for aluminum casting, sleeves for die-cast machines, lance pipes, porous plugs & slit plugs, stoppers for continuous casting, nozzles for CC machines, brake rings for horizontal CC, large precast blocks, preheaters for nozzles, flow control systems.

TAIHEIYO CEMENT CORPORATION  -  limestone for steel industry (blast furnaces) during the refining process.

TOKAI CARBON CO., LTD.  -  graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces (for steel, special steel, cast steel and forged steel) and metal refinery electric furnaces, specialty graphite products, silicon carbide coated products, carbon / carbon composites, heating elements used for the calcination of ceramic capacitors and electronic parts, heating equipment used for sintering, dissolving and heat treatment inside electric or gas furnaces, anti-friction materials and others for construction machinery, reinforcing agents for auto tires and other industrial rubber products.

TOKYU CO., LTD.  -  sand molding machines.

TOKYO FURNACE INDUSTRY CO., LTD.  -  aluminum and zinc alloys melting furnaces, melting / holding furnaces for die-casting, ingot casting machines for non-ferrous metals, degassing equipment.

TOKAI KONETSU KOGYO CO., LTD.  -  silicon-carbide and silicon-nitride heating elements, silicon-carbide and fused alumina refractories, resistors, electronic parts, industrial electric heating furnaces.

TOYO MACHINERY & METAL CO., LTD.  -  pressure die-casting machines, expandable polystyrene molding machines, plastic injection molding machines, peripheral equipment.

TOSHIBA MACHINE CO., LTD.  -  die-casting machines, from 80 up to 4000ton in die locking force, and from aluminum alloys to zinc / magnesium alloys.

TOSHIHARA TECHNOS CO., LTD.  -  die-casting mold manufacturing.

UBE MACHINERY CORPORATION, LTD.  -  manufacture and sale of die casting machines for aluminum or magnesium, injection molding machines, extrusion presses, crushing machines, pulverizing machines, cranes, conveyors, bridges, steel structures and other industrial machinery, peripheral automation machinery.

UNION PRECISION DIE CO., LTD.  -  design, manufacture, repair and sales of gravity diecast molds and low pressure diecast molds for aluminum casting mainly for the parent company Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

UOGISHI SEIKI INTERACTIVE CORPORATION  -  design and manufacture of die casting molds for aluminum castings and aluminum wheels, design and manufacture of low pressure forging.

YUSHIRO CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD.  -  aluminum diecast lubricants, magnesium diecast lubricants, release agents, plunger tip lubricants, fire resistant hydraulic fluid.

YOMAR CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of molding machines, low pressure & gravity diecasting machines, core making machines, core knock-out equipment, vibrating conveyors & screens, flasks, jackets, and flask parts.

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