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ALUME B.V.  -  management services, consultancy services, hands-on trading services to scrap metal merchants, aluminium recycling companies and producers of aluminium semi-products - billets, casting ingots, de-oxidants and granules.

APGEFA METAALBEWERKING B.V.  -  production of dies for gravity die-casting of non-ferrous alloys.

BELFELDSE MODELMAKERIJ B.V.  -  manufacturer of foundry patterns, die-casting dies, prototypes and tools using various types of materials.

BROUWER METAAL B.V.  -  supplier of dies and other casting equipment made out of copper alloys and aluminium bronzes, copper plungers for aluminium pressure die casting, copper chill vents, resistance welding consumables, spare parts for welding machines, copper bars and plates, wire mesh and wire products.

DYLAC2ON  -  a consulting engineering company working to all management levels of companies in the light alloy casting business on issues of strategy, organisation, technology and operation.

DE WINTER ENGINEERING B.V.  -  new aluminium melting furnaces (14 and 32 tons), furnace renovation including total upgraded melting furnaces, furnace pressure control systems, auxiliary equipment.

ENERCO B.V.  -  producer of customised coal brand for the ferro-silicon industry, fesilero-coal for the steel and foundry industries for the secondary metallurgical treatment - deoxidizing and alloying of steel and adjusting of specified material characteristics for foundry products.

EVERWOOD INTERIEURBOUW & MODELMAKERIJ  -  manufacturer of wooden and plastic patterns for the foundry industry by conventional technology.

FONDEL COMMODITIES B.V.  -  production and sale of raw materials from stainless steel and steel scrap to most primary alloys used for stainless steelmaking,
a supplier of ferroalloys and nickel to the stainless steel, low-alloy steel, foundry and chemical companies.

GEMCO ENGINEERS B.V.  -  strategic and operational consulting, foundry engineering, project-management and general contracting services to the cast metal industry.

GIETERIJTECHNIEK HOLLAND B.V.  -  supplier of a wide range of products and machines for the ferrous and non-ferrous foundries - graphite and silicon carbide crucibles, pour spoons, skimmers, immersion heaters, mould / core chaplets and chills, ceramic filters, thermo-elements, protective tubes, water-based and oil-based lubricants for aluminium, magnesium and zinc, graphite coatings, powders, sand, furan and phenol resins, binders and substances, melting and dosing furnaces, transport systems for liquid metal, quality control testing instruments, personal protective equipment.

H.A. PETERINK B.V.  -  manufacturer of patterns and moulds in aluminum and various types of engineering plastics for the following sectors - foundries, vacuum form companies, injection molding of plastics, packaging.

HAARLEMSE MODELMAKERIJ B.V.  -  dies, tools, prototypes.

KBM MASTER ALLOYS B.V.  -  production of aluminium-titanium-boron grain refiners for the aluminium industry, aluminium-strontium and alloying tablets / briquettes, a part of KBM Affilips B.V. - wholly owned subsidiary of Roba Holding.

KLEIZEN MODELMAKERIJ B.V.  -  an all-round model making company with a strong focus on five-axis milling of patterns in various materials - wood, plastic (block material and poured) and aluminium, and for various markets - foundries (having both hand moulding and automated systems), mechanical engineering, automotive, aviation and aerospace, plastics processing industry and civil engineering.

KOOT METALS B.V.  -  supplier of a wide range of metals and alloys in several shapes - ingots, bars, profiles, tubes, wires, sheets, tread sheets, coils, foil, discs, cables, exclusively representative of renowned European manufacturers of non-ferrous semi-finished products.

LUCKERATH B.V.  -  manufacturer and technical service provider with solutions for electromechanical maintenance, cleaning of industrial parts and graphite standard products and specials - crucibles, sintering moulds, grippers, outlet belts, steam housing ferrules, heating elements.

LENTING MODELMAKERIJ B.V.  -  foundry patterns and core-boxes, restoration works.

MODELMAKERIJ ANEKO B.V.  -  wood and plastic patterns and core-boxes for foundries.

MODEL- EN MATRIJZENMAKERIJ TWENTE B.V.  -  production of patterns, moulds (dies) and prototypes using advanced computer techniques with traditional craftsmanship.

MODELMAKERIJ EN MAQUETTEBOUW TER WEEME VOF  -  production of foundry patterns made of wood, plastic and aluminum using the traditional craftsmanship and all modern computer controlled milling equipment and 3D CAD-CAM software.

MODELMAKERIJ GOMMANS B.V.  -  pattern shop, wood, plastics and metal foundry patterns, core-boxes and pattern-plates for ferrous and non ferrous casting, dies and tools for gravity and pressure die casting, prototypes and other products for the international automotive industry, aerospace, machine-building and equipment sectors.

MODELMAKERIJ GROOTHUIS B.V.  -  manufacturer of foundry patterns made of wood, plastic or aluminum, moulds (dies) for low pressure die casting, roto-moulding dies, vacuum form moulds, prototypes, the production process consists of a combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern contemporary 5-axis milling techniques.

MODELMAKERIJ HENGELO B.V.  -  development and processing of rotational moulds for a vast range of industries, patterns and dies for aluminium casting,
a subsidiary of the Gietburg Group.

MODELMAKERIJ H.C. van den BERG B.V.  -  production of wood and plastic foundry patterns and core-boxes.

MODELTECHNIEK JAPENGA  -  pattern shop, wood patterns and core-boxes for foundries, window frames, doors and stairs prototypes for carpentry.

MVM MODEL VORM MAKERIJ B.V.  -  a pattern shop specialised in hand-made new patterns in wood and different kinds of resin, a full service for repair / adjusting and pattern storage.

MODEC TOOLING AND PROTOTYPING B.V.  -  a pattern shop specialized in the design, development and production of patterns made of wood, plastic, aluminum block material, or a combination of these materials, dies for gravity die casting, prototypes (also as casting), functional models, vacuum moulds and all other shapes and types of moulds in any desired material.

MODELMAKERIJ VORMA B.V.  -  construction and manufacture of foundry patterns for sand moulding, renovation and special wood processing.

OVEN TECHNIEK NEDERLAND B.V.  -  development, production, maintenance, repair and renovation of furnace installations, furnaces for melting aluminium, bronze, lead, silver and gold, furnaces for forging, gas-fired chamber furnaces for heat treatment of metal products, infrared heating furnaces for the surface treatment of steel sections and plates, galvanizing furnaces with high-speed burners, furnaces for the glass, plastics and ceramic industries.

PANALYTICAL B.V.  -  X-ray analysis systems.

PROMOULD B.V.  -  big-sized wood patterns and prototypes for the foundry industry, patterns for pumps and fans for the dredging industry, gearboxes and counterweights for the shipbuilding-machine construction, patterns for a wide range of machine-building castings production.

PLOMP MINERAL SERVICES B.V.  -  an internationally operating trading and distributing company in industrial minerals for the foundry, steel, refractory, abrasive, glass, ceramic, filler and oil-drilling industries, foundry grades chromite sand for cores and moulds in steel and cast iron foundries, foundry grade zircon sand, silica sand / flour, metallurgical grade chromite, mainly used as a base material for ferro-chrome production, refractory grades chromite, mainly used in chrome-magnesia or magnesia-chrome bricks, standard grade refractory bauxite, ferro-alloys and metals, hematite, cenospheres, brown fused alumina (synthetic corundum), steel shot and steel grit.

PHIL VERDULT CASTINGS  -  a full non-ferrous foundry periphery for sand casting, including clay bond, cold box, permanent mold, ceramic shell and lost foam technologies, rapid prototyping, consultancy in innovative casting solutions.

SILICON B.V.  -  manufacturer of refractory anchoring systems for the petrochemical, chemical and furnace building industries - brick linings, concrete linings, dual linings, ceramic fiber linings, and metallic fibers.

SCHREUDER GIETERIJ TECHNIEK  -  an international trade import / export and distribution company serving the foundry and patternshop industry, second hand melting and holding furnaces, moulding sand mixers, pattern shop machines and accessories, cold and hot-chamber diecasting machines, trimming presses, grinding robots, blasting equipment, transport systems.

VDM ALLOYS B.V.  -  trading and processing of ferro alloys, noble alloys, minor metals and scrap metals.

VAN LEEUWEN MODELMAKERIJ B.V.  -  production of foundry patterns, core-boxes, pattern-plates and dies through CNC machining in wood, plastic and aluminum, production of moulds and prototypes for vacuum formers, concrete moulders, yacht builders, interior sector, polyester processors and other product developers.

VMT PRODUCTS B.V.  -  foundry patterns and prototypes in wood or plastic.

VOSTERMANS TOOLING AND PROTOTYPING B.V.  -  patterns and tooling, incl. resin patterns.

WELSCHEN METAAL B.V.  -  non-ferrous refinery, manufacturer of different non-ferrous metals ingots - bronze, brass, aluminium alloys.

WIEMA SPECIAL PRODUCTS B.V.  -  pattern shop, wood or plastic tools for the foundry industry, repair or modification of patterns.

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