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ATHERM  -  production of immersion heaters designed to keep aluminium, zinc and magnesium in molten state, immersion heaters for pre heating of empty vessels or furnaces, road transport ladles (holding furnaces).

AVEMIS  -  manufacturer of sensors for molten metal applications - liquid steel level sensors for continuous casting (either slab and bloom machines), level sensors for various casting process of non ferrous metals, different solutions to accurately measure the metal level inside a holding or melting furnaces.

ALUMINIUM MARTIGNY FRANCE  -  die coats, ceramic foundry filters, crucibles, fluxes, degassing and gassing control systems for non-ferrous foundries.

A.M.P.E.R.E. ALLOYS  -  distribution of non-ferrous metals, ferro alloys and materials for foundries and steel mills, sales of minerals, abrasives and blasting equipments for surface treatment and preparation.

AR’MODELAGES S.A.R.L.  -  wood and resin foundry patterns and core-boxes for production of cast iron, steel, bronze and aluminum castings for rail, air, mechanical, construction, medical, agricultural, culinary and food processing, mining, oil, marine and machine tools sectors.

BESTECHNOLOGIES BESTEL S.A.S.  -  production of wood, resin and metal foundry patterns and core boxes, moulds for plastic injection, tools for thermoforming, prototypes, the company owns an aluminum foundry, castings weight up to 700 kg.

BISCHOFF PELLOUX S.A.R.L.  -  patterns, tooling and prototypes for the industry.

CONDAT-FRANCE, lubricants and coatings for processing - high / low pressure die casting and gravity die casting, ladle coatings, different release agents for horizontal and vertical squeeze casting, lubricants for aluminium extrusion, wire drawing and heat treatments, lubricants and products for maintenance - greases, engine oils, transmission and compressor lubricants, lubricants and products for the iron and steel industry, lubricants for underground construction and for petroleum industry CONDAT  -  lubricants and coatings for processing - high / low pressure die casting and gravity die casting, ladle coatings, a complete range of lubricants designed to meet the needs of all casting techniques at all stage of the foundry process.
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DRUGUET S.A.S.  -  dies for gravity or pressure die casting of aluminium alloys and zamak, foundry tooling.

FERBECK & FUMITHERM S.A.  -  furnace construction, refractory linings, industrial chimney construction and maintenance, the operations cover a variety of industrial fields including energy, incineration, nuclear, aluminium, steel and cement production, oil refineries, thermal treatment, flat glass and glass packaging production, supply and installation of refractory linings for all types of metal furnaces, for foundries, coke plants, blast furnaces, steel converters, smelting stations, continuous pour and for transfers - wagons and ladles, a part of the Lizmontagens Group.

FAUCHON BAUDOT S.A.S.  -  refractory hollowwares and bricks intended to foundries of sand moulding and precision casting, and ceramic industries.

FOURS ET REFRACTAIRES S.A.S.  -  refractory mixes for foundry usages, refractory materials for linings the various parts of conventional, cold or hot blast cupolas, refractories for long campaign cupolas, products for the lining of all parts of coreless induction furnaces, ramming mixes for ladles for cast iron, ladles for ductile cast iron treatment, ladles for cast-steel, ladles for aluminium, machines for placing refractory gun-ables of all types through cold or hot guniting, all types of ceramic fiber modules to be used in forge and heat-treatment furnaces, slag-coagulants.

FONTES REFRACTAIRES S.A.  -  refractory products for installation in industrial furnaces, a part of Ipratec Group / SGI Group.

GROUPE CB  -  refractory products and services for the blast furnaces - castable refractory concretes, taphole clay, steelwork - bricks, castables and refractory shapes, foundries - refractories and a wide range of solutions for melting equipment, cement plants - industrial stove-building, cement furnaces.

GENLIS METAL S.A.S.  -  recycling of zinc castings, production of primary zinc (zamak) alloy ingots fully compatible with the loading of the die casting machines, special zinc or alumunium-based alloys, zinc-aluminium alloys for an accurate galvanizing bath management.

HAASSER  -  silicon carbide refractories.

IRIS FRANCE  -  production of refractory anchor systems for monolithics, bricks or insulating material, metallic fibres for refractory castables, braided & twisted ropes, textiles in high temperature fibres, insulating refractory fibrous products, insulating refractory bricks, molybdenum heating elements.

JEAN DANIEL BRAUN S.A.  -  consultant in technology and production management for the foundry industry, parts design and production process optimization simulation center, engineering, CAD, FEM calculation, production management system, efficiency and productivity.

JEFFA LUBRIFIANTS INDUSTRIE  -  lubricants for all ferrous and non ferrous metal working applications: aluminum / copper alloys foundries, steel deformation processes, conventional and high speed machining.

MECAGIRY  -  manufacturer of foundry patterns, thermoforming molds and prototype parts.

MODELAGE DIEPPOIS  -  aluminium, steel, wood and polystyrene foundry tooling - patterns, pattern plates, core-boxes.

MODELERIE DE LA MONTEREGIE  -  production of any type of wooden and urethane patterns for the foundry industry.

MODELAGE LEMASSON  -  foundry patterns, core-boxes and prototypes for production of castings for street furniture of all types: posts, poles, plaques and various signage, kiosk, curbs, tree grates, restoration of old historical items such as lamps, commemorative plaques and other pieces of furniture, foundry patterns and tooling for the production of counterweights and sows for lifting and handling equipment: cranes, excavators, forklifts, traditional techniques and modern methods of patternmaking.

MODELAGE SAMTEC  -  foundry patterns in wood, resin and metal.

MODELAGE SIMON  -  wood, resin and metal foundry patterns, moulds (dies) for gravity die casting, moulds for rubber, roto moulding, thermoforming and fiber glass industries.

POUSSEUR REFRACTAIRES  -  alumina-silicate, special alumina-silicate, bauxite, andalusite and high-alumina refractory products, monolithics & precast mortars and cements, refractory products adapted to the specific constraints of each application in industries like the primary aluminium sector, iron and steelmaking, calcinations (cement plants, lime kilns, alumina), ceramics and glassmaking, a part of Ipratec Group / SGI Group.

PREMIER REFRACTORIES FRANCE S.A.  -  low, average and high temperature insulating bricks (from 1050 °C up to 1850 °C), standard and non-standard insulating tiles, insulating parts having all types of construction, monolithic insulating cements.

REGEAL AFFIMET  -  aluminum recycling and refining, a wide range of primary and secondary alloys, annual production capacity 50000-80000 tons of aluminum alloys, partner of the main foundries in France and customers all over the world, a fully owned subsidiary of Aurea Group.

REFRACOL DUPONT & Cie  -  a wide range of unshaped refractory products (cements, castables, ramming mixes) and precast shapes that cover the needs of iron and steel industry - ladles, hot metal cars and tundish lining, degasser lining, electric arc furnaces, walking beam furnaces, iron and steel foundries - crucible ladling, induction and arc furnaces, casting ladles and casting spout, nozzle mortar, non ferrous metallurgy - smelting, holding and refining furnaces, runner, filtering boxes, heat treatment, glass industry, cement industry, incineration, the products are formulated from silicon-aluminous, aluminous, magnesia refractory materials as well as from other special compounds - zircon, silicon-carbide, graphite.

SCOVAL-FONDARC TECHNOLOGIES  -  green sand mixers, coolers and control systems for different types of foundries - iron, steel, aluminium, bronze.

SERT METAL  -  systems and products for the improvement of metal flow control, on existing or new casting or pouring machines.

THERMIDOR  -  furnaces for foundries - static or tilting crucible furnaces for melting and holding, foundry crucibles, furnaces for firing and dewaxing investment casting shells, industrial furnaces for forging, stamping, heat treatment and special applications.

TELLUS CERAM  -  production of refractory materials - insulating refractory castables for all industrial installation at high and very high temperature, dense refractory castables with high mechanical resistance to the abrasions and to the creep, incl. excellent performances to high and very high temperature in front of products in fusion or chemically reactive, insulating aggregates, refractory cements.

TOULOUSE MODELAGE INDUSTRIEL (TMI-2)  -  wood and epoxy resin patterns, core boxes and pattern plates adapted to the operation of each foundry, patterns for complex castings for aerospace applications (turbine, actuator body, body exchangers, crankcase, air inlet).

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