ReactChem - China, World renown manufacturer of specialty solvent for the foundry industry ReactChem Co., Ltd. - China
Specialty solvent for foundries.
Foshan Ceramics Research Institute (FCRI) & Jin Gang Group - China, a leading manufacturer of ceramic foam filters and refractory bricks for metal casting FCRI & Jin Gang Group - China
Refractory bricks, industrial ceramics, ceramic foam filters.
Lionstech (Wuxi) Machinery Co. Ltd. - China, World renown manufacturer of core-box shooters, flaskless moulding machines and shell moulding machines
Yonghong Foundry Machinery Co., Ltd. - China, renowned manufacturer of sand moulding machines, pouring machines, sand mixers, post-processing equipment Yonghong Foundry Machinery Co., Ltd. - China
Renowned manufacturer of sand moulding machines, pouring machines, sand mixers,
and post-processing equipment.
Hebei Chida Manufacture and Trade Co., Ltd. - China, professional industrial mineral manufacturer, mullite sand / powder, mica powder, crystalline silica sand / powder, ceramics beads / granules, desulfurizers, ferro alloy products Hebei Chida Manufacture and Trade Co., Ltd. - China
Professional industrial mineral manufacturer.
High quality products for metal casting. /

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AIMSIZER SCIENTIFIC LTD.  -  manufacturer of laser particle size analyzers, hall flowmeters, fisher sub sieve sizers, scott volumeters, tap density testers, surface area and pore size analyzers.
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BEIJING GREAT WALL CO., LTD.  -  solid graphite materials and machined parts, graphite soft / rigid felts, carbon / carbon composite materials, graphite electrodes, graphite & ceramics (quartz) crucibles, products for machinery, electron, semiconductor, mono-crystal silicon metallurgy, electrical furnace and atomic energy.

BAIXIN MOULD (HONGKONG) CO., LTD.  -  mould manufacturer, various aluminum, zinc alloy die casting dies for automotive, home appliance, bathroom, lighting, and industrial appliances.

BOSEN MOLD INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of die casting moulds and injection moulds, production of plastic and metal parts for household appliances, medical equipments, electronics, automotive and processing industries.

BEPOWER MOULD LTD.  -  manufacture of die casting moulds and plastic injection moulds for the worldwide customers, pressure die casting in aluminum, zinc and own special die-casting alloys.

BAODING NINGXIN CAST MATERIAL CO., LTD.  -  consumable ceramics and refractory products for foundry and metallurgical industries - zirconia, alumina or silicon carbide ceramic foam filters, extruded ceramic filters, fiber filters, fiberglass mesh.

BEIJING TREND AOFU FINE CERAMICS CO., LTD.  -  ceramic foam filters, monolith, and honeycomb items made of cordierite, mullite, cordierite / mullite, zirconia.
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BEST YIELD MOULD PRECISION MANUFACTURING LTD.  -  molds for aluminum and zinc die-casting foundries.

CONLY BLAST EQUIPMENT WUXI CO., LTD.  -  a complete range of blast equipment - overhead rail shot blast machines, rubber belt tumble blast machines, roller conveyor shot blast machines, application: deburring for pressure die casting and stamped parts, cleaning of cast iron castings and precision castings, descaling of forgings or heat-treated work pieces, decorative blasting of nonferrous metal surfaces, surface finishing, treatment of metal plates or profiles in the steel constructions.

CHENZHOU CHENXI METAL CO., LTD.  -  producer of nonferrous metals and alloys, main products - arsenic metal, arsenic lead alloy, copper arsenic alloy, bismuth ingot and silicon metal.

CAMEL ENGINEERING LTD.  -  a joint-venture (Austria & China) company, production of die-casting molds and parts for zinc and aluminum alloy foundries, plastic injection molds and precision machining parts.

CHANGZHOU HUERTI ALLOYS CO., LTD.  -  rare-earth metal alloy of silicon and iron, iron and magnesium, copper and magnesium, nodular powder, and special nodular powder for iron cast pipes.

CHINA JULONG NONFERROUS METAL CO., LTD.  -  a complex enterprise which integrates production, research and development, manufacturer of aluminium alloys ingots.

CHINO MINERALS TRADING CORP.  -  met coke, foundry coke, ferro silicon, ferro manganese, silicon manganese, pig iron, bauxite, graphite power, flake / amorphorus graphite, electrode paste, flint clay, kaolin, brown fused alumina, silicon carbide, silicon metal, manganesite metals and bentonite.
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DAHUA CASTING & NEW MATERIALS CO., LTD.  -  ceramic foam filters.

DEHUI GROUP  -  release agents / anti-sticking lubricants widely used in rubber, epoxy resins, polyurethane, composites, metal processing, friction materials, glass and cement industries.

DONGYING LUCHANG PRECISION CASTING CO., LTD.  -  designing and manufacturing of precision casting dies for pipe fitting & valve, marine, hardware, golf head, saddlery, propeller, impeller and all kinds of machine parts.
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DALIAN RUIMEI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.  -  supplier of antimony ingot, lead antimony alloy ingot, tin ingot, cerium alloy, magnesium alloy, babbitt metal, silicon metal, ferro silicon, ferro manganese, cobalt powder, tungsten powder, nickel powder.

DOUBLE STAR LUOHE ZHONGYUAN MACHINERY CO., LTD.  -  specialized in manufacturing and exporting of foundry machinery - resin sand / green sand / sodium silicate sand molding lines, V-process molding lines, lost foam molding lines, sand mullers, shot blasting machines, rotary flask shakers, shakeout machines, dust removal equipment and surface cleaning equipment.

DOUBLE TREE INDUSTRY ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer and exporter of chemical raw materials, including synthetic cryolite (sodium aluminium fluoride) which is used as a flux in the smelting of aluminium, as a flux in aluminum alloy casting, in the production of ferrous alloys, and as a wear-resistant filler for resins.

Foshan Ceramics Research Institute (FCRI) & Jin Gang Group - China, a leading manufacturer of ceramic foam filters and refractory bricks for metal casting FOSHAN CERAMICS RESEARCH INSTITUTE (FCRI) & JIN GANG GROUP  -  A leading manufacturer of ceramic foam filters for metal casting, high temperature ceramic rollers, cooling rollers, strippable protective coatings for ceramic rollers, refractory bricks - corundum refractory product series, alumina bubble ball brick series, high alumina or mullite lightweight bricks, alumina grinding balls, industrial ceramics.
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FAR EAST (CHINA) MACHINERY CO., LTD.  -  production of copper melting induction furnaces, aluminum melting and holding furnaces, vacuum induction melting furnaces and electric arc furnaces.

FUJIAN HAINENG ADVANCED MATERIAL CO., LTD.  -  producer of precipitated silica (white carbon), solid sodium silicate, silicon rubber.

FOUNDRY MOLD & TOOLING PLANT  -  foundry molds and tooling manufacture.
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FOSHAN YAMEI DIE-CASTING CO., LTD.  -  aluminum pressure die casting, pressure die casting moulds.

GUANGYUAN INVERTER ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT FACTORY  -  production of middle or high frequency induction heating equipment for forging, metal melting, heat treatment, annealing, braze welding and silver soldering.

HEJIN CITY DONGFANG METALLURGY CO., LTD.  -  magnesium ingots, silicon-iron alloys.

Hebei Chida Manufacture and Trade Co., Ltd. - China, professional industrial mineral manufacturer, mullite sand / powder, mica powder, crystalline silica sand / powder, ceramics beads / granules, desulfurizers, ferro alloy products HEBEI CHIDA MANUFACTURE & TRADE CO., LTD.  -  Professional industrial mineral manufacturer and exporter, high quality products for metal casting - mullite sand / powder, mica powder, crystalline silica sand / powder, ceramics beads / granules, desulfurizers, and ferro alloy series products.
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HENAN HONGUE CHEMICAL CO., LTD.  -  a comprehensive group corporation combined with scientific, industrial and trading sectors, supplier of furfuryl alcohol which is primarily used as an ingredient in the manufacture of various chemical products such as adhesives, wetting agents, and foundry resins for sand core binders in precise foundry industry.

HANDAN HANSHAN KEER TRADING CO., LTD.  -  production of non-ferrous metals and alloys - aluminium ingot, zinc ingot, magnesium ingot, tin ingot, lead ingot, lead-antimony alloy, Babbitt metal, silicon metal, zinc granular, electrolytic manganese, ferro silicon alloy, rare earth materials - cerium and alloy, tellurium, metal powders - cobalt powder, nickel powder and antimony trioxide, chemical raw materials.

HAIHAN INDUSTRY INC.  -  synthetic graphite products for steel plant, foundry, metallurgy and chemical industries, graphite electrodes, blocks, crucibles, anodes, heating elements, shaft and rotors.

HTU INDUSTRIAL INC.  -  manufacturer of graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces and ladle furnaces for the melting of steel, non-ferrous metals and some non-metallic minerals, production of isostatic graphite applied to aerospace industry, solar energy and photovoltaic industries, glass and ceramic industries, non-ferrous metal continuous casting and precious metal melting.

HUICHENG INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD.  -  supplier in ferro-alloys, non-ferrous primary metals, aluminium alloying tablets used in the manufactures of high-quality aluminium alloys in applications such as rolling ingot for foilstock and canstock, billet for precision extrusions and high-quality castings.

HIJOY INTERNATIONAL TRADE (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD.  -  supplier and exporter of induction melting and heating furnaces, vacuum induction furnaces, electric arc furnaces, electric resistance furnaces, refining furnaces, dewaxing furnaces, melt spinner equipment, instruments & meters, digital ultrasonic flaw detectors, infrared pyrometers, thermocouples, tilting mechanisms, peripherals, spares - induction coils, crucibles, capacitors, transformers.

HUNAN METALS & CHEMICALS CORP.  -  import & export, barter trade and overseas economic and technical cooperation, silicon metal lump / flake, aluminium fluoride, cryolite, arsenic metal, bismuth metal ingot / slab, manganese tablets, ferro boron, magnesium metal, vanadium pentoxide, and other products.

HUACHANG POLYMER CO., LTD.  -  anticorrosive resins, heavy-duty anticorrosive / special industrial coatings and materials, furan resin.

HENAN ZHENGZHOU SONGSHAN ENTERPRISE GROUP CO., LTD.  -  molybdenum disilicide electric heating elements, carborundum electric heating elements, various types of tungsten, molybdenum material and products, industrial kilns.
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INTECAST SOFTWARE CENTER OF HUST  -  The Development Center of InteCAST Software of Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST): casting solidification and mold filling simulation software InteCAST-CAE, foundry charging mixing calculation software InteCAST-FCS, computer-aided casting process design system InteCAST CAD, and management software for foundry enterprises InteCAST ERP.

JOY FORTUNE LTD.  -  the only producer of unique new foundry sand TCFA - Twice Calcined Fused Alumina which can 100% replace zircon for foundry / casting industry with same performance but much lower cost; producer of new foundry olivine sand which has high refractoriness, corrosion resistant against steel liquid, low thermal expansion and chemically stable, improves the smoothness of surface, no dust moulding, cheaper than other foundry sands, suitable for casting of high Mn steel, high alloy steel and low alloy steel with C below 0.3%; producer of linings for middle frequency induction furnaces which has low cost, good performance and life time more than 100 batch for one furnace.
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JIYUAN JINYUAN HEAVY MACHINERY CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of centrifugal casting pipe moulds, die casting pipe moulds, plain end casting pipe moulds, seamless pipe moulds, mandrel bars, extensions for mandrel bars, forged steel rollers, forging shafts and oil drilling equipment.

JIANGXI JINTAI SPECIAL MATERIAL CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of ceramic foundry filters, honeycomb ceramic, master alloy, alloying tablets.
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JIANGXI KELLEY CHEMICAL PACKING CO., LTD.  -  ceramic honeycomb filters for molten melt treatment, wear-resistance inert alumina grinding ceramic balls and lining bricks, various ceramic products for petrochemical, chemical and environmental sectors.

JIANGSU RUIJIA CHEMICAL CO., LTD.  -  chemical products for tobacco, coatings, printing inks, plastic processing, casting and pharmacy industry, production of triacetin, glycerol triacetate (foundry grade), used as a core sand binder and plasticizer.

JINAN SHENGQUAN GROUP SHARE HOLDING CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of foundry chemicals, no-bake furan resin, cold-box resin, PF resin, ceramic foam filters, foundry coatings and other auxiliaries.
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JINAN YAFEITE METAL ABRASIVE CO., LTD.  -  steel shot, steel grit, cast steel balls, steel cut wire for blast cleaning / sand removal of castings, cleaning of steel plates and profiles, steel structures, and forgings.

KENDY MOLD INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD.  -  mold maker and molded parts manufacturer, die casting molds and tools for aluminium and zamak foundries, unscrewing and gear molds, multi-cavity hot runner molds, injection molds, prototypes.

KAIAO RAPID MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.  -  professional manufacturer specialized in designing and prototyping plastic injection mold, die casting mold, plastic injection molding, rapid prototyping and manufacturing, secondary processing, prototype finishing and assembly.

KUNSHAN SPRING METAL MATERIAL CO., LTD.  -  production of stainless steel cut wire shot, shot blasting, spray / shot peening solutions for metalcasting, automotive, railway, aviation and shipping sectors.

LITHOMELT CO., LTD.  -  supplier of graphite electrodes, carbon products, copper mould tubes, equipment & spare parts for continuous casting machines, refractory bricks.

LUCKY DRAGON INT'L  -  coke, carbon raiser, recarburizers and carbon additives for steel mills and foundries.

LUOYANG HENGZHENG COPPER CO., LTD.  -  supplier of copper cooling jackets for smelting furnace, blast furnace cooling staves, cooling water jackets for furnaces, water-cooled power feed contacts, crystallizer moulds, water cooling electrodes, end rings, nozzles, shell coal gasification burners, pressure rings, machining precision brasses, and non-standard design copper parts.

LOUYANG JIANYU MOLYBDENUM & TUNGSTEN TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.  -  molybdenum and tungsten products, various molybdenum crucibles mainly used in metallurgy (rare earth smelting) - round mouth crucibles, taper crucibles, ellipse crucibles and bottomless crucibles, molybdenum powder, poles / rods, slabs, bars, plates, sheets, wire, electrodes, screws, molybdenum-lanthanum rods and plates, tungsten powder, bars and poles, slabs, rolling plates, wires, electrodes.

LIAONING MINERAL & METALLURGY GROUP CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer and supplier of refractories, isostatically pressed and continuous casting refractories, ladles to tundish shroud, monoblock stoppers, and submerged entry nozzles / shrouds, alumina carbon, alumina zirconia carbon and magnesia carbon slide gate plate refractories, wall blocks and porous plugs, magnesia carbon bricks, magnesite bricks, magnesia chrome bricks and magnesia spinel bricks, carbon blocks for blast furnaces, graphite electrodes for ladle furnaces and electric arc furnaces, ingot molds and molds for centrifugal ductile cast iron pipes production.

LONGMOLD TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.  -  a professional manufacturer specialized in designing, plastic injection mold, die casting mold, blow mold, plastic injection molding, rapid prototyping, secondary processing and assembly.

Lionstech (Wuxi) Machinery Co. Ltd. - China, World renown manufacturer of core-box shooters, flaskless moulding machines and shell moulding machines LIONSTECH (WUXI) MACHINERY CO., LTD.  -  World renowned manufacturer of core-box shooters, flaskless moulding machine & line, shell moulding machine and casting mould for foundry industry.
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LINZI YONGLIU CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO, LTD.  -  furfural and its derivatives including furfural, furfuryl alcohol, 2-methyl furan and levulinic acid.

MBO-DOUBLINK SOLDERS CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of various solder wire, aluminum welding wire, magnesium wire, tin alloy, lead ingot, lead sheet, fluxes, die-casting products.

NINGBO BEILUN MEGAFO MACHINERY CO., LTD.  -  production of aluminium pressure die-casting moulds.

NANTONG HONGXING CARBON INDUSTRY CO., LTD.  -  production of graphite crucibles, graphite moulds, stoppers, high purity graphite plates, rod and strip, graphite bearings, seal rings, blades, sliding vane and rollers, article graphite.

NANJING KIN YONG FA PLASTIC MFG. CO., LTD.  -  EVA foil for vacuum casting (V-Process) foundries, thickness from 0.05 mm to 0.20 mm, the maximum width 2300 mm.

NINE NICE MINERALS INTERNATIONAL GROUP LTD.  -  supplier of coal, metallurgical coke, foundry coke, gas coke, calcined petroleum coke / CPC, graphite petroleum coke / GPC, refractory materials, calcined bauxite, carbon raiser / recarburizer for steel and foundry industry.

NEW ORIENT MOULD INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.  -  an ISO 9001 certified, private-owned enterprise specialized in the designing and producing all kinds of precision zamak mold / plastic injection molds and parts.

NORINC (QINGDAO) INTERTRADE CO., LTD.  -  industrial and trading company, raw material and consuming products for metallurgical industry - ferro alloys, graphite electrode and other carbon products, recarburizers, refractory materials.

OSTROSKY NON-FERROUS METALS CO., LTD.  -  a complex enterprise which integrates production, research and development, and marketing, supplier of non-ferrous metals, rare earth materials and chemical raw materials - silicon metal, ferro manganese, ferro silicon, aluminium ingots and powder, magnesium ingots and powder, antimony ingots and concentrate powder, bismuth ingots, tungsten powder, cerium oxide, lanthanum oxide, praseodymium oxide, neodymium oxide, europium oxide, silver mercury.

QINGDAO DURATIGHT GRAPHITE CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of carbon additive for metal casting, smelting and friction, graphite electrodes for different furnaces, large size, fine grain and high purity graphite materials, crucibles, moulds.

QINGDAO HACHIEVE MACHINERY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of foundry machinery - mobile arms continuous mixers, green-sand molding lines, resin sand process production lines, sand blasting equipment, shot blasting machines, conveying equipment, dust collectors.

QINGDAO JUNFENG INDUSTRY CO., LTD.  -  manufacture and export to iron, steel, copper and aluminum foundries of high temperature resistance silica mesh filters processed by glass fibers in non-woven way and fitted in meshed aluminum frame.

QINGDAO LAUREL ENTERPRISE CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of refractory and insulation materials, refractory / insulating bricks - fire clay bricks for industrial furnaces, high alumina bricks, magnesite bricks, silica bricks for hot-blast stoves / furnaces, silicon carbide bricks and silicon carbide refractory products for metallurgical industry, mullite bricks for kilns, ceramic fiber insulation - refractory paper for induction coil liner, glass wool board insulation refractory, high temperature calcium silicate insulation, high-temperature cellular glass insulation for furnace industry, refractory castables and refractory anchors.

QINGDAO MEILIKUN GRAPHITE PRODUCTS FACTORY  -  own mines and factories, production and trade of natural flake graphite, high / medium carbon phosphorus graphite, micronized graphite, amorphous graphite, expandable graphite, spherical graphite, foundry die coatings, casting alcohol-base coating, water-based paints, resin sand releasing agents, sealing paste and binders, carburizers, forging graphite lubricants, graphite sheet, all kinds of flexible graphite sealing products, graphite electrodes, graphite crucibles.

QINGDAO SHUIMU INDUCTION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of induction furnaces and equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous alloys melting, forging, brazing, hardening, quenching, pipe heating, stress relieving, pre-welding heating, post weld heating treatment, weld preheating.

QINGDAO TENNRY CARBON CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer and supplier of graphite products - carburant / carbon raiser for cast iron foundries and steelmaking, graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces, graphite crystallizers, graphite crucibles, graphite molds, graphite sealing rings, high purity graphite, fine structure graphite, graphite blocks, plates and rods, graphite rolls, graphite anodes, self lubrication graphite bearing.

QINGDAO TUTENG METAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD.  -  production of tin, copper, magnesium, aluminium, lead, cadmium, indium and antimony ingots, titanium alloy products, molybdenum rods, antimony trioxide, tungsten powder.

ReactChem - China, World renown manufacturer of specialty solvent for the foundry industry REACTCHEM CO., LTD.  -  World renowned manufacturer and supplier of specialty solvent mostly used in the foundry materials - Triacetin (TA) and Propylene Carbonate (PC) which are used as the hardener co-reactant in a no-bake (Alphaset) binder system, and Ethylene Glycol Diacetate (EGDA) and Dibasic Esters (DBE) which are used in the sodium silicate binder systems.
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RONG ZHENG MOLD (HK) CO., LTD.  -  aluminium / zinc alloy die-casting moulds and plastic injection moulds design and development, precision mould tooling and parts production.

STAR ABRASIVES CO., LTD.  -  manufacture and distribution of coated abrasives and resin bonded abrasives - grinding wheels, cup wheels, cut off wheels, dental cutting wheel, flap discs, fiber discs, sanding discs.

SHIJIAZHUANG BEINUO SCIENCE & TECHNICAL CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer and supplier of various rare earth oxides, compounds, metals & alloys, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, titanium, nickel, zirconium, vanadium, cobalt and their alloys, aluminium ingots, zinc ingots, tin ingots, lead ingots.

SHANGHAI CARTHING MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of shot peening and sand blast cleaning machines.

SUD-CHEMIE REDHILL BENTONITE (LIAONING) CO., LTD.  -  activated sodium bentonite for binding greensand molding in a wide range of foundry application.

SHANDONG GANGDA INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO., LTD.  -  supplier of foundry coke for cupola melting, metallurgical coke for blast furnaces, iron alloy coke, non-ferrous metal smelting coke, formed coke and coke powder, carbon additives, electrode and anode carbon scrap.

SHANDONG GOLDENSUN ZIRCONIUM INDUSTRY CO., LTD.  -  zircon moulding sand and zircon flour for foundries, zircon sand for production of refractory zircon-corundum bricks, zircon sand for ceramics and enamel wares.

SHANGHAI HAORUI INDUSTRY CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of aluminium ingots, zinc ingots, lead ingots and tin ingots.

SIWEITE INDUSTRY CO., LTD.  -  production of raw materials and chemicals, aluminum ingots, zinc ingots, magnesium ingots, copper ingots, tin ingots and antimony ingots, zinc dross, zinc dust, zinc ash.

STARDA INDUSTRIAL GROUP, LTD.  -  die-casting factory and precision mould factory specialized in design and manufacture of variety kinds of die-casting moulds, plastic injection moulds and prototypes.

SINOWAY INT'L HLDS LTD.  -  metallurgical coke, calcined petroleum coke, recarburizers.

SHENZHEN JINSUNWAY MOULD CO., LTD.  -  a professional injection mold, die casting mold and blow mold maker and supplier, molds for automotive components, refrigerators, duplicating machines, washing machines, tv and computer parts.

SHANGHAI KESSEN CERAMICS CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of industrial ceramics and refractory materials for the metallurgy, foundries, electricity, information, power, automobile, petrol, military and other industries, alumina, magnesia, zirconia, corundum and graphite crucibles, graphite rods, ultra high temperature tubes, nozzles, plungers, foam filters, a wholly owned subsidiary of Shanghai Kessen Group Corporation.

SHANDONG KAITAI METAL ABRASIVE CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of cast steel shot, cast steel grit and steel cut wire shot for descaling and surface treatment / preparation processes.
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SICHUAN LANDE INDUSTRY CO., LTD.  -  fluxes agents, master alloys and alloying additives for melting techniques of non-ferrous alloys - refining, covering, drossing, modifying, grain-refining and alloy element addition.

SHANDONG LUYANG SHARE CO., LTD.  -  refractory & insulation materials, ceramic fiber for industrial furnaces, heating equipment.

SHANDONG LINYI SHENZHOU ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.  -  production of metal melting induction furnaces and induction heating equipment.

SINABUDDY MINERAL CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of abrasives and refractory raw materials - white / brown aluminum oxide, black / green silicon carbide, fused mullite, fused spinel, fused zirconia alumina, fused zirconia mullite, sintered mullite, sintered spinel, tabular alumina, flake graphite, castables, insulating bricks, high alumina refractory bricks for electrical arch furnaces, steel ladles, blast furnaces and other industrial furnaces.

SINIC MOULD CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of plastic injection moulds, die-casting moulds and moulded products.

SINO-MINEMET INT'L TRADE CO, LTD.  -  dealing in non-ferrous metal, ferro alloys, refractory materials, graphite products, rare earth products, steel products, and different chemical products.

SOCO MACHINERY (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer and supplier of shot blasting machines, shot blasting rooms, sand blasting machines, dust removal equipment, wear resistant cast parts, cast steel shot, carbon steel shot, stainless steel shot, zinc cut wire shot, copper cut wire shot and aluminum cut wire shot for foundry, steel, automotive, shipbuilding, electroplate, bearing and valve industries.

SARI METAL TREAT CO., LTD.  -  products for die casting - black graphite shot beads, white plunger lubricant granules, mold release agents, die lubricants and coatings, silicon oil, metal cutting fluids, ceramic plunger tips, spray pipes, ladle cups, glue and coatings for lost foam casting, blasting abrasives - cast stainless steel shot, stainless steel cut wire shot, aluminum, zinc or copper cut wire shot, a branch of Zhejiang United Shine Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.

SUN ON INDUSTRIAL GROUP LTD.  -  die casting & plastic injection mold maker for customers from different industries - automotive, electronics, telecommunication, household electric appliances, digital products and lighting parts manufacturers, aluminium and zinc alloys pressure die casting.

SHANXI PROVINCE GAOPING CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD.  -  producer of furfural, furfuryl alcohol, foundry furan resin, and crystalline sodium acetate.

SHANDONG REFRACTORIES CORP.  -  casting refractories, refractory bricks, chamotte and magesite-dolomite clinker.

SUZHOU SANJI FOUNDRY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD.  -  cold chamber die casting machines for aluminum and magnesium alloys.

SHANGHAI SANHAN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.  -  supplier of pig iron, steel billets.

SHAANXI ZENITH I/E CO., LTD.  -  trade company, ferro alloys.

TIANQI ABRASIVES CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of cut wire shot (stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, zinc and in nickel alloys), and steel grit and shot.

TANGSHAN ALFISO REFRACTORY FIBER CO., LTD.  -  a joint-venture company founded by Alfatec-Austria and Isotek-China, manufacturer of fibrous insulating products made from ceramic fiber and alumina fiber: flexible insulation, ceramic fiber modules, vacuum formed ceramic fiber boards, ceramic fiber textiles, furnace refractory components, insulating firebricks, refractory parts for aluminium casting - castertips for continuous aluminium strip, tap hole cones, ceramic fiber launders, aluminium pouring cups, aluminium ladle carriers, sprue bushes for wheel casting, insulating sprues, pouring sleeves, riser sleeves and feeders, molten metal samplers.

TORCH FURNACE CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of high temperature molybdenum di-silicide and silicon carbide heating elements for various electric furnaces - crucible furnaces for non-ferrous metals, aluminium melting and holding furnaces, furnaces for aluminium die-casting, rotary health furnaces, continuous furnaces, float glass lines, laboratory furnaces, production of high temperature box and tube furnaces from small laboratory furnaces to large production scale kilns.

TONGKAI REFRACTORIES AND ABRASIVES CO., LTD.  -  supplier of abrasive materials for blasting media - brown fused alumina, white fused alumina, pink fused alumina, black fused alumina, green silicon carbide, black silicon carbide, refractory materials and ceramics - anti-skin castable refractory for kiln preheater, lightweight insulating castable refractory, steel ladle refractory, high alumina self-flow refractory, alumina-chrome castable refractory, corundum spinel, mullite.

WUXI DING LONG CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer and exporter of garnet abrasive media for blast cleaning applications, supplier of ceramic foundry sand for shell moulds and cores for casting gray, malleable and nodular cast iron, alloyed steel and carbon steel, and non-ferrous metals.

WEIFANG JINHUAXIN ELECTRIC FURNACE MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of induction furnaces for melting of steel, cast iron, copper and aluminium alloys, induction heating furnaces and equipment, quenching / hardening machine tools, tempering production lines and thermal refining production lines, induction furnace spare parts - induction coils, transformers, capacitors, resistors, cables, control boards.

WUHAN OMEITAI CHEMICALS CO., LTD.  -  industrial chemicals manufacturer and supplier, production of organic and inorganic chemicals, pigments and dyestuffs - calcium carbide, polyvinyl alcohol, ethylene glycol, semi-refined wax, fully-refined paraffin wax, activated carbon, carbon black, non-ferrous metals / alloys trading.

WEIHAI RUIXIANG FOUNDRY MACHINERY CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of ladles, 20t ladles, nodulizing containers, desulfurizing ladles, aluminum ladles, magnesium ladles under pressure, molten steel ladles, automatic and manual pouring ladles, differnet axillares for ladles, roof high-temperature hot blasting cupolas, dual-row cupolas with wide space, water-cooling long service-life cupolas, revolving furnaces of cupolas, feeders, dust-catching systems of cupolas, sand treatment lines, precoated sand production lines, sand mixers, sand screens, flask shakers, cleaning rollers, etc.

XI'AN ABUNDANCE ELECTRIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.  -  electric arc furnaces, submerged arc furnaces, ladle refining furnaces and induction melting furnaces - manufacture, installation, debugging and technical services.

XI'AN HAULI ELECTRIC CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of medium frequency induction furnaces for heating, melting and holding, power supply, double converters, water cooling systems, spare parts - thyristors, capacitors, coils, furnace switches, cables.

XINZHENG CHENGXIN CARBON CO., LTD.  -  manufacture and export of recarburizer / carbon raiser / carbon additive, artificial graphite, graphite scrap / powder, graphite electrodes, calcined petroleum coke, graphitized petroleum coke, anthracite coke, prebake anode.
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XUZHOU FENGBAO MINING CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of silica (quartz) products - high purity silica sand, silica powder, micro-silica powder, (crystal) powder and fused silica powder, widely used as materials for foundry, precision casting, refractory and abrasives industries, epoxy molding compounds, coatings, etc.

XIANGTAN HEXINSHENG NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of refractory products for induction furnaces, arc furnaces, ladles and other melting / heating technology applications in metallurgy and foundry industries - refractory bricks, dry ramming masses, castables, working lining, top-cap & spout materials, coil grout, gunning materials, refractory clay, high temperature binders, slag removers, refractory powders.

XIAMEN INNOVACERA ADVANCED MATERIALS CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of technical ceramic products, metallization ceramics and ceramics components widely used in aerospace, metal casting industry, food processing, fluid handling, scientific research and process control, automotive, defense, thermal processing, electrical, textile and wire, pulp and paper, mechanical, glass and mineral processing, silicon carbide crucibles, blast nozzles, sliding bearings, mechanical seals, cylinders and plungers, silicon nitride wear resistant ball bearings, dies, thermal shock resistance Valves, electrically insulating or conductive thermocouple tubes, boron carbide spray drying and powder blast nozzles, nozzles for sand blasting, boron nitride crucibles and high-temperature lubricants, zirconia heat insulators, alumina resistant to high temperatures components for furnaces, ceramic foamed zirconia / alumina / silicon carbide foundry filters.

YUEQING CITY LIUJING RECTIFIER CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of electric power semiconductor devices, standard and fast recovery diodes, phase control thyristors, triac thyristors, fast thyristors, high frequency thyristors, bridge rectifiers, semiconductors, solid state relays, solid state regulators, thyristor modules, diode modules, power modules, heat sink materials, electronic devices.

YUCHENG CASTING MATERIAL CO., LTD.  -  production of foundry materials for steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metal casting manufacturers - ceramic foundry sand for shell moulds and cores, resin coated sand, refractory sand made of high alumina calcined bauxite, chromite stuffing sand, ceramsite sand for lost-wax process, ceramsite for refractories.

YIPHEE ELECTRIC FURNACE CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of induction melting furnaces for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, and induction heating furnaces and equipment for heat treatment of metals.

Yonghong Foundry Machinery Co., Ltd. - China, renowned manufacturer of sand moulding machines, pouring machines, sand mixers, post-processing equipment YONGHONG FOUNDRY MACHINERY CO., LTD.  -  Renowned manufacturer of sand moulding machines, pouring machines, sand mixers,
and post-processing equipment.
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YICHANG KEBO REFRACTORIES CO., LTD.  -  olivine dry sand for clay sand mixtures, resin sand mixtures or water-based sand mixtures, olivine powder for water based coatings for the production of non-ferrous alloys castings and stainless steel, high manganese steel and other medium alloy steels castings, olivine sand and powder for investment casting, covering fluxes for molten cast iron and steel, ladle and tundish insulation powders, drainage sand for ladle and tundish sliding gate systems, unshaped magnesia-olivine materials for refractory manufacturing companies.

YANGQUAN METALS & MINERALS CO., LTD. (YQMM)  -  import and export of magnesium serial products - ingots, powder, anode and bars, ferro alloys, silicon metal, refractory materials, metallurgical and foundry coke.

YANGZHOU QIONGHUA CARBON TRADING LTD.  -  supplier of graphite electrodes, graphite block, graphite powder, graphite crucibles.

YIXING SUNNY FURNACE CO., LTD.  -  production of glass furnaces, ceramics, rare earth and refractory kilns, drying equipment, fuel gas (oil) or electric resistance crucible melting furnaces for aluminium, zinc, copper and other nonferrous alloys, electric resistance crucible-free melting insulation furnaces for aluminium die casting enterprises.

YANGQUAN UNITED CO., LTD.  -  production of graphite electrodes, calcium aluminate, calcined anthracite, and ceramic sand.

YUE YANG MAPOWER THERMPROCESS & ELECTROMAGNETIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of aluminium melting and holding furnaces.

ZHENGZHOU CHIDA W & Mo PRODUCTS CO. LTD.  -  manufacture and sale of molybdenum disilicide electric heating elements, SiC heating elements, tungsten and molybdenum products, tin dioxide electrodes, molybdenum crucibles.

ZHONGBANG FELT MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.  -  manufacturing metal surface treatment polishing felt wheels.

ZHUZHOU HUANENG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of induction melting and holding furnaces for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, electric arc furnaces, ladle refining furnaces, heat treating furnaces and equipment, spare parts and consumables.

ZHEJIANG LINAN QISHI BENTONITE CHEMICAL CO., LTD.  -  bentonite series products - cast-purpose bentonite powder, metallurgy ball-purpose bentonite, and drilling slurry-purpose bentonite.

ZIBO SK REFRACTORY CO., LTD.  -  production of refractory bricks and materials for various industrial furnaces and kilns - blast furnaces, electric furnaces, cement furnaces, glass furnaces, and chemistry furnaces, high alumina refractory / insulating bricks, alumina hollow ball (bubble) bricks, corundum mullite bricks, mullite insulating bricks, fireclay bricks, aluminum silicate fiber materials, and silica refractory mortars.

ZHONGSHAN ZHENLI MACHINERY CO., LTD.  -  production of hot-chamber and cold-chamber die casting machines and accessories - automatic ladle machines, releasing agent mixers, plunger particle machines, automatic spraying machines, automatic fetch machines, automatic lubrication device for injection plungers, electric power, natural gas and fueled oil melting furnaces.


BAOSTEEL GROUP CORPORATION  -  producer of carbon steel, stainless steel and specially-alloyed steel, with focus placed on automotive steel, appliance steel, oil pipeline steel, drill pipe, oil well tube, high pressure boiler steel, cold rolled silicon steel, stainless steel, high alloy steel and living steel.

FOSHAN APEX STAINLESS STEEL CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel serial products - cold rolled coils, welded pipes, sheets, circles, etc. for decoration items, steel furniture, home appliances (utensil items, cook wares), construction field, petroleum, medicine, machinery industry.

FLYER HARDWARE CO., LTD.  -  distributor of flanged concentric steel reducers, bronze ball / butterfly valves, 90 degree pipe elbows, pipe fittings and accessories.

JIANGSU STEEL GROUP CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of stainless steel (inox steel) products, stainless steel bars, stainless steel wires, stainless steel pipes, stainless steel sheets, plates and coil.

KINGYOUNG STEEL (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. (KYSS GROUP)  -  a group of four manufacturers and one trading company, stainless steel, alloy steel, tool steel, carbon steel products with a variety of bars, bright bars, special bars, hexagon bars, flat pipes, square pipes, seamless pipes, welded pipes, tubes, strip, coil and sheet.

LOUYANG JIANYU MOLYBDENUM & TUNGSTEN TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.  -  molybdenum and tungsten products, various molybdenum crucibles, molybdenum powder, poles / rods, slabs, bars, plates, sheets, wire, electrodes, screws, molybdenum-lanthanum rods and plates, tungsten powder, bars and poles, slabs, rolling plates, wires, electrodes.

QINGDAO SAC-WONDER STEEL CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer and exporter of steel pipe, cold rolled steel plate and coil, galvanized steel or stainless steel pipe, plate, coil, wire and profiles.

SHANGHAI METAL CORPORATION  -  distributor of stainless steel strip, corrugated galvanized steel sheets, galvanized steel pipes, alloy steel bars, wear-resistant steel plates, shipbuilding plates, aluminum sheets and plates, copper foil.

YIXING KEXING ALLOY MATERIALS CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of molybdenum discs, including Ru / Rh / Ni / Ag plated molybdenum discs, wearplates, sheets, squares, fabricated parts, screws, mozzles, caps, pins, electrodes, tubes, crucibles.

ZHONGDA GROUP CO., LTD.  -  manufacturer of cold rolled stainless steel and heat resisting strips, cold rolled stainless steel plate and strips, stainless steel seamless tubes for structures, stainless steel seamless pipes for fluid transport, seamless stainless steel tubes for boiler and heat exchanger, seamless and welded austenitic stainless steel tubing.
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