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ANCO BLAST EQUIPMENT & SERVICE LTDA.  -  blast equipment and accessories.

ANACOM CIENTIFICA LTDA.  -  laboratory electrical measuring equipment, spectrometers, laboratory microscopes, electronic microscopes, equipment and solutions for analytical laboratories, foundries, steel mills and metal processors.

AGF INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO DE MODELACAO LTDA.  -  manufacturer of foundry patterns, core-boxes, and prototypes.

ALUSIL PRODUTOS CERAMICOS LTDA.  -  production of tap hole clay for blast furnaces, conventional castables, low and ultra cement castables, free flow, gunning and insulating castables, mouldables, mortars, cements and special parts, carbon bonded silicon carbide crucibles on different shapes and models.

BUSCHLE & LEPPER S.A.  -  manufacturer and distributor of chemicals, agricultural and building materials, chemical products for metallurgical industry and foundries - natural or activated sodium bentonite, cold box resins and catalysts, precoated sand, exothermic powders, ferro-alloys, foundry coke, inoculants, natural graphite, non-ferrous treatment fluxes, ceramic filters.

BENTONISA - BENTONITA DO NORDESTE S.A.  -  activated bentonite for green sand molding.

BANDEIRA INDUSTRIA DE ALUMINIO LTDA.  -  aluminum recycling, production of aluminum alloys ingots.

BENTOMAR INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO DE MINERIOS LTDA.  -  silica foundry graded sands, chromite foundry sand, resin coated sand for shell molding, exothermic and insulating sleeves for cast iron, steel and non-ferrous castings, resins and catalysts for cold-box process and shell molding, mold coatings and coatings for non-ferrous chill casting.

BRAZCO THERMOFILTER LTDA.  -  distributor of amorphous silica fiber mesh filters for metal casting.

BENTONIT UNIAO NORDESTE INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO LTDA.  -  supplier of activated bentonite for green sand molding mixtures, furan resins and catalysts for molds and cores production.

CALENDE  -  manufacturer of foundry machines and hydraulic presses - gravity die casting machines for aluminum, sand core machines, automatic saw machines for foundry parts and special machines.

CORONA BRASIL  -  manufacturer of silicon carbide and graphite crucibles for nonferrous metals casting.

COMIL COVER SAND INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO LTDA.  -  coatings and lubricants for gravity die casting and pressure die casting, shell molding coated sands exothermic sleeves, mold / core glues, release agents for all molding processes, fluxes for treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous melts.

CHR - CERAMICA TECNICA  -  manufacturer of ceramic tubes for diverse applications such as steel, petrochemical, chemical and ceramic industries.

DJ FORNOS INDUSTRIAIS LTDA.  -  manufacturer of furnaces for melting non-ferrous metals, aluminum automatic dosing furnaces, crucible furnaces, furnaces for heat treatment of metals, furnace type filter for cleaning aluminum, rotary furnace for melting and recovery of metals, lab ovens, accessories for foundries - casting pots, transfer chutes, grips, shells, bells, skimmers, a full line of electrical resistances for the most varied applications, supports refractory, control panels, pyrometers for temperature control with wide range of protective tubes, thermocouple sheaths, compensating cables, controllers and sensors.

ELFUSA GERAL DE ELETROFUSAO LTDA.  -  production of fused mullite for investment casting and other refractory applications, abrasives for blasting, abrasives for grinding wheels, ferrosilicon, and other products for the ceramic, abrasive and refractory industries, a part of the Grupo Curimbaba.

ECIL MET TEC LTDA.  -  thermocouples, digital temperature indicators, portable digital instruments for control of temperature in liquid ferrous and non-ferrous metals, instruments for oxygen activity measurement of the liquid metals, samplers for analysis of the molten metal, thermal analysis immersion sensors, carbontip cups, poles, lance holders and pedestals, woslady screw lock connectors, compensation and extension cables, a part of the Grupo Ecil.

FUNDISOFT CONSULTORIA LTDA.  -  consultancy and technical assistance in all areas of foundry technology, a representative of Synchro ERP - software solutions to the foundry industry, and Tennant Metallurgical Group Ltd. - supplier of ferro alloys, metals and minerals.

FORZA DO BRASIL LTDA.  -  manufacturer and distributor of refractories and thermal insulation products for foundries, metallurgy, glass, ceramic, chemical and petrochemical sectors, insulating bricks and special refractory parts, refractory mortars and concretes, refractory concrete with high content of metallic fiber, ceramic fiber for cone seals, gaskets, insulating caps for gutters, thermal insulation of pipes and tubes, thermal gloves and heating chambers, ceramic filters, supplier of master alloys, ferro-alloys, briquettes / tablets for aluminum alloying, salts for the treatment of aluminum alloys.

FORNOS JUNG LTDA.  -  industrial furnaces for smelting of nonferrous metals and heat treatment, special laboratory heating furnaces.

FERCAM MOLDES E EQUIPAMENTOS LTDA.  -  production of pouring ladles, flasks and other equipment for small, medium and large foundries.

GARUVA ABRASIVOS LTDA.  -  manufacturer of steel grit in spherical and angular shapes for cleaning of castings and forgings, etching plates and profiles, marble and granite cutting.

GEVITEC MECANICA INDUSTRIAL LTDA.  -  distribution of Italian cold box blowing machines for foundries.

GCR MODELACAO TECNICA LTDA.  -  manufacturer of wooden, resin, styrofoam and aluminum patterns, core-boxes, dies and tooling for gravity die casting.

GRUPO REFRAMINAS  -  assembly and maintenance of refractory linings in industrial furnaces, refractory coatings and thermal insulation.

GABRIELLA REFRATARIOS LTDA.  -  production and sale of refractory bricks, pipes, plates and masses for foundries, electro-metallurgy, power plants and home home bbq and stoves.

GRUPO UNIMETAL  -  manufacturer of carbon products to base industries - aluminum, steel, casting and cement production plants, green petroleum coke, calcined coke in various particle sizes, synthetic graphite, etc. used as solid fuel for ladle furnaces and for the production of refractory carbon magnesite blocks and carbon alumina shields, inoculants for cast iron metallurgy, anodic paste for aluminum metallurgy, foundry mold coatings and lubricants.

HM INDUSTRIA DE MAQUINAS E SUPRIMENTOS LTDA.  -  production of molding machines, continuous sand mixers, vibrating screens, sand hoppers, sand coolers, knock-out grids, belt conveyors, different custom made foundry equipment.

HOLAMAQ QUEIMADORES INDUSTRIAIS LTDA.  -  industrial burners for heating of furnaces and foundry crucibles.

INDUSTRIA CARBONIFERA RIO DESERTO LTDA.  -  production of foundry coke, metallurgical coke, calcined petroleum coke, coal dust for molding sands, products for ceramic and glass manufacturers, a part of Empresas Rio Deserto.

IRMAOS GALEAZI LTDA.  -  supplier of copper, brass, bronze, zinc, zamak, aluminum, lead and tin products - tubes, billets, bars, bushings, wires, foundry ingots, a part of Grupo Galeazi.

INONIBRAS - INOCULANTES E FERRO LIGAS NIPO BRASILEIROS S.A.  -  additives for nodular graphite cast iron making, completely owned by Osaka Special Alloy Co., Ltd. - Japan.

IBT INDUSTRIA DE MOLDES LTDA.  -  manufacturer of foundry wooden, resin and metal patterns, core-boxes, dies, prototypes, devices and tooling.

IGLESIAS MODELACAO E FUNDICAO LTDA.  -  production of foundry patterns in wood, resin and aluminum, dies and tooling for gravity die casting, aluminum and brass castings.

ISOFUND MODELACAO INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO LTDA.  -  foundry patterns in wood, resin, aluminum and styrofoam, production of steel and cast iron castings.

INDUSTRIA MECANICA TOOL MACHINE LTDA.  -  production of molds (dies) for thermoplastic injection and aluminum pressure die casting for the automotive industry and household appliances manufacturers.

JURK MODELACAO LTDA.  -  wooden, aluminum and epoxy resin foundry patterns, core-boxes, patterns plates.

KS INDUSTRIA de METAIS LTDA.  -  manufacturer of round washer chaplets, special chaplets, square washer chaplets, pin chaplets, denseners, separators.

LALOS INDUSTRIA METALURGICA LTDA.  -  manufacturer of machines for zamak pressure die casting and centrifugal casting.

MAXIMEC  -  installations for the automated prepare of green sand, hexagonal rotary sieves, sand coolers, sand mixers, integrated systems for regeneration of the cold-box sands, core and moulding machines, elevators, belt conveyors, foundry equipment.

MODELACAO BI-CENTENARIO LTDA.  -  wooden, resin, aluminum and styrofoam foundry patterns.

MODELACAO BALDOCHI LTDA.  -  manufacturer of resin, aluminum and steel patterns, and metal core-boxes for cold-box and hot-box processes.

MODELACAO BARUERI LTDA.  -  manufacturer of wooden, resin, aluminum and steel patterns and core-boxes, equipment for shell-molding process.

MODELACAO BELA VISTA LTDA.  -  production of foundry patterns in wood, resin, steel and aluminum, pattern plates for vertical and horizontal molding machines.

MODELAGEM DINIZ LTDA.  -  production of foundry patterns in wood, resin, aluminum and styrofoam, metal core-boxes for cold-box and hot-box processes, pattern plates for shell-molding.

MECALTEC EQUIPAMENTOS ESPECIAIS LTDA.  -  sand preparation systems, aerators, sand coolers, vibratory feeders, magnetic separators, sand mixers, rotary screens, belt conveyors, pneumatic conveying systems, elevators, automation and control systems.

MODELACAO E FUNDICAO JW  -  manufacturer of wooden, resin (araldite), styrofoam, aluminum and steel patterns, tooling for shell-molding, aluminum foundry.

MODELACAO ESCALA LTDA.  -  production of foundry patterns in wood, resin, aluminum and styrofoam, pattern plates for shell-molding.

MODEZEL FABRICACAO DE MODELOS LTDA.  -  manufacturer of wooden, resin and aluminum patterns and core-boxes for foundries.

MASTER FIBER FORNOS INDUSTRIAIS LTDA.  -  manufacturer of industrial crucible furnaces for melting and / or maintenance of nonferrous alloys, heat treatment furnaces, spare parts and accessories.

MODELBRAS INDUSTRIA DE MODELOS PARA FUNDICAO LTDA.  -  wooden, resin and aluminum foundry patterns.

MWR INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO LTDA.  -  foundry patterns in wood, epoxy and styrofoam, dies for gravity die casting, pattern equipment for shell-molding.

MINERACAO JUNDU LTDA.  -  supplier of silica sands for molding mixtures, resin coated sands for shell molding process, industrial sands for glass and ceramics industries.

MODELACAO JARAGUA LTDA.  -  resin and aluminum foundry patterns, prototypes.

MODELACAO LEONI INDUSTRIAL LTDA.  -  foundry patterns and tooling.

MARTECNICA MODELACAO E FERRAMENTARIA LTDA.  -  foundry patterns in wood, aluminum, steel, araldite and styrofoam, prototypes.

MULTIFLUX - MAQUINAS ESPECIAIS INDUSTRIA e COMERCIO LTDA.  -  non-destructive tests by magnetic particles and parasite currents, parts automatic washers and inductive heating machines.

MODELACAO MT LTDA.  -  manufacturer of wooden, aluminum and steel patterns and core-boxes for foundries.

MOREL MODELACAO LTDA.  -  foundry patterns in wood, aluminum and styrofoam.

MOLDART MODELACAO TECNICA LTDA.  -  patterns in wood, aluminum, brass, steel, resin and styrofoam.

MACHRO PECAS INDUSTRIA de MAQUINAS LTDA.  -  manufacturer of steel shot blasting machines and peripherals, dust collectors, appetizers chargers, lifts turbines.

MERCOSUL REFRATARIOS LTDA.  -  production of refractory and insulating bricks, cements, mortars, ceramic fibers.

MAGNESITA REFRATARIOS S.A.  -  the third largest producer of refractory products in the World, a broad range of refractory materials from monolithic materials and conventional bricks to high technology ceramics for lining equipments that operate at high temperatures, products for steel, cement and glass manufacturers.

MODELACAO SANTO ANTONIO LTDA.  -  foundry patterns and tooling for production of castings for brackets, housings, engine blocks and cylinder heads.

MODELACAO SAEVI LTDA.  -  patterns and tooling for green-sand molding, dies for gravity die casting and pressure die casting.

MODELACAO SANTA RITA LTDA.  -  pattern shop, pattern equipment for cast iron, aluminum, steel and die casting foundries.

MODELACAO TONINHO LTDA.  -  production of foundry patterns and shell-mold tooling.

MODELACAO UNIDOS LTDA.  -  molds & patterns - resin prototypes, metal patterns for sand molding, shell molding pattern plates, permanent molds for gravity die process, low pressure molds, die molds, molds for thermo-plastic items.

NACIONAL DE GRAFITE LTDA.  -  natural crystalline graphite.

PRO MODEL ISINAGENS LTDA.  -  foundry patterns, die-casting molds, prototypes, tooling.

PROFUSA - PRODUTOS PARA FUNDICAO LTDA.  -  auxiliary products for foundries and metallurgy - water or alcohol based insulating / refractory coatings for molds and cores painting in cast iron and steel casting, mold and core sealants, sodium silicate based glue for cold curing process, a full line of liquid demolders for cold box and cold curing process, repair masses for small defects occurred in the molds and cores, mold sealing masses.

PERFIL TERMICO AQUECIMENTO E ISOLAMENTO INDUSTRIAL LTDA.  -  complete solutions for industrial heating and insulation for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, chemicals and petrochemicals, consumer electronics, petroleum derivatives, power generation, ceramics and glass, materials - ceramic fibers, thermoelectric insulating, insulating cardboards, heating elements, coatings, textiles insulators, equipments - transportable electric ladles, heavy-duty geared ladles, vertical ladle heaters, holding furnaces, conductive troughs, services of implementation and maintenance on furnaces and other heating equipment.

REFRATA CERAMICA REFRATARIA LTDA.  -  production of refractories for handling and pouring steel and iron - funnels, funnels with three flat faces, funnels with one flat face, funnels with groves, long funnels, flow ducts, elbows, tubes, distributors for tubes, T-distributors with reduction, male / female unions, attack nozzles, crossings, segmented curves, strangulating disks, supports for filters.

REFRAMAX ENGENHARIA LTDA.  -  refractory and insulating bricks, rammed mortar, poured and gunning mortar, basaltic mineral wool, ceramic fiber, installation of refractory and anti-acid internal lining, maintenance services for blast furnace channels, converters, electrical furnaces, steel or pig iron ladles, degassing vessels.

RIMA GROUP  -  production and marketing of silicon-based alloys for the foundry and steel industries, inoculants, metallurgical grade silicon metal, primary magnesium, magnesium alloys for a variety of foundries, mainly in diecasting production for automotive industry, tools, electronic equipment, magnesium for the desulfurization of pig iron.

REFRATEK INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO DE PRODUTOS REFRATARIOS LTDA.  -  production of refractory concretes, ramming masses, mortars, bricks, insulating materials, exothermic powders, fluxes, glues, water based coatings for core production and gravity die casting.

REFRABRAS INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO DE REFRATARIOS LTDA.  -  refractory and insulating products for ferrous and non-ferrous furnaces - bricks, ramming masses, concretes and ceramic fiber, ferroalloys, metal treatment fluxes, molding materials, additives.

REFRAMEC MANUTENCAO E MONTAGENS DE REFRATARIOS LTDA.  -  refractory installation and maintenance, engineering and scaffolding in various segments - metallurgy, foundries, ceramics, cement, mining.

REFRATARIOS MINAS INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO LTDA.  -  refractory products for metallurgy and foundries, refractory bricks of various shapes, castables and ramming masses for induction furnaces, refractory materials for cupolas, full line of materials for thermal insulation.

REFRATARIOS MODELO LTDA.  -  manufacturer of refractory and insulating products for the metallurgy, foundry, glass and cement sectors - bricks, ramming masses, concretes.

RIOGRANDENSE MATERIAIS REFRATARIOS LTDA.  -  refractory bricks, ramming masses, concretes and special refractory parts for foundries, steel mills, cement, glass and petrochemical industries.

REFRASUL - REFRATARIOS DO SUL LTDA.  -  manufacturer of refractory and insulating products for foundries, steel mills, cement, ceramics and other industrial sectors.

RISOTHERM REFRATARIOS E ISOLANTES TERMICOS LTDA.  -  ceramic fiber thermal insulation products - blankets, flakes, sheets, ropes and panels composed of silica and alumina with a high degree of purity, refractory materials for steel, cement, petrochemical and other industries.

REFRATIL REFRATARIOS LTDA.  -  refractory and insulating bricks, refractory mortars, plastic and ramming masses, gaskets and insulating cords, ceramic fiber, rock wool, glass wool, insulating tapes and wires, special parts, accessories for crucibles, oven grit.

REMIC REFRATARIOS LTDA.  -  refractory bricks, mortars, concretes, ramming masses, ceramic fiber products, rock or glass wool insulators, gaskets, cordierite, mullite or silicon carbide furnace parts.

REFRAMA REFRATARIOS MACCARI LTDA.  -  production of alumina-silica refractory bricks and special shaped parts, refractory concrete, ramming masses.

REFRATARIOS RIBEIRAO PRETO LTDA.  -  manufacturer of refractory and insulating bricks, concretes, cements, mortars and special parts for foundries, ceramics, sugar and alcohol sectors, home fireplaces and grills.

RETECH - SERVICOS ESPECIAIS DE ENGENHARIA LTDA.  -  refractory installation and maintenance in various segments - metallurgy, foundries, power plants, ceramics, cement, mining.

REFRATARIO SCANDELARI LTDA.  -  manufacturer of refractories for industrial furnaces and ovens.

REFRATARIOS UNIAO INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO LTDA.  -  refractory bricks, ramming masses, concretes, cements, mortars and special parts for metallurgy, foundries, power plants, ceramics and cement industries, refractory coatings for protection of sand molds and cores, ingot molds and dies for gravity die casting.

SIDERURGICA ALTEROSA S.A.  -  production of nodular pig iron and grey pig iron ingots, a part of Alterosa Group.

SAUDER EQUIPAMENTOS INDUSTRIAIS LTDA.  -  industrial furnaces and kilns for heat treatment of metals and non-ferrous metals remelting.

SIMAZZA MODELACAO LTDA.  -  foundry patterns in wood, resin, aluminum and brass.

TECNOBRIQ INDUSTRIA DE MAQUINAS LTDA.  -  manufacturer of hydraulic briquette machines for metal turnings, powders of almost all types of metals, zinc diecast scrap, dust exhaust filter deburring castings, dust resulting from the grinding of metals or alloys.

TECMATRIZ INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO DE MOLDES LTDA.  -  manufacturer of wooden, resin and aluminum patterns and core-boxes for foundries, vacuum thermoforming molds, rotomolding equipment and other industrial tooling.

TECRAM INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO DE PRODUTOS REFRATARIOS LTDA.  -  refractory products for melting furnaces for ferrous and non-ferrous alloys - bricks, ramming mixes, insulating materials.

TECNOFUND LTDA.  -  manufacturer of digital and electronic equipment for the control of foundry sands.

TUPY S.A.  -  metal abrasives in steel and iron, in angular or spheric shapes, under standardized dimensions, applications - shots for blasting, shots for cutting.

TECBRAF - TECNOLOGIA DE PRODUTOS PARA FUNDICAO LTDA.  -  supplier of zircon, alumina, silica, graphite, magnesite, aluminum silicate, alcohol or water based coatings, glues for molds and cores, pattern release agents.

USISERRA USINAGEM E MOLDES LTDA.  -  dies / molds for aluminum or zamak pressure die casting, molds for injection of plastic or rubber.

VERTICE MODELACAO E DESENVOLVIMENTO LTDA.  -  manufacturer of foundry patterns, dies and tools for gravity die casting, aluminum foundry.

VENTISTAMP METALURGICA LTDA.  -  manufacturer of specific vents for each casting process.

VICK MAQUINAS LTDA.  -  green sand and resin sand machines and molding lines, foundry solutions.

VOTORANTIM METAIS LTDA.  -  production of primary aluminum (ingots, dowels, coils), zinc (zamac, special alloys, dust) and electrolytic nickel, a part of
Grupo Votorantim.

ZIRCONIUM REFRATARIOS INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO LTDA.  -  refractory bricks, refractory concrete and mortars, gaskets and seals, rockwool, fabric ceramic fiber, ceramic fiber modules.

Z-TECH INDUSTRIA DE REFRATARIOS LTDA.  -  production of refractory bricks, ramming masses, mortars, insulating materials.

Invited Companies:

Artmold Confeccao de Modelos para Fundicao Ltda. - wooden foundry patterns, Bramold Modelacao e Fundicao de Aluminio Ltda. - resin and aluminum foundry patterns, Modelacao Confeccao e Restauracao Correia Ltda. - patterns, Modelacao Charles Industria e Comercio Ltda. - foundry patterns and molds,
Wega Modelacao e Mecanica Ltda. - patterns and dies.

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