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ALUMINIJ D.D.  -  aluminium anodes, billets, wire and slabs, aluminum alloys ingots for foundries, daily production is around 700 tons of anodes and 330 tons of liquid aluminum or aluminium alloys.

ALUMINA D.O.O.  -  manufacturer and supplier of low calcinated metallurgical alumina for the aluminium production, alumina for the production of abrasives, hydrated alumina for different chemical products, zeolite for detergents, alumosilicate fibres, liquid sodium silicate (water glass) for foundries.

ENKER D.D.  -  spark plugs and industrial alumina ceramics factory, metalized ceramics and metal-ceramic assemblies, electrical and thermal insulators, tubes for thermoelements, sand blasting, spraying and welding nozzles, laboratory crucibles and accessories, ceramic linings, refractory porous ceramic products - pouring elements (filters) for molten metals, heater supports, refractory saggers.

EKP ELKER A.D.  -  ceramic sieves, tubes and items for metal pouring systems, aluminum pressure die casting.

INTERKOMERC D.O.O.  -  metal scrap recycling, secondary aluminum alloy ingot supplier, pressure die casting.

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