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NV = S.A.

AFFILIPS N.V.  -  manufacturer of copper-, aluminium-, nickel- and lead-based master alloys for the super alloy industry, aircraft engines, nuclear reactors and other equally demanding applications.

FONDERIE JACQUET BVBA  -  production of zinc ingot and solder tin, supplier of all non-ferrous metals.

G. DE FEYTER BVBA  -  wooden, resin and aluminium patterns and core-boxes, patterns for lost-foam foundry technology, dies for low-pressure die casting of aluminium alloys, prototypes, rapid tooling.

GENTEN MACHINES SPRL  -  delivery of second-hand foundry equipments, new or second hand spare-parts.

HERAEUS ELECTRO-NITE INTERNATIONAL N.V.  -  molten metal sensors to the steel and foundry industries.

IMCE N.V.  -  development and production of non-destructive testing devices and high temperature measurement systems, application fields - steel, cast iron, refractories, ceramics, coatings, and porous materials.

IMC S.A.  -  a technically oriented sales and distribution organization, technical assistance to investment casting foundries, supplier of raw material, equipment and accessories for precision lost wax process foundries - waxes, refractory flour and sand, binders, additives, alloys, pouring cups, crucibles and liners, wax room equipment, shell room equipment.

PICART & BEER S.A.  -  basic and spherographite pig iron, hematite pig iron, ferro-alloys. foundry and metallurgical coke, coke nuts and breeze, coking coal, additives for the foundry sector, nodulizers, inoculants, insulating products, titanium sponge and scrap.

SUDAMIN S.A.  -  ferrous and non-ferrous metals / alloys trading.

SCR-SIBELCO N.V.  -  extraction, production and distribution of minerals for industrial use: quartz, cristobalite, nepheline, plastic clay and olivine, barite, bentonite, calcite, dolomite, hydromagnesite, kaolin, feldspar, wollastonite, talc, huntite.

UMICORE GROUP  -  production of zamak, zinc alloy, zinc die casting alloy, hot chamber zinc alloy and zinc special alloys.

VESUVIUS GROUP S.A.  -  Vesuvius Foundry Division supplies to ferrous and non-ferrous foundries as well as investment casting, with a wide range of refractories - monolithic and brick linings for furnaces, flow control products, crucibles used to melt and transfer molten metals, temperature measurement systems, dosing accessories, degassing products and ceramic filters which reduce flaws and control turbulent flow during mould filling.

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