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ATHLETICON  -  die-casting lubricants, ladle coating, insulating die dressing, contuctive coating for gravity and low pressure, spongy-laminar ceramic fiber filter, digital pyrometers, replacement parts for die-casting machines, sprayequipment and robospray, used machines, hydraulic fluids, corundum and graphite crucibles.

ALFATEC FEUERFEST TECHNIK GmbH  -  high-temperature insulation manufactured with vacuum forming technology, pouring-ladles, pouring nozzles, gaskets (seals) for melting furnaces, back up isolations in industrial furnaces, tap hole cones, riser isolations sleeve for sand casting, thermo-couple-protecting tubes, insulating feed bushes, roller-isolations, shadow-tube-seals, pouring cups, crucibles, heat plates, a Unifrax Company.

ALTECO GmbH  -  a machinery broker and consultant specialized in world wide marketing and sale of surplus machinery within the aluminium and other non-ferrous metals processing industry - melting and casting machinery, extrusion presses, rolling mills, slitters, cut-to-length lines, foil converting machinery, and special equipment for the finishing industry.

AUSTRIA METALL AG (AMAG)  -  manufacturer of aluminium semis and casthouse products - aluminium flat rolled products in the form of coils, sheets and plates, foundry alloys in the form of ingots, sows and liquid aluminium, the application range of the products extends from aircrafts, automobiles and sporting goods, buildings, machinery, packaging, lighting, decoration up to IT and telecommunication.

ASANGER MODELLBAU GmbH  -  a family owned pattern-making company, various techniques for tool manufacturing - conventional milling and turning, mould casting in resin, laminating, 5-axes-milling or CNC turning, a composite of casting resin, block material and metal is used for foundry patterns - plastic plates and paste-like plastics for prototypes and sand-casting initial-batches, epoxy resin surfaces filled with corundum and impact resisting polyurethane surfaces for mid-range and small series production, aluminium or steel for larger lots, complex geometries and tempered forms, pattern-making for gearboxes, pumps, armatures, valves and turbines, expert know-how in all areas of mould-, jig- and tool-making.

CAMEL ENGINEERING LTD.  -  a joint-venture (Austria & China) company, production of die-casting molds and parts for zinc and aluminum alloy foundries, plastic injection molds and precision machining parts.

CARBONES HOLDING GmbH  -  supplier of pig iron for the steel production and for the foundry industry, pure magnesium, magnesium alloys ingots, magnesium granules, copper granules, nickel, tin, si-metal, ferro alloys, metallurgy coke, graphite, silicon carbide, binders, resins, coatings, slag forming additives, ceramic and ceramic foam filters, graphite / zircon / aluminium-silicate refractory, fireclay, blasting materials, foundry accessories, steel scrap, aluminium scrap, solid fuels.

DCM  -  trade in ores, ferro alloys, noble alloys and metals, mineral sands.

ENGLISH CLAYS GmbH  -  supplier of mineral and chemical raw materials for the green sand foundries and precision casting foundries, refractory, ceramics, polymer and insulation industry - bentonite, chromite sand, zircon sand and flour, industrial waxes, fused silica, microsilica, mica and mullite.

ENGINEERING DR. KARL ABLEIDINGER AND F. BAUERNSTATTER GmbH  -  melting consulting for steel castings in basic lined electric arc furnaces, ladle furnaces, neutral or basic lined induction furnaces, AOD or VOD converters, consulting to improve the sand system - optimizing the sand reclamation, optimizing the chromite / silica sand separation, optimizing of resin and catalyst addition.

EMCO-TEST PRUFMASCHINEN GmbH  -  production of portable and stationary hardness testing machinery, accessories, user-specific equipment and complex systems for the metal processing industries, foundries rolling mills, steelworks, automotive and railway sectors, automation industry, schools, universities and businesses with laboratories and testing departments.

FILL GmbH  -  machine and plant construction company for the automotive, aircraft, wind energy, sport and building industries, low-pressure die casting machines for the production of aluminium castings, compact design without any additional equipment.

FURTENBACH GmbH  -  producer of binders and coatings for the foundry industry.

G&L FEUERFESTTECHNIK GmbH  -  supplier of insulating components for laboratory and industrial furnaces to 1800C.

HAGI  -  representative and advisor to leading foundry equipment manufacturers, consulting services to the foundry industry, project management, strategic business concepts, engineering, foundry planning, a complete used equipment / spare parts service.

HANS SCHWARZ METALLGIESSEREI GmbH & CO. KG (METTEC GUSS METALLGIESSEREI UND FORMENBAU GmbH)  -  aluminium and bronze foundry, production of wooden, plastic and metal patterns for manual casting, core boxes for cold box processes, and pattern plates for moulding machines.

INDUKTIVE ERWARMUNGSANLAGEN GmbH  -  induction systems for smelting metals by indirect heating of a graphite crucible or in ceramic crucibles, induction heating units, contact-free infrared temperature measurement system for temperature control, technical ceramics.

INTECO SPECIAL MELTING TECHNOLOGIES GmbH  -  customized turn-key solutions in the field of special and secondary metallurgy, provider of preliminary, basic and detailed engineering for entire plants including mechanical and electrical engineering as well as automation, project and construction management, supplier of equipment and complete plants - from small auxiliary machinery and apparatus to fairly large process units as well as complete equipment and facilities for micro- and mini steelmaking plants for the alloy- and special steel making industry, electric arc furnaces, ladle furnaces, vacuum degassing units, ingot casting technology solutions, electroslag remelting, vacuum arc remelting, vacuum induction melting, continuous casting machines for long products, special solutions for die production of special steels, special casting applications, components of continuous casting machines - ladle shroud manipulators, stopper rod mechanisms, mould level control solutions, emergency slide gates, mould oscillators, consulting, technology transfer, technical assistance.

KAREF HANDELS GmbH  -  refractory materials for the steel metallurgy and foundry industry, magnesium-carbon and magnesium-chromite bricks, burnt bauxite bricks, high-grade zirconium removable nozzles, plates.

KMF MASCHINENFABRIKEN GmbH  -  production of tilting rotary furnaces for aluminium scrap recycling, mills and grinders, special machinery, plant construction, process engineering and contract manufacturing.

MONTANWERKE BRIXLEGG AG  -  brass, bronze, red brass, copper and precious scrap metals recycling, production of copper alloy ingots, copper cathodes, pure copper round bars, billets and cakes, gold granules or bars, silver granules, platinum / palladium mixed cement, blast furnace granos (iron silicate slag), copper oxychloride powder, mixture of metal oxides of lead, tin and zinc, a subsidiary of the Swiss Group Umcor AG specialized in the trading of non ferrous metals.

MESSPHYSIK MATERIALS TESTING GmbH  -  materials testing solutions, creep testing systems, optical strain measurement, special testing systems, universal testing machines.

PINCZOLITSCH GmbH & CO. KG  -  consulting in the field of casting materials and solutions for the procurement of casting components.

RHI AG  -  production, sale and lining of non-substitutable refractory products, specialty ceramics, kiln furniture and raw materials for the iron & steel, cement, lime, glass, nonferrous metals, environment, energy and chemical industries.

SAG ALUMINIUM LEND GmbH & CO. KG  -  a part of Salzburger Aluminium Gruppe (SAG), aluminium alloys for the manufacturing industry - aluminium cast materials for gravity and pressure die casting, investment casting, green sand moulds and dried sand moulds casting.

THE RATH GROUP  -  refractory products for service temperatures between 800C and 1800C.


AUSTRIA METALL AG (AMAG)  -  manufacturer of aluminium semis and casthouse products - aluminium flat rolled products in the form of coils, sheets and plates, foundry alloys in the form of ingots, sows and liquid aluminium, the application range of the products extends from aircrafts, automobiles and sporting goods, buildings, machinery, packaging, lighting, decoration up to IT and telecommunication.

ANDRITZ METALS / ANDRITZ GROUP  -  supplier of metalforming technologies and complete lines for the production and further processing of cold-rolled carbon steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metal strip, a part of Andritz Group - a leading supplier of plants, equipment, and services for hydropower stations, the pulp and paper industry, the metalworking and steel industries, and for solid/liquid separation in the municipal and industrial sectors.

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