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ALAN BECKWITH MACBRO PTY. LTD.  -  cast iron, aluminium alloys, brass, bronze and gun metal foundry, production of wood and resin patterns for greensand and hard sand moulding, aluminium / cast iron patterns for shell moulding.

AUSTRALIAN COMBUSTION SERVICES PTY. LTD.  -  gas burners and controls for industrial & commercial applications, burners and systems that are suitable for all forms of metal heat working - aluminium processing, brass / bronze melting, die, mould and launder heating, die heating hand torches, zinc processing, lead / solder melting, gold / silver processing, ladle / crucible preheating, furnace burners, etc.
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ALFON ENGINEERING PTY. LTD.  -  a precision machining company, production of patterns, press tools, gauges, jigs and fixtures, special purpose machines, replacement parts.

ACI INDUSTRIAL MINERALS PTY. LTD.  -  supplier of industrial sands, glass sands, crushed rock, limestone.

AUSZINC METALS & ALLOYS PTY. LTD.  -  producer of primary and secondary zinc alloys used in the galvanizing industry, diecasting foundries and for other special purposes, a division of Valmont Australia Pty. Ltd.

ALTA METALLURGICAL SERVICES (ALTA)  -  high level metallurgical and project development consulting, technical short courses and seminars, international
technical / metallurgical conferences and trade exhibitions, extensive experience in copper, nickel, cobalt, uranium, gold, silver and base metals.

ABEL METAL SERVICES PTY. LTD.  -  manufacture and distribute metallurgical consumables for foundries, steelmaking and smelting, metals, alloys, recarburisers, inoculants, fluxes, refractories, binder systems.

ANSAC PTY. LTD.  -  design and manufacture of specialized equipment for applications in the industrial and mining market, supplier of tilting smelting furnaces for gold producers.

ADELAIDE PATTERN TOOLING & DESIGN PTY. LTD.  -  toolmaking, patternmaking and production machining.

ANDREW ROGERS INDUSTRIAL DESIGN  -  industrial design engineering service, pattern making, aluminium filled epoxy tooling, prototyping, small scale zinc, aluminium and precious vacuum metal casting.

BISLEY & CO. PTY. LTD.  -  supplier of raw materials to the metallurgical, chemical, fertiliser, refractory, ceramics, construction, plastics and rubber industries,
a diverse range of raw materials for aluminium pot rooms, anode production and cast houses - primary aluminium ingot and billet, aluminium casting alloys, alloys for grain refining, alloys for eutectic modification, degassing and cleaning fluxes for aluminium and aluminium alloys, sheet, coil and foil flat rolled products, aluminium rod for cable drawing and steel deoxidation applications, copper casting alloys for the foundry and die casting industries, primary magnesium ingots, ferro alloys, high purity graphite and carbon products to the foundry and steel making industries, refractory / ceramic raw materials, zircon flour and zirconium silicate.

BERJAK & PARTNERS, AUSTRALIA  -  traders in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and scrap, mineral sands - rutile sand and flour, zircon sand and flour.

BLAST-ONE INTERNATIONAL  -  blasting and cleaning equipment for surface preparation and corrosion control in many different industries - oil & gas, mining, structural steel fabrication, water infrastructure, marine and bridge refurbishment work, airless shot blasting systems for descaling, shot peening, deburring, key finishing or for the removal of sand, rust or paint, used extensively by foundries, steel fabricators, investment casters, automotive component manufacturers and heat treaters, abrasives - aluminium oxide, plastic media, tempered steel grit and steel shot, a division of Blastmaster Management Pty. Ltd.

BENDIGO PATTERNMAKERS  -  traditional patternmaking, CNC patternmaking, master patterns, prototypes and pattern solutions to a wide range of industries - foundries, toolmaking, vacuum forming, automotive, aviation, transport / rail, agriculture and general manufacturing, a Keech Australia subsidiary.

BEZA PATTERNS AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD.  -  production of foundry patterns and core boxes, prototypes.

BARNES PRODUCTS PTY. LTD.  -  supplier of silicone rubber, polyurethane resin, clay, glues, chemicals, fibreglass, gypsum, low melt alloys, metal powders, wax products, mould making and pattern making materials, tools and accessories for sculpting, moulding and casting.

CMC (AUSTRALIA) PTY. LTD.  -  ferro alloys - ferro chrome, ferro manganese, ferro molybdenum, ferro niobium, ferro phosphorus, ferro silicon, ferro titanium and ferro vanadium, metals - aluminium, copper, magnesium, nickel, tin, pig iron, aluminium grain refiners, aluminium modifiers, recarburisers, inoculants, nodulants, slag coagulants, steel and metal products - hot / cold rolled coil and strip, rectangular, square and circular hollow sections, pipes, bars, wire mesh, wire rod, fence wire, fence posts.

CONSOLIDATED ALLOYS PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of tin and lead based products including a full range of solders, bearing metals, jewellery casting alloys and fusible alloys, supplier of zinc, lead, tin, aluminium, antimony, bismuth, cadmium, indium, tin oxide and silver.

C.A. RICH PTY. LTD.  -  production of foundry patterns and core-boxes, die casting dies, plastic injection moulds.

CMA CORPORATION LTD.  -  a leading integrated metal recycling group with operations in the supply, processing, smelting and exporting of scrap metal, supplier of high purity ductile grade pig iron, "Meretec meltstock", dri-melt steel, baled steel, sheared metals and briquettes, copper, aluminium, lead and tin based ingots.

COOINDA CERAMICS PTY. LTD.  -  production of of industrial ceramics, ceramics for the foundry industry - high alumina ceramic pouring and running systems, tubes, reducing tubes, bends, tees, tapered downsprues, slotted ingates, flowered ingates, rod covers, pouring wells, pouring bells, Ezy-pour bells, ceramics for investment casting - cones, solid rods.

CENTRE LINE PATTERNS  -  engineering and automotive patternmakers, wood, plastic and polystyrene equipment and parts, patterns, coreboxes, moulds, check fixtures / gauges, vacuum forming tools and fibreglass parts.

CERAMIC OXIDE FABRICATORS PTY. LTD.  -  supplier of ceramic products to industry, research laboratories and universities, laboratory standard crucibles, thermo-gravimetric and differential thermal analysis crucibles, furnace tubes, alumina or zirconium rods and tubes, oxygen probes, ceramic oxygen sensors for measurement and control of oxygen at high temperature, ceramic machined products.

CONSOLIDATED REFRACTORIES AUSTRALASIA PTY. LTD.  -  a wholesaler of refractory products - refractories, fire bricks, furnace, bricks, ceramic fibre, fibrecoat, furnace cote.

DYNAREF PRODUCTS  -  products for the foundry industry, refractories for all furnace types for iron, steel and non ferrous applications, crucibles, ceramic hollowware (gating systems), fluxes suitable for aluminium and copper alloys, bentonite for ferrous and non-ferrous green sand systems, phenolic resins for the shell process, non contact sensors for molten metal level control.

DOLMAN PATTERN AND MODEL MAKERS  -  manufacturer of foundry patterns for automotive, engineering and architectural castings.

FURNACE ENGINEERING  -  design, manufacturing and installation of a wide range of furnaces, heat processing equipment and engineering services for aerospace, aluminium, defence, electronic, extrusion, heat treatment, induction heating and melting, mining, pharmaceutical, food processing and scientific research, the range products includes melting & holding furnaces, environmental chambers, process ovens, clean room ovens, heat treatment furnaces.

FURNACE TECHNOLOGIES PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of heat treatment furnaces, fire assay furnaces, tilting smelting furnaces, kilns, ovens and driers, gas, electrical and oil fired industrial process equipment, ceramic fiber refractory, crucibles, graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces, fine grained graphite structures, controls systems, burners and switching devices, safety clothes for head and eye protection, hand and body protection, foot wear.

G & C INSTRUMENT SERVICES PTY. LTD.  -  supplier of new and refurbished optical emission spectrometers, spectrometer parts and consumables, sample preparation machines.

HOTFLO DIECASTING PTY. LTD.  -  supplier of software, equipment, know-how and defect diagnosis to companies making die cast parts around the world,
own plant for designing and making tools, dies and special tooling components.

H. PHIPPS PTY. LTD.  -  toolmaking and pattern making, wood, plastic and metal foundry patterns and core-boxes, prototypes, cast iron gravity dies.

INDUSTRIAL THERMOCOUPLE SUPPLIES PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of temperature sensor assemblies for all facets of industry - thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors, thermowells and float level assemblies, process control equipment, cables, connectors, insulators.

JAMES CUMMING & SONS PTY. LTD.  -  coal and carbon products for the municipal water and wastewater treatment, air pollution and odour control, iron and steel manufacture, foundry industry, glass manufacture, refractory industry, oil refining and lubricants, pyrotechnics manufacture and friction products industry, metallurgical coke, coal dust, Hoskins blacking (high temperature foundry facing which gives a clean finish to the casting), amorphous graphite, graphite for electrode manufacture, graphite used in the metal casting process as a mould release agent.

JAMES COPPELL LEE  -  production of copper alloys for a variety of applications, distributor of non-ferrous metal and alloy products.

J.W.Styles Australasia, Consultant Valuers & Auctioneers, Leaders in the valuation and sale of all types of capital assets, J.W.STYLES AUSTRALASIA PTY. LTD.  -  Consultant valuers and auctioneers, leaders in the valuation and sale of all types of capital assets in engineering, steel fabrication, manufacturing, mining, earthmoving, construction, defense, foundry machines, automotive, aeronautical, transport, petro-chemical, chemical and allied, plastics, textiles, printing, office and IT sectors.
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K & R LADLE CO. PTY. LTD.  -  manufacture a thermic lances (Australian Thermic Lance Co., a division of K & R Ladle Co.), heavy duty ladles, light ladles - metal spun, cone-shaped bowls, skimmers, tongs, degassing plungers, specialised furnace tools to suit the specific requirements of each company.

KK & S INSTRUMENTS  -  representatives, products for non destructive testing - ultrasonic inspection system, circular scanning sensors, specular reflection sensors, ultrasonic flaw detectors for cavities - shrinkages in castings, laminations and weld examination, after sales service, technical consultancy and assistance.

KC INDUSTRIES PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of general technical ceramics, foundry tubes, molten metal sampling devices, resistor formers, terminal blocks, beads and spacers for electrical insulation, element supports tubes, high temperature radiants for the heating industry, mill balls, tower packing and boiler tubes for the chemical engineering industry, grinding media, stud welding ferrules, combustion boats.

KIMBENY PATTERNMAKING PTY. LTD.  -  production of timber, plastic, epoxy and aluminium foundry patterns combining traditional skills with modern technology.

KIRKSIDE PRODUCTS PTY. LTD.  -  materials supplier for industry, fabricators, manufacturers, mould makers, pattern makers and artists - silicone moulding rubber, silicone elastomers and silicone oils, fast cast urethanes, epoxy adhesives, polyester resins, sculpting clay, sculpting wax, self hardening modeling & repair compounds, carbon firbre, fiberglass reinforcements, release agents.

LEWIS AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD.  -  integrated automation solutions for the metals, mining, automotive and industrial sectors, fully automatic zinc block casting machines for smelters, automatic labeling systems for metals at temperatures up to 600 ºC, heavy duty rotary tables, robotic systems.

LABEC LABORATORY EQUIPMENT PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of scientific, medical and research equipment, incl. laboratory muffle, tube and split tube furnaces capable of operating to temperatures of 1800°C.

MACHINERY AUTOMATION & ROBOTICS (MAR) PTY. LTD.  -  designer and manufacturer of complete industrial automation solutions for food production, pharmaceutical, solar, white goods manufacturing, packaging, chemicals, water treatment and filtration, aluminium smelting, casting and metals industries, an Inductotherm service agent, spare parts for all types of furnaces, furnace rebuilds, installation work.

MATHEWS INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS PTY. LTD.  -  supplier of gas, diesel or electric furnaces for fusion, cupellation, tilting, static, gold room or foundry smelting, graphite and silicon carbide foundry crucibles, multi-use fire assay crucibles, fire and insulation bricks, ceramic industrial insulation, furnace lining kits, furnace pouring spouts, locating and burner blocks, thermocouple complete systems, analytical combustion boats, cupels, laboratory consumables, protective clothing, footwear, gloves and safety equipment.

MAHIMA INDUCTION TECHNOLOGIES (MIT) PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of induction melting furnaces, holding furnaces, metal refining furnaces, auto pouring systems, furnace body spare parts, thyristors, diodes, coils.

M. MURRAY & ASSOCIATES PTY. LTD.  -  a one-stop shop of technology for the magnesium, aluminium, zinc and brass high pressure, low pressure and gravity die casting, casting design, alloy development, molten metal flow systems and flow simulation, die design, thermal analysis and heat control of dies, training, quality systems and management advice, monitoring of die casting machines.

MTS METALLURGY PTY. LTD.  -  mechanical testing and metallurgical examination services - tensile load testing, compression testing, bend testing, Charpy impact testing, hardness testing, material identification and microstructural examination, metallurgical failure analysis, heat treatment of materials.

MC SCIENTIFIC PTY. LTD.  -  a laboratory consumable supplier, combustion analysis equipment, ceramic, graphite, porcelain and quartz crucibles, furnace silicon carbide heating elements, thermocouples, thermocouple tubes, furnace tubes, X-ray and spectro-chemical sample preparation equipment and accessories, metal sieves for industry and laboratory, safety equipment - clothing, glasses, gloves.

MORGAN THERMAL CERAMICS FURNACE INDUSTRIES  -  production of furnaces, kilns, crucibles and cupels for the fire assay laboratory and gold mine processing markets, a part of Morgan Advanced Materials plc - UK.

NYRSTAR HOBART PTY. LTD.  -  a large-scale zinc smelter with a capacity of 280 000 tonnes, refining of zinc-bearing concentrates and manufacture of special high grade (SHG) zinc, zinc die-casting alloys and zinc galvanizing alloys, cadmium metal, etc., a part of Nyrstar - a Belgium-based integrated mining and metals business company.

NORTHERN SMELTERS PTY. LTD.  -  lead free high tin pewter model metal, lead-free solder, high purity tin / lead solder, antimonial tin / led solder, lead ingots, sticks, sheet and shot, bullet casting alloys, spin-casting / jewellery casting alloys, low-melting alloys, bearing (Babbitt) metal, antimony ingots, bismuth slabs, cadmium balls for electroplating, chrome-plating anodes, tin electro-plating anodes.

O.D.T. ENGINEERING PTY. LTD.  -  design and supply of casting / material handling equipment and production consumables for aluminium and magnesium casthouses, remelt ingot casting and stacking facilities for producing smelter grade remelt ingots and foundry ingots up to 30 tonnes per hour, the company offers a wide range of vertical direct chill casting equipment suitable for semi-continuous casting of aluminium extrusion billets, rolling ingots and T-bars, and a range of auxiliary equipment for casthouses - metal degassers, metal filtration units, grain refiner rod feeder units, oil separation units, launder systems, launder level control systems, casting pit water control systems, a regional representative for Drache Umwelttechnik-Germany, a world leader in molten metal filtration.

PRECISE ADVANCED MANUFACTURING GROUP (PAMG)  -  supplier of complex cavity moulds to international markets in the automotive, packaging and whitegoods industries - cast metal moulds, cast wheel moulds, injection moulds and blow moulds.

PORTABLE ANALYTICAL SOLUTIONS PTY. LTD. - PAS  -  importer and distributer of a full range of Niton hand-held X-ray fluorescence analysers for screening incoming scrap, providing quick, non-destructive chemistry and grade verification of chill castings and final product.

PACIFIC RIM FOUNDRY SERVICES  -  foundry chemicals - furan binder systems, phenolic urethane no-bake binder systems, release agents, second hand foundry machines, sand mixers and sand reclamation equipment, safety products to the foundry and related industries.

REFRACTORY & CERAMIC PTY. LTD.  -  supplier of imported and locally made refractory products for foundry, aluminium, steel, glass and building products industries.

RUSSELL FRASER SALES PTY. LTD.  -  ultrasonic testing equipment and accessories, industrial radiography equipment, cracktest range of non destructive testing products, infrared thermal imaging instruments for industrial, forensic, security and domestic use, hardness testers, second hand non destructive testing equipment.

REFRACTECH PTY. LTD.  -  ceramic foam filters, crucibles and accessories, insulating materials, fluxes, thermocouples and portable digital pyrometers, vacuum density instrumentation, detectors of gas contained in molten aluminium, laser spinning rotor degassing and fluxing machine.
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ROCLA PTY. LTD.  -  construction and building sands supplier, specialised dried sands for foundries, glass manufacture and other manufacturing uses, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fletcher Building Group - a diversified global building industry company.

REITER PRECISION TOOLING PTY. LTD.  -  production of die casting dies and trim tools, plastic injection moulds, blow moulds and silicon moulds.

RESIN SANDS (SA) PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of resin coated sands for the preparation of shell cores and moulds in ferrous and non-ferrous metal casting, base sands: silica, zircon, chromite, olivine, cerabeads (ceramic sand).

SIMS ALUMINIUM PTY. LTD.  -  supplier of specification secondary aluminium alloy product to the automotive industry, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sims Metal Management Ltd.

SHARMA BROS PTY. LTD.  -  diversified natural resources group with activities in the mining, processing and marketing of metals and minerals, specializing in cobalt, copper, nickel and zinc.

SOUTHERN PACIFIC SANDS  -  supplier a diverse range of specialty silica sands to the foundries, bio-retention filtration, sporting, horticultural and construction industries.

TOMAGO ALUMINIUM COMPANY PTY. LTD.  -  aluminium smelter, manufacturer of aluminium extrusion billet, rolling slab and foundryingot.

THE AUGUST METAL & ALLOY CO. (AMAC) PTY. LTD.  -  alloy producer for a wide range of industries - foundries, metal fabrication, shipping, construction, forestry, aviation, mining, petrochemical, defence and government infrastructure, master alloys - tin based, lead based, aluminium based, zinc based, magnesium based, bismuth and indium alloys, secondary ingots - tin, bismuth, indium, aluminium, zinc, magnesium and lead, cathodic protection systems, a part of AMAC Group.

THE CRUCIBLE GROUP PTY. LTD.  -  a research and consulting organisation - education, technology assessments, life cycle analysis, strategy development, analysis of complex technical, industry or policy issues, promotion of innovation, plant trials, laboratory projects, non-routine testing and problem solving, product development, clarification of process fundamentals, process modeling and material characterisations, improvements to costs, product quality and environmental performance, own laboratory which has a range of melting furnaces and complementary induction power supplies, a levitation apparatus designed to study liquid metal interfacial phenomena and solidification, analytical equipment for absorption spectrometry, gas chromatography and metallography.

TEMPERATURE CONTROLS PTY. LTD.  -  production of temperature and level sensors for all industries and applications, incl. foundry & metallurgy.

T.G.S INDUSTRIAL SANDS PTY. LTD.  -  producer of kiln dried & graded silica sand for foundries, construction, adhesive, water-treatment, manufacturing and civil engineering, a part of the Metro Quarries Group.

TETLOW KILNS AND FURNACES PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of industrial and laboratory furnaces, aluminum melting, holding crucible or bath furnaces, magnesium melting furnaces, burnout lost wax furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, spare parts for kilns and furnaces - temperature controllers / programmers, heating element controls, heating elements.

T-MAG PTY. LTD.  -  machines for casting magnesium alloys parts for a wide range of industries.

TOOLING SOLUTIONS PTY. LTD.  -  pattern and model making services using a wide range of materials - timber, cast aluminium, epoxy resins, gravity and vacuum cast polyurethane, tooling board and modelling paste, polystyrene, closed cell or polyurethane foams, in house aluminium foundry, low production run castings for prototypes and plastic tooling - whether for rotational moulding, vacuum forming, rim moulding, composite lay-up or infused moulds.

WESTON ALUMINIUM PTY. LTD.  -  manufacturer of aluminium ingots for the die casting industry, de-oxidants, fluxes, desulphurising agents and slag conditioners.

WARILL ENGINEERING SALES (AUST) PTY. LTD.  -  engineering design and manufacture of foundry and material handling equipment, a wide range of equipment for use in green sand and chemical sand moulding, core making, thermal and mechanical sand reclamation, sand testing, materials handling equipment and vibratory equipment, representative of Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd - UK (joint venture, WES Omega Foundry Machinery Pty. Ltd.), Equipment Merchants International - USA and Vulcan Engineering - USA.

W.GRANOWSKI PTY. LTD.  -  expert in surface preparation technologies, production of both standard and custom-built air blast machines and wheel blast shot blasting machines, abrasive blasting equipment, spare parts and degreasing equipment for a wide range of industrial applications - general manufacturing, marine, aircraft engines, parts and panels, automobile manufacturers, surface preparation for coatings in rail transportation, aluminium smelters, surface preparation for die cast products, cleaning castings large and small, a full range of high performance abrasive from steel shot and grit, garnet, and glass bead for all blasting needs, second hand machines and equipment.

WILLIAMS PATTERNS PTY. LTD.  -  production of foundry, automotive, plastic, vacuum forming and prototyping patterns and tooling.

WARDROBE REFRACTORIES PTY. LTD.  -  repair and installation of all types of refractories, rebuilt or repair of industrial furnaces, refractory consulting services including refractory lining design, failure investigation & analysis, and life cycle cost analysis.

XRF SCIENTIFIC LTD.  -  manufacturer and supplier of platinum and platinum alloy crucibles, dishes and moulds for the fusion process which is used in a wide variety of industries - glass and ceramics industry, metallurgy / steel industry, analysing iron ores, blast furnace slags and even magnesite, base metal for the analysis of sulphides concentrates, silicate slags, mattes, sinters, mineral sands industry, cement industry, analysing sand, limestone, kiln feed, clinker, university’s and research organisations.

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