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OPDEL, ITALY  -  furnaces and machinery for precious metals treatment - melting furnaces, tilting furnaces for melting, continuous casting furnaces, annealing furnaces, braze welding belt ovens, and vacuum casting machines.

ODLEWNIA ALUMINIUM FRONTAL, POLAND  -  aluminium alloys in ingots according to customer's specification, aluminium for desoxidation in form of cones, hemispheres, pyramids, ingots and the granules.

OFZ A.S., SLOVAKIA  -  producer of ferroalloys based on silicon, chromium, manganese as well as other complex alloys, powdered ferroalloys, inoculants and nodulizers.

OSAKA ALLOYING WORKS, CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  master alloys - phosphor-copper, phosphor-nickel, phosphor-iron, phosphor-tin, cupro-manganese, cupro-silicon, cupro-nickel, cupro-iron, cupro-magnesium, cupro-cobalt, cupro-aluminum, cupro-zirconium, wear-resistant copper mold materials, copper electrodes, deoxidizes and additives.

ORIENTAL COPPER CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  manufacturer of high conductivity copper busbar, rod, tape and profiles, silver-bearing copper alloys, copper anodes, copper hollow conductors for induction melting or heat treatment furnaces, copper fabricated products.

OCTO CORINDO SARANA PT., INDONESIA  -  foundry materials and machinery supplier - sand preparation systems, molding systems, surface treatment machinery, refractories, sand system additives, molten metal additives and surface treatment abrasives.

OLMA d.d., SLOVENIA  -  industrial lubricants, metalworking fluids and additives for metalworking fluids, fire resistant hydraulic fluids for die casting shops, foundries, steel plants, glassworks, rolling mills and mines, heat treatment products, heat transfer oils, anticorrosion agents, greases, automotive lubricants.

O.D.T. ENGINEERING PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  design and supply of casting / material handling equipment and production consumables for aluminium and magnesium casthouses, remelt ingot casting and stacking facilities for producing smelter grade remelt ingots and foundry ingots up to 30 tonnes per hour, the company offers a wide range of vertical direct chill casting equipment suitable for semi-continuous casting of aluminium extrusion billets, rolling ingots and T-bars, and a range of auxiliary equipment for casthouses - metal degassers, metal filtration units, grain refiner rod feeder units, oil separation units, launder systems, launder level control systems, casting pit water control systems, a regional representative for Drache Umwelttechnik-Germany, a world leader in molten metal filtration.

ONE EIGHTY (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  a materials / metallurgical engineering and consulting company, engineering solutions: selection and evaluation of engineering materials for a specific application, manufacturing process optimization, product design and development, reverse engineering of products and processes, failure investigation, expert witness work, commercial research and development technology development, materials testing services: corrosion testing, fatigue testing, Charpy impact test, strength testing, hardness testing, electron microscopy, light microscopy, composition testing.

OSKAR FRECH GmbH + CO. KG, GERMANY  -  diecasting machines for aluminium, magnesium and zinc alloys - hot chamber diecasting machines, cold chamber diecasting machines, automation equipment for the optimization of production processes, longlife diecasting dies, tooling and handling devices, ladling units, heating and cooling units, spraying units, casting extractors, weight sensors, conveyor belts, spare and wear parts for reliable machine operation, repaired, partially overhauled or completely overhauled second hand machines.

OMCO-GROUP, JAPAN  -  green-sand matchplate moulding machines, blow machines, separation screen machines, sand mixers, sand preparation and reclamation machines, shot blast cleaning machines.

OXBOW GROUP, USA  -  metallurgical coke, petroleum coke.

ORODJARSTVO GORJAK D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  pressure / gravity die casting moulds, patterns and core boxes for sand casting, trimming dies, drop forging tools, injection moulding equipment.

OGNEUPORNI GLINI JSC, BULGARIA  -  mining and processing of industrial minerals for ceramic, refractory, chemical, machine-building and cosmetic industries, fireclay and refractory materials for foundries and metallurgy.

ORINOCO IRON, C.A., VENEZUELA  -  the largest merchant Hot Briquette Iron (HBI) producer in the Americas, the plant is able to produce 2.2 million metric tons of HBI per year, HBI is a premium, high density steel industry raw material containing 90-94% total iron (Fe) in a nearly pure form, which is used in electric arc furnace, basic oxygen furnace, steelmaking, blast furnace, and cupolas.

OCL INDUSTRIES MATERIAL LTD., CANADA  -  a privately owned industrial supply company, marketing, distribution and materials handling of products for the manufacturing sector - metal casting, industrial refractory, cement manufacturing, surface preparation, etc., foundry sand, bentonite, binder systems, refractory bricks, castables, pre-cast shapes, gunning material, coatings and lubricants, fluxes, slag coagulants, crucibles, filters, steel shot and grit, ladles, flasks.

OXFORD INSTRUMENTS PLC, UK  -  provider of hi-tech tools and systems for quality control, elemental analysis, compliance testing, scrap metal recycling and coating thickness measurement.

ORIGINAL JSC, BULGARIA  -  dies, patterns.

OTTO JUNKER GmbH, GERMANY  -  induction furnaces and pouring systems for foundries.

ONTOGEPSZERVIZ KFT., HUNGARY  -  service, renewal and maintenance of die casting machines, trading several kinds of hydraulic parts, distributor of Idra srl Italy.

OKK KOKSOVNY, a.s., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  production of various types of coke for the metallurgy, cast iron foundries, forging, thermal insulation, chemical production and other industries, the production capacity is about 800 Kt / year, a subsidiary company of Metalimex a.s.

OPTOFORM LTD., BULGARIA  -  specialized in design and manufacturing moulds, dies, stamps and non-standard equipment for details made of plastic, bakelite, rubber, metal sheets and aluminum alloys, a subsidiary of Opticoelectron JSC - Bulgaria.

OKAZAKI MINERALS & REFINING CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  alcohol and water base coatings, furan and phenol no-bake binders.

OPTA MINERALS, INC., CANADA  -  processor, distributor and seller of industrial minerals, blast cleaning abrasive products, aluminum oxide, copper and coal blasting slag, chilled iron grit, steel shot and grit, ultrablast nickel slag, walnut shells, synthetic slag, foundry silica sands, olivine sands, resin coated sands, bentonite clay, riser sleeves, fluxes, filters, magnesium granules, silica sand for ladle additions, insulating ladle covers and bottom pour fluxes.

OXIDO METAL S.A., ARGENTINA  -  production of secondary zamak and aluminium alloys for foundries, a part of Grupo Industrial C&C.

OPERACIONES METALURGICAS S.A. (OMSA), BOLIVIA  -  tin smelter, the monthly capacity of 280 t of metallic tin ingots of 99.97%.

ODLEWNIA METALI SZOPIENICE (OMS) SP. Z O.O., POLAND  -  cast zinc alloys in ingots, zinc and aluminum primary alloys for galvanizing, rolled zinc anodes, solid and hollow rods from bronze and brass, modified / specialised brasses.

OMEL NDT EQ LTD., BULGARIA  -  supply, service and calibration of ultrasonic non-destructive testing equipment, supply of consumables and equipment for magnetic particle inspection and penetrant testing, own production of various equipment for non-destructive testing, own service center for all kinds and brands of non-destructive testing equipment, supply and service of equipment for determining the chemical composition of metals, supply machines for testing tensile, compression and bending of metals, sales representatives and certified service for portable metal hardness equipment.

OSTROSKY NON-FERROUS METALS CO., LTD., CHINA  -  a complex enterprise which integrates production, research and development, and marketing, supplier of non-ferrous metals, rare earth materials and chemical raw materials - silicon metal, ferro manganese, ferro silicon, aluminium ingots and powder, magnesium ingots and powder, antimony ingots and concentrate powder, bismuth ingots, tungsten powder, cerium oxide, lanthanum oxide, praseodymium oxide, neodymium oxide, europium oxide, silver mercury.

OSTENCO PROMITRA JAYA PT., INDONESIA  -  distributor of material testing machines.

ODERMATH STAHLWERKSTECHNIK GmbH, GERMANY  -  ladles, master alloys for magnesium treatments all known applications, inoculants for gray cast iron and nodular cast iron processes, alloying elements for basic melts and for ladle corrections, auxiliary agent, slag discharge material.

OLYMPUS SOFT IMAGING SOLUTIONS (OSIS) GmbH, GERMANY  -  electron microscopy / micro imaging hardware and software system development, production, distribution, support and service, solutions for the life sciences, materials sciences, semiconductor research and quality control.

OMSG S.p.A., ITALY  -  design and manufacture of shot blasting machines, shot-peening machines and machine systems for steel, cast iron and non ferrous foundries, pressing, heat treatment, steel structural works, tanks, pipe line plant, liquid and compressed gas bottles, metallic wire and bars, and paint removal, overhauled and reconditioned with original spare parts and skilled labor second hand shot and sand blasting machines.

OSHMA S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  hardness test machines and equipments, universal test machines, non destructive test inputs.

OVEN TECHNIEK NEDERLAND B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  development, production, maintenance, repair and renovation of furnace installations, furnaces for melting aluminium, bronze, lead, silver and gold, furnaces for forging, gas-fired chamber furnaces for heat treatment of metal products, infrared heating furnaces for the surface treatment of steel sections and plates, galvanizing furnaces with high-speed burners, furnaces for the glass, plastics and ceramic industries.

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