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LEGMOD, POLAND  -  manufacturer of patterns in wide dimensional range, for castings from several kilograms up to dozens of tons.
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LITMASH, MOLDOVA  -  producer of die-casting machines, low-pressure die-casting machines, investment casting machines, centrifugal bush-casting machines, automatic chill-casting lines, chamber-autoclaves for cast iron modification.
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LABOR AS D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  engineering and consulting, supplier of new and second-hand foundry equipment for melting, sand preparation, molding, core producing, cleaning and finishing.

LAMA AVTOMATIZACIJA D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  development, engineering and manufacture of machines, devices and components for automation of assembly in various production processes of electrical industry, automotive industry, industry of medical devices and metal-processing industry, development and manufacture of tools for spraying of thermoplasts, reshaping of sheetmetal and pressure die casting of non-ferrous metals, production of Lama Caster machine for manufacturing of small zinc die castings, a subsidiary company of Lama d.d. and the member of the International group held by the English company Titus International.

LETRIKA ASING D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  manufacturer of simple and demanding tools for pressure die casting of aluminium alloys, cutting tools and tools for cold forming of sheet metal, a subsidiary of Letrika d.d. - a Slovenia based global manufacturer of starter motors, alternators and drive systems for battery powered vehicles.

LANGLEY ALLOYS LTD., UK  -  supplier and manufacturer of nickel alloys, copper alloys, austenitic stainless steels, duplex stainless steels and super duplex alloys.

LAEMPE & MOESSNER GmbH, GERMANY  -  machines and equipment for the complete core shop from sand silos to robotic core processing systems.

LUGA ABRASIVE PLANT JSC, RUSSIA  -  graphite crucibles for casting non-ferrous metals and their alloys, for melting and distribution non-ferrous metals, for melting precious metals, graphite crucibles with a gutter for operations in rotating furnaces, graphite cylinder crucibles for operations in induction furnaces, foundry accessories, wide range of grinding and cut-off wheels.

LEWIS AUSTRALIA PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  integrated automation solutions for the metals, mining, automotive and industrial sectors, fully automatic zinc block casting machines for smelters, automatic labeling systems for metals at temperatures up to 600 ºC, heavy duty rotary tables, robotic systems.

LONDON & SCANDINAVIAN METALLURGICAL (LSM) CO. LTD., UK  -  a manufacturer of aluminium master alloys and grain refiners, metal treatment and modification alloys, hardeners and special powders, a member of the Advanced Metallurgical Group (AMG) - USA.

LUCKERATH B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  manufacturer and technical service provider with solutions for electromechanical maintenance, cleaning of industrial parts and graphite standard products and specials - crucibles, sintering moulds, grippers, outlet belts, steam housing ferrules, heating elements.

LECO CORP., USA  -  analytical instrumentation, ladle liners and crucibles.

LOBENHOFER CONSULTING, INC., USA  -  assisting foundries to improve their profitability through improvement of existing processes.

LATITUDE CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  import / export of products applied in the field of foundry and metallurgy - silicon carbide, magnesia and zirconium crucibles, glass fiber cloth, refractories, fluxes & degassers for zinc-, copper-, aluminum- and magnesium-alloys, ceramic foam filters, ceramic coating, lubricants for the gravity and low pressure die castings, magnesium ingot, magnesium alloys, silicon metal, thermocouple sheath.

LITHOMELT CO., LTD., CHINA  -  supplier of graphite electrodes, carbon products, copper mould tubes, equipment & spare parts for continuous casting machines, refractory bricks.

L.C.M.A. S.A., LUXEMBOURG  -  manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of titanium alloy semi-finished products - titanium bars, titanium ingots, titanium tubes, titanium sheets / plates and titanium wire.

LAVIOSA CHIMICA MINERARIA S.p.A., ITALY  -  bentonites, foundry sands, coal dusts, graphites, additives for the green sand molding.

LIPTERM DOO, NORTH MACEDONIA  -  producer and supplier of products for steel and allied industries - continuous casting mould fluxes, casting fluxes and exothermic powders for ingot casting, tundish and ladle cover powders, lubricants for ingots, unshaped refractory products, gunning mixes for basic oxygen furnaces, electric arc furnaces and ladles, magnesia-chromate based taphole filler sands.

LITEINYI DVOR, RUSSIA  -  design and manufacture of induction furnaces and equipment for processing non-ferrous metals.
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LIVNICA DIP D.O.O., SERBIA  -  non-ferrous metal production and trade company, aluminium, zinc and copper alloys in ingots, aluminium deoxidisers, zinc anodes for galvanize works, non-ferrous castings.

LUCKY DRAGON INT'L, CHINA  -  coke, carbon raiser, recarburizers and carbon additives for steel mills and foundries.

LAM DONG MINERALS AND BUILDING MATERIALS JSC, VIETNAM  -  bentonite, chamotte powder, various kinds of refractory ceramic pipes for metal casting industry, kaolin for refractory and ceramic industries.

LABEKO D.O.O., CROATIA  -  representation of manufacturers of laboratory or mobile equipment for quality control of industrial raw materials and finished products, optical emission spectrometers, carbon and sulfur analyzers, apparatus for measuring the nitrogen and oxygen in metals.

LIOR D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  complete die production for pressure / gravity die-casting foundries, plastic injection molds, prototype production.

LIVING D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  shotblast machines, air polution control equipment, engineering.

LIVMARK D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  production of zinc alloys, processing of scrap and secondary non-ferrous metals, purchase of non-ferrous metals - Zn, Al, Cu, and skimmings.

LUKAS-ERZETT GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  cutting, grinding and milling tools for any type of casting material, discs suitable for a range of grey iron / nodular iron, brass and red bronze separation processes, milling and engraving tools, grinding and polishing tools of bonded abrasives or fexible abrasives, cutting and grinding tools, cubic boron nitride / diamond grinding tools, power tools and tool-sets / accessories for the automotive, vehicle construction, railway construction, aircraft and aerospace industry, steel and tank construction, apparatus engineering, machine and plant engineering, shipyards, offshore, tool making, chemical, medical and food industry, environmental technology, energy production building and craft, mould and die production, surface optimization consultancy.

LA ELCHA MINERA INDUSTRIAL S.A., ARGENTINA  -  a mining company, production of bentonite for foundries and industrial minerals for ceramic and refractory sectors.

LESOON EQUIPMENT PTE. LTD., SINGAPORE  -  design and fabrication of pressure blast machines, after-coolers, dehumidifiers, dust-collectors, pneumatic vacuum machines, auto blast and spray paint plants.
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LOTUS FOR ENGINEERING CONSULTATION, EGYPT  -  consultation services in all metallurgical industrial topics and concerns: metal extracting, metal casting, metal forming, heat treatment, metal testing and evaluating, supplier of metallurgy / foundry raw materials, spare parts, equipments and instruments.

LUDWIG FOEBUS GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  supplier of products and accessories for foundries, patternmaking and metal industry - pins, skimmers, fork pans, vents, sand immersion nozzles, dowels, release agents, measuring tools, brushes, ceramic ladles, special files for core making and molding, ceramic foam filters, honeycomb filters, glass filter mesh for aluminum, iron and heavy metal castings, mineral fiber insulating feeders.

LUBER GmbH, SWITZERLAND  -  special products for the foundry industry, in particular core production, core sand preparation systems - core sand mixers and mixing plants for the preparation of core sand types such as cold box, betaset, SO2 (epoxy gas resin), CO2 hardening processes, hot box, warm box and inorganic binder systems, gassing units for all core manufacturing processes with gas hardening, centralized automatic catalyst supply system - automatic core sand mixing and distribution system, central store for core sand binders with automatic distribution, equipment for the coating of cores.

LUCKY GROUP, UAE  -  copper, brass and aluminum scrap recycling, secondary aluminum and semi-primary alloy manufacturing.

LARCO GMM S.A., GREECE  -  General Mining and Metallurgical Company Larco produces 18 000-20 000 tonnes / per year granulated ferronickel with 18%-24% nickel content for production of stainless steel (66%), non-ferrous alloys (12%), alloy steels (5%) and plating (7%), for foundries (3%) and batteries production (2%), as well as electric furnace slag made up mainly of iron oxides and silicon dioxide, oxides of calcium, magnesium, aluminum and chromium, used in sand blasting and in the cement industry.

LEGOR GROUP S.p.A., ITALY  -  supplier of gold, silver or other precious metals for jewellery sector, master alloys in the form of drops, powders, paste, liquids and semi-processed wire, non-precious metals (bronze and brass) for investment casting and processing, a complete line of alloys for dental applications, galvanic solutions and systems, machinery, tools and consumption products, own metal casting laboratory for investment casting in gold, silver and non-precious metals,
CAD-CAM modeling and rapid prototyping, rubber moulds production and waxes and trees preparation.

LIAN HE ALUMINIUM CO., LTD., VIETNAM  -  secondary aluminum smelter and aluminum alloy ingot manufacturer.

LUOYANG HENGZHENG COPPER CO., LTD., CHINA  -  supplier of copper cooling jackets for smelting furnace, blast furnace cooling staves, cooling water jackets for furnaces, water-cooled power feed contacts, crystallizer moulds, water cooling electrodes, end rings, nozzles, shell coal gasification burners, pressure rings, machining precision brasses, and non-standard design copper parts.

L. H. MARSHALL COMPANY, USA  -  thermocouples, protection tubes, thermocouple wire, and electronic meters for temperature measurement of nonferous metals.

LINN HIGH THERM GmbH, GERMANY  -  electrically heated laboratory- and high temperature furnaces, microwave and vacuum furnaces, induction heated fusion and remelting units for laboratories, workshop, research and industry.

LYDALL, INC., USA  -  fiber ceramic paper for furnaces.

LORAY INTERNATIONAL CORP., USA  -  blast furnace coke, foundry coke, carbon products.

LALOS INDUSTRIA METALURGICA LTDA., BRAZIL  -  manufacturer of machines for zamak pressure die casting and centrifugal casting.

LACKPROM JSC, BULGARIA  -  epoxy resins and hardeners for the manufacture of foundry resin patterns and core-boxes, protective anti-corrosion systems for ferrous and nonferrous metals, fireproof paints for metal and cables, heat resistant coatings, epoxy paints, varnishes and primers.
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LOGAM JAYA ABADI PT., INDONESIA  -  waste aluminium smelting and recycling, production of aluminium alloy ingots.

LOUYANG JIANYU MOLYBDENUM & TUNGSTEN TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD., CHINA  -  molybdenum and tungsten products, various molybdenum crucibles mainly used in metallurgy (rare earth smelting) - round mouth crucibles, taper crucibles, ellipse crucibles and bottomless crucibles, molybdenum powder, poles / rods, slabs, bars, plates, sheets, wire, electrodes, screws, molybdenum-lanthanum rods and plates, tungsten powder, bars and poles, slabs, rolling plates, wires, electrodes.

LIH KUANG PLASTIC INDUSTRY CO,.LTD., TAIWAN  -  production of pure aluminum ingots, aluminum master alloy ingots, aluminum alloy billets, aluminum extruded products, polyvinyl-chloride extruded products, road work safety equipment.

LEKON LTD., LATVIA  -  precious metals refining and trading, semi-finished precious metals products in form of ingots, wires and sheets.

LABEC LABORATORY EQUIPMENT PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of scientific, medical and research equipment, incl. laboratory muffle, tube and split tube furnaces capable of operating to temperatures of 1800C.

LIAONING MINERAL & METALLURGY GROUP CO., LTD., CHINA  -  manufacturer and supplier of refractories, isostatically pressed and continuous casting refractories, ladles to tundish shroud, monoblock stoppers, and submerged entry nozzles / shrouds, alumina carbon, alumina zirconia carbon and magnesia carbon slide gate plate refractories, wall blocks and porous plugs, magnesia carbon bricks, magnesite bricks, magnesia chrome bricks and magnesia spinel bricks, carbon blocks for blast furnaces, graphite electrodes for ladle furnaces and electric arc furnaces, ingot molds and moulds for centrifugal ductile cast iron pipes production.

LINE-MA AB OY, FINLAND  -  machines, refractories, foundry related materials.

LANGELAND MODELL A.S., NORWAY  -  wood, plywood and plastic foundry patterns and core-boxes according to customer drawings and specifications.

LENTING MODELMAKERIJ B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  foundry patterns and core-boxes, restoration works.

LOMPA METALS CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  aluminium secondary smelting & recycling plant, supplier of various specifications of aluminium alloy ingot, annual production capacity of 18 000 MT, a part of LRC Group Thailand.

LUCKY METAL ENTERPRISE, PAKISTAN  -  manufacturer and international trader of aluminium, zinc, tin, lead, copper, bronze, brass, cadmium and antimony ingots, solder bar and wire.

LORAIN MODERN PATTERN, INC., USA  -  manufacturer of patterns, materials include foam, wax, wood, plastic, urethane, epoxy, aluminum, steel & iron.

LAKSHMI MACHINE WORKS (LMW) LTD., INDIA  -  ductile / grey iron castings, pattern making in various materials such as seasoned teak wood, aluminium, epoxy resin, cast iron and expandable polysterene.

LOCK-N-STITCH, INC., USA  -  manufacturer of crack and thread repair products, specializes in all aspects of the repair of cracked and damaged cast iron and other cast metals.

LUX OY AB, FINLAND  -  a family-owned trading company, raw materials and machinery for the foundry, steel, ceramic and paper industries, raw materials and machinery related to the melting of metals, green sand moulding, core making, self setting processes, sand reclamation and pneumatic conveying equipment, materials and machinery for the cleaning and shot blasting of castings, materials for pattern making, refractory products, graphite electrodes.

LIBELA ORODJA D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  moulds for gravity diecasting of metals, sheet forming tools, curving, bending, cutting and traction tools, moulds for plastic, rubber and minerals, precision parts of tools.

LIVARSTVO-ORODJARSTVO MARJAN PODKUBOVSEK S.P., SLOVENIA  -  non-ferrous foundry, toolmaking section offers tools for pressure die casting, cutting tools, smithy's tools, different appliances, other tools.

LIBERTY PATTERN & MOLD, INC., USA  -  foundry patterns, models, forms, prototypes, tooling, product materials - woods, urethane, epoxy, styrofoam, wax, composites & other compounds.

LATROBE PATTERN COMPANY, USA  -  patterns for the foundry industry, patterns of all types and sizes in wood, metal, plastics, and styrofoam.

LA PACE INTERNATIONAL TRADE MINING CO., LTD., EGYPT  -  producer and exporter of mineral materials, supplier of kaolin for refractory, cement, ceramic and paper industries, silica sand and bentonite for foundries, glass and ceramic industries.

LG PRIMET S.r.l., ITALY  -  production of cold-box and shell-molding cores for cast iron, steel, aluminum and special alloys castings.

LOCA REFRACTORIES PT., INDONESIA  -  fire clay bricks, high alumina bricks, basic bricks, insulating bricks, high silica bricks, silicon carbide bricks, mortars and castables.

LANKA REFRACTORIES (PVT.) LTD., SRI LANKA  -  production of standard, end arch and other special shape fire bricks, insulation bricks, fire clays, refractory castables and ramming masses, and various other furnace / kiln furniture for the foundries, steel, cement, ceramic and porcelain industries.

LA REFRATTARIA S.n.c., ITALY  -  production of furnace refractory concretes, bricks, ceramic blocks, mortars and insulating materials.

LABTESA S.A., ARGENTINA  -  testing and analysis services, chemical analysis, mechanical tests, metallographic analysis, corrosion testing, coating trials,
non-destructive testing, special testing and analysis.

LERG S.A., POLAND  -  a renown manufacturer and exporter of synthetic resins for use in various industries, including foundry industry - furan resins for the production of self-curing moulding mixtures in both no-bake and hot-box processes, ester-cured and CO2-cured phenolic resins, novolak resins for resin-bonded sands for the production of hot-box cores by the Croning process, polyester resins characterised by a high filler absorption during mixing and a low exothermic peak in the post-cure processes, phenolic resins for the production of insulation materials.

LORAMENDI S. COOP., SPAIN  -  design and manufacturing of foundry machinery, flaskless vertical moulding lines, installations for sand core production, spare parts.

LUBGRAF SYNOILS PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of lubricants, greases and anti corrosives, lubricants and die release agents for aluminum and zinc pressure die-casting, forging compounds, drawing compounds, metal extrusion lubricants, cutting oils.

LAQ S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  materials testing laboratory, chemical tests of nonferrous / ferrous metals, routine mechanical tests - tensile, compression, hardness, microhardness, metallographic, technology trial, research services, technical assistance and consulting.

LAC, S.R.O., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  manufacturer and marketer of industrial furnaces - melting electric resistance or gas furnaces, induction furnaces for the melting of small amounts of non-ferrous metal (gold, silver, copper, brass), atypical furnaces, wax smelting furnaces, furnaces for metal heat treatment, laboratory furnaces, and dryers, refractory castable shapes, refractory concretes and refractory materials, heating patrons, spirals and elements, control and measurement elements, used melting furnaces.

LAMAR TOOL & DIE CASTING, USA  -  die cast die manufacturer.

LONGMOLD TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD., CHINA  -  a professional manufacturer specialized in designing, plastic injection mold, die casting mold, blow mold, plastic injection molding, rapid prototyping, secondary processing and assembly.

LOI THERMPROCESS GmbH, GERMANY  -  supplier of industrial furnaces for aluminium secondary melting and recycling.

LUMASENSE TECHNOLOGIES, INC., USA  -  temperature and gas sensing instruments for the energy, clean technology and industrial markets - metal production, induction hardening processes, pouring stream temperature non-contact measurements, and aluminium processing.

LA TERMOTECNICA S.n.c., ITALY  -  production and design of resistance temperature detectors and thermocouple type temperature sensors for the furnaces in iron and steel industry, heating plants, chemical and petrochemical industry, glass and ceramic industry.

Lionstech (Wuxi) Machinery Co. Ltd. - China: world renown manufacturer of core-box shooters, flaskless moulding machine & line, shell moulding machine and casting mould for foundry industry, www.lionstechfoundry.com LIONSTECH (WUXI) MACHINERY CO. LTD., CHINA  -  World renown manufacturer of core-box shooters, flaskless moulding machine and line, shell moulding machine and casting mould for foundry industry.
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LINZI YONGLIU CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO, LTD., CHINA  -  furfural and its derivatives including furfural, furfuryl alcohol, 2-methyl furan and levulinic acid.

LORDA Y ROIG S.A., SPAIN  -  foundry silica sand, plastic clay and bentonite binders for moulding sands, refractory concrete, refractory ceramic fibres based on pure alumina and silica, graphite electrodes, chamotte, kaolin, dolomite, feldspar.

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