INAS S.A. - Romania, a leading provider of software solutions, Magmasoft products INAS S.A.  -  ROMANIA

INAS is a leading provider of software solutions and related services for the Romanian industry.

With a rich practical experience gained prestigious collaborations with partners both Romanian and foreign industry, INAS specialists provide expert technical advice in the field of CAD / CAM / CAE, namely design and analysis services for a wide range of industries, from construction vehicles and heavy machinery to the nuclear industry and defense.

INAS is an authorized reseller of Magma Giessereitechnologie GmbH foundry software packages, and software products of Parametric Technology Corp., ANSYS Inc., Bentley Systems, Inc., CoreTech System Co., Ltd., CGTech and CAD Schroer.



37C, Nicolae Romanescu Blvd., 200738 Craiova, ROMANIA
tel.: (++40 251) 438789,  fax: (++40 251) 426335