MPM Pvt. Ltd., India's largest manufacturer of engineered Lustrous Carbon Additives, Lustron MPM Pvt. Ltd. - India
India's largest manufacturer of engineered Lustrous Carbon Additives Lustron for use in foundry green sand moulding practice.
ReactChem China, World renown manufacturer of specialty solvent for foundry moulding materials ReactChem Co., Ltd. - China
Specialty solvent for foundries: Triacetin, Propylene Carbonate,
Ethylene Glycol Diacetate, Dibasic Esters.
   Mingxi Jinfeng Silicon Industry Co., Ltd. - China
Manufacturer of various materials for foundry industry, colloidal silica,
mullite sand, flour and powder.

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LAVIOSA CHIMICA MINERARIA S.p.A., ITALY  -  bentonites, foundry sands, coal dusts, graphites, additives for the green sand molding.

LAM DONG MINERALS AND BUILDING MATERIALS JSC, VIETNAM  -  bentonite, chamotte powder, various kinds of refractory ceramic pipes for metal casting industry, kaolin for refractory and ceramic industries.

LA ELCHA MINERA INDUSTRIAL S.A., ARGENTINA  -  a mining company, production of bentonite for foundries and industrial minerals for ceramic and refractory sectors.

LA PACE INTERNATIONAL TRADE MINING CO., LTD., EGYPT  -  producer and exporter of mineral materials, supplier of kaolin for refractory, cement, ceramic and paper industries, silica sand and bentonite for foundries, glass and ceramic industries.

LG PRIMET S.r.l., ITALY  -  production of cold-box and shell-molding cores for cast iron, steel, aluminum and special alloys castings.

LERG S.A., POLAND  -  a renown manufacturer and exporter of synthetic resins for use in various industries, including foundry industry - furan resins for the production of self-curing moulding mixtures in both no-bake and hot-box processes, ester-cured and CO2-cured phenolic resins, novolak resins for resin-bonded sands for the production of hot-box cores by the Croning process, polyester resins characterised by a high filler absorption during mixing and a low exothermic peak in the post-cure processes, phenolic resins for the production of insulation materials.

LINZI YONGLIU CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO, LTD., CHINA  -  furfural and its derivatives including furfural, furfuryl alcohol, 2-methyl furan and levulinic acid.

LORDA Y ROIG S.A., SPAIN  -  foundry silica sand, plastic clay and bentonite binders for moulding sands, refractory concrete, refractory ceramic fibres based on pure alumina and silica, graphite electrodes, chamotte, kaolin, dolomite, feldspar.

MECAF ARGENTINA S.A., ARGENTINA  -  manufacturer of different grades of foundry coke for cupola furnaces, a wide range of products (recarburisers) specially manufactured to fit the content of carbon in liquid baths of furnaces and ladles, mould additives for improving substantially the finished cast iron parts.

M-BENISA LTD., KENYA  -  supplier of washed high purity silica sand for foundries and industrial minerals.

MINMET CARBONS INC., CANADA  -  steel mill ladle carbons, graphite pellets, dried metallurgical coke breeze, fluid petroleum coke - a fuel & reductant for melting industries, synthetic graphite recarburizers, olivine sand for non-ferrous and manganese steel foundries, olivine tundish backing sand, industrial grade nepheline syenite used as a slag kiquefier in steelmaking and as an addition to slag fluidizers or artificial slag mixes.

MANCUSO CHEMICALS LTD., CANADA  -  a worldwide supplier of foundry resins, chemicals and consumables, tin and steel mill chemicals, and resins for the coatings industries, as a supplier to foundries on 4 continents, Mancuso Chemicals Ltd. is a market leader in binder and resin technology, phenolic-urethane cold boxbinder systems, furan no-bake resins, phenolic cure resins, foundry adhesives and release agents.

MINING COMPANY MINERAL, UKRAINE  -  ceramic and refractory raw materials, bentonite moulding clay and moulding sands for foundries.

MITTAL DHATU RASHAYAN UDYOG, INDIA  -  metallic stearates, calcium stearate for resin coated sands.

MINMETEC ECUADOR CIA. LTDA., ECUADOR  -  manufacturer and distributor of non-metallic mineral products for the industrial sector - calcium bentonite for foundries, limestone for metallurgy, kaolin for ceramic and rubber industry.

MANSOURA FOR RESINS & CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES CO. SAE, EGYPT  -  production of formaldehydes, phenolic and urea-formaldehyde resins, for foundries - phenol formaldehyde resins (resole type) in liquid form, a no-bake binder, cured with the help of special type of organic acid of high molecular weight, shalco resins,
a novolak type phenol formaldehyde resins in liquid form for making of coated sand, furan resins and organic acids used as a hardeners.

MALCOM G. STEVENS, INC., USA  -  resin coated sand, bentonite.

METKO HUTTENES ALBERTUS, TURKEY  -  a company specialized in foundry auxiliaries, synthetic resin-based binders and ready-to-use mould coatings.
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MINCO, INC., USA  -  fused silica products to markets around the world, particularly for applications including investment casting, fillers, and refractories.

MINELCO, INC., USA  -  a wide range of industrial mineral products to various end use applications - foundry bentonites, chromite foundry sand, olivine - slagging agent, refractory raw material and blasting sand, zircon flour for investment casting, foundry zircon sand, inorganic binder system for sand-core production.

MINERA JOSE CHOLINO E HIJOS S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  extraction and processing of industrial minerals - bentonite used in foundry industry, mining and oil drilling, waterproofing, detergents and industrial absorbents production, gypsum, diatomite, flagstone.

MINERACAO JUNDU LTDA., BRAZIL  -  supplier of silica sands for molding mixtures, resin coated sands for shell molding process, industrial sands for glass and ceramics industries.

MINERALCOMMERS LTD., BULGARIA  -  the only producer of amorphous silica for the territory of Bulgaria and the Balkans, production of water glass for foundries and metallurgy.

MAKMUR META GRAHA DINAMIKA PT., INDONESIA  -  supplier of ferro-alloys, carburizers, nodularizers, inoculants, aluminium master alloys, slag coagulants, deoxidizers, grain refiners, lining materials for furnaces, crucibles, heavy industries refractory, moulding binders and additives, release agents, coatings,
die casting lubricants, steel shot and steel grit.

MARMARA METAL LTD., TURKEY  -  foundry sands.

META METALURJI MAKINA SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI., TURKEY  -  resin coated sands for shell cores & moulds, exothermic & insulating sleeves and feeding powders.

MALPRO OMAN SILICATES LLC (MALOM), OMAN  -  manufacturer and exporter of solid sodium silicate, liquid sodium silicate, sodium silicate powder, water glass and potassium silicate, products for foundry sands moulds and cores manufacturing, refractory binders, adhesives, detergents, drilling mud fluids and welding electrodes.

MARUTI PROTECTIVES, INDIA  -  manufacturer and supplier of waxes for investment casting foundries, wax formulations for use on all kinds of wax injection machines with reasonable controlling set-up, filled and unfilled pattern-waxes, water emulsifiable pattern-waxes, water soluble core-waxes, sticky and patch waxes.

MIKRO-PULVER KFT., HUNGARY  -  production of foundry bentonite, dried graded sand, coal powder, limestone powder, insulation adhesives.

MPM Pvt. Ltd., India's largest manufacturer of engineered Lustrous Carbon Additives, Lustron MPM PVT. LTD. - INDIA  -  India's leading manufacturer of foundry consumables used and applied in the critical spectrum and eco system of casting preparation such as mould and core making, feeding and methoding systems and melt preparation. India's largest manufacturer of engineered lustrous carbon additives Lustron for use in foundry green sand moulding practice.
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MINARMCO S.A., ARGENTINA  -  a mining company which produces natural sodium bentonite, supplier of petroleum, ceramics and foundry markets.

MOMENTIVE SPECIALTY CHEMICALS, INC., USA  -  an extensive range of products for all applications in cold, heat and gas curing processes, including refractory coatings, resin-coated sands and binders for sand cores and molds.

MACRIS SILICATES FACTORY, EGYPT  -  production and export of solid and liquid sodium silicate, sodium carbonate and silica gel, foundry silica sand.

MEREN SILICA PLANT, JORDAN  -  quartz sand extraction and processing, supplier of a wide range of silica sand for foundries, glass industry and construction sector, a part of Middle East Regional Development Enterprises (MEREN).

MONOKEM SURYA PT., INDONESIA  -  mining and purification of zirconium sands, manufacturer and supplier of zirconium silicate sand, zirconium silicate flour and micronized zirconium silicate for foundries (mould or core coatings, precision castings), refractory, ceramic and glass industries, manufacturer and supplier of ilmenite sand used as a sandblasting agent in the cleaning of die-casting dies.

MALPRO SILICA PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of sodium silicate and potassium silicate for foundries, precipitated silica and silica gel manufacturing, minerals and ceramics, mining, paper manufacturing, soap and detergent manufacturing, waste treatment, textile processing, zeolite manufacturing, technology, process expertise and consultancy in sodium silicate manufacturing and installation and commissioning of silicate plants on turnkey basis.

MAPRIN S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  supplier of foundry coke, bentonite, ferro-alloys, refractories, additives.

MENDIGUREN S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  sand binders and adhesives, metal ingots, ferro-alloys, carbon an silicon carbide crucibles, refractories.

METALPROD S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  ferroalloys, inoculants, nodulizers, refractory materials, moulding binders.

MAPRID TECH CAST, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  manufacture and sale of products for foundries, additives for molding sands for cast iron casting and fluxes for aluminum casting, technical advice services for foundries.

MINERAL WAX PLANT JSC, BELARUS  -  wax compounds for production of investment castings with complex geometric shapes, wax emulsions (anti-adhesion lubricants) intended for use as a release agent in molding components made of aluminum and its alloys by casting under pressure, for molding the rubber products, polymer based materials and reinforced concrete.

NOVA CIMNOR S.A.. PORTUGAL  -  distribution of industrial products, pig-iron, ferro-alloys, non-ferrous alloys, nodularizing catalysts and inoculants, recarburizing additives, fluxing and scarifying agents, bentonite, chromite sand, refractory and insulating materials, equipment and accessories for sand testing and temperature measurement, accessories for runner systems, abrasives for the metal casting industry.

NEW CHIEN TE HANG CO., LTD. (NCTH), TAIWAN  -  import and export of materials for the steel and foundry industry, pure metals, pig iron, aluminium ingot and powder, magnesium ingot, indium ingot, manganese flakes, cobalt flakes, ferro alloys, olivine sand and flour, quartz flour, microsilica powder, coke powder, inoculants, spheroidizers, carbon additives.

NIPPON GRAPHITE INDUSTRIES, LTD., JAPAN  -  manufacturer of graphite products, graphite powders for general use - flake graphite, amorphous graphite, synthetic graphite, graphite paints - hot and warm forging, mold lubricants for squeeze casting, lubricants for die casting.

NEGEV INDUSTRIAL MINERALS LTD., ISRAEL  -  extensive experience in the field of mining and processing minerals, subsidiaries: Hatira Sand Plant - mining and processing quartz sand for industrial use, Lime Plant - lime and limestone products and Ramon Crater - kaolin clays.

NEELKANTH SODACLAYS PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  a multi mineral company, bentonite for foundry use, plaster of Paris and gypsum lump and powder.

OCTO CORINDO SARANA PT., INDONESIA  -  foundry materials and machinery supplier - sand preparation systems, molding systems, surface treatment machinery, refractories, sand system additives, molten metal additives and surface treatment abrasives.

OKAZAKI MINERALS & REFINING CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  furan and phenol no-bake binders.

OPTA MINERALS, INC., CANADA  -  processor, distributor and seller of industrial minerals, blast cleaning abrasive products, aluminum oxide, copper and coal blasting slag, chilled iron grit, steel shot and grit, ultrablast nickel slag, walnut shells, synthetic slag, foundry silica sands, olivine sands, resin coated sands, bentonite clay, riser sleeves, fluxes, filters, magnesium granules, silica sand for ladle additions, insulating ladle covers and bottom pour fluxes.

PRESIDENT CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  supplier of materials for investment casting process - pattern wax, patching wax, stick wax, sprue wax, paraffin wax, microcrystalline wax, filler wax, ethyl silicate, colloidal silica binder, silicon oil, gypsum, wax pattern cleaning agents, wetting agents, ceramic shell modifying agents, antifoam agents, zircon sand and flour, mulgrain sand and flour, mulright sand and flour, fused silica sand and flour, perlite sand, graphite powder, sand mould coatings, feeder exothermic caps, mica, slag catchers, recarburizers, steel refining agents, aluminium alloy, copper alloy, lead alloy, ferroalloys, inoculants, refractories.

PETROKEMIJA D.D., CROATIA  -  bentonites and additives for foundries.

PROCOR FOUNDRY AND STEEL SUPPLIES CC, SOUTH AFRICA  -  manufacturer and supplier of auxiliary foundry consumables, sodium silicate, slag coagulants, parting powder, foundry spirits, heat insulating sleeves, exothermic sleeves, exothermic inserts, exothermic and insulating powders, cover fluxes, foundry mould coatings, high temperature insulation products.

POLYTEG-MET, RUSSIA  -  professional orientation - foundry, die forging, heat and chemicothermal treatment, the company presents both its own engineering development and products of leading foreign companies producers of equipment and materials for production of foundry moulds and cores, laboratory equipment for foundries, and works with more than 1000 plants in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

PRODUCTOS MINERALES DEL NORTE, S.A. de C.V. (PMN), MEXICO  -  supplier of silica sand, zircon sand, bentonite, charcoal and graphite, fire clay, refractories, exothermic powders, ferroalloys, inoculants, ceramic foam filters, shot and grit, consulting services - materials and alloys, refractory installation and inspection of induction furnaces.

PASSARY MINERALS LTD., INDIA  -  molding chromite sand.

PLOMP MINERAL SERVICES B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  an internationally operating trading and distributing company in industrial minerals for the foundry, steel, refractory, abrasive, glass, ceramic, filler and oil-drilling industries, foundry grades chromite sand for cores and moulds in steel and cast iron foundries, foundry grade zircon sand, silica sand / flour, metallurgical grade chromite, mainly used as a base material for ferro-chrome production, refractory grades chromite, mainly used in chrome-magnesia or magnesia-chrome bricks, standard grade refractory bauxite, ferro-alloys and metals, hematite, cenospheres, brown fused alumina (synthetic corundum), steel shot and steel grit.

PREC-ODLEW Sp. z o.o., POLAND  -  supplier of materials for the foundry industry, materials suitable for the alkyd binder technology, CO2 process, alpha-set technology, furan sand technology, hot-box process, thermoshock technology, coated sand technology, protective alcohol or water based coatings, reinforcing coatings, resins for refractories, concretes, auxiliary materials.

PA RESINS AB, SWEDEN  -  refractories - ramming masses, tap-hole clay, tundish lining, carbon electrodes, foundry binders - furan resins, alkaline resins for high sand recovery, complete range of hardeners, abrasives - a wide range of liquid and powder phenolic resins for the grinding wheels & glass cloth industry.

PACIFIC RIM FOUNDRY SERVICES, AUSTRALIA  -  foundry chemicals - furan binder systems, phenolic urethane no-bake binder systems, release agents, second hand foundry machines, sand mixers and sand reclamation equipment, safety products to the foundry and related industries.

PEDMO S.A., POLAND  -  auxiliary materials for the ferrous / non-ferrous metallurgy and foundry industry, moulding and core binders, separators, moulding sand additives, exothermic and insulation mould powders.

PRUMYSLOVY SERVIS-VACLAV HANTON, CZECH REPUBLIC  -  coated sands for shell moulding.

PROLIMAS UTAMA JAYA PT., INDONESIA  -  supplier of fluxes, refractory coatings, gravity or pressure die casting lubricants, mouldable refractories, castables, insulation materials, moulding sand binders and additives, release agents, ceramic sleeves, ceramic foam filters.

PANAYOT VOLOV JSC, BULGARIA  -  novolac phenol-formaldehyde resin for foundries.

QUARZWERKE GmbH, GERMANY  -  an important European producer of mineral raw materials - quartz, kaolin, silica sand, fused silica, feldspar, cristobalite, wollastonite, mica, nepheline syenite, synthetic corundum, anhydrite and aluminium hydroxide for ceramic, construction, foundry, glass and paper industries.

QUINTERO JORGE BENTONITAS, ARGENTINA  -  bentonite for foundry sand.

QINGDAO MEILIKUN GRAPHITE PRODUCTS FACTORY, CHINA  -  own mines and factories, production and trade of natural flake graphite, high / medium carbon phosphorus graphite, micronized graphite, amorphous graphite, expandable graphite, spherical graphite, foundry die coatings, casting alcohol-base coating, water-based paints, resin sand releasing agents, sealing paste and binders, carburizers, forging graphite lubricants, graphite sheet, all kinds of flexible graphite sealing products, graphite electrodes, graphite crucibles.

QUARTZ SANDS LTD., BULGARIA  -  quartz sands for foundries.

RADASAND AB, SWEDEN  -  manufacturer and supplier of special sand products customised for a range of different application areas - water treatment, iron casting foundries, building industries, thermal power stations and the leisure industry, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swerock-Sweden.

RANGUIN AAHAN CO., IRAN  -  chromite sands for foundry industry, hematite iron oxide for using as additive in molding.

REXOR AND COMPANY, INC., PHILIPPINES  -  ferro alloys, noble ferro alloys, tin ingot, zinc ingot, copper ingot, aluminum ingot, chromite and silica sand, binders and catalysts for molds and cores, carbon raiser and inoculants, exothermic sleeves and topping compounds, fireclay and bonding mortar, foundry refractory coatings, degassing and fluxes for non-ferrous alloys, graphite electrodes.

REMET CORP., USA  -  manufacturer and distributor of waxes, binders, refractory stuccos and flours to serve the needs ofinvestment casters.

RESITAN CO., IRAN  -  various resins such as foundry resins and hardeners for hotbox, thermoshock, coldset, coldbox, and shell processes, phenolic binders, moulding resins, surface coating resins, adhesives, annual production capacity of over 20 000 tons.

ReactChem China, World renown manufacturer of specialty solvent for foundry moulding materials REACTCHEM CO., LTD., CHINA  -  World renowned manufacturer and supplier of specialty solvent mostly used in the foundry materials:
Triacetin (TA) and Propylene Carbonate (PC) which are used as the hardener co-reactant in a no-bake (Alphaset) binder system, and
Ethylene Glycol Diacetate (EGDA) and Dibasic Esters (DBE) which are used in the sodium silicate binder systems.
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RENOSIL DOO, NORTH MACEDONIA  -  quartz manufacturing plant, raw quartz, micronized quartz and quartz sand for production of enamel and glaze, for medicine, chemistry and metallurgy, silica sand for foundries, a part of Renova Company - North Macedonia.

RAWAG EGYPT GROUP, EGYPT  -  supplier of silica sand, bentonite, kaolin, calcium carbonate, talc, gypsum and feldspars.

RK MINERALS, INDIA  -  manufacturer and exporter of industrial minerals: dunite / olivine sand for foundries, steel plants and refractory industry; dead burnt magnesite used in preparation of furnace ramming masses, refractories / bricks, magnesite mortar and coatings; magnesium oxide, raw magnesite powder, magnesium chloride hexahydrate flakes, magnesium sulphate, lightly calcined magnesite and calcium chloride.

ROCLA PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  construction and building sands supplier, specialised dried sands for foundries, glass manufacture and other manufacturing uses,
a wholly owned subsidiary of Fletcher Building Group - a diversified global building industry company.

RISHABH PHENOLICS PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of various types of phenolic resins and phenolic moulding materials, including novolac resins for making foundry shell moulds and cores, a part of Rishabh Group of Companies.

REVESIL S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  phenolic resin coated sands used in shell moulding process.

RESIN SANDS (SA) PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of resin coated sands for the preparation of shell cores and moulds in ferrous and non-ferrous metal casting, base sands: silica, zircon, chromite, olivine, cerabeads (ceramic sand).

RAND YORK MINERALS (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  supplier of foundry chromite sand for cores and moulds, chemical and metallurgical grade chrome ore.

STAR ASIA (FAR EAST) CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  supplier of industrial chemicals, foundry resins, furfuryl alcohol, epoxy resins, paraffin.

SONNIMAX A/S, DENMARK  -  distributor of new and used foundry machines and equipment, riser sleeves and tubes, foundry filters, steel shot and grit, cut wire, chemical for foundries - additives, cold box binders, inorganic binder system inotec and for CO2-process, furan binders and catalysts, release agents.

SIC BENTONITE, RUSSIA  -  bentonite clay and powders for foundries, metallurgical industry, petroleum gas industry, building construction, and agriculture.
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SHREE BAJRANG SALES PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  a multi-locational manufacturer, importer, exporter and marketing agent of raw materials required by steel plants, foundries, ferro alloys, steel shots and welding electrode manufacturers, supplier of ferro alloys, pig iron - foundry grade, ductile iron grade and steel grade, metallurgical coke, aluminum ingots, aluminum shots, zinc ingots, tin ingots, copper ingots and tubes, manganese flakes, lumps and briquettes, cerium misch metals, lustrous carbon, carbon carburisers, carbonaceous additives, silicon inoculants, foundry fluxes, coresticks for silicate, nobake, cold-box and shell types of cores, parting agents for green sand molds, chromite sands, chromite ore - foundry grade, perlite ore, limestone mineral, dolomite and fluorspar, silicon and steel abrasives (shots), industrial furnace oils.

STERLING CHEMICALS, INDIA  -  colloidal silica for foundry, investment casting, refractory and construction industry.

SOON CHAMPION ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  supplier of materials and products for foundries - alloy ingots, ferroalloys, nodulants, inoculants, sand molding materials - silica sand, resin sand, bentonite, sodium silicate, artificial graphite, natural amorphous graphite, refractory materials, crucibles, ceramic foam filters for ferrous foundries, steel shot and grit, chaplets, release agents, plunger lubricant and coating pastes for die casting, handle air spray guns.

SUD-CHEMIE REDHILL BENTONITE (LIAONING) CO., LTD., CHINA  -  activated sodium bentonite for binding greensand molding in a wide range of foundry application.

STEETLEY BENTONITE & ABSORBENDS LTD., UK  -  industrial clays - bentonite for foundry processes.

SILICE de GUADALAJARA, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  supplier of industrial minerals, silica sand for foundries.

SILKEM D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  manufacturer of raw materials - zeolites, silicates, granulates, calcinated and alumina - for the detergent industry, chemicals industry, ceramics industry, for the manufacture of refractory materials - bricks for lining kilns, fire resistance putty, fire resistance masses, and for foundries - sodium water glass binding material for moldmaking and tabular alumina for investment casting.

SILICATOS ESPECIALES, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  manufacturer of sodium silicate (water glass) for the foundry industry and for refractory mortars production.

SMELKO FOUNDRY PRODUCTS LTD., CANADA  -  metal casting supply house, sand/clays, refractories, binders/oils, washes/coatings, core pastes, mold sealants.

SHANDONG GOLDENSUN ZIRCONIUM INDUSTRY CO., LTD., CHINA  -  zircon moulding sand and zircon flour for foundries, zircon sand for production of refractory zircon-corundum bricks, zircon sand for ceramics and enamel wares.

SILICAEGYPT INDUSTRIES CO., EGYPT  -  production of different grades of liquid and solid sodium silicate for foundries, for manufacturers of welding electrodes, drilling fluids, detergents, mineral beneficiation pigments, water proofing mortars and cements.

SHELLSPEN INTERNATIONAL INC., USA  -  supplier of non-settling ceramic shell slurry used for coating wax sculpture and pattern forms of every size and scale in the lost-wax ceramic shell bronze casting process.

SAMSON KAMNIK D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  raw materials, industrial chemicals, additives and chemical specialities, resins and binders - shellac, dextrine, esters, epoxides, polyurethanes, silicon resins for patterns, synthetic waxes.

SILIMEX LTD., BULGARIA  -  manufacturer of sodium silicate solution.

SHAMLAX META-CHEM PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  modified carbon dioxide binders, collapsible agents, pattern & core box stripping agents, sand additives.

S. M EXPORT & IMPORT, EGYPT  -  raw material mining and export company, silica sand for foundries, glass and ceramic industries.

SP MINERALS OY AB, FINLAND  -  supplier of sand and bentonite for moulds, Finmix-silica refractory mixes for induction furnaces.
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SILICAINDO MAKMURSENTOSA PT., INDONESIA  -  manufacturer and supplier of silica sand, silica powder and resin coated sand for the foundry industry.

SHANXI PROVINCE GAOPING CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD., CHINA  -  producer of furfural, furfuryl alcohol, foundry furan resin, and crystalline sodium acetate.

SOUTHERN PACIFIC SANDS, AUSTRALIA  -  supplier a diverse range of specialty silica sands to the foundries, bio-retention filtration, sporting, horticultural and construction industries.

SMITH-SHARPE FIRE BRICK SUPPLY, USA  -  resin-coated sands, resin systems, additives, refractories.

STANCHEM Sp. j., POLAND  -  supplier of raw materials for metallurgy, foundry, welding and refractory industries, abrasive materials and electroplating, primary aluminium ingots, aluminium master alloys ingots, aluminium based additives, zinc, lead, magnesium, manganese, tin, copper metals, brass, bronze, ferro alloys,
ball-shaped steel and cast iron shot, graphite electrodes, bentonite, chromite sand, zirconium sand, silica gel, sodium metasilicate, a sister company of
PPH "Standard" Sp. z o.o., specialized in trade with raw materials and chemicals.

SILTAS SILIS KUMLARI SAN. ve TIC. A.S., TURKEY  -  silica foundry sands.

SCR-SIBELCO N.V., BELGIUM  -  extraction, production and distribution of minerals for industrial use: quartz, cristobalite, nepheline, plastic clay and olivine, barite, bentonite, calcite, dolomite, hydromagnesite, kaolin, feldspar, wollastonite, talc, huntite.

SYARIKAT SEBANGUN SDN. BHD., MALAYSIA  -  supplier of silica sand for foundries and glass industry, foundry resin coated sand, sodium silicate and ceramics tiles.

SCHOW TRADING, DENMARK  -  a trading company, agent for a number of companies in Germany and Britain, exothermic-insulating products, cold-box-bound feeder sleeves, chemical and metallurgical products for aluminum wrought and cast alloys, release agents, cold-hardening sands, hot-hardening sands, high temperature resistant coatings, activated charcoal, shot blasting, steel sand for surface cleaning, measuring and control equipment.

SAND TEAM, s r.o., CZECH REPUBLIC  -  production of cores and ecological binders, supplier of inorganic or organic binder systems, quartz and non quartz foundry sands, coated sands for shell-process, auxiliary and release agents, lubricants, chaplets, machines for bentonite moulding mixtures, machines for self-hadening moulding mixtures, machines and equipment for abrasive blasting, low-carbon steel blasting granulate, pouring ladles, instruments for a sand laboratory, provider of comprehensive services and technical support, new and recycled sands analysis, binder tests and foundry mixture technological tests.

SWELL WELL MINECHEM PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer and supplier of foundry grade bentonite, own mines and most modern production / processing units,
selectively mined and treated bentonite Silverbond / Swellbond is intended for use in foundries with green sand molding and other alike processes.

TERMIT D.D., SLOVENIA  -  silica sands and auxiliary materials for ferrous and non-ferrous foundries.

THE ENVOY ENTERPRISE CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  supplier of steel mill and foundry refractory foundry raw materials and machinery, sand mould sullies, furan resin, phenolic based sand binder resins, refractory coatings, core pastes, exothermic sleeves, fluxes, deoxidants, grain refiners, parting agents, die lubricants, after-sales service: sand mould laboratory testing, reclaimed sand analysis, recommendations for systems improvement and appropriate resin and catalyst to suit customer needs.

TURKOGLU ENDUSTRI TOZLARI ve METAL SANAYI, TURKEY  -  manufacturer and supplier of pulverized coal dust-additive for sand moulding foundries.

TAS FLOWRANCE GROUP, EGYPT  -  manufactures and exporters of silica sand for foundries, marble, granite, sandstone, phosphate, quartz rock, potassium feldspar, calcium fluorite, talc lump and powder, dolomaite, and iron oxide.

T.G.S INDUSTRIAL SANDS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  producer of kiln dried & graded silica sand for foundries, construction, adhesive, water-treatment, manufacturing and civil engineering, a part of the Metro Quarries Group.

THE HILL & GRIFFITH CO., USA  -  green sand additives and other specialty foundry products.

THE HILLER GROUP, USA  -  charge carbon, foamy slag carbon and LMF carbon products.

TOYO METALLURGICALS LTD., INDIA  -  chemicals for foundry use, mould and core coatings, pressure and gravity die casting coats, fluxes - covering and cleaning fluxes, mould and core binders, sand mould additives, auxiliaries.

TECNICA MINERAL, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  kaolin, bentonite, zeolite, dolomite, pirofilite, mica, perlite, diatomite, gypsum, and adsorbers for ceramic, refractory, abrasives, iron, and other industries.

THE PQ CORPORATION, USA  -  products that can be used as foundry binders - sodium silicate, potassium silicate and silicate powders, etc.

TENAX S.A., ARGENTINA  -  supplier of materials and machineries for foundry, steel making and other industries, calcium carbonate, zircon sand and flour, chromite sand, bentonite, fused alumina, pig iron in ingots, aluminium shot and ingots, ferroalloys, inoculants, natural and synthetics graphites, graphite electrodes, recarburisers, insulating powders, furnaces for non-ferrous metals, hydraulic units for gravity die casting of non-ferrous metals, continuous mixers for moulding sands, hydraulic moulding presses.

THERMOLITH S.A., GREECE  -  mining and processing of industrial mineral olivine, production of a wide range of graded olivine products - slag conditioners / deoxidizers, eccentric bottom taphole filler sand for electrical arc furnaces, foundry sand, sand blasting media, raw materials for the refractory industry, production of basic refractory masses for the metallurgical industry, tundish unshaped refractories (for ramming & gunning), a subsidiary of Aeiforos S.A.

TECBRAF - TECNOLOGIA DE PRODUTOS PARA FUNDICAO LTDA., BRAZIL  -  supplier of zircon, alumina, silica, graphite, magnesite, aluminum silicate, alcohol or water based coatings, glues for molds and cores, pattern release agents.

Telemat-Trade Ltd., Bulgaria, Foundry materials and equipment - consultancy, representation and distribution, production of mould and core materials. TELEMAT-TRADE LTD. - BULGARIA  -  consultancy services, representation of world renowned manufacturers of foundry equipment, distribution of foundry materials from foreign producers, sale of castings and spares, own production of mould and core materials.
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UNLIMITED FOUNDRY DEVELOPMENT (UFD) INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  supplier of full range foundry materials - release agents for green sand or furan sand moulding, anti-piping compounds, core adhesives, mould seals, ceramic-filters, riser sleeves, refractory coatings, carburizers, nodulizers, inoculants, deoxidising or desulphuring agents, covering agents, slag coagulants, refining agents for copper, degassing agents for aluminium alloys, release agents for gravity die casting, aluminium master alloys, aluminiun ingots, copper ingots, magnesium ingots, pig iron, ferro-alloys, foundry coke, limestone for cupola furnaces, quartz powder, zircon sand, bentonite, foundry sand testers, hardness testers, micro-structure analysis systems, spectrometers.

U.S. SILICA, USA  -  producer of ground and unground silica sand, kaolin clay, aplite and related industrial minerals, supplier of over 80 grades of round, angular and sub-angular sands to the foundry industry for molding and coremaking applications.

U.S. STEEL SERBIA D.O.O., SERBIA  -  branch of Kucevo, production of bulk lime, metallurgical and hydrated lime, and quartz.

VOLCLAY DE MEXICO, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  bentonite, bonds for the green sand systems of foundry and pellets of concentred iron in the steel industry.

VIASVEDEN HIEKKA - JA KULJETUSLIIKE OY, FINLAND  -  quartz sands for foundries.

VIROMET S.A., ROMANIA  -  manufacturer of furan resins, phenolic resins, melamine resins, urea-formaldehyde resins, formaldehyde and derivates, hardeners, methanol, etc.
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WYO-BEN, INC., USA  -  a leading manufacturer of bentonite clay based products, the materials are used worldwide in applications such as oil, gas, and water well drilling, metalcasting, environmental construction and remediation, hazardous waste treatment, cat litter, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, as well as many other industrial and consumer related products.

WUXI DING LONG CO., LTD., CHINA  -  manufacturer and exporter of garnet abrasive media for blast cleaning applications, supplier of ceramic foundry sand for shell moulds and cores for casting gray, malleable and nodular cast iron, alloyed steel and carbon steel, and non-ferrous metals.

WBB MINERALS, UK  -  silica sands, resin-coated sands and special low-expansion sands for mould and core making.

WUHAN OMEITAI CHEMICALS CO., LTD., CHINA  -  industrial chemicals manufacturer and supplier, production of organic and inorganic chemicals, pigments and dyestuffs - calcium carbide, polyvinyl alcohol, ethylene glycol, semi-refined wax, fully-refined paraffin wax, activated carbon, carbon black, non-ferrous metals / alloys trading.

W.R. GRACE & CO. (GRACE DAVISON), USA  -  colloidal silica for metal casting and mold coatings, precipitated silicas & sodium aluminium silicate, adsorbents.

XUZHOU FENGBAO MINING CO., LTD., CHINA  -  silica (quartz) products - high purity silica sand, silica powder, micro-silica powder, (crystal) powder and fused silica powder, widely used as materials for foundry, precision casting, refractory and abrasives industries, epoxy molding compounds, coatings, etc.

YUCHENG CASTING MATERIAL CO., LTD., CHINA  -  production of foundry materials for steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metal casting manufacturers - ceramic foundry sand for shell moulds and cores, resin coated sand, refractory sand made of high alumina calcined bauxite, chromite stuffing sand, ceramsite sand for lost-wax process, ceramsite for refractories.

YUZHPOLIMETALL JSC, KAZAKHSTAN  -  one of the largest plants of the world for production of rafinate lead - up to 160 thousand tons per year, production of metal zinc and zinc oxide of high purity, metal bismuth, salts and bismuth oxides, rare metals - thallium, cadmium, tellurium, rhenium, noble metals - gold and silver alloys, production of break stone, sand, grit, brick, quartz sand and bentonite, own foundry for cast iron, steel and nonferrous castings.

YICHANG KEBO REFRACTORIES CO., LTD., CHINA  -  olivine dry sand for clay sand mixtures, resin sand mixtures or water-based sand mixtures, olivine powder for water based coatings for the production of non-ferrous alloys castings and stainless steel, high manganese steel and other medium alloy steels castings, olivine sand and powder for investment casting, covering fluxes for molten cast iron and steel, ladle and tundish insulation powders, drainage sand for ladle and tundish sliding gate systems, unshaped magnesia-olivine materials for refractory manufacturing companies.

YANGQUAN UNITED CO., LTD., CHINA  -  production of graphite electrodes, calcium aluminate, calcined anthracite, and ceramic sand.

ZHEJIANG LINAN QISHI BENTONITE CHEMICAL CO., LTD., CHINA  -  bentonite series products - cast-purpose bentonite powder, metallurgy ball-purpose bentonite, and drilling slurry-purpose bentonite.

ZHLOBINSKY OPEN-CAST MINE OF FORMING MATERIALS OJSC, BELARUS  -  extraction, processing and delivery of quartz sand for foundries, building sector and glass industry.

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