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NATIMPEX, TURKEY  -  trader of stainless steel coils / sheets, bars, tubes, stainless steel deep drawing products and stamping parts.

NAVARD ALUMINIUM MFG. GROUP, IRAN  -  alunimium rolling mill produces both semi-finished and finished aluminium flat products - hot rolled coils, plates, cold rolled coils, strips, flat & embossed sheets, irrigation tubes, trapezodial & sinusoidal corrugated sheets, annual capacity is currently 30 000 metric tons for cold rolled and considerably more for hot rolled products.

NAMASCOR B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  hot rolled steel manufacturer, sheet up to 30 mm thick, up to 2650 mm wide and up to 18000 mm long, a part of
Tata Steel Europe.

NAVARD FOULAD GILAN CO., IRAN  -  steel production, the annual formal capacity is over 300 000 tons of all kinds of plain and ribbed bars of 8 to 32 mm in diameter.

NATIONAL IRANIAN COPPER INDUSTRIES COMPANY CO. (NICICO), IRAN  -  production of copper concentrates, copper products such as cathodes, slabs, billets and wire rods.

NIPPON KOSHUHA STEEL CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  tool steel, super alloy steel, stainless steel, precise cold forging products, steel wire, wire rod and bar, and secondary-processed products.

NAKAO METALS CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  copper and copper alloys, aluminum and aluminum alloy materials, processed products.

NIPPON METAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, hot-rolled products - plates, cold-rolled products - medium-thick plates, sheets and strips, precision strip and foil and secondary processed products.

NATIONAL METAL MANUFACTURING & CASTING CO. (MAADANIYAH), SAUDI ARABIA  -  manufacturer of steel wire and wire related products for the construction, appliances, electrical cable, building systems, steel fabrication, furniture and wooden pallet manufacturing sectors.

NIPPON RARE METAL, INC., JAPAN  -  refining of indium, special alloys, various low melting point alloys, high purity metal products for the electronics and optoelectronics.

NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION, JAPAN  -  heavy and medium plates for steel frames, bars, bars-in-coils, low-carbon wire rods, hot-rolled and cold-rolled sheets and coils, surface-treated sheets, rails for railways, pipes and tubes.

NEELCON STEEL INDUSTRIES, INDIA  -  manufacturer, supplier & exporter of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, copper alloys & exotic nickel alloys in form of pipe, tube, stainless steel sheets & plates, fittings & stainless steel flanges, stainless steel nut bolts & fasteners, cupro nickel fittings, valves and other industrial metal products for various sphere of industries ranging from basic industries such as paper, textile, sugar, dairy, cement, engineering to more complex such as petroleum, chemicals, power, offshore, onshore and nuclear industries.

NAKAYAMA STEEL WORKS, LTD., JAPAN  -  steel wire rods, coils, round bars, plates, galvanised strip and light gauge sections, assembly and processing of industrial machinery.

NIZHNIY TAGIL IRON and STEEL WORKS RUSSIA (NTMK), RUSSIA  -  the world's biggest company processing vanadium enriched titaniferrous ores with succeeding vanadium recovery in blast oxygen furnaces and in oxygen converters, production of inborn V iron, V-slags (main raw material for vanadium recovery), virgin oxygen converted steel (under low-slag proccess), and inborn V steel, a wide scale of rolled products for railways, including: heat treated rails, wheels and tyres for operating under extreme conditions of heavy loads and low temperatures, the main supplier of seamless pipe blanks for pipe plants and of structural steel products for machine building.

ODS B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  non-ferrous and steel products for the construction sector and industry, hot rolled and forged machinery steel in grade diameters round 16 up to 1000 mm, stainless steel in bars, plates and tubes, non-ferrous metals - brass copper and bronze, aluminium shipbuilding plates, aluminium in bars round, flat, hexagon angle and plates, hot and cold-formed structural profiles in square and rectangular scape, railway profiles complete with fasteners.

ORIENTAL COPPER CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  manufacturer of high conductivity copper busbar, rod, tape and profiles, silver-bearing copper alloys, copper anodes, copper hollow conductors for induction melting or heat treatment furnaces, copper fabricated products.

ORINOCO IRON, C.A., VENEZUELA  -  the largest merchant Hot Briquette Iron (HBI) producer in the Americas, the plant is able to produce 2.2 million metric tons of HBI per year, HBI is a premium, high density steel industry raw material containing 90-94% total iron (Fe) in a nearly pure form, which is used in electric arc furnace, basic oxygen furnace, steelmaking, blast furnace, and cupolas.

OMEGA LTD., BULGARIA  -  manufacturing of welded steel tubes and profiles, steel strips, guardrails and other steel profiles, import, export and re-export of metals, billets and raw materials.
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ORJINAL METAL URUNLERI SAN. ve TIC. A.S., TURKEY  -  manufacturer of semi-finished products as brass billets, brass rods and brass profiles for the customers work in many different fields - electrical and automotive industry, taps and fittings, connectors, valves, handles, plumbing tubes, small mechanical items.

PILIPINAS BRONZE, INC., PHILIPPINES  -  production of brass rod and bronze bushing for cement, construction, power generation, oil and gas, paper and pulp, shipping, mining and other manufacturing industries.

PAKSAL CO., IRAN  -  manufacturer of translation and transmission chains for conveyors, outboard rollers, fissure covering, skid support equipment, and ovens.

PINNACLE HARDWARE PTE. LTD., SINGAPORE  -  brass, stainless steel and carbon steel pipes & pipe fittings and tubes.

PROTRACO S.A.L., LEBANON  -  metal trading, aluminium profiles, sheets, metal decoration.

PACIFIC STEEL MFG. CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  steel products, forgings.

QATAR STEEL CO. (QSC), QATAR  -  sponge iron / hot briquetted iron, direct reduction process technology.

QINGDAO SAC-WONDER STEEL CO., LTD., CHINA  -  manufacturer and exporter of steel pipe, cold rolled steel plate and coil, galvanized steel or stainless steel pipe, plate, coil, wire and profiles.

RENAISSANCE GROUP, INDIA  -  a renown manufacturer and exporter of wide range of stainless steel flanges, round bars, sheet / plates, pipes, nut bolts and fasteners, fittings, alloy steel pipes and round bars, carbon steel pipes and pipe fittings, nickel alloy round bars, metal products for various industrial sectors - chemical industries, oil and gas refineries, fertilizer processing industries, textile and other fabric manufacturing industries.

ROTOMETALS, INC., USA  -  alloys and anodes for all types and sizes of ships, zinc sheet, lead sheet, lead wire, lead shot, low melting alloys, solder, galvanizing products.

ROBA METALS B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  trading in semi-finished steel products.

REGENT STEEL & ENGG. CO., INDIA  -  supplier of nickel alloys in the form of sheet, plate, coil, tube, pipe, and round bar.

SCHMELZMETALL AG, SWITZERLAND  -  manufacturer of copper-based materials made by vacuum melting operation, strip, wires, forged round bars, disks and plates, drawn bars, semi-finished products and finished parts for the aerospace and automobile industry, production of low pressure die casting moulds.

SCHMOLZ + BICKENBACH AG, SWITZERLAND  -  manufacturer, processor and distributor of special steel long products, the spectrum ranges from tool steels via high-quality engineering steels, corrosion, acid and heat-resistant steels to bright and special steels in various grades and sizes.

SCHELLEN & FLACK GmbH, GERMANY  -  a trading company for steel tubes of all kinds, supplier for the automotive component industry, bicycle manufacturing and furniture industry, own modern cutting plant for production of tubes in the required lengths, washed, 100% length-controlled, with deburred ends from 50 mm up to 2000 mm.

SHANGHAI BRISTAR, CHINA  -  supplier of metal products - forgings and castings, weldings, punchings, fasteners, bolts and nuts, rods, bars.
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SHAHID BAHONAR COPPER INDUSTRIES CO., IRAN  -  copper and copper alloy semi-finished products.
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SHINSHO CORPORATION, JAPAN  -  cold roll steel wire, steel plate & sheet, bar steel, steel tube and pipe, columns, titanium and titanium alloys, gratings, guard rails, steel powders, sheet, strip, dies, tubing, rod, wire, and forged products of aluminum and aluminum alloys, and copper and copper alloys.

SURAL C.A., VENEZUELA  -  continuous casting and rolling of aluminum alloys, specializing in the manufacture of electrical and mechanical aluminum alloy rods, plus wire and cable for the electrical world markets.

SREDNEURALSKIY COPPER PLANT JSC, RUSSIA  -  smelting and refining of copper, capacity of 150 000 tons / yearly.

SOCIETE DE COULEE CONTINUE DE CUIVRE (SCCC), FRANCE  -  copper wire rod for electrical applications - low voltage & flexible cables, automotive cables, telecom cables, production capacity of 290 000 tons per year.

STERLING ENTERPRISES, INDIA  -  manufacturer of all types of brass, copper and aluminium parts, cast iron and steel parts from rods, castings and forgings, turnings, sheet metals.
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SARKUYSAN ELEKTROLITIK BAKIR SANAYII ve TICARET A.S., TURKEY  -  copper cathode, wire rod, single wire, multi wire, bunched wire stranded, rope - lay conductors, flat wire & profiles, billet, tube, bar, centrifugally cast products.

SUJANI ENTERPRISES, INC., USA  -  cold rolled grain oriented and non grain oriented silicon electrical transformer steel, fully processed types, semi processed type, cold rolled oriented and non oriented silicon electrical steels for high frequency and airborne equipment transformers, amorphous alloys for transformer and electrical equipment.

SARJIT INDUSTRIES, INDIA  -  manufacturer of metal rolls for rolling mills and other machinery line mills - alloy steel rolls, adamite (alloy steel base) rolls, nodular cast iron rolls, double pour spun cast rolls, indefinite chill solid rolls, and forged rolls.

SILUR LTD., UKRAINE  -  manufacturer of steel wire, stabilized ropes, steel ropes, mesh, steel wire fiber.

STEELMAKERS LTD., KENYA  -  manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of hot rolled steel products, high alloy steel casting products, all types of nuts and bolts, fibre bearing and galvanized products.

SHANGHAI METAL CORPORATION, CHINA  -  distributor of stainless steel strip, corrugated galvanized steel sheets, galvanized steel pipes, alloy steel bars, wear-resistant steel plates, shipbuilding plates, aluminum sheets and plates, copper foil.

SHAR METAL COMPANY (SMC), LEBANON  -  an International trading company in the field of non-ferrous and ferrous metals scrap, various categories of products- stainless steel sheets, bars, tubes, electrodes, fittings and angles, brass sheets, discs, wires, bars, handrails and tubes, copper sheets, flat bars and strips, lead ingots.

SUMITOMO METAL INDUSTRIES, LTD., JAPAN  -  flat rolled products, steel sheets, plate, bars, wire rods, steel tubes and seamless steel pipes, titanium alloy products, railway, automotive & machinery parts, traffic and transportation equipments.

SUMITOMO METALS (KOKURA), LTD., JAPAN  -  steel bars and wire rods for automobiles, vessels, industrial machinery, electrical machinery, buildings, civil engineering, etc.

SUMITOMO METAL (NAOETSU), LTD., JAPAN  -  stainless steel, stainless steel strips, springs.

SOR-NORGE ALUMINIUM A.S., NORWAY  -  production of aluminium in the form of extrusion billets.

SMELTING PT. - GRESIK COPPER SMELTER & REFINERY, INDONESIA  -  production of copper cathodes for wires and cables, capacity 270 000 tons per year.

SEMNAN ROLLING & TUBE MILLS CO.(SRTMC), IRAN  -  manufacturer for a variety of seam-welded steel pipes and profiles - black and galvanized water pipes, gas pipes, door and window frames (square, rectangular and hollow section) and other related products, the production capacity is 500 000 mt per year.

SPECIALTY RING PRODUCTS, INC., USA  -  a well known forging company dealing in high quality metal forging, ring-roll forging and a variety of other forgings, offering forged rings, hot rolling, rolling ring, and forged bearing race in a wide range of industries.

SOFAFER SARL, MOROCCO  -  production of steel tubes, profiles, coils, strips, plates.

SOFAN STEEL, KUWAIT  -  iron fabrication works, specialized in manufacturing all kinds of decoration steel & its measures - pipes, hollow section, galvanized steel sheets, the ordinary steel sheets, angles, beams.

SIDMA S.A., GREECE  -  a leading company in the field of trading and industrial processing of steel products for a wide range of sectors: automotive, light and heavy construction projects, the supply of oil, water and natural gas, shipbuilding, agriculture, electrical applications, medical instruments, and furniture.

SIDECO - S. & D. ECONOMIDES, GREECE  -  production of metal hardware - hinges, bolts, decorative artifacts for doors & windows & other brass products.

SPECIAL STEELS & METALS LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  importers and distributors of steels and metals, tooling solutions to the hot work industry with the goal of increasing productivity and optimizing tool life, low alloyed carbon tool steel grades, high-alloyed conventional metallurgy grades as well as powder metallurgical grades, cold work tool steels, high speed steels, martensitic precipitation hardening stainless steels, alloy steels for components requiring high tensile strength in automotive gears, crank shafts, steering knuckles, gun barrels, suitable for gas and bath nitriding.

SILMET S.p.A., ITALY  -  production of copper tubes for water, heating and sanitary applications and industrial use in level wound coils.

SHEET STEEL S.A., GREECE  -  manufacturer of road safety guardrails, bridge parapets & guardrails, pedestrian guardrails, special guardrail systems, aluminum profiles for house constructions, buildings, industry applications, etc.

SANYO SPECIAL STEEL CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  manufacturing of special steel bars, wire rods and tubes, carbon steel and non-ferrous metals, metal powder, magnetic and electronic materials, die-forged and rolled products.

SKM TRADE LINK PTE LTD., SINGAPORE  -  an international trading house dealing in all kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metal products - steel and metal products, stainless steel coils, sheets and plates, pipes and tubes, hot and cold rolled coils, billets, scrap, shredded scrap, copper, zinc, aluminum, lead, wire rods, angle iron, beams, channels.
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SHAANXI YI HENG NON-FERROUS METALS INDUSTRIES CO., LTD., CHINA  -  manufacturer and distributor of tungsten, molybdenum and titanium products - bars, rods, plates, sheets and wire, which are widely used in radiation shield, vacuum plating, illumination, metallurgy, electronic, power, aviation, sports, glass, chemical and mechanical industries.

SHENG YU STEEL CO., LTD. (SYSCO), TAIWAN  -  aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel coils, galvanized steel coils, prepainted aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel coils / galvanized steel coils, cold rolled steel sheets and coils, chrome-free anti-fingerprint zinc coated steel sheets, printed color steel sheets, highly glossy pearl pre-painted steel coils, anti-static prepainted steel sheets, antiseptic prepainted steel sheets, heat-resistant prepainted steel sheets.

TEAL AD, NORTH MACEDONIA  -  production of pressed aluminium profiles, pipes and bars, aluminium alloy ingots and aluminium products for deoxydation.

TMK-ARTROM, ROMANIA  -  seamless pipes for industrial applications, including for the mechanical engineering and automotive industry.

TOKAI ALUMINUM FOIL CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  aluminum sheet, plate and foil manufacturing.

TOYO ALUMINIUM K.K., JAPAN  -  manufacture and sale of aluminium foil for capacitors and other electronic components, packaging and consumer goods, aluminium sheet, aluminium paste (paint pigment), aluminium powder for metallurgy parts, refractory bricks, catalysts and solid fuels.

T.A. METALS, GREECE  -  supplier of a wide range of semi finished products in aluminium, copper and brass.

THEODOROS CHOULIARAS S.A., GREECE  -  concrete reinforcing steel - standard wire meshes, concrete reinforcing meshes, ribbed concrete reinforcing steel in coils, wire rod in coils, forked ends, wire nails.

THOSBEGBIE HOLDINGS (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  manufacturer of granulated metals for the steel making industries, copper ingots for forging industry, tubular products.
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TUNG HO STEEL ENTERPRISE CORPORATION, TAIWAN  -  production of construction steel products, deformed bars, H or I-beams, universal mill plates, tapered-flange or parallel-flange channels.

TAN KONG PRECISION TECH CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  low, medium and high carbon steel ball products for light duty bearing, conveyer belt, bicycle and automobile parts, slide bearing, caster wheels, computer peripheral products, toys, metal milling, hand tools, monthly production capacity is approximately 500 metric tons of balls in various sizes.

THAI NGUYEN IRON AND STEEL JOINT STOCK CORPORATION (TISCO), VIETNAM  -  the first and unique metallurgical zone in Vietnam with an integrated production line from exploiting iron ore to making steel billet and rolling steel, capacity currently of 550 000 tons rolling steel per year, production of foundry pig-iron and pig-iron for steel-making, capacity is more than 200 000 tons per year, metallurgical coke for blast-furnaces, capacity 140 000 tons of coke per year, metallurgy consultant.

TMK-RESITA, ROMANIA  -  tubular billets, heavy round profiles and blooms, continuous-casting line for blanks.

TONONOKA STEELS LTD., KENYA  -  producer and supplier of black and galvanized pipes, hollow sections (round, square and rectangular), channels, beams, profiles, sheets, z-purlins, flats and angles, a part of Tononoka Group.

TOHO ZINC CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  smelting, metal processing, and recycling activities, zinc, lead, silver and other non-ferrous products.

UDDEHOLM AB, SWEDEN  -  a wide range of tool steel and high performance steel in a wide variety of dimensions and executions, standard grades and customized, ingots produced in accordance with customer specifications ranging from 100 kg to 6 tons, granshot for foundries, mainly investment casters and stainless steel manufacturers, granshot is available in many different compositions - carbon and low alloy steels, tool steels, stainless steels, cobalt base alloys, nickel base alloys, copper base alloys.

UNITED ALUMINUM INDUSTRY (U.A.I.) CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  a fully integrated extrusion plant, consists of casting, homogenizing, extruding, aging and anodizing operation, aluminum-base alloys ingots.

UPETROLAM S.A., ROMANIA  -  a commercial company from the mechanical processing sector, a member of Uzingroup, continuous casting segments, continuous casting conveyors, rolling mill stands, presses, aluminium ingots casting and transport machines, spare parts - rods, nuts, columns, rams, anvils, rolling cylinders for cold- and hot-rolled strips, support cylinders, connecting rods and sleeves, stand bearings.
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UNITED STEEL INDUSTRIAL CO. (UNISTEEL), KUWAIT  -  the first and only steel bars manufacturer in Kuwait, capacity of the plant is 500 000 tons / year for deformed reinforcing steel bars with diameters from 8 mm to 40 mm.

UNITED STAINLESS STEEL COMPANY BSC (USCO), BAHRAIN  -  stainless steel sheet and coil manufacturer, applications: food and beverages processing equipment, kitchen benches, sinks, troughs, appliances, cutlery and flatware, saucepans, tubing, chemical transportation containers, chemical and petrochemical equipment, heat exchangers, springs, mining screens, boat fittings, medical implants, laboratory benches and equipment.

U.S. STEEL KOSICE S.R.O., SLOVAKIA  -  a profitable integrated steel company, subsidiary of United States Steel Corp., a wide assortment of hot rolled, cold rolled, and coated products including hot-dip galvanized, color coated, tin and dynamo products, panel radiators and spiral welded pipes.

U.S. STEEL SERBIA D.O.O., SERBIA  -  hot and cold rolled sheet products as well as tin mill products shaped as coils and sheets.

VELEV & KO INOX LTD., BULGARIA  -  stainless steel products - stainless steel sheets, stainless steel tubes and pipes, stainless steel fittings, stainless steel bars and profiles.
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VICTOR STEEL CORPORATION, INDIA  -  manufacturer & exporter of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, copper alloys & exotic nickel alloys in form of pipes, tubes, sheets, plates, fittings & flanges for paper, textile, sugar, dairy, cement, engineering, petroleum, chemicals, power, offshore, onshore & nuclear industries.

VIETNAM STEEL CORPORATION, VIETNAM  -  steel billets, bars, wire rod, sheet, pipes, flat steel products, ferro-alloys, pig iron for foundries.

WONDERFUL METAL SDN. BHD., MALAYSIA  -  manufacturer of brass rods and bars with varieties of sizes, shapes and chemical compositions.

YAMATO GOKIN CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  plates, bars, discs of special copper alloys including chrome copper, beryllium copper, and special aluminum bronze.

YIXING KEXING ALLOY MATERIALS CO., LTD., CHINA  -  manufacturer of molybdenum discs, including Ru / Rh / Ni / Ag plated molybdenum discs, wearplates, sheets, squares, fabricated parts, screws, mozzles, caps, pins, electrodes, tubes, crucibles.

YIEH UNITED STEEL CORPORATION (YUSCO), TAIWAN  -  the largest integrated stainless steel mill in Southeast Asia, an annual capacity of 1 000 000 metric tons of stainless steel slabs and billets, 900 000 metric tons of hot rolled stainless steel coils and plates per year, 250 000 metric tons of hot rolled coils, 340 000 metric tons of 2D and 2B stainless steel coils and 60 000 metric tons of bright annealed stainless steel coils, certified by ISO 9002 and 14001.

ZEELAND ALUMINIUM COMPANY (ZALCO) NV, THE NETHERLANDS  -  one of the leading producers of primary aluminium in Europe, 230 000 tonnes annual production of extrusion billets and rolling slabs from aluminium and aluminium alloys, and 100 000 tonnes of anodes per year for own production process and for third parties.

ZHONGDA GROUP CO., LTD., CHINA  -  manufacturer of cold rolled stainless steel and heat resisting strips, cold rolled stainless steel plate and strips, stainless steel seamless tubes for structures, stainless steel seamless pipes for fluid transport, seamless stainless steel tubes for boiler and heat exchanger, seamless and welded austenitic stainless steel tubing.
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ZAPOROZHSTAL INTEGRATED IRON & STEEL WORKS JSC, UKRAINE  -  manufacture of conversion and foundry pig iron in pigs weighing from 15 to 18 kg, carbon, low-alloy, alloy and stainless steel slabs, hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel in sheets and in coils for welded tube producers, automotive, machine-building, agricultural, transport engineering industries, producers of domestic appliances, cold roll-formed sections, hot-dipped tinplate, black plate, steel strip, granulated slag and broken slag.

ZLATOUST WEAPONS COMPANY LTD., RUSSIA  -  manufacture of long blade weapons, daggers, poniards, dirks, stilettos, decorated knives, hunting and tourist knives, exclusive gifts.

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