MPM Pvt. Ltd., India's largest manufacturer of engineered Lustrous Carbon Additives MPM Pvt. Ltd. - India
India's leading manufacturer of foundry consumables used and applied in the critical spectrum and eco system of casting preparation such as Mold and Core Making, Feeding and Methoding Systems and Melt Preparation.
Remeko Ltd. - Bulgaria, metallurgy products, exclusive representative of Elkem Norway Remeko Ltd. - Bulgaria
A representive of leading companies from Europe and USA, technical solutions and consulting in metalcasting, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, energy, cement and mining industries.
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034 METAL INDUSTRY D.O.O., SERBIA  -  recycling and trading in the field of black and non-ferrous metallurgy, production of nonferrous metals and alloys, casting, forging and machining, production of final spare parts and sets, aluminium alloys - ingots, primary raw material alloys, secondary raw material alloys, deoxidation alloys, copper and copper alloys ingots - brass, tin bronzes, aluminium bronzes, lead bronzes, zinc alloys (zamak) ingots, tin–refined in ingots, non-ferrous recycled metals, recycled steel and cast iron scrap.

ALEASTUR, SPAIN  -  production of grain refiners and master alloys for the aluminium industry.

ALUAR - ALUMINIO ARGENTINO S.A.I.C., ARGENTINA  -  production of primary aluminium, aluminium foundry alloy ingots, aluminium foundry alloy t-bars and continuous casting ingots, aluminium extrusion billets, rod, rolling ingots (slabs), zincalum sows, pure aluminium ingots, annual production capacity is
460 000 tonnes.

ALUMINERIE ALOUETTE INC., CANADA  -  primary aluminium producer.

A & S METALLURGICAL RESOURCES LTD., UK  -  pig iron, inmould inoculants, nodularisers, ferro alloys, aluminium master alloys, fluxes.

ASIABUSINESS ALUMINIUM SMELTING SDN. BHD., MALAYSIA  -  aluminium / aluminium alloy recycling, processing, and ingot manufacturing.

ALUMINIUM BAHRAIN (ALBA) B.S.C., BAHRAIN  -  aluminium smelter, production capacity 931 000 metric tonnes per annum of the highest grade aluminium, with products including standard and T-ingots, foundry alloy ingots, extrusion billets, rolling slab, and molten aluminium.

ALU-BLOCK IPARI KERESKEDELMI ES SZOLGALTATO KFT., HUNGARY  -  production of aluminium ingots for deoxidising purposes.

ACCOMET CORP., USA  -  supplier of secondary aluminum alloys.

ARYATEC CO., IRAN  -  engineering and commercial services, supplier of refractory raw material, lead ingot.

A.CESANA S.r.l., ITALY  -  manufacturer and supplier of fluxes for the metallurgical treatment of aluminium, copper, magnesium and zinc alloys, casting release agents, coatings for low pressure and gravity die casting, lubricants for the aluminium extrusion, crucibles, refractory, insulation and accessories for cast-houses and foundries, degassing units, analyzers for molten aluminium control, accessories for continuous casting machines and casting slabs and billets, metallurgical processes consultancy - density, composition, dosage, maintenance, ecology and investment.

ALUMINIJ D.D., BiH  -  aluminium anodes, billets, wire and slabs, aluminum alloys ingots for foundries, daily production is around 700 tons of anodes and 330 tons of liquid aluminum or aluminium alloys.

ALBOMAY d.o.o., SLOVENIA  -  processing scrap secondary non-ferrous metals, production of aluminium and zinc alloys, and deoxidised aluminium.

AURENIS d.o.o., SLOVENIA  -  production of silver alloys and recycling of waste materials, production of cast and roll silver anodes for galvanization, silver granules, silver foil and silver wires.

ASTURIANA DE ZINC S.A., SPAIN  -  manufacturer of zinc (99.995%) ingot, strip and T-bar, zinc base alloys, zamak.

ARIA FELEZ NAB CO., IRAN  -  production of aluminium alloy ingots, aluminium hemisphere, cone and wire, briquettes.

APD FUNDICION S.L., SPAIN  -  manufacturer of copper-based alloys in ingots and continuous casting bars.

ALROKO GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  exclusive sales representative for many important producers of industrial raw materials and machine manufacturers around the world, magnesium ingots, tin ingots, tungsten alloys, natural and synthetic graphites for foundry and powder metallurgy, mould release agents, phenolic resins, brown fused alumina, zirconium silicate, powder and sand, limestone, shot-blasting beads, zirconia grinding beads.

ALMAHDI HORMOZAL ALUMINIUM CO., IRAN  -  aluminium smelter, production of aliminium alloys ingots.

AMITRESHMI ISPAT & PIGMENT PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  supplier of ferro alloys and pig iron for cast iron foundries and steel-making.

ASUKA INDUSTRIES, INC., JAPAN  -  aluminium alloy ingot for diecast & sand cast.

ALUMINIJ JSC, BiH  -  primary aluminum ingots for further processing in the cast houses.

AZOVSTAL JSC, UKRAINE  -  iron and steel works, metallurgical coke and relevant chemical products, conversion pig iron.

ADM LTD., UKRAINE  -  metallurgical plant specialized in the metallurgical processing of aluminium scrap into aluminium alloys in form of ingots for foundries and aluminium roundels for production of aerosol cans.

AVS LTD., UKRAINE  -  graphite products, pig iron, non-ferrous alloys, ferroalloys.

ALUMINIO LA ESTRELLA S.L., SPAIN  -  production of secondary aluminium alloys in ingots, production capacity 25 000 tons annually.

ABOURA METALS, JORDAN  -  recycling, processing and trading ferrous and non ferrous metals, production of aluminum alloy ingots.

AGAKOS METALS, GREECE  -  foundry and metal trade company, non-ferrous metals and their alloys - bronze, brass copper and aluminium.

AUSTRIA METALL AG (AMAG), AUSTRIA  -  manufacturer of aluminium semis and casthouse products - aluminium flat rolled products in the form of coils, sheets and plates, foundry alloys in the form of ingots, sows and liquid aluminium, the application range of the products extends from aircrafts, automobiles and sporting goods, buildings, machinery, packaging, lighting, decoration up to IT and telecommunication.

AUSZINC METALS & ALLOYS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  producer of primary and secondary zinc alloys used in the galvanizing industry, diecasting foundries and for other special purposes, a division of Valmont Australia Pty. Ltd.

ASIA METALS & FERRO ALLOYS, INDIA  -  importers of non ferrous virgin metals, ferro alloys, minor metals, and nickel.

ALLIED METAL COMPANY, USA  -  aluminum and zinc alloys for the die casting and foundry industry.

ARAB METALS CO. (AMC), EGYPT  -  production of aluminium alloys ingots, copper wire and ingots, brass alloys ingots, lead ingots, export of stainless steel scrap.

ALUCOP METALS DMCC, UAE  -  an ISO 9001 certified company, recycling and trading of ferrous and non ferrous metal alloys and scrap, copper anodes, rods, wire, granules and scrap, aluminium alloys ingots and scrap, zinc and zinc alloys ingots and scrap, lead ingots and scrap, brass scrap, ash and drosses, gunmetal, nickel cathodes, nickel-copper and nickel-silver scrap, carbon and stainless steel scrap.

AVON METALS LTD., UK  -  aluminium recycling and non-ferrous metals trading company, production of 10 000 metric tonnes per annum of primary and secondary based aluminium master alloys, grain refiners and modifiers, privately owned by The Remet Company, an international non-ferrous trading company.

AMPCO METAL S.A., SWITZERLAND  -  an integrated metal producer, specialty bronzes and copper alloys used as die-casting molds for the production of non-ferrous water taps, pieces of faucet and water mixers in low pressure die-casting process, water-cooled, copper-alloy plunger tips which are used to push molten zinc and aluminum through a polished steel sleeve into die cavities to form intricate parts.

ABEL METAL SERVICES PTY LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacture and distribute metallurgical consumables for foundries, steelmaking and smelting, metals, alloys, recarburisers, inoculants.

AFFILIPS N.V., BELGIUM  -  manufacturer of copper-, aluminium-, nickel- and lead-based master alloys for the superalloy industry, aircraft engines, nuclear reactors and other equally demanding applications.

ALERIS RECYCLING (SWANSEA) LTD., UK  -  aluminium dross reprocessor, liquid metal deliveries, low profile sows, ingots, de-oxidants, a part of
Aleris International, Inc. - USA.

ALRO S.A., ROMANIA  -  the largest aluminum smelter in Central and Eastern Europe, producer of primary aluminum and aluminum alloys, including aluminum and aluminum alloy ingots for foundries.

ALUMETAL S.A., POLAND  -  producer of aluminium casting alloys, steel deoxidation aluminium and master alloys, silicon alloys modified with strontium and phosphorus.

AMIXE SAZ ARAK, IRAN  -  production of aluminum alloys ingots for castings, capacity of 12 000 tons per year, production of aluminum de-oxidants for steel mills in form of ingots, granule and shots in variety of sizes, weights and shapes, production of aluminum and zinc sacrificial anodes for cathodic protection in marine, oil, gas, petrochemical and shipping industries.

ASMET S.A., POLAND  -  aluminium alloys ingots and aluminium deoxidizers to steel, aluminum castings.

ASOTRADE S.A., ARGENTINA  -  ferrous / non-ferrous metals and ferroalloys trading, agents and representatives.

AL. SOLUTION CO., LTD., THAILAND  -  secondary aluminum smelter and aluminum alloy ingot supplier, an extensive range of specification alloys, consulting service for melting and casting in aluminum industry.

ASAHI SEIREN CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  secondary aluminium ingots for die casting and sand moulding, aluminium deoxidization ingots for steel making, flux for cast steel / cast iron making, remelted aluminium metal for rolling mill's use.

ALTEROSA STEEL INDUSTRY, BRAZIL  -  production of nodular and grey pig iron.

ALLEGHENY TECHNOLOGIES, INC. (ATI), USA  -  one of the largest and most diversified specialty metals producers in the world, the products include titanium and titanium alloys, nickel-based alloys and superalloys, stainless and specialty steels, zirconium, hafnium, and niobium, advanced powder metals, tungsten materials, grain-oriented electrical steel, and forgings and castings, the major markets are aerospace and defense, chemical process industry/oil and gas, electrical energy, medical, automotive, food equipment and appliance, machine and cutting tools, and construction and mining.

AMG VANADIUM, INC., USA  -  low-aluminum ferrovanadium additive for killed and semi-killed steels and alloyed cast irons, ferro-nickel-molybdenum ingots,
a valuable furnace addition when cost-effective hardening and corrosion-resistance are required in various grades of steels, ferro-nickel-molybdenum pigs and shot for customers in the stainless steel and alloy bar industries, low-carbon ferrotitanium and titanium master alloys for critical applications, calcium aluminate synthetic slag for faster steel refining and ladle refractory protection, a member of Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V..

ATLAS WORLDWIDE GENERAL TRADING L.L.C., UAE  -  non-ferrous & ferrous metal scraps and virgin metals buy & supply.
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ALUMINIUM WERKE WUTOSCHINGEN AG & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  production of aluminium extrusions, slugs and a wide range of aluminium alloys.

ASTEGIANO Y CIA S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  products and minerals destined for specific metallurgical plants and cast iron, steel and nonferrous foundries, pig iron, domestic and imported alloys, inoculants, nodulizers, metallurgical coke, natural and synthetic graphite, graphite crucibles, refractories, firebricks, refractory cement, quartz sand, zirconium sand, coated sand, bentonite, binders, mould additives, release agents, exothermic sleeves, filters, steel shot.

ALEACIONES Y METALES INDUSTRIALES DE SALTILLO, S.A. de C.V. (AMISSA), MEXICO  -  manufacturer of secondary aluminum alloys for foundries.

ALUMINIO Y TECNOLOGIAS SIDERURGICAS, S.A. de C.V. (ALTESI), MEXICO  -  recycling of aluminum for steel companies, secondary aluminum ingots for foundries, processing capacity of 1500 tons per month.

AKITA ZINC CO. (AZC), LTD., JAPAN  -  zinc ingots for metal casting industry.

AR ZINC S.A., ARGENTINA  -  electrolytic zinc / zinc alloy ingots and bars, cadmium metal ingots, a part of Glencore International.

BOLIDEN AB, SWEDEN  -  mining and milling, smelting, refining and recycling of metals, the second largest copper supplier (cathodes, wires, plates, tubes, machined products and superconductors) and the third largest zinc supplier (slabs and jumbo ingots) in Europe, other metals produced include primary and secondary lead (cast ingots), gold (ingots and granules) and silver (granules).

BISLEY & CO. PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  supplier of raw materials to the metallurgical, chemical, fertiliser, refractory, ceramics, construction, plastics and rubber industries, a diverse range of raw materials for aluminium pot rooms, anode production and cast houses - primary aluminium ingot and billet, aluminium casting alloys, alloys for grain refining, alloys for eutectic modification, degassing and cleaning fluxes for aluminium and aluminium alloys, sheet, coil and foil flat rolled products, aluminium rod for cable drawing and steel deoxidation applications, copper casting alloys for the foundry and die casting industries, primary magnesium ingots, ferro alloys, high purity graphite and carbon products to the foundry and steel making industries, refractory / ceramic raw materials, zircon flour and zirconium silicate.

BUSCHLE & LEPPER S.A., BRAZIL  -  manufacturer and distributor of chemicals, agricultural and building materials, chemical products for metallurgical industry and foundries - natural or activated sodium bentonite, cold box resins and catalysts, precoated sand, exothermic powders, ferro-alloys, foundry coke, inoculants, natural graphite, non-ferrous treatment fluxes, ceramic filters.

BAHRAIN ALLOYS MANUFACTURING CO. (BAMCO) B.S.C. , BAHRAIN  -  manufacturer of a wide range of primary and secondary aluminium alloys, master and special alloys for the automotive and die casting industries.

BERJAK & PARTNERS, AUSTRALIA  -  traders in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and scrap - remelt aluminium ingots, tin ingots, stainless steels, nickel.

BOLIDEN BERGSOE A/S, DENMARK  -  products for foundry, electronics, packaging, plumbing and mechanical industries, lead-free and leaded solder in rods, wire and paste, tin alloys, lead alloys and zinc alloys in ingots, a wholly owned subsidiary of Swedish mining company Boliden AB.

BMP BLIZNACI LTD., BULGARIA  -  family owned firm, buy up of aluminium scrap, melting the scrap and sale of secondary aluminium ingots, monthly capacity of 350-400 t.

BERA DE BOLIVIA (ALEACIONES) S.A., BOLIVIA  -  manufacturer of non ferrous metal alloys - tin / lead soft solders with a variety of melting points and working temperature ranges for specific purposes, lead free solders, solid or flux cored wires, bars and sticks solders in tin / lead alloys, tin / silver alloys and lead free alloys, a full range of antifriction (Babbitt) metals used for bearings and castings operations, specific alloys for electrolytic and metallurgical processes, a part of the Boliden Bergsoe A/S - Denmark.

BELTOR-ELITE LTD., BELARUS  -  specialized scrap processing plant, production of bronze, brass, aluminium alloys and zinc alloys ingots.

BILGUNOGLU ENDUSTIRI MALZEMELERI SAN. VE TIC. A.S., TURKEY  -  metals and metal alloys, pig iron and nodular pig iron, ferro alloys.

BANDEIRA INDUSTRIA DE ALUMINIO LTDA., BRAZIL  -  aluminum recycling, production of aluminum alloys ingots.

BRONALCO LTDA., COLOMBIA  -  a metal recycling company, production of brass, copper, aluminum and zamac ingots, supplier of foundry refractories, crucibles, quartz sand, natural molding sand and clay.

BEFESA MEDIO AMBIENTE S.A. (BEFESA), SPAIN  -  steel waste recycling, aluminium waste and salt slags recycling, industrial waste management, production of aluminium alloys for the automotive industry and the construction sector.

BROCK METAL COMPANY, UK  -  zinc and aluminum alloy ingots for pressure die casting.

BAR-METAL D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  trading and distribution, products for metalcasting: Si-C ladles and protective tubes, foundry guns, dippers, clamps, digital thermometers, kanthal wire, accessories, ingots for foundries: bronze and special copper alloys, aluminum alloys, pig iron.

BARALOGAM MULTIJAYA PT., INDONESIA  -  suppliers of non-ferrous master alloys, non-ferrous metal ingots, ferro-alloys, nodularizers, carburizers, foundry coke, petroleum coke, resin coated sand, additives, graphite, magnesite or zircon based mould coatings, graphite powder, steel grit and shot.

BMS METALLURGICAL PTE. LTD., SINGAPORE  -  supplier & distributor of heat processing equipments, bath-type furnaces, crucibles, lubricants, fluxes, foundry coke, pig iron, ferro alloys, aluminium alloys and deoxidants for steel and cast iron foundries, aluminium and zinc die-casting foundries.

BEIJER OY, FINLAND  -  a specialist supplier of industrial products, machinery and raw materials to the metallurgical, foundry and engineering industries, products for the foundry industry includes iron, steel, aluminium alloys, alloying materials, melting furnaces, monolithic refractories and firebricks, graphite electrodes, slag-forming additives, filters, foundry chemicals - binders, coatings, sand mixers, moulding machinery and lines, die-casting machines, spare parts, control systems, also offered technical advisory and consultation services.

BHUSHAN POWER & STEEL LTD., INDIA  -  a fully integrated steel making company - manufacturer of flat, rounds and long products, billets, hot / cold rolled coils, pig iron for production of cast iron castings and steel, precision tubes, black pipe, cable tapes, wire rod and special alloy steel, supplier to fast-growing sectors like automotive, white goods, construction, furniture, fasteners, telecommunication, etc.

BAHRAIN STEEL, BAHRAIN  -  production of high-grade iron ore pellets for direct reduced iron processes and blast furnace steelmaking.

BATERPOL S.A., POLAND  -  recycling of lead-acid batteries and lead processing, producer of lead alloys and refined lead with antimony, tin, selenium, calcium, silver, rolled and extruded lead and its alloy products - sheets, strips, anodes, pipes, rods, wires, lead alloys and refined lead ingots.

BALTICAL UAB, LITHUANIA  -  secondary aluminum refinery, production capacity is up to 16000 tons per year, aluminum alloys ingots for foundries and aluminum ingots for steel deoxidation in metallurgy plants.

BRUSH WELLMAN, INC. (BWI), USA  -  producer of beryllium, beryllium-containing alloys and beryllium engineered ceramics, high strength, high conductivity and fine grain copper beryllium casting alloys available as casting ingot or as master alloy in ingot or shot form.

BINANI ZINC LTD., INDIA  -  a part of Braj Binany Group, manufacture of special high-grade zinc metal of 99.99 / 99.995% purity, capacity of 30 000 mt per annum, cadmium 65 000 kg per annum, and sulphuric acid - 51 000 mt per annum, for customers across all industry segments, including foundry industry.

CIIGSA, COLOMBIA  -  Comercializadora International de Metales Preciosos Metales Comunes Inversiones Generales S.A.: refining and marketing of precious metals, export of gold and silver.

CARBOMAX AB, SWEDEN  -  virgin artificial graphite, calcined petroleum coke - recarburiser for gray cast iron, crushed graphite electrodes - recarburiser for ductile cast iron, ferroalloys, inoculants for gray and ductile cast iron, recarburisers, slag binders, metallurgical coke.

COPPER AND COPPER ALLOYS FOUNDRY, SERBIA  -  one of the integrated parts of Copper Smelter and Refinery Bor Ltd., ingots for remelting based on non-ferrous metals alloys, gold and silver ingots.

COATINGS & COATINGS (INDIA) PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  foundry fluxes, innoculants, slag coagulants.

COLESHILL ALUMINIUM LTD., UK  -  aluminium smelter, production of primary and secondary aluminium alloys.

CMC (AUSTRALIA) PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  ferro alloys - ferro chrome, ferro manganese, ferro molybdenum, ferro niobium, ferro phosphorus, ferro silicon, ferro titanium and ferro vanadium, metals - aluminium, copper, magnesium, nickel, tin, pig iron, aluminium grain refiners, aluminium modifiers, recarburisers, inoculants, nodulants, slag coagulants, steel and metal products - hot / cold rolled coil and strip, rectangular, square and circular hollow sections, pipes, bars, wire mesh, wire rod, fence wire, fence posts.

CONSOLIDATED ALLOYS PTY. LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  manufacturer of tin and lead based products including a full range of solders, bearing metals, jewellery casting alloys and fusible alloys, supplier of zinc, lead, tin, aluminium, antimony, bismuth, cadmium, indium, tin oxide and silver.

CARPENTER BROTHERS, INC., USA  -  various metals and alloys for metal casting industry.

CINKARNA CELJE D.D., SLOVENIA  -  chemical processing company, production of zinc-aluminium alloys / zamak for foundries, titanium-zinc sheets for deep drawing, zinc wire for anticorrosion protection of metals, zinc anodes for zinc coating by galvanizing, cathode protection of land pipelines and metallic constructions in the sea, recycling old zinc sheets.

CMA CORPORATION LTD., AUSTRALIA  -  a leading integrated metal recycling group with operations in the supply, processing, smelting and exporting of scrap metal, supplier of high purity ductile grade pig iron, "Meretec meltstock", dri-melt steel, baled steel, sheared metals and briquettes, copper, aluminium, lead and tin based ingots.

C.C.M. ASIA GROUP, IRAN  -  import-export of foundry and steel industries equipment and raw materials, foundry bentonite, ferroalloys, coal coke, lime, sodium carbonate, chromite, magnetite iron ore.

CHENZHOU CHENXI METAL CO., LTD., CHINA  -  producer of nonferrous metals and alloys, main products - arsenic metal, arsenic lead alloy, copper arsenic alloy, bismuth ingot and silicon metal.

CREATIVE CARBON PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  supplier of engineering products for industrial applications, fire bricks, fire clay, castables, ramming masses and other furnace consumables, silico-manganese and ferro alloys, continuous core and mould drying ovens, sand mixers, turbo mixers, continuous mixers, induction melting furnaces, ladle refining furnaces, frequency converters, ladles for metal pouring, safety leather uniforms, hand gloves and shoes.

CORPORACION FAEZA, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  manufacturer of zamak ingots, aluminum alloys ingots, zinc anodes.

CHANGZHOU HUERTI ALLOYS CO., LTD., CHINA  -  rare-earth metal alloy of silicon and iron, iron and magnesium, copper and magnesium, nodular powder, and special nodular powder for iron cast pipes.

CARBONES HOLDING GmbH, AUSTRIA  -  supplier of pig iron for the steel production and for the foundry industry, pure magnesium, magnesium alloys ingots, magnesium granules, copper granules, nickel, tin, si-metal, ferro alloys, metallurgy coke, graphite, silicon carbide, binders, resigns, coatings, slag forming additives, ceramic and ceramic foam filters, graphite / zircon / aluminium-silicate refractory, fireclay, blasting materials, foundry accessories, steel scrap, aluminium scrap, solid fuels.

COKES INDUSTRIALES, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  supplier of foundry silica sand, bentonite, carbon powder, ferroalloys, metallurgical coke.

COMEX JSC, BULGARIA  -  production of various refractory materials and ceramics for foundries and heat-treatment workshops, fireclay, mortar, ramming masses, heat-treated quartz powder for investment casting, ceramic foam filters, ceramic pipes and funnels, primary aluminium ingots and billets.

CHINA JULONG NONFERROUS METAL CO., LTD., CHINA  -  a complex enterprise which integrates production, research and development, manufacturer of aluminium alloys ingots.

COMETECH LTD., BULGARIA  -  inoculants and nodulizers for grey and nodular cast iron, carburizers, desulfurizers.
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COMERSIAL LEMMA S.A., CHILE  -  aluminum and zinc alloys, ingots for foundries.

CHEONGAM METAL CO., LTD., KOREA, SOUTH  -  aluminum alloy ingot.

CARN METALS LTD., UK  -  manufacturer of lead free pewters for centrifugal or spin casting into vulcanised rubber moulds, and lead free solders for use with pewter.

CHINO MINERALS TRADING CORP., CHINA  -  ferro silicon, ferro manganese, silicon manganese, pig iron.
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CALIFORNIA METAL-X INC., USA  -  manufacturer of brass and bronze ingot recommended in the art foundry industry and widely used in industrial, production foundries, a variety of alloys for the jewelry industry.
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CHUAN NEN ALUMINUM CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  aluminum materials melting and refining manufacturer, production of secondary aluminum ingots.

CVETMET PRIVATE ENTERPRISE, BELARUS  -  production of brass and bronze ingots, bronze bars, billets, centrifugal cast bushes, annual volume of manufacture more than 3000 tons, a subsidiary of Belcvetmet JSC and Belvtormet Association.

COMPANIA REFINERA DE ALUMINIO S.A. - COREAL, SPAIN  -  recycling, smelting and refining of aluminium, production of aluminuim alloys for green-sand moulding, pressure die casting, gravity die casting and shell moulding.

CENTROZAP S.A., POLAND  -  a commercial-investment-production holding, acting in foundry, steel, chemical, machine, metallurgy, energy and raw materials markets - blast-furnace pig iron, blast furnace coke, foundry coke, ferroalloys - silico manganese, ferro manganese, ferro silicon, ferro chrome, ferro vanadium and ferro molybdenum.

CODAM S.A., ARGENTINA  -  zinc ingots, pure tin ingots and anodes, electrolytic copper anodes and nuggets, cobalt briquettes and cathodes, nickel discs for producing most of the castings and forgings alloys containing nickel, including low-alloy steels and cast iron, Ni-hard, Ni-resist cast alloys with thermal resistance, electrolytic nickel anodes, nickel pellets, ferro-alloys.

COMETAL S.A., SPAIN  -  a variety of products covering the area of grey nodular and compact graphite iron - magnesium alloys, inoculants for grey and nodular iron, core wire alloys for nodular iron, long life inoculants, cerium mischmetal, dispersit, representation services - machinery and equipment for steelworks and foundries.
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CONIEX S.A., SPAIN  -  plate semi-automatic and automatic centrifugal machines for the production of cast accessories for the footwear industry, costume jewellery, promotional articles, key rings, automatic presses for the vulcanization of rubber, silicon and organic moulds, automatic electric ovens for melting of zamak and pewter, extensive range of rubber and silicon moulds, specially designed for zamak, pewter, lead, and other materials such as resins and waxes, zamak and pewter alloy ingots, online consultations.

C.S. ALUMINUM CORP. (CSAC), TAIWAN  -  production of aluminum alloy ingots, aluminum alloy ingots for die-casting, zinc alloy ingots for die-casting and zinc anodes for electroplating, aluminum products - plate, sheets, coils and foils, wholly owned subsidiary of China Steel Corporation.

CENTRALA ZAOPATRZENIA HUTNICTWA S.A., POLAND  -  sales of ferro-alloys, pig iron, steel products and semi-products, aluminium and other foundry / metallurgy materials.

DCM, AUSTRIA  -  trade in ores, ferro alloys, noble alloys and metals.

DUBAI ALUMINIUM CO. LTD. - DUBAL, UAE  -  the world’s largest modern aluminium smelter, the company produces almost one million tonnes of high quality finished aluminium products per year, in three main forms: foundry alloy for automotive applications; extrusion billet for construction, industrial and transportation purposes; and high purity aluminium for the electronics and aerospace industries, foundry alloys are supplied in many ingot shapes, sizes, strontium modified and unmodified, and are grouped according to international designations, the alloys produced include: A356.2, ALSi7Mg, ALSi9Mg, ALSi10Mg, ALSi11Mg, ALSiCu, and Silafont36.

DAIKI ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  secondary aluminum alloy ingots for die-casting, casting, deoxidation and for roll products, aluminum mother alloy ingots, desin, construction, and repair of aluminum smelting furnaces, from large smelting furnaces to mini furnaces and small pot furnaces, aluminum scraps recycling.

DUNAFERR CO. LTD., HUNGARY  -  pig iron production.

DELTA CORP. SDN. BHD., MALAYSIA  -  trading company, supplier of foundry bentonite and ferro alloys.

DALI ELECTRONICS, INDIA  -  import-export company, supplier of special kinds of metal alloys and master alloys for metal casting, aluminum beryllium, beryllium copper (beryllium bronze) and aluminum titanium boron, invar, kovar, inconel, monel, chromel, silverin, tungsten and its alloys, molybdenum alloys, niobium alloys, rhenium alloys, titanium, vanadium, chromium, zirconium, hafnium, ruthenium, electrical, thermal and high temperature insulation materials for industrial furnaces, molten metal filters, protective clothing, a part of Domadia Group.

DEMIDOV INDUSTRIES AS, ESTONIA  -  a metallurgical company, aluminium master alloys, ferro-alloys, grain refiners and modifiers.

DRITAS KIRIAKOS & CO., GREECE  -  trading of copper, brass, aluminium, and their alloys.
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DILERS LTD., LATVIA  -  production of secondary aluminium alloys in ingots, sales and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals scrap, collection and utilization of domestic and hazardous wastes.

DUKRAFT LTDA., CHILE  -  raw materials, related machinery and services for the industry - bentonite, zirconium silicate, granuled aluminium, granuled magnesium, magnesium ingots, silicon metal, ferroalloys, graphite electrodes, graphite recarburizers.

DYBACKEN METALL AB, SWEDEN  -  scrap smelter, production of special and standard aluminum alloys in form of ingots.

DURA METAL ALLOY PRODUCTS GROUP LLC, USA  -  supplier of speciality steel, nickel alloys, titanium products, tungsten carbide products, components and pre-fabricated parts.

DELTA MISR COMPANY, EGYPT  -  supplier of metals, alloys, raw materials and equipment related to steel & foundry industries - basic pig iron, foundry pig iron, pig iron sorel grade, hot briquetted iron, non-ferrous master alloys, ferro chrome, ferro manganese, ferro molybdenum, ferro silicon, ferro silicon manganese, steel scrap, carbon raiser, metallurgical coke, graphite electrodes, refractories.

DOWA MINING CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  nonferrous metal smelting and refining - copper, zinc, silver, gold, lead, sheet and coil, brass strip, and ingots.

DOANH NGHIEP TRUNG THANH, VIETNAM  -  ferro-alloys, pig iron, aluminum, lead, copper, tin and zinc ingots, metallurgical coke, carbon powder, carbon electrodes for furnaces, refractory ramming masses and bricks.

DALIAN RUIMEI INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., CHINA  -  supplier of antimony ingot, lead antimony alloy ingot, tin ingot, cerium alloy, magnesium alloy, babbitt metal, silicon metal, ferro silicon, ferro manganese, cobalt powder, tungsten powder, nickel powder.

DEAD SEA MAGNESIUM LTD., ISRAEL  -  pure magnesium and commercial magnesium alloy ingots and T-bars.

DOMET SP. Z O.O., POLAND  -  aluminium alloys ingots and deoxidizers in the form of chits, granules, pyramids, hemispheres, aluminium castings.

DOE RUN PERU, PERU  -  a mining and metals company for premium metals including copper, lead, zinc, bismuth, silver and indium.

EGYPTALUM, EGYPT  -  manufacturer of aluminum / aluminum alloys slabs, billets, wire rod, T-bars, and foundry ingots - Sr or Sb modified or non-modified.

ECOMETAL AS, ESTONIA  -  lead battery and accumulators recycling plant, production of lead and lead alloys about 12 000 tons annually.

EMIRATES ALUMINIUM (EMAL), UAE  -  aluminium smelter complex, primary aluminium standard ingots, sheet ingots and extrusion billets.

EASTERN ALLOYS, INC., USA  -  zinc alloys.

EVANS & REID ALLOYS LTD., UK  -  production of primary aluminium alloy ingots.

ENERCO B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  producer of customised coal brand for the ferro-silicon industry, fesilero-coal for the steel and foundry industries for the secondary metallurgical treatment - deoxidizing and alloying of steel and adjusting of specified material characteristics for foundry products.

EGYPTMETALS CO., EGYPT  -  a recycling plant, manufacturer of aluminium alloys ingots, lead and antimonial lead ingots and copper cathodes, import and export of a range of metals in ingot, cathode, ash and semi die-cast form, a subsidiary of Koriem Group.

EGYPTIAN CO. FOR MELTING, REFINING & MANUFACTURING LEAD, EGYPT  -  production of pure lead ingots, lead alloys ingots, lead sheets and lead pipes of various diameters.

EGYPTIAN ECONOMIC CENTER, EGYPT  -  supplier of silica sand, silica fume, sodium silicate, calcium carbonate, kaolin, ferro-silicon.

EURO EGYPT METALS CO. (EEMC), EGYPT  -  producer and exporters of aluminium alloy ingots, copper and copper alloy ingots, zamak ingots and stainless steel.

EGYPTIAN FERRO ALLOYS CO. (EFACO), EGYPT  -  production and export of ferrosilicon & microsilica dust in the international and domestic markets, ferrosilicon production capacity 50000 tons / year, silica dust production capacity 20000 tons / year.

ELFUSA GERAL DE ELETROFUSAO LTDA., BRAZIL  -  production of fused mullite for investment casting and other refractory applications, abrasives for blasting, abrasives for grinding wheels, ferrosilicon, and other products for the ceramic, abrasive and refractory industries, a part of the Grupo Curimbaba.

ESM GROUP, INC., USA  -  magnesium products for steel desulphurization.

EGYPTIAN IRON & STEEL CO. (HADISOLB), EGYPT  -  the major iron and steel producing company in Egypt, manufacturer of semi finished steel products, pig iron for foundries, limestone, blast furnaces and oxygen converter slags, foundry shop, cast iron, steel and non-ferrous castings.

EUROCAST KFT., HUNGARY  -  aluminium smelter with a nominal production capacity 13 000 tons per year, aluminium primary and secondary alloys in form of ingots.

ETA METAL LTD., BULGARIA  -  a trading company dealing in the field of ferroalloys, consulting and engineering, own production of special alloying additives for non-ferrous foundries and metallurgy plants.

ECONOMIDES METAL RECYCLING LTD., CYPRUS  -  scrap metal collecting, processing and trading company, production of secondary aluminium alloys in ingot or pyramid form.

EMPRESA METALURGICA VINTO (EMV), BOLIVIA  -  tin smelter, production of tin ingots.

EMIRATES RECYCLING LLC, UAE  -  one of the leading secondary aluminium recycling plant in UAE with a production capacity of 18 000 tons / year, production a wide range of cast alloys in ingot form to the automobile, architectural, furniture and other industries, a member of Harwal Group of Companies.

ELECTROVEK-STEEL LTD., UKRAINE  -  nichrome heating resistance alloys, kanthal heating resistance alloys, stainless tubes, strips, wires, sheets and plates, titanium and titanium alloy rods, wires, sheets and plates, thermocouple wires alumel, chromel, copel and constantan, tungsten products, molybdenum products, specialty steels inconel, incoloy, hastelloy.

ESTANOS Y SOLDADURAS SENRA S.L., BRAZIL  -  manufacturer of tin-lead alloys, tin-silver alloys, tin-copper alloys, high silver content filler rods, copper phosphorus rods, lead-free ecological ingots and ecological anodes, and a complete line of fluxes, products for the building industry, automotive industry, electronics and imitation jewellery.

FERROLEGERINGAR AB, SWEDEN  -  supplier of ferroalloys and carbon products for the steelworks, foundries, aluminium smelters, sintered carbide producers and the welding industry.

FERROMET AB, SWEDEN  -  ferrous raw materials trading, on-time supply of noble and bulk ferroalloys, and metals - manganese, magnesium, silicon, cadmium, bismuth, antimony, chrome, nickel, tin, pig iron.

FONDRIMA & CO LTD., BULGARIA  -  production of aluminium alloys ingots, trading with non-ferrous metals and alloys.

FESIL A.S., NORWAY  -  one of the world’s largest producers of ferro silicon used as an essential alloy in the production of steel and cast iron, mainly as
a deoxidant and an alloying element.

FUNDICION AVELLANEDA S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  non-ferrous metal smelting and special alloy manufacturing, copper, bronzes, aluminum, aluminum alloys, magnesium, magnesium alloys, zinc, zinc alloys.

FONDEL COMMODITIES B.V., THE NETHERLANDS  -  production and sale of raw materials from stainless steel and steel scrap to most primary alloys used for stainless steelmaking, a supplier of ferroalloys and nickel to the stainless steel, low-alloy steel, foundry and chemical companies.

FURUKAWA CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  metal smelting and refining - copper, gold, silver.

FUNDICION DE ALUMINIO COLON, ARGENTINA  -  non-ferrous metals refinery, production of aluminium alloys ingots.

FORZA DO BRASIL LTDA., BRAZIL  -  manufacturer and distributor of refractories and thermal insulation products for foundries, metallurgy, glass, ceramic, chemical and petrochemical sectors, insulating bricks and special refractory parts, refractory mortars and concretes, refractory concrete with high content of metallic fiber, ceramic fiber for cone seals, gaskets, insulating caps for gutters, thermal insulation of pipes and tubes, thermal gloves and heating chambers, ceramic filters, supplier of master alloys, ferro-alloys, briquettes / tablets for aluminum alloying, salts for the treatment of aluminum alloys.

FOUNDRY ECOCER, ITALY  -  products and auxiliaries for non-ferrous foundries, fluxes for modification, purification and refining of non-ferrous alloys, master intermediate alloys for melts, coatings for protection of metallic dies, cores and sand moulds with organic-inorganic binder, lubricants and detaching products for die-casting extrusion and metal working, refractory and insulating materials specific for aluminium alloys casting, refractory cements, pre-shaped ceramics, ceramic foam filters, glass fibers filtering tissue, filter-bowls, crucibles, transfer ladles, technical assistance and consulting services.

FEXA - FUNDICION EXTRUSION ALUMINIO, ARGENTINA  -  aluminum base alloys - pyramidal, half sphere, granulated material, ingots, bars and profiles.

FINCAST FOUNDRY FLUX CO., INDIA  -  foundry fluxes, exothermic compounds, desulpherisers, inoculants, slag coagulants, covering fluxes, deggasers, and nucleants.

FUNDICION GUTIERREZ - C.I. GUTIERREZ Y CYA. S.A., COLOMBIA  -  gold smelter and refiner, owner of jewelry production plants in Latin America, trade transactions on gold, silver, platinum and other metals.

FENI INDUSTRIES AD, NORTH MACEDONIA  -  mine and smelting plant, ferro-nickel producer, a subsidiary of Cunico Resources N.V. - The Netherlands.
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FEAL-INZENIRING D.O.O., SLOVENIA  -  supplier of auxiliary materials for foundries - fluxes for metallurgical treatment of non-ferrous alloys, modifying and grain refining materials, inoculants, foundry binders, consulting services.

FONDERIE JACQUET BVBA, BELGIUM  -  production of zinc ingot and solder tin, supplier of all non-ferrous metals.

FUNDICION J.V., S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  recycling and processing of aluminum scrap, production of aluminum alloys ingots.

FERROEX LTD., UKRAINE  -  supplier of ferroalloys - ferromanganese, ferrosilicon, ferrosilicomanganese, ferromolybdenum and ferrovanadium, metal and steel products, import / export, distribution.

FUNDIPOR LDA., PORTUGAL  -  phenol-formaldehyde resins, furan resins and catalysts, silica, chromite, olivine and zirconium sands, pre-coated sands, water based and alcohol based graphite, zirconium, magnesite and aluminium silicate mould coatings, ferro-alloys, nodularizers, inoculants, fluxes, graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces.

FUJI METAL INDUSTRIES CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  various metal ingots, white metal ingots, solders, copper alloy, low melting alloys, special alloys, aluminium alloy, alloys for processing a turbine blade of airplane jet engine, bearing metals of internal combustion machines, gas turbine engines, generators, air conditioners, and all sorts of industrial machines.

FALCON METALS LTD., UAE  -  tin smelting and solder alloy manufacturing, tin / lead and lead free solder alloys, pure tin and lead, ingots, bars, sticks, billets.

FONEKSS METALS SIA, LATVIA  -  production of full range of aluminium casting alloy ingots, aluminium alloys for specific engineering requirements, aluminium dross-skimming and powder, and copper alloys, processing and trading of non-ferrous metal scrap.

FUNDICION MAXXIMA, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  smelting of nonferrous metals, supplier of secondary aluminum alloys, copper and zamac ingots.

FALCON SMELTERS, SOUTH AFRICA  -  primary and secondary based aluminium alloys to international and customer specifications and standards, products and services to the foundry related industries.

FUNDURAL S.A.S., COLOMBIA  -  production of aluminum alloy ingots, and aluminum and duralumin bars, manufacturer of aluminum castings up to 700 kg, silica sand molding.

FERROVAS S.L., SPAIN  -  secondary smelting and refining of aluminium alloys, aluminium ingots in different shapes and weights ranging from 100 g pyramid-shaped piglets to quadrangular large ingots weighting 900 kg, distribution of ferro-alloys.

FOSMETAL S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  production of phosphor-copper alloy in two forms: ingots and granules, widely used as alloy deoxidizer in copper and brass foundries, and for making silver soldering copper.

FUNDPROD S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  products and services for foundry plants, silica or chromite sand, bentonite, moulding binders, catalysts, coke, granular graphite, ferroalloys, slags, refractory bricks and cements, ceramic filters.

FESIL SALES S.A., LUXEMBOURG  -  a complete range of products for the steel and foundry industry - aluminium, chromium metal, copper, manganese, silicon metal, tin, pig iron, ferroalloys, alloying elements, coal & coke, graphite electrodes, insulating / exothermic risers for steel, cast iron and non-ferrous casting, inoculants for ladle and in-mould treatment, recarburizers, extruded filters, foam filters, a subsidiary branch of the British Columbian global supply chain company
MFC Industrial Ltd.

FOMPEX SPOL. S.R.O., SLOVAKIA  -  ferro-alloys, graphitisation inoculants and modificators, briquettes, auxiliary materials for foundries and metallurgy.

F.W. HEMPEL & CO., ERZE UND METALLE, GmbH & CO. KG, GERMANY  -  trading and distribution of metals, alloys and pig-iron, stock holding and service-centres for nickel alloys, titanium and stainless steel and stainless wire drawing, production of antimony-metal and lead-oxide.

FUNDIDOS Y COMPONENTES, S.A. de C.V. (FYCOMEX), MEXICO  -  supplier of ferroalloys, cast iron ingots, aluminum or zinc alloy ingots, coke for cupola furnaces, inoculants, deoxidisers, amorphous graphite, protective fluxes, silicon carbide crucibles, silica sand, bentonite, phenolic resins, coated silica sand for shell process, refractory clay, firebricks, high alumina concrete, ramming masses, mortars.

FUNDICION Y MAQUINADOS ARAIZA, MEXICO  -  supplier of aluminum alloys and brass in bars, rings and ingots.

FERROALEACIONES Y MINERALES INDUSTRIALES, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  manufacturer and supplier of ferroalloys and non-metallic minerals - molding silica sand, sodium and calcium bentonite, kaolin clay, barite, calcium carbonate, dolomite, hematite, magnesite.

GRUPO AZINSA, MEXICO  -  production of zamac ingots for die casting foundries.

GULF-ALLOYS FZE, UAE  -  manufacturer and exporter of wide-ranging secondary aluminum alloy ingots.

GLUCINA ALLOYS LTD., NEW ZEALAND  -  manufacturer of certified aluminium ingot for the metal casting industry.

G & S METAL CONSULTANTS, INC., USA  -  a producer of recycled primary aluminum ingot for the casting industry.

GIESSEREI BENOIT AG, SWITZERLAND  -  standard bronze ingots and a variety of special alloys based on copper, tin, lead, zinc and aluminum.

GENGSHEAG INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD., TAIWAN  -  factory of recycled aluminum alloy ingots.

GRAVITA INDIA LTD., INDIA  -  pure lead ingots, remelted lead alloys ingots, lead wire, pipe, powder, anodes.

GIA KIM INVESTMENT & TRADING CO., LTD., VIETNAM  -  non-ferrous metals - zinc alloys ingots, inco nickel pellets, chips, strip and square, oxygen free copper anodes, precious metals - silver, iridium, palladium, platinum, ruthenium, industry plating chemicals, jewelry casting materials - investment powder, rubber, silicone, wax.

GREENVILLE METALS, INC., USA  -  nickel, cobalt and iron based alloys.

GLOBE METALES S.A., ARGENTINA  -  integrated ferroalloy producer, a part of Globe Specialty Metals Inc., USA, world leader in chemical and metallurgical grade silicon metal, silicon based specialty alloys, and ductile iron inoculants.

GENLIS METAL S.A.S., FRANCE  -  recycling of zinc castings, production of primary zinc (zamak) alloy ingots fully compatible with the loading of the die casting machines, special zinc or alumunium-based alloys, zinc-aluminium alloys for an accurate galvanizing bath management.

GERLI METALLI S.p.A., ITALY  -  products for steel mills, steel foundries, cast iron foundries and non ferrous metal industries, primary and secondary aluminium alloys for foundries, ingots, T-bars, billets, wire rod and half nuts for deox, zinc alloys, nickel-magnesium alloys, tin alloys, hematite pig iron, nodular pig iron and basic pig iron, ferro-alloys, nodularisers and inoculants, alloying tablets and briquettes for aluminium industry, cored wires for foundries.

GERTI-METAL SH.P.K., ALBANIA  -  aluminum billets and foundry ingots.
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GEESE QUIMICA S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  supplier of raw materials for steel mills, ferrous and nonferrous foundries, bentonite, phenolic resins, release agents, exothermic briquettes, refractory bricks and concrete, crucibles, inoculants, nodulizers, pig iron, steel, non-ferrous alloys.

GLOBE SPECIALTY METALS, INC., USA  -  producers of silicon metal and silicon-based specialty alloys for the silicone chemical, aluminum and steel manufacturers, producers of photovoltaic solar cells and computer chips, the auto industry, ductile iron foundries and concrete producers.

HARDFACE ALLOYS, INC., USA  -  metal alloys.

HOR-ALU KFT., HUNGARY  -  aluminum alloy ingots.

HATKO A.S., TURKEY  -  trading activities in iron-steel scrap, long, flat, semi-finished and finished products, supplier of pig iron, coking coal, metallurgical coke, anthracite, ferro alloys, copper mould tubes, graphite electrodes, oxygen lance tips, tuyeres, cooling plates and mould plates, refractory materials for the iron and steel industry, circular saw blades for the pipe factories and the rolling mills, spare part supply of marine gearboxes, clutches, pto’s and control systems, railway machinery and equipments, representation and consultancy services to the leading European companies for their activities in Turkey in the field of defense industry and ship building.

H.A. WATSON & CO. LTD., USA  -  foundry pig irons, ferro alloys, noble alloys and other metals.

HITECH CASTING CO., EGYPT  -  manufacturer of full range of die-casting and foundry secondary aluminium alloy ingots.

HEJIN CITY DONGFANG METALLURGY CO., LTD., CHINA  -  magnesium ingots, silicon-iron alloys.

HERAEUS ELECTRO-NITE INTERNATIONAL N.V., BELGIUM  -  molten metal sensors to the steel and foundry industries.

HD GJUTERILEGERINGAR AB, SWEDEN  -  metal alloys for the foundry industry - gunmetal / bronze, brass, manganese brass, aluminium bronze, aluminium, zinc, zamak, lead, tin.

HANDAN HANSHAN KEER TRADING CO., LTD., CHINA  -  production of non-ferrous metals and alloys - aluminium ingot, zinc ingot, magnesium ingot, tin ingot, lead ingot, lead-antimony alloy, Babbitt metal, silicon metal, zinc granular, electrolytic manganese, ferro silicon alloy, rare earth materials - cerium and alloy, tellurium, metal powders - cobalt powder, nickel powder and antimony trioxide, chemical raw materials.

HUICHENG INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO., LTD., CHINA  -  supplier in ferro-alloys, non-ferrous primary metals, aluminium alloying tablets, serving as the aluminium additives - widely used in the manufactures of high-quality aluminium alloys in applications such as rolling ingot for foilstock and canstock, billet for precision extrusions and high-quality castings.

HUTA £AZISKA S.A., POLAND  -  ferrosilicon, ferrosilicomanganese, calcium-silicon, inoculants to cast iron, nodularizers, silicon briquettes, synthetic fluxes, products made of silica fume.

HUNAN METALS & CHEMICALS CORP., CHINA  -  import & export, barter trade and overseas economic and technical cooperation, silicon metal lump / flake, aluminium fluoride, cryolite, arsenic metal, bismuth metal ingot / slab, manganese tablets, ferro boron, magnesium metal, vanadium pentoxide.

HELCO METAL A/S, DENMARK  -  supplier of a very wide range of alloys and metal products, plates, pipes, rods, wire, profiles, bronze, brass, zink and tin ingots, ferroalloys.

HAYES METALS GROUP, NEW ZEALAND  -  an extensive range of copper based alloys in ingot form for sand and diecasting foundries which cast components particularly for the marine and plumbing industries, white metal alloys for the lining of bearings and for spin casting fine jewellery and other applications.

HYDERABAD PIGMENTS PVT. LTD. (HPPL), INDIA  -  production and supply of pure lead and lead alloy ingots and lead oxides to a broad spectrum of clientele - storage batteries, rubber, paints, glass and plastic industries and allied manufacturing processes.

HUTMEN S.A., POLAND  -  producer of non-ferrous metal products - extruded and drawn products of copper, brass and bronze, casting copper alloys in ingots.
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H.V.R INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD., INDIA  -  manufacturer of remelted lead ingots and blocks which contains about 97-99% lead metal with total 2-3% remaining impurity elements as antimony, tin, arsenic, iron, bismuth, copper and silver.

INDONESIA ASAHAN ALUMINIUM (INALUM) PT., INDONESIA  -  aluminium smelter, capacity of 225 000 tons primary aluminium ingot per year.

IRANIAN ALUMINIUM COMPANY (IRALCO), IRAN  -  primary aluminium alloys, production capacity 170 000 t in the form of ingots, billets and slabs.

INDUSTRIA AUXILIAR DE FUNDICION, S.A. de C.V. (INAFUSA), MEXICO  -  manufacturer of a wide range of refractory mold / core coatings water and alcohol based, precoated sand for molds and cores, binders for molds and cores for the CO2-system, salt fluxes, degasifiers, refiners and grain modifiers for aluminum alloys, supplier of ferroalloys to the iron and steel industries, inoculants and nodulizing agents.

INDUSTRIAL COMMODITIES INC. (ICI), UKRAINE  -  supplier of industrial materials for metallurgy and metal casting, manganese and chrome ore, ferro alloys, slags, metallurgical coke, scrap.

INTERKOMERC D.O.O., BiH  -  metal scrap recycling, secondary aluminum alloy ingot supplier, pressure die casting.

INDRA ERAMULTI LOGAM INDUSTRI (IMLI) PT., INDONESIA  -  manufacturer of pure lead and lead alloy ingots, supplier of non ferrous metals and ferro alloys,
a subsidiary of Indoprima Group.

IRAN FERROSILICE CO., IRAN  -  the largest unit for manufacturing ferroalloys - ferrosilicon, magnesium and ferrosilicon based inoculants.

IRAN FERROALLOY INDUSTRIES CO. (IFI), IRAN  -  a raw materials supplier for steel & foundry industries, capacity of 25000 mt of ferrosilicon which produce 7000 mt microsilica annually.

IRMAOS GALEAZI LTDA., BRAZIL  -  supplier of copper, brass, bronze, zinc, zamak, aluminum, lead and tin products - tubes, billets, bars, bushings, wires, foundry ingots, a part of Grupo Galeazi.

IMAN GOHAR MATERIAL (IGM) CO., IRAN  -  import / export of metals and industry minerals, ferro alloys, pig iron ingot, bentonite, core making resins, core additives, foundry and metallurgical coke, recarburizers, inoculants, coatings, chaplets, ceramic filters, exothermic sleeves, steel shot & grit.

IRAN GULF MATERIAL (IGM) CO., IRAN  -  supplier of more than 60 000 ton/year of zinc & zinc alloy (zamak) ingots from the biggest and the most modern zinc producer in Iran - Zinc Holding Group.
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I.I.E. COMPANY, UAE  -  trading company, import-export of ferro alloys and mineral materials.

IRAN I.M.D. CO., IRAN  -  production of conventional castables, low cement castables, light weight castables, special castables, mortars, distribution of raw materials for the metallurgical industries, steel plants, cast iron and aluminium foundries - ferro alloys, carburizers, inoculants and nodularisers, aluminium master alloys, graphite and silicon-carbide crucibles.

INDUSTRIAL JUVAL LTDA. (JUVAL COLOMBIA), COLOMBIA  -  a distribution company, a full line of multi-purpose fluxes, coverflux, cleaning fluxes, dross-off fluxes, degassers and grain refiners for aluminum and general metal casting.

ICOMET LTD., BULGARIA  -  processing of metal scrap and production of aluminium alloy ingots and master alloys, the annual capacity is 2400 tons of alloys.

INTEREX LTD., BULGARIA  -  import / export company, carbon and alloy steel, pig iron, ferro alloys, spare parts.
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INTERSPLAV LTD., RUSSIA  -  trade company, export and import of ferro-alloys, non-ferrous metals, ores and concentrates.

ISTANBUL METAL, TURKEY  -  trader and importer of metal ingots, ferro alloys, graphite powders, fluxes, crucibles.

INGOT METAL COMPANY, LTD., CANADA  -  a manufacturer of brass and bronze ingots, a monthly capacity of over 5 million pounds, manufacture the full range of copper base alloys to ASTM, CDA, SAE and military specifications.

INDUSTRIAL MATERIALS DISTRIBUTOR (I.M.D.) CO., IRAN  -  export of ferro-molybdenum, ferro-manganese powder, castable refractories, import of nickel, silicon metal, ferro-alloys, zircon sand, ceramic fiber, phenol, refractories, etc.

IMA METAV S.A., ROMANIA  -  production of superalloys, stainless and refractory steels, high alloyed steels for die-blocks, high speed steels and any other grade of steels according to technical specification of the customers from the most critical industries - aerospace, oil and gas production, chemical processing, nuclear, biomedical, transportation, electronics.

IMD (PTY) LTD., SOUTH AFRICA  -  Independent Mineral Distributors - suppliers of raw materials, industrial minerals, alloys and chemicals to the foundry, refractory, steel, abrasive and paint industries, calcium silicon alloys, ferro manganese, ferro chrome, magnesium metal, stainless steel fibres.

INDUSTRIAS PENOLES, S.A. de C.V., MEXICO  -  producer of refined silver, metallic bismuth and sodium sulfate, the leading Latin American producer of refined gold, lead and zinc.

INDUSTRIAS PINERO S.R.L., ARGENTINA  -  lead scrap (automotive battery) recycler, production of lead ingots.

INJA PERKASA TAMA PT., INDONESIA  -  an independent trading agent, foundry materials, foundry cokes, foundry pig iron, ferro silicon, ferro manganese, graphite powders.

INDUS RITE METALS, INDIA  -  manufacturer and supplier of aluminum alloy ingots, die casting aluminum alloy ingots, special aluminum alloys and aluminum alloy castings.

ILARDUYA S.A., SPAIN  -  wide range of products for the foundry industry sector - furan resins for no-bake moulding, alkaline phenolic resins for steel casting, inorganic no-bake systems based on sodium silicate for steel and non-ferrous casting, phenolic urethane reactive systems for steel and aluminium casting, cold box binders for foundry sand core shot manufacturing, hot box binding systems (pre-coated sand, damp mixtures, cordis inorganic system), refractory coatings for moulds and cores, chromite, olivine, zirconium, cerabeads and bauxite special sands, ferroalloys, silicon, manganese, chromium, silicon carbide, phosphorus and fluorspar briquettes for cupola melting, nodulisers, inoculants, exothermic sleeves and feeders, steel shot, steel grit, cut wire pellets.

I. SCHUMANN & COMPANY, USA  -  production of alloys for the foundry industry, primary metals such as copper, tin, lead, zinc, nickel and aluminum, brass and bronze ingots, scrap metals for foundry, mill, and refinery consumption.

IGC TECHNOLOGIES INC., USA  -  manufacturer of antiveining compound for use in gray and ductile iron castings, fluxes for aluminum, brass, bronze, and ferrous melts.
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JOHN BEKRODIMITRIS S.A., GREECE  -  supplier of various materials and equipment for foundry industry - pig iron, ferroalloys, coke, graphite electrodes, refractories, crucibles, foundry quartz sand, moulding sand, precoated sand, chromite sand, furan resins, bentonite, steel shots for shotblasting machines, blasting machines, resins for pattern making, pyrometers, metal analysis equipment, hardness testers.

JAMES COPPELL LEE, AUSTRALIA  -  production of copper alloys for a variety of applications, distributor of non-ferrous metal and alloy products.

JUGOHROM FERROALLOYS DOO, NORTH MACEDONIA  -  production of ferro-silicon, silicon–chrome, low carbon ferro-chrome and technical silicon for the ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy.

JBMI GROUP, UK  -  aluminium waste recycling, production of aluminium alloys and aluminium casting alloy ingots.

JAPAN METALS & CHEMICALS (JMC) CO., LTD., JAPAN  -  manufacturer and industrial supplier of ferroalloys, hydrogen-occluded alloys as materials for nickel-hydrogen batteries and secondary batteries, high-purity metal chromium using the ferroalloy-manufacturing technology, materials for soft-ferrite, silicon nitride and boron nitride ceramic products, agro-chemicals.

JOHNSON METAL A/S, DENMARK  -  bronze bars, pipes, plates, hexagonal profiles, plain bearing bushes, bronze alloys for sand moulding, centrifugal and continuous casting, a part of Johnson Metall AB - Sweden.

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