Foundryman Association of Zambia (FMAZ)

updated at 10.04.2013

NON-FERROUS METAL WORKS (Z) LTD.  -  one of the leading foundries in Zambia, castings in bronze, brass, copper, aluminium, cast iron and steel, cast parts for mining, engineering, agricultural, milling, drilling, electrical, petrochemical, municipal and construction sectors.

Invited Companies:

Chambishi Foundry Ltd. - production of chrome steel mill balls and cast steel spares.

Fox Foundries Ltd. - manufacturer of underground mining spares.

Meltcast Engineering Ltd. - metal recycling, foundry works.

New Century Steel Zambia Ltd. - manufacturer of round steel bars, foundry works.

Perway Industries Zambia Ltd. - railway fittings.

Scaw (Z) Ltd. - steel mill balls and castings.

Wade Adams Piling And Foundry Ltd. - cast parts for general engineering.

Zambia Steel and Foundry - foundry works.

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