Kutes Madencilik Ve Tic. A.S. is a metalcasting company located in Corlu, Turkey which works as a supplier mainly in automotive, construction and agricultural machines industry.

We are known as a reliable company which makes high quality manufacturing for Turkish and foreign industries since 1992. Our annually production rate is 12000 ton, 50% of it is grey cast iron and 50% of it is nodular cast iron. Type of grey cast iron products is from GG 15 up to GG 25. Type of nodular cast iron products is GGG 40, GGG 40.3, GGG 50 up to GGG 90. All parts are between 1 and 85 kg/piece.

Kutes usually supplies the required parts as raw castings but if it is imperatively requested it is also possible to deliver them as machined parts.


Turgut Sen


Corlu-Tekirdag kara yolu 5 km, TURKEY
tel.: (++90 282) 652 7945,  fax: (++90 282) 652 5922
e-mail:   info@kutes.com.tr
website: www.kutes.com.tr