Isik Celik Dokum Ltd. (Isik Steel Casting Ltd.) mainly manufactures ferrous castings, namely steel, cast iron and ductile iron, heat-treated and unheat-treated, machined and unmachined, and wear-resistant agricultural machinery.

Our company, located in Izmir and western Turkey, is one of the expanding ferrous foundry. We’ll be very pleased to co-operate with other companies, because we are expanding our production capacity by constructing a new foundry.

Our present production facilities consist of the following equipment:
  • Two induction furnaces, one with 1.5 tons capacity and two crucibles and one with 500 kg capacity and two crucibles;
  • Two molding machines, conventional jolt-squeeze type;
  • Heat treatment furnace with bottom-car, 6 tons charging capacity, capable to annealing, normalizing, quenching operations;
  • An OBLF spectrometer for full metal analysis;
  • Shot blasting machine, l tons charging capacity;
  • Other necessary equipment such as sand mixing, core making, portable and stationary grinding and cutting tools.
We mainly produce steel castings but have also production experience on ductile and gray irons. We’re especially specialized on the production of:
  • Agricultural machinery and earth-moving machinery wear-resistant parts;
  • Wear and heat-resistant parts for cement, mining, power generation industries;
  • Cast steel parts for general machinery industry, brick and tile-making plants;
  • Gray and ductile iron parts for general machinery and automotive industries.
We’ll soon appreciate and reply your inquiries for cast parts. Please send detailed information (drawings, materials, number of pieces, etc) about your requirements.


Ibrahim Gokoglan


Egemenlik Mah. 170 Sok. No 6/A, 35040 Iuikkent / Izmir, TURKEY
tel.: (++90 51) 472 0790,  fax: (++90 51) 472 0792