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AMS  -  household and hotel products, mainly sanitary fittings - bath shower mixers, sink mixers, taps, connecting elbows, spherical plugs, own brass foundry.
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FMT  -  gray iron, ductile iron and malleable cast iron parts from 200 g to 2500 kg in weight, castings for mechanical, hydraulic, agricultural, automotive and cement industries, iron works, mines and quarries.
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FONTEC  -  non-ferrous foundry, aluminum castings are made by gravity die casting and by using of sand molds.
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FONDERIE SASSI & FILS  -  cast parts in aluminum and brass, household utensils, products for hotel kitchens, restaurants, hospitals and army.

MASBAKA INDUSTRIES  -  cast iron foundry, castings for piping and piping accessories, fittings, manholes, frames and grates, garden furniture, tree grilles, bollards, hydrants, cast iron mechanical parts for machine-building industry, agricultural techniques and transport.
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SOFOMECA  -  grey, nodular and phosphorous cast iron castings, and cast steel products, brake drums, brake shoes for trains, exhaust manifolds, pump parts, turbines, crushing balls, cement mixer drums, spare parts for the cement industry.
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SOPAL  -  casting in a chill moulds, hot stamping, pressure injection, chromium and nickel plating, manufacture of mixers, taps and faucets for baths, showers, washbasins, sinks, hand wash, lavatories and bidets, fittings for water and gas installation, volume water meters and house connections, cylinder gas valves.

TECALU  -  gravity die casting in aluminum alloys, a part of Groupe Aluthea-France.

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