Ronneby Bruk AB is one of the largest suppliers of cast iron cookware in Scandinavia, and most certainly the one with the widest product range in the market.

Ronneby Bruk AB is the bearer of a several hundred years old tradition of foundries in the Ronneby area. We manufacture classical thin wall cast iron products for the home and kitchen. As a result of our always-ongoing efforts to achieve even better adaptations to a more nature-friendly production we are now using environmentally certified vegetable oil in our seasoning process. We are the first Swedish cast iron producer to get approval to label our products with the information that the oil we use is approved of by the Swedish KRAV-organisation.

Ronneby Bruk creates possibilities for natural cooking with well-primed cast iron of highest quality. The black beautiful, easy-to-handle, surface is the result of a unique treatment with certified vegetable oil under high temperature. Given the tradition of using genuine cast iron for cooking, it is ideal both for the rustic country kitchen and the elegant table, laid with silver and crystal. The cast iron products from Ronneby Bruk get better and more beautiful the more they are used. They will become appreciated and loved cooking items, to be handed down from generation to generation.


Anders Alkebradt


Flisevagen S-372 52, Kallinge/Ronneby, SWEDEN
tel.: (++46 457) 240 00,  fax: (++46 457) 798 21