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Advanced Engineering Trade Fair and Conference 2025, April 2-3, 2025, Göteborg

Euro PM2024 Congress & Exhibition, September 29 - October 2, 2024, Malmö

22nd European Control Conference - ECC2024, June 25-28, 2024, Stockholm

7th Future Steel Forum 2024, June 18-19, 2024, Stockholm

11th International Conference on High Temperature Capillarity - HTC 2024, May 27-31, 2024, Jönköping

Elmia Production Fairs 2024 - Elmia Sheet Metal, Elmia Machine Tools, Elmia Automation, Elmia Welding, Elmia Polymer and Elmia 3D, May 14-17, 2024, Jönköping

1st Chromium ESG Technical Summit (Open to ICDA Members only), October 18-19, 2023, Luleå

Annual Congress of the Swedish Foundry Technical Association (SGF) / Gjuterikongressen 2023, September 8-10, 2023, Västerås

MaskinExpo 2023 - Sweden's Leading Machinery Exhibition since 1983, May 25-27, 2023, Stockholm, Cancelled.

Swedish Foundry Association Conference - Foundry Days / Gjuteridagarna 2023, May 16-17, 2023, Västerås

Metallic Materials Program Conference / Programkonferens 2023, March 15-16, 2023, Lidingö

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Gjuteri = Foundry

ALLPRYL AB  -  non-ferrous castings.

ANKARSRUM DIE CASTING AB  -  a part of Ankarsrum Industries, pressure die casting of aluminium and zinc components.

ARVIKA FOUNDRY AB  -  grey iron, nodular iron and vermicular iron items particularly for trucks, buses, agricultural and construction equipment, typical weight of castings from 30 to 300 kg.

ALMHULTS GJUTERI AB  -  grey iron and ductile iron castings, weight range 10 - 150 kg.

ARVIKA HANDFORMNINGSGJUTERI AB  -  hand moulded castings in grey and nodular iron, prototypes and spare parts for European vehicle and engineering industries, such as exhaust manifolds, bearings, pump and thermostat housings.

BRUZAHOLMS BRUK AB  -  manufacturer of wear parts for asphalt and concrete mixers, wear and heat resistant castings from Ni-hard, high chromium alloyed iron and steel, bainitic nodular iron, high chromium alloyed white iron, low chromium alloyed grey iron, and nickel-chromium steel.

BEMIC GJUTMETALLER AB  -  pressure die castings of aluminium, zinc and brass.

BLOMSTERMALA METALLGJUTERI AB  -  aluminium and copper alloys castings made by the sand moulding method, manufacturer of patterns made of wood, plastic or metal.

BLEKINGE PRESSGJUTERI AB  -  pressure die casting of aluminium and zinc including aftertreatment and lacquer finishing.

CEDERVALL & SONER AB  -  manufacturer of shafting and stern-tube equipment for ships, stern tube bearings, intermediate shaft bearings, complete stern tubes with mounted bearings and temperature sensors, support bearings and propeller shafts and intermediate shafts, the sterntube bearings are made of steel, cast iron or ductile iron with centrifugally lined lead or tin based white metal.

COMBI WEAR PARTS AB  -  wear parts for excavators and loaders, wear parts systems for dredging applications, shell moulded steel castings between 2-30 kg and machine moulded steel cast parts more than 30 kg, the annual production is 3000 tons, a subsidiary company of Keycast Group.

EZZE AB  -  brass and aluminium pressure die-cast goods.

ELEKTRO-LINDEN AB  -  aluminium alloys pressure die casting.

EGES METALLGJUTERI AB  -  pressure die casting, aluminium alloys cast parts for the automotive industry, telecommunications and industry in general.

E. SABEL AB  -  abrasion resistant cast iron parts for mining industry, quarrying, pulp industry, iron and steel works, rolling mills, waste disposal, and material transport.

FUNDO COMPONENTS AB  -  gravity die casting, tilt and low pressure die casting, and sand casting facility for prototyping and small series production, aluminium alloys cast parts to the automotive industry, engineering industry and marine applications.

FM MATTSSON AB  -  brass and bronze foundry, castings for mixers for showers, bathrooms, washbasins, and kitchens.

FRID METALL AB  -  cast parts in aluminium bronze, tin bronze, copper & aluminium alloys, weight from 50 g up to 1000 kg.

FINNVEDEN METAL STRUCTURES AB  -  products and components made of steel, aluminium and magnesium for the automotive sector and general industry, stamping and pressure die casting.

GJUTERITEKNIK AB  -  manufacturer of die-cast zinc components.

GJUTERIBOLAGET I BREDARYD AB  -  aluminium, magnesium and zinc alloys pressure die casting.

GJUTERIBOLAGET I ESKILSTUNA AB  -  grey and nodular iron cast parts.

HOLSBYVERKEN AB  -  grey and nodular cast iron items, weight range of castings 1 kg up to 1000 kg, capacity 4000 tons yearly.

HELLMER DIE CASTING AB  -  aluminium die casting parts for complete units for high-tech companies.

HOLMGRENS METALL AB  -  manufacturer of brass fittings, own pressure die casting foundry unit.

HACKAS PRECISIONSGJUTERI (HPG) AB  -  aluminium precision investment casting using plaster moulds, pressure die casting, sand casting for large sized components, cast aluminium prototypes, intake manifolds, engine components, escalator steps, saw tables, pump housing, thin heat sinks, medical equipment, cast parts for the military industry.

INTERNATIONAL ALUMINIUM CASTING SWEDEN AB  -  gravity die casting, pressure die casting for trucks, electric power, medical equipment, construction equipment and other branches.

JOHNSON METALL AB  -  casting in leaded gun metal, tin bronze, leaded bronze, leaded-tin bronze, nickel-aluminium bronze, manganese bronze.

KOHLSWA GJUTERI AB  -  steel castings, shackles and other accessories for anchoring systems for offshore drilling platforms.

KH METALLGJUTERI AB  -  aluminium and zinc alloys die casting.

KLAFRESTROMS STALGJUTERI AB  -  alloyed steel, stainless steel and special alloys castings for pump, turbine and valve manufacturing, the paper and cellulose industry, the food industry and the maritime trade.

LYRESTADS GJUTERI AB  -  grey iron and ductile iron castings, weight range 0.1 - 500 kg.

LAHOLM INDUSTRIER AB  -  steel casting, centrifugally cast tubes in stainless, acidproof and heat resistant steel grades, cast products for paper and pulp industry, chemical industry, offshore, etc.

LJUDERS NICKELSILFVERFABRIK AB  -  non-ferrous foundry, sand moulding.

LP PRESSGJUTERI AB  -  die casted products in aluminium and zinc.

LUNDBERGS PRESSGJUTERI AB  -  die-castings in aluminium and zinc, cast products with weights of up to 1.5 kg in zinc and up to 8 kg in aluminium for the electronic, auto, hydraulic and engineering industries.

METALLFABRIKEN EVO AB  -  aluminium and zink alloys gravity die casting.

MOLLTORPS GJUTERI & MEKANISKA VERKSTAD AB  -  grey and ductile cast iron, furan-sand hand moulding and green sand seiatsu machine moulding, cast parts for the engineering, pump, building and construction industry, various ornamental goods - lighting columns, lampposts, fences, bollards, church windows and other products for public spaces.

METALLFABRIKEN LJUNGHALL AB  -  non-ferrous die-casting items.

MEKINOR METALL AB  -  zinc-aluminium alloys die-casting in graphite moulds (Mekinor-casting process for small and medium-length production runs).

MONSTERAS METALL AB  -  castings in aluminium and bronze, die-casting complicated components, plaster casting in aluminium.

NAFVEQVARNS BRUK AB  -  aluminium and magnesium castings, cast components for electricity distribution, pumps, motor vehicles, medical technology, packing machines and defence.

NORRHULTS STALGJUTERI AB  -  high-strength and high-alloy steel castings, weights between 5-1500 kg, cast parts for marine cargo - water jet, propellers and valves, turbine items - shovels, hubs and vanes, offshore drilling equipment, manifolds and tongs, pulp industry - pumps, valves and pump wheels, the production output is approx. 1000 tons per year.

OVECO AB  -  cast aluminium prototypes for the automotive and engineering industries, self-hardening sand moulding.

OSTERBY GJUTERI AB  -  an Osterby Industrier company, carbon and alloyed steel casting foundry.

OLSBERGS FOUNDRY AB  -  part of Olsbergs Group, grey and nodular cast iron foundry, cast components for hydraulics and electro-hydraulic systems.

RONNEBY BRUK AB  -  supplier of cast iron cookware in Scandinavia, manufacturer of classical thin wall cast iron products for the home and kitchen.
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REFTELE GJUTERI AB  -  sand cast details for provisions machinery, castings weight range from 100 g up to 400 kg.

RANI METALL AB  -  sand casting aluminium foundry, cast parts for tooling and automotive industries.

STOREBROGJUTERIET AB  -  grey iron and ductile iron cast parts, weight up to 7000 kg.

SALA BLY AB  -  semi-finished lead products, tins, anchors, counterweights, hammers.

SKEPPSHULTS GJUTERI I SMALAND AB  -  cast iron household wares - grill pans and frying pans, sauce pan, wok and waffle iron, blini pans and pancake irons, accessories, cast parts for building industry.

STILEXO INDUSTRI AB  -  casting in aluminium, cast components for telecommunications, electronics, and automotive industries, sand casting, shell mould casting, gravity die casting, low pressure die casting.

SIBES METALL AB  -  pressure die casting.

SOLNA PRESSGJUTERI AB  -  aluminium and zinc pressure die cast components.

SMALANDS STALGJUTERI AB  -  iron and steel cast parts for the Swedish manufacturing industry, castings weight up to 30 kg in shellmoulding and up to 500 kg in handmoulding.

THE AKERS GROUP  -  rolls for hot and cold rolling of ferrous and non ferrous metals in cast iron, cast steel and forged steel from a few kilograms up to 100 tonnes.

TPC COMPONENTS AB  -  precision casting by the lost wax process, air and vacuum casting facilities, installation-ready components to the energy, automotive, food, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries.

TIERPS JARNBRUK AB  -  grey and ductile iron castings from 100 kg up to 2 000 kg, manhole covers, frames, benches.

TRARYDS METALL AB  -  Seiatsu-process aluminium casting, weight range 0.2 - 80 kg.

TENHULTS PRESSGJUTERI AB  -  pressure die casting of aluminium or zinc alloys.

VARNASFORETAGEN AB  -  aluminium green sand castings, 0.5 - 60 kg in weight, production capacity 3500 t / year.

VESTAS CASTINGS GULDSMEDSHYTTAN AB  -  ductile and grey cast iron foundry, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vestas Wind Systems A/S, castings and cast components to the wind turbine industry, machine industry, general engineering, steel and metal industry, ingot moulds, bottom plates, bottom pouring plates, trumpets, slag pots, the piece weights range from 1000 kg up to 40 tons, furan resin bonded sand technology.

VA PRESSGJUTERI AB  -  non-ferrous pressure die casting parts for private cars, lorries, boats, office furniture, pneumatic and electronic industry, disablement aids, building equipment, sun-blinds, telephone equipment, weight range from a few grams to 10-12 kg.

WESTERMALMS METALLGJUTERI AB  -  aluminium castings manufacturer, green sand mould process.

ZINKTEKNIK AB  -  zinc injection moulding company, cast parts for electronics / telecom, vehicles, and construction & machinery.

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