Foundry Suppliers from Sri Lanka

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A.M.C. COLONIAL CASTINGS (PVT.) LTD.  -  manufacturer of cast aluminium and wrought iron products, designer gates with its colonial touch, decorative balcony and stair way railings, benches, patio sets, lamp posts, window grills.

ALMECO (PVT.) LTD.  -  production of aluminium, bronze, brass, grey and ductile cast iron industrial and decorative castings - auto components, housing components for all applications, tread rings for tire moulds of any size, door handles and key holes, heavy bottomed cast saucepans, light fixtures and brackets, sand moulding and gravity die casting, a joint venture company between L.M.Jinasena & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. and German Aluminum Casting Co.

CEYLON STEEL CORPORATION LTD. (CSCL)  -  production of round steel bars, hard drawn wire rods, wire nails, galvanized welded wire mesh sheets, gray cast iron, ductile cast iron and steel castings - manhole covers & frames, crusher jaws and parts for earth moving machinery, cast components for telecommunication, sugar, ceramics and cement industries.

EDNA ENGINEERING (PVT.) LTD.  -  production of agricultural water pumps, sprayers, two wheel tractors, fire fighting equipment and systems, grey and ductile cast iron components, water pump castings, manhole covers, gulley gratings with frame, channel gratings, surface boxes, sewing machine stand castings, platform scale weighing machine components, a part of Edna Group - one of the largest diversed conglomerates in the Sri Lanka.

MIC LANKA (PVT.) LTD.  -  aluminium alloy castings made by V-process, gates, doors, handrails, curtain walls, fences, grills, columns, benches, cast parts for the metallurgy, construction and hardware engineering industries, a member of MIC Group - Japan.

SOLEX GROUP OF COMPANIES  -  water pump manufacturer, water pumps, agricultural pumps, submersible pumps, high pressure pumps and tailor made pumps for special applications, own a fully automated ferrous and non-ferrous foundry, jolt & squeeze green sand moulding, furan sand moulding and shell moulding.

UDAYA INDUSTRIES (PVT.) LTD.  -  manufacturer of grinding mill machines, disk mill machines, tea drier parts, sluice gates, oil expellers and copra cutters, own foundry, grey cast iron, brass and aluminium castings for agro and industrial machinery production.

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