Metalurgica Madrilena, Alcala de Henares Spain, steel and cast iron casting foundry METALURGICA MADRILENA S.A.  -  SPAIN

Founded in 1953, Metalurgica Madrilena produces castings in carbon steel, low, medium and high alloy steel and manganese wear resistant steel, grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, high alloy cast iron and austempered ductile cast iron (ADI). The production is intended for heavy automotive industry, railway, crushing and milling machines and equipment, cement industry, public works machinery, agriculture, engineering and metal works.

The capacity is over 5000 tons per year, the range of casting weights is from 0.1 up to 2500 kg. The moulding systems are: green-sand hand and machine moulding, no-bake process, investment casting and lost-foam process.

The modern production and quality control facilities as well as the technical and professional experience of the enterprise guarantee the competitiveness, quality and service.



Ctra. M-300 Km. 29,200 (Antigua Ctra. N-II, Km. 27), 28802 Alcala de Henares (Madrid), SPAIN
tel.: (++34 91) 888 0400,  fax: (++34 91) 880 5752