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Defectoscopy / Defektoskopia 2024, October 22-24, 2024, Nový Smokovec - Vysoké Tatry

Forum-Expo SlovakiaTech 2024 - International Conference and Innovation-Technology Trade Fair, September 24-25, 2024, Košice

29th International Engineering Fair of Machinery, Tools, Equipment and Technologies - TechForum, Cast-Ex, EuroWelding and StavMech, May 21-24, 2024, Nitra

Student ' s Scientific Conference - Metallurgy 2024, April 10, 2024, Technical University of Košice, Košice

14th International Scientific Conference Structural Materials (SM-2023), November 14, 2023, Bratislava

12th International Scientific Conference "Refractories, Furnaces and Thermal Insulations" 2023, November 9-10, 2023, Nový Smokovec - Vysoké Tatry

International Scientific Conference PRO-TECH-MA 2023 and Košice Summit of Innovation and Technology - KSIT 2023, September 6-8, 2023, Košice

International Conference on Manufacturing Engineering and Materials - ICMEM 2023, June 26-30, 2023, Nový Smokovec - Vysoké Tatry

14th International Conference Preparation of Ceramic Materials, June 6-8, 2023, Herľany Spa - Košice

Kolokvium 2023 - Automation in NDT and Related Processes, May 31 - June 1, 2023, Vyhne

18th International Conference on Metallography, Fractography and Materials Science, April 27-29, 2022, Nový Smokovec - Vysoké Tatry

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ALCAST A.S.  -  pressure die aluminium castings for automotive and electrotechnical industry.
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ABILITY S.R.O.  -  aluminium and zinc foundry, gravity-die casting and green sand moulding.

ALACO S.R.O.  -  production, distribution and export of castings from various aluminium alloys for engineering, air ventilation systems, food industry, car industry, mining industry, hand and machine moulding in sand moulds, gravity-die casting.

EUROCAST KOSICE S.R.O.  -  production of castings made of grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, and alloy cast iron, the weight of castings is from 10 kg up to
6000 kg - hand moulding, and from 10 kg up to 150 kg - automatic moulding line.

FAGOR EDERLAN SLOVENSKO A.S.  -  manufacturer of high pressure die castings made of aluminium alloys, cast components for the automotive, telecom and general engineering industries, a part of Fagor Ederlan Group.

HOBES SLOVAKIA S.R.O.  -  zinc-alloy (zamak) die-casting with hot chamber machines, assemblage of mortise door locks, manufacture of stainless steel garden furniture.

ILLICHMANN ALUMINIUM CASTING S.R.O.  -  a member of AST Group, the Plant Zarnovica-Slovakia manufactures aluminium alloys castings by chill casting, low pressure die casting and sand moulding - using the furan and cold box process, cast parts for commercial vehicles, automotive industry, motor cycles, engine construction, rail technology, compressors, pumps, cablecar technology, mechanical engineering, electric tools.

MEDEKO CAST S.R.O.  -  a producer of wide range of castings for different branches of engineering industry, investment casting - carbon and stainless steels, heat-resistant steels, tool steels, tin and aluminium bronzes, weihgt of the casts from 10 g up to 1,5 kg, centrifugal casting - bronze castings, sliding bearings and other cylindrical components up to 100 kg, bronze art casting in cooperation with famous Slovak artists, cast lead tin and lead free tin solders for the electrical engineering, production of copper alloys in ingots, semi-products - a wide range of rods, pipes, wires, sheets and belts of different alloys and dimensions, consulting service.

NEMAK SLOVAKIA  -  aluminium components for the automotive industry - cylinder heads and bedplates through gravity semi permanent moulds.

NOVA ZLIEVARENSKA SPOLOCNOST S.R.O.  -  grey iron and nodular iron casting production into sand moulds - hand and machine moulding, and centrifugal method into steel dies, as well as aluminium alloys castings by pressure die casting, cylinder heads, cylinder liners, engine blocks, axles, gear box and drive unit housings, flywheels, pulleys, counter weights, exhaust manifolds, lathe beds and milling machine bases, components for machine tools, tractors, road and building machines.

PHS STROJARNE A.S.  -  machinery and foundry products for the mining and exploitation industries, machinery, metallurgy, construction, power engineering, and agriculture, locomotives for mines, incl. mines behind polar circle, grey cast iron foundry using the hand and machine moulding into sand-bentonite mixtures, manufacturing program comprises castings for machining tools - frames, gear boxes, stands, band pulleys, castings for construction equipment and loaders, iron paving tiles for factory buildings, intake bodies, and covers, in-house pattern plant for production of wood patterns.

SAMKANG DIECASTING SLOVAKIA S.R.O.  -  aluminium and zinc alloys pressure die-casting foundry, castings for air tools, auto parts, pumps, electric home appliances, fan blowers, furniture components, a part of Samkang Precision Co. - Korea.

TEKSYS S.R.O.  -  centrifugal casting of zinc alloys components and parts - holders, handles, boxes, gear-wheels and gear racks, covers and small frames, furniture and construction armours, metal households furnishings, clips and fasteners, decorations.
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VSS A.S.  -  grey cast iron and nodular cast iron castings in a wide range of shapes, grades and weight ranging from 0,5 to 13800 kg, hand moulding into furan moulding mixtures and machine moulding into sand-bentonite mixtures, aluminium alloys castings into sand moulds up to 60 kg weight, copper alloys cast parts up to 250 kg weight, bronze casts by centrifugal casting, bushing size: outer diameter up to 420 mm, inner diameter over 80 mm.

ZLH A.S.  -  grey iron and nodular iron castings.
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ZSNP A.S.  -  the Finalcast division of the company provides production of aluminium alloys castings made by gravity and low-pressure die casting, cast components for the automotive, electrical engineering and gas industry.

ZLIEVAREN KOVEX S.R.O.  -  copper, aluminium and zinc alloys castings mainly for the automotive industry, art casting - bells, statues, memorial plates.

ZLIEVAREN SEZ KROMPACHY A.S.  -  castings of grey iron for automobile industry, electrical industry, cooling systems, hydraulic transmissions and pumps, ovens, fireplaces and other heating bodies, drainage sewages and other industrial machines and equipments.
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ZLIEVAREN TRNAVA S.R.O.  -  grey cast iron foundry, production capacity 20 000 tons per year, machine moulding and automatic frameless moulding lines, castings for automobile industry, agriculture and construction machines, watersupply and sewerage system (manholes and grates), brake segments for the trucks and tractive vehicles, plates, gratings and further castings for heating units, art casting, production of wood, metal and epoxy resin patterns.

ZLIEVAREN ZABREZ A.S.  -  investment castings for different branches of the industry, annual capacity about 100-150 tons of carbon steel and low, semi- and highly alloyed steel castings.
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ZAL-ZLIEVAREN AL S.R.O.  -  aluminium alloys castings production using gravity die casting and green-sand moulds.

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