Foundry Suppliers from Singapore

12th International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies - ICMAT 2025, June 30 - July 4, 2025

Stainless Steel World Asia Conference & Expo 2024, September 11-12, 2024

AsiaCoke 2024, June 26-27, 2024, In Hybrid Format

7th Asia Pacific Precious Metals Conference - APPMC 2024, June 9-11, 2024

Singapore International Ferrous Week - SIFW 2024: Iron Ore Forum, Green Steel Forum, Coking Coal Conference, and Shipowners Forum, May 6-10, 2024

4th Singapore International Non Destructive Testing Conference & Exhibition - SINCE 2022, November 7-8, 2022, Link does not work.

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ASIA DUCTILE CAST IRON FOUNDRY PTE. LTD.  -  ductile and grey cast iron pipes & fittings, manhole covers & frames, fire hydrants, hosereels, extinguishers, landing valves & water meters.

ASIA FOUNDRY & ENGINEERING PTE. LTD.  -  marine engineering equipment, marine propellers and steel equipment, casting of non-ferrous machinery parts to the shipbuilding & repairing industry, centrifugally casting all type of bronze sleeve.

BETON ENGINEERING & FOUNDRY  -  gears, shafts, marine propellers, pump impellers, bronze fittings and non-ferrous castings.

CHONG CHEONG FOUNDRY WORKS PTE. LTD.  -  grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, bronze and aluminium castings, sanitary piping, fittings, manhole covers and gratings.

HUAP CHONG BRASS FOUNDRY WORKSHOP  -  brass & bronze flanges, bronze compression pipe fittings, heavy duty brass gratings & floor traps, brass, bronze, aluminium and zinc castings.

LINGJACK ENGINEERING WORKS PTE. LTD.  -  manufacturing of fire fighting equipment, fire and fire extinguisher, and hydrants, own foundry for bronze, brass, aluminium and zinc based alloys.

MC-CAST PTE. LTD.  -  aluminium alloy, aluminium bronze, bronze, brass, copper, stainless steel, cast iron, ductile iron castings, sand moulding, gravity die casting, centrifugal casting, V-process, lost-wax process.

MICROCAST PTE. LTD.  -  zinc pressure die cast components for telecommunications, computers, consumer products, medical equipment, aero, automobiles, and heavy machineries.

UNICAST ENGINEERING & TRADING PTE. LTD.  -  a jobbing foundry, copper alloys / bronze castings, aluminium alloys castings, cast iron and steel castings for marine repairs, industrial and maintenance services, CO2 sand moulding and centrifugal casting.

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