The real industrial activity of Recor started in 1958, when Mr Alexandre Ferreira Tavares acquired the factory. Initially itís production focused on radiators, boilers and other cast iron products. The production of cast iron baths started in 1962.

In 1992 the old moulding line was replaced with two fully automatic moulding lines which gave Recor much greater capacity, flexibility and productivity. Further improvements were also made in the finishing and enamelling areas with the introduction of greater automation including robots.

In June 2000 Recor was acquired by the Masco Corporation of America. Masco is a world leading manufacturer of kitchens and bathrooms.

Metalurgica Recor exports almost all of itís production to markets such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, Japan and many EU countries. All of these markets demand exceptional quality and service. Recorís historical success has been built on satisfying itís customers with great products which give a lifetime of use and pleasure. Now with Mascoís backing Recor has been able to invest in itís future with new products which retain the traditional qualities of a cast iron bath, but also some more contemporary designs.


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