Founded in 1981, Ferespe - Fundicao de Ferro e Aco, Lda. is a renown at the International market foundry that produces with high levels of quality:
  • Carbon, Low, Medium and High alloyed cast steel machine parts,
  • High Alloy Cast Iron and Nodular Iron castings,
for pumps and valves, maintenance, glass industry, cement industry, spare parts for earth moving machines, spare parts for the food industry, etc.

The weigh and dimensions of the castings are: maximum of 500 kg and up to 900 x 900 x 500 mm. Sales capacity of the enterprise is 1000 tons/yearly.

Ferespe exports to UK, France, Sweden, Germany, Holland, USA, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Israel and Finland.


Jorge Alberto Moreira Casais  -  General Manager


Rua da Brasiela Nr.60, 4760-485 Fradelos, Vila Nova de Famalicao, PORTUGAL
tel.: (++351 252) 490470,  fax: (++351 252) 490479
e-mail:   ferespe@ferespe.pt
website: www.ferespe.pt