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BATO INTERNATIONAL CORP.  -  manufacturer of brass and aluminium handles, knobs, hinges, drawer pulls and other furniture hardware parts, lamps and lighting components, candle holders, sculptures and tabletop accessories, permanent mould casting, investment casting, a part of Pacific Traders & Manufacturing Corp.

CEBU IRON FOUNDRY CORP. (CIFCO)  -  cast iron foundry, the company’s main products are cast iron industrial v-pulleys (for industrial & agricultural applications), container van accessories, cast iron parts for water works system applications - fittings, manholes, ductile iron tapping saddles, cast steel bucket tooths, bronze bells.

CASTALLOY TECHNOLOGY CORP.  -  production of heat and corrosion resistant stainless steel, high alloy steel, abrasion and wear resistance steel, impact resistance and high strength steel castings for the cement, mining, sugar, pulp and paper industries.

FVC PHILIPPINES, INC.  -  an industrial valve manufacturing company, grey and ductile cast iron valve and jobbing castings, furan moulding system, a wholly owned subsidiary of Furukawa Kogyo Co., Ltd. - Japan.

GRAND ENGINEERING & FOUNDRY CORP.  -  jobbing foundry, carbon, stainless and manganese steel, ductile and grey cast iron, bronze and brass castings for the mining, cement, quarrying and automotive industries.

LUZON FOUNDRY, INC.  -  production of valves, faucets, water meters, strainers, fittings, brass and bronze castings.

METMA TRADING AND INDUSTRIAL CORP.  -  manufacturer of floor drains, catch basin frames, grates and inlets, bridge drains and rail guards, manhole frames and lids, tree grates and guards, valves, lighting poles and luminaries.

NATION MANUFACTURING AND INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS CORP. (NMIPC)  -  manufacturer of extruded uPVC and HDPE pipes, ductile / cast iron pipes, valves, fittings, fire hydrants, manhole covers and grates servicing the water utility, construction, and housing industries, the company’s major manufacturing facilities are: extrusion division equipped with new extrusion machines, and metal casting division equipped with induction furnaces, cupola furnaces, green sand and chemical sand moulding lines, and centrifugal casting units.

PHILIPPINE ALUMINUM WHEELS, INC. (PAWI)  -  manufacturer of cast light alloy wheels.

PRECISION FOUNDRY OF THE PHILIPPINES, INC. (PFPI)  -  manufacture of investment casting, firearm components, parts for the automotive industry, machinery parts, parts for dental equipment, furniture accessories, art pieces, brass sculptures.

QAMTIS PHILIPPINES, INC.  -  integrated engineering services in the basic metal industries, sand moulding, gravity die casting, investment casting - replica door handles, sewer outlet check valves, aluminium lantern frames, aluminium bronze vacuum pump impellers, zinc & aluminium anodes, cast iron bearing castings, exhaust manifolds, own pattern making shop - wood, fiberglass and aluminium patterns, die casting moulds.

RU FOUNDRY & MACHINE CORP.  -  production of biodegradables shredders, composting and recycling equipments, agricultural machineries, metal-casted machinery delivering top performance for different waste management processes, own foundry shop.

SUPERCAST FOUNDRY AND MACHINERY CORP.  -  specialized casting services - heat and corrosion resistance stainless steel, manganese steel, high impact and abrasion resistance steel, ductile, Hi-Cr, Ni-hard cast iron, copper, aluminium alloys, product lines - water pumps, cast iron fittings, valves, hydrants, variety of grating & manhole covers parts for mining, cement, machinery, automotive and construction industry.

SAN GABRIEL METAL CONCEPTS, INC.  -  manufacturer of furniture hardware and accessories made in brass, zinc and aluminium, using state-of-the-art ceramic shell casting, the foundry and machine shop produces handles, knobs, armoire, hinges pulls and other classical and contemporary furniture hardware, both contemporary and classical for furniture industry worldwide.

TIGER MACHINERY AND INDUSTRIAL CORP.  -  metal casting, steel fabrication and machining, manganese steel, Cr-Mo steel, various stainless grades, high chrome steels and cast irons castings, parts for major equipment in the cement, mining, power and other allied industries.

Invited Companies:

Arty Ferrocast, Inc. - cast iron, steel, bronze, brass and aluminium castings, Acetech Metal Industries Corp. - metal casting, Baesa Foundry Corp. - aluminium, brass and bronze foundry, Karuhatan Metal Casting & Machine Works Corp. - steel and cast iron castings, La Suerte Metal Casting & Machinery Corp. - aluminium, brass and bronze castings - heaters, propellers, antique decorative items, statues, bells, New Asia Foundry & Mfg. Co., Inc. - aluminium and cast iron castings - bakery equipment, manholes, counter weights, gym equipment, pulleys, stove plates, Orophil Industries - steel, cast iron, bronze and aluminium castings, Progressive Metal Resources, Inc. - ferrous and non-ferrous foundry.

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