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AL CAST IRON INDUSTRIES  -  a manufacturing division of Al-Cast Group dealing in ferrous and ferrous alloy castings - graded cast iron, manganese steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, ductile cast iron, Ni-hard for machinery and automobile components, agricultural spares, domestic products and any type of job work, all types of moulding techniques, from green sand to investment casting moulding.

ALI MACHINE TOOL COMPANY (AMTCPDC)  -  manufacturers of pressure die casting components to a wide array of industries; be it automotive, energy related, house-hold, or any other.
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ALLIED PRECISION ENGINEERING PRODUCTS (PVT) LTD.  -  forging, pressure die casting, tool and die manufacturing, precision machining and heat treatment, cast parts for the automotive sector and engineering industry.
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ALPINE STEEL (PVT) LTD.  -  the foundry is a part of Alpine Industrial Group known with defence production, manufacture of drain pipes and fittings, and tank components.

BAJWA AGRO INDUSTRIES LTD.  -  casting and machining of automobile parts and agricultural implements, castings in ductile cast iron, grey cast iron and
non-ferrous alloys.

BOLAN CASTINGS LTD.  -  the largest automotive foundry in Pakistan producing grey and ductile iron castings for tractors, trucks, buses and other vehicles.

CHENAB ENGINEERING WORKS & FOUNDRIES (PVT) LTD.  -  the company flexibly matches with customerís needs starting right from designing, casting and machining, the product range is from plain carbon to special alloy steel casting.

EEHABS ENGINEERING COMPANY (PVT) LTD.  -  grey cast iron and ductile iron casting, steel forging, differential casings, axle hubs, engine sleeves, brake and clutch pedals.

EXCEL ENGINEERING (PVT) LTD.  -  grey iron castings from 0.75 kg up to 1000 kg in weight, engineering & automotive parts, own pattern shop.

FRIENDS FOUNDRY (PVT) LTD.  -  production of grey cast iron and ductile cast iron castings, a wide range of parts and components for various auto and tractors manufacturers.

GENERAL ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES  -  auto parts and allied products manufacturing organization equipped with automatic machining facility, grey cast iron / ductile cast iron and aluminium foundry, modern quality control equipment and packing department.

HUSSEIN ENGINEERING WORKS (PVT) LTD.  -  the largest manufacturer of automobile parts and components in the private sector in Pakistan, the foundry plant was designed to produce thousands ton per annum for automotive castings in grey and ductile iron.


HASEEB WAQAS ENGINEERING LTD.  -  design, manufacturing and installation of plant and machinery for oil & gas, chemical, sugar and cement industry, areas of activity include casting, fabrication, machining and assembly.

IKRAM ENGINEERING COMPANY  -  development, production and sales of weaving machinery, own foundry shop with a capacity of cast iron casting up to 5 ton daily, weight range of castings from 250 g up to 200 kg.

JAGUAR PAKISTAN (PVT) LTD.  -  engineering and construction company, services include casting of cast iron, brass, aluminium and cooper, mild steel.

KARACHI SHIPYARD & ENGINEERING WORKS (KSEW) LTD.  -  KSEW has well planned and up-to-date foundries and pattern shops for different grades of cast iron and ductile iron, steel, bronze copper alloy and aluminium alloys.

MAT CAST (PVT) LTD.  -  a part of FSL Group of Companies, continuous casting plant with a plan to install an automotive part foundry.

MECAS FOUNDRY  -  a part of Mecas Engineering Pvt. Ltd., production capacity of 300 tons of automotive castings monthly.

MACHINECRAFTS (PVT) LTD.  -  auto parts manufacturer, cast iron components for automotive, agriculture and defence industries - differential cases, housings, rail shifters, fork clutch release, water pump assemblies, hydraulic cylinder and cross differential joints.
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QADRI FOUNDRY (PVT) LTD.  -  a part of Qadri Group Companies, manufacturer of constructional steel, cast components in ferrous and non ferrous metals.

QADCAST (PVT) LTD.  -  a part of Qadri Group Companies, production of medium and large-size cast iron castings.

RAVI AUTOS (PVT) LTD.  -  ductile iron cast parts - sand moulding, aluminium components - high pressure die casting.

RASTGAR ENGINEERING COMPANY (PVT) LTD.  -  manufacturer of bespoke parts for the automobile industry, specializing in high grade cast and machined axle components, ductile and grey iron castings in weight range from 2 kg up to 45 kg, moulding technologies - green sand and CO2 process, own pattern shop.

SUPRAA STEELS  -  alloy steel castings, green sand moulding process and carbon dioxide block process, cast components for the following industries: agriculture, fertilizer, sugar, automobile, jute, textile, dairy, food and catering, cement, oil extraction, paper & board, petroleum refinery, chemical, railways, defense, atomic energy commission.

TECNO PACK INDUSTRIES (PVT) LTD.  -  aluminium pressure die casting, machining, sheet metal pressing, hard chrome plating, welding, heat treatment, assembly operations, production of components for various passenger cars, motorcycles and tractor manufacturers, a subsidiary of Amigo Group of Companies.

UMER BROTHERS & CO. (UBCO HOLDINGS)  -  manufacturer of power transmission and distribution line hardware, the products and services range from manufacturing and installation of power line hardware to commercial steel fabrication and various grades of ferrous and non ferrous castings, mainly lead and copper castings.

WESTERN INDUSTRIES  -  large, small and complex pressure die castings of aluminium and zinc alloys, tractors parts, trucks & buses parts, car parts, motorcycle parts.

Invited Company: New Rehman Foundry Works - castings.

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