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10th European Crystallography School (ECS 10), June 22-29, 2025, and 27th Congress of SCTM, September 25-28, 2024, Ohrid, North Macedonia 10th European Crystallography School (ECS 10), June 22-29, 2025, Ohrid

27th Congress of SCTM, September 25-28, 2024, Ohrid
9th International Congress of Metallurgists of North Macedonia 9th International Congress of
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May 7-10, 2020, Ohrid, Link does not work.

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ALUMINIUM AND ZINC FOUNDRY DOOEL  -  production of aluminium heaters and aluminium and zinc pressure-die castings for the needs of automotive industry, machine-building industry and electrical industry, production capacity: 500 000 radiator ribs annually and about 50 000 kg of aluminium castings.

LTH LEARNICA DOOEL  -  aluminium and zinc alloys pressure die castings for automobile industry - bell, speed, supporter, cover, box, plate, door knobs, door-knobs supporter, mirrors, electro and machine industry - different kinds of electric enclosures and covers, household appliances - transmission belt, rotor supporter, bearing supporter, iron supporter, upper connection, iron plate, double lever, wooden industry - door holders, metallic knobs, drawer-handles, nails, window covers, window junctions, adjustable stands, a part of LTH Castings (2005), having another three foundries in Skofja Loka and Ljubljana in Slovenia, and Benkovac in Croatia.

MZT LEARNICA AD  -  grey cast iron, ductile cast iron and nonferrous castings, cast parts for the machine and automobile industry - pump bodies, bearing cases, gear boxes, brake equipment, housing for tool machines, segments for steam boilers; fittings, air valves and hydrants; manhole covers and grates; decorative products - hand water-pumps, street fountains, bench sides, street and garden bollards.

MIKRON TECH DOO  -  electrical motors, electronics and automatics, own foundry for zinc and aluminium alloys pressure die-casting.
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RZ INSTITUT AD  -  aluminium and copper alloys castings in sand moulds - elements for sewerage and water systems, underground hydrants, fire hydrants, ventile heads, pipes, brass and bronze art casting - sculptures, statues, plaques, ornamental articles, production of aluminium and copper alloys in ingots, ramming masses for induction industrial furnaces, masses for torquetting of electric furnaces, ground chamotte and dolomite, metallurgical lime, additives and other non-metal products for steel industry, foundries and metalwork plants, laboratory services for mining and metallurgy.
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ZELEZNIK AD  -  steel castings for quarries, steam power plants, machine-building and construction plants, manufacturer of low carbon steel shot.
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