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A & G PRICE LTD.  -  steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous castings, keels, cast components for military and marine defence production, for pulp & paper, steel, hydro-electric, quarrying, mining and other major industries.

AXIAM DIECASTING LTD.  -  a part of Axiam Ltd., pressure and gravity aluminium diecasting for the electronics, automotive, communications, oil and gas industries.

ABCAST FOUNDRY  -  aluminium and bronze castings, greensand, sodium silicate, resin sands and shell moulding processes.

ARTCAST FOUNDRY  -  bronze art foundry, sand moulding, lost wax casting or a combination of both, workshops for sculptors or students, consulting services.

ALEC FARRAR LTD.  -  aluminium, brass or gunmetal castings from school hand bells, headstone plaques to components for the power grid.

AUSTINS FOUNDRY LTD.  -  manufacturer of farm rollers, roller components and spare parts, cast iron castings and non-ferrous castings, manhole covers, channel grates, gratings, fire hydrant boxes, water meter boxes, lampholes, castings made to order.

A.W. FRASER LTD.  -  brass and bronze bars production using vertical, horizontal and centrifugal casting technology, brass bar stock & brass extrusions and precision machined brass and bronze components.

BAYCAST FOUNDRY  -  casting in non-ferrous metals, castings for boat fittings, zinc anodes for the marine industry, aluminium floodgates for pipe systems companies, parts for the engineering industry, greensand casting for replacement car parts and farm machinery, art work in bronze and brass.

BUCHANANS FOUNDRY LTD. (link does not work)  -  manufacturer of ferrous and non-ferrous castings for such sectors as aluminium smelters, quarry equipment, electrical power transmission, oil and sugar industries, valves, railway and multi-clone cyclone dry scrubbing systems, a complete range of spheroidal graphite iron, high chrome irons, grey cast irons and steels, production methods include furan resin silica or zircon sand casting and gravity die-casting.

BRONZE SCULPTURE - TREVOR J. ASKIN  -  art studio and foundry, bronze birds, animals, people and abstract sculptures.

CREATED & CAST BRONZE  -  art foundry specializes in the lostwax bronze casting process, services include silicone rubber and fibreglass moulds, gas tig and mig welding, patination, sandblasting, restoration, casting of public and private sculpture, unique trohpies, childrens hands and feet, handles, etc.

CAST COMPONENTS LTD.  -  ferrous and non-ferrous foundry, hard sand and green sand moulds, shell cores.

CANTERBURY CASTINGS LTD. (CANCAST)  -  ferrous & aluminium alloys castings, agricultural casting, transport components, pump casting, gearbox housings, grit cells, firebars, manhole covers, grates, streetware, wear resistant castings for mining and rock crushing, aluminium jet boat castings.

CAMBRIAN ENGINEERING CO. LTD. - BLOORE & PILLER  -  ferrous and non-ferrous castings, green sand and cold set sand CO2 moulding, gravity diecasting, cast parts for valves and heavy duty hose fittings, transformer and switchgear fittings, sliding door hardware, tool components, plaques, gas burners, foot pedals, special set spanners, pattern shop for wood, metal or plastic patterns.

CHATFIELD ENGINEERING LTD.  -  design and manufacture of cast bronze marine hardware, hard-set moulding sand along with the traditional recyclable green sand moulding processes.

CLASSIC MEDALS & CASTINGS (link does not work)  -  manufacture and supply of hand-cast, hand-made medals and small castings - keyrings featuring the club or corporate logo, pin badges, corporate gifts, coasters, club badges, plaques, all cast products are individually manufactured, ensuring a quality standard that cannot be duplicated in mass production.

CIRCA MARINE & INDUSTRIAL LTD.  -  specialises in building boats and industrial structures from aluminium and steel, own foundry - cast parts in aluminium, bronze, cast iron, steel and stainless steel.

CARLTON TAYLOR INDUSTRIES LTD. (CTI) (link does not work)  -  CTI incorporating Aluminum DieCasting Ltd. and Hamer Precision Ltd., design, manufacture, finishing and assembly services - sheetmetal fabrication, precision CNC machining, aluminium high pressure and low pressure die casting in aluminium with castings range in weight from a few grams through to 7 kg, products for the electronic and electrical industry.

DISPATCH & GARLICK LTD.  -  production of rotary milking platforms, milking machines and equipment, pressure vessels, general - marine and heavy engineering equipment, steel fabrication, grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, bronze and aluminium castings, green sand and hardsand (CO2) moulding, aluminium alloys gravity die casting, short production runs of all types of castings from street sump grates and manhole covers to golf putter shafts with full heat treating, machining, assembly and painting services available.

DYNAMIC CASTING SERVICES LTD. (link does not work)  -  low to medium size runs of miscellaneous castings both gravity die-cast and pressure die-cast in aluminium or zinc die-casting alloys, manufacture of shell moulds and cores for other New Zealand foundries.

DIE-CASTING SOLUTIONS (NZ) LTD.  -  pressure die casting, zinc alloys cast components up to 2.5 kg.

DELTA DIECASTING LTD.  -  production of aluminium alloy gravity die castings for the following sectors - lighting, fuel couplings, hose couplings, furniture, automotive, extrusion endcaps and toys.

DIVERSE ENGINEERING GROUP  -  a full range of general and marine engineering services, vessel survey, alterations, refitting, maintenance and repair, propeller design, manufacture, repair and maintenance, hydraulics and pneumatics, motor mechanical maintenance, non-ferrous foundry for production of propellers and marine fittings.

DYDO MANUFACTURING LTD.  -  a family manufacturing company, specialised in bending and rolling a variety on steel, aluminium and stainless steel sections, production aluminium, lead and zinc alloys die castings, manufacturer and supplier of consumables for kilns, furnaces and ovens.

DIECASTING NEW ZEALAND LTD.  -  manufacture of dies and pressure diecasting components up to 2 kg in weight - bathroom fittings, electrical boxes, whiteware components, shelf brackets, motor vehicle components, badges, fish lures, table fittings, bottle openers, door furniture, wheels, serrated clamps, medals.

FARRA CASTING  -  a division of Farra Dunedin Engineering Ltd., carbon steel, high and low alloy steel, manganese and heat resistant stainless steel, grey, ductile and special alloy irons casting up to 3.5 t finished weight.

GILLIES METALTECH  -  manufacturer of cast iron watermain fittings, valves, hydrants and special purpose pumps.

GIBSON PATTERNS & SOUTHERN LANTERNS  -  a range of reproduction Victorian gas lanterns, styled on the original gas lanterns and poles used in the last century, all in the Victorian style - pedestals for use on gate posts, pillars for use on low walls, wall lights, bollards, sun dials, letterboxes and signs, aluminium casting in traditional sand moulds, pattern making in wood, fibreglass, epoxy resin and metal.

GILTECH PRECISION CASTINGS  -  non-ferrous jobbing foundry, casting and machining of leaded bronzes, manganese, aluminium and nickel bronzes.

HILLSIDE ENGINEERING GROUP (terminated five years ago)  -  cast irons - ductile, grey, wear resistant, rail componentry and inventory, valves, streetware furniture, smelter industry components, mining industry component, forestry consumables.

INDUSTRIAL ALLOYS LTD. (link does not work)  -  precision and specialised castings in all grades of stainless steels, carbon & low alloy steels, heat & wear resistant alloys, alloy cast irons and non ferrous metals, investment casting, green sand and self setting resin moulding, shell and CO2-silicate moulding.

MORRIS & WATSON LTD.  -  casting in gold, silver, platinum, palladium and brass, gold coins, gold bars, gold bullion and machine made gold chain.

MASCOT DIECASTERS LTD. (M.D.L.) (link does not work)  -  aluminium pressure diecasting, precision machined castings to both automotive and non-automotive customers.

MASPORT FOUNDRIES LTD. (link does not work)  -  grey cast iron, ductile iron, nihard iron, niresist iron and high chromium iron castings, Disaforma moulding line and Hunter moulding machines, products for suspension arms, brake drums, hubs, cylinder heads and brake discs for the automotive industry, pot belly stoves and radiant heaters.

MONTROSE FOUNDRY LTD.  -  aluminium and bronze castings - sea legs, signal lights for railways, milk pumps, truck refrigeration unit handles, sand moulding.

MECCA GROUP LTD.  -  all types of non-ferrous castings in bronze, and aluminium, stainless steel casting.

MODTEC INDUSTRIES LTD.  -  zinc pressure die cast components - modular monitor arms and office accessories.

MILLAR, PATERSON METALS LTD.  -  cast ornamental brassware, sundials, plaques, bells, ornamental door knobs, knockers, fire hobs.

MARINE PROTECTION SYSTEMS  -  a foundry specialised in the manufacture of zinc and aluminium anodes for the marine industry.

MIKE REES CASTINGS LTD.  -  a non-ferrous foundry specialised in one off castings, small run production castings and difficult castings - propellers, yacht keels, rudders, prop struts, tiller arms, shaft liners, bearings, couplings, zinc anodes, automotive castings, aircraft castings, custom one off castings in all marine alloys, aluminium hatch covers.

NEALES FOUNDRY (2000) LTD.  -  aluminium and bronze castings, bronze cast plaques for monumental and memorial applications.

PROGRESSIVE CASTINGS LTD.  -  aluminium, bronze, brass, nickelsilver, magnesium, iron, stainless and steel castings, items from door handles, furniture, table utensils to household ornaments.

R. A. WHITE & CO.  -  bronze, brass, aluminium and stainless steel casting, manufacture of dimensional lettering and signage, corporate logos, coats of arms, bronze and aluminium plaques, memorial vases.

SOUTH AUCKLAND FOUNDRY LTD.  -  cast iron tree grates, a range of aluminium or iron grates and service boxes, gully & channel grates, aluminium outdoor furniture and accessories, marine and municipal castings, hard sand moulding, green sand moulding, die casting, lost foam process.

SIVERSTREAM FOUNDRY LTD. (link does not work)  -  jobbing foundry for small boat fittings work and aluminium, brass, bronze, zinc and lead castings.

SUPERIOR INDUSTRIES LTD.  -  manufacture, custom build and sell products in aluminium and steel, including aluminium low pressure die-casting, spring making, wire forming and presswork.

STAINLESS INCAST N.Z. LTD. - CASTING SHOP LTD.  -  production of stainless steel investment (lost wax process) cast components for the defence, marine, agricultural, forestry, dairying, meat, wool, fishing, food processing and other manufacturing industries.

SKELLERN'S METAL CASTINGS LTD.  -  aluminium, bronze and brass cast products for architectural door handles, a range of marine fittings including components for heavy duty winches, marine environment chandlery - deck fittings, cleats, electrical components, housings, cable clamps, light fittings in brass and aluminium, plumbing and pipeline fittings, taps, flanges, hangers and valves, assembled or in component form, builders hardware - hangers and latches, ornamental brass castings of all shapes and sizes, brass and no-lead brass for drinking water applications, gravity die casting, shell moulding, hard sand and greensand moulding.

SCULPTURED MARINE FITTINGS LTD. (link does not work)  -  marine grade stainless steel investment castings, marine fittings, yacht bollards, fairleads, mooring cleats, funnels, leisure furl booms, elliptical tube bends.

SURECAST METALS LTD.  -  specialized in the construction of everything from manhole covers to assorted aluminium products: pattern making, cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, Ni-hard, Ni-resist, aluminium, bronze, pressure die casting.

SUPREME STEEL PRODUCTS PTY LTD. (link does not work)  -  ferrous & non-ferrous investment castings, cast components for marine, military, mining, petrochemical & food processing.

SIKA TECHNOLOGY LTD.  -  aluminium foundry, gravity tilt die casting, no-bake resin-bonded sand mould casting, large flat-panel aluminium castings for telecommunication jointing chambers, precision aluminium castings for the aviation industry, automotive and marine engineering, decorative interior design and architectural hardware, and hard landscaping elements, fences, gates, seats, park benches, decorative balustrades for stairswells & balconies, bollards & other outside lighting structures, patio furniture, door handles, chair & table castings, and theme sculptures.

TRIBE DESIGN LTD.  -  spin-cast zinc alloy badges, medals, belt buckles, buttons, pendants, keyrings, bottle openers, plaques, industrial items.

THE HEAVY METAL CO., LTD.  -  the company specialises in the design and manufacture of brass, bronze, aluminium and copper castings, pattern making, laser cutting and metal finishing, cast products for the furniture, automotive, marine, architectural and agricultural industries, ornamental and memorial art casting, sculptures.

TECHNICAST WANGANUI LTD.  -  ferrous & non-ferrous foundry, commercial & industrial brake drums, trucks, busses and light commercial flywheels.

UNIMAR  -  previously known as the Nalder & Biddle (Nelson) Ltd. - marine & industrial engineers, N & B Foundry specialises in non-ferrous sand castings, large range of marine and industrial fittings such as struts, stern bearings, stuffing boxes, surge drums, propeller nuts, fuel tank vents, vintage car & motorcycle parts, plaques, bronze sculptures up to 1400 kg.

ULLRICH ALUMINIUM FOUNDRY DIVISION  -  a gravity die-casting foundry, castings for various end uses from climbing equipment (scaffold and ladders) through to building accessories.

WADE ENGINEERING LTD. (link does not work)  -  an industrial engineering firm specialising in precision manufacturing and engineering solutions, grey cast iron, ductile iron, Ni-hard iron, Ni-resist iron, steels (mild and alloy), stainless steels cast components - pulleys, sheaves, sprockets, clutch plates, brake drums and heavy equipment, bronzes, aluminium alloys, brasses - impellers, propellers, bearings and bushes, marine fittings.

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