Megastra Jaya Sdn Bhd, Malaysia, aluminium and zinc die casting foundry, compressor castings, automotive parts, MEGASTRA JAYA SDN. BHD.  -  MALAYSIA

Megastra Jaya is one of leading foundry companies in Malaysia. The foundry, which has been operating since 1997, is Australian owned and operated and exports all of its production.

The foundry produces high quality aluminium castings on a range of pressure casting machines from 100t-350t as well it is also does
a large amount of gravity casting. The range of castings include: compressor castings - conrods, heads, automotive parts - endcaps, brackets, housings, hubs, door panels, large fan blades and transmission housings, etc.

Megastra Jaya has own toolroom for dies and tools manufacturing, and offers 5 axis machining, powder coating, anodizing, plating and heat treatment services.


Mr. Keith Wallace - Director


No. 18, Jalan Sg Keramat 2, Taman Klang Utama 42100, MALAYSIA
tel.: (+603) 3290 2901,  fax: (+603) 3290 6906

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