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Liejykla = Foundry

FENOLITA UAB  -  production of small and middle size steel and stainless steel constructions weighting up to 1000 kg - stands for lamps, bed frames, storage equipment, metal pallets, parts of heavy machinery, own foundry shop for gravity die-casting and pressure die-casting, aluminium alloys, zinc alloys, brass.
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JUVELYRIKOS OAZE UAB  -  manufacturer of cast silver jewelry by lost-wax technology and centrifugal casting, production of dies, tools and equipment for jewelers.

KAUNO KETAUS LIEJYKLA AB  -  grey and ductile iron castings weighing from 0.3 kg up to 10 000 kg - cast parts for industrial machinery, manhole covers and frames, decorative castings, fireplace capsules, stairs with handrails, lanterns, benches, stand-halls, monuments, sculptures and basreliefs, the production facilities comprise two automatic green-sand moulding lines, hand moulding section with furan resin-sand, and continuous casting lines for cast iron bars.
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LIETIS  -  art metal studio and foundry, cast silver, bronze and brass authentic Baltic and Celtic accessories, bracelets, earrings, hairpins, pendants, brooches, rings, belts, sculptures and other creative work.

LAIVITE AB  -  ship repair yard, repair and modernization works of all ships’ types, building of motorboats, yachts and other light vessels, the only company in Lithuania that specializes in building turbo powered airplanes, a large spectrum of additional services including bronze and brass castings.

METALO FORMA UAB  -  manufacturing of national awards, nominal gifts, plaques, corporate gifts, honorary signs, medals, badges, prizes, trophies, commemorative cups, sculptures, small plastics and statues made from silver, bronze and brass combined with an amber and natural stone, paintings, souvenirs, postcards.

METALU LIEJINIAI UAB  -  castings from non-ferrous metals - aluminium alloys of all grades, brass, bronze, zinc alloys, pressure die-casting, cast parts from
0.02 kg to 6.0 kg, gravity die casting, weight of castings from 0.5 kg to 100 kg, centrifugal casting, bushings from from 10 kg to 100 kg, floor hand green sand moulding, weight of castings from 1 kg to 200 kg, castings from ferrous metals - cast iron, carbon and alloy steel, green-sand machine and manually moulding, weight of castings from 1 kg to 250 kg.

METNETUS UAB  -  grey and malleable cast iron castings, engineering nets systems - manhole covers and frames, gratings, furnace parts - fire grates, dampers, doors and cast water cisterns, fire-places - capsules, ovens, stoves, doors, scoops, whisks and other instruments, decorative castings - park benches, tables and chairs.

MIGIRIS UAB  -  production of household electric graters, casting of the non-ferrous metals, stamping.

MILVARAS UAB  -  aluminium alloys pressure die casting, production of pressure dies and other moulds and manufacturing equipment.

PANEVEZIO AURIDA UAB  -  air compressors for brake systems assigned for trucks, busses and tractors, automatic aluminium pressure die casting lines for castings in weight range between 0.05 and 1.5 kg, capacity 1500 tons / year.

REMLITAS UAB  -  aluminium and zinc alloys gravity and pressure die casting, main products - paint spraying equipment, paint units, spray guns for paint, parts of compressors.

ULOS JUVELYRU STUDIJA UAB  -  jewellery studio, gold, silver and bronze art casting, manufacturer of jewelry of gold, silver, bronze, perl, amber, semi-precious stones - business gifts, badges, medals, signboards, plaquettes, awards.

VESTIDA UAB  -  cast iron, steel and non-ferrous castings for agriculture, constructional machines, elevator mechanisms, compressors, manholes and drain grates, parts for fireplaces, stoves, furnaces and decorative castings.

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