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23rd World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control - IFAC 2026, August 23-28, 2026, Busan

9th International Congress on the Science and Technology of Steelmaking - ICS 2025, July 2-4, 2025, Seoul

Busan International Machinery Fair (BuTech 2025), May 20-23, 2025, Busan

10th International Conference on Composite Materials and Material Engineering - ICCMME 2025, January 8-10, 2025, Yonsei University, Seoul

Korea Metal Week 2024, October 16-18, 2024, Goyang

15th Korea International Machinery Expo - KIMEX 2024, June 25-28, 2024, Changwon

8th International Symposium on Advanced Material Research - ISAMR 2024, June 14-16, 2024, Incheon, In Hybrid Format

20th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (WCNDT 2024), May 27-31, 2024, Incheon

7th International Conference on Material Engineering Research - ICMER 2024, April 19-21, 2024, Jeju Island

20th Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show - Simtos 2024, April 1-5, 2024, Goyang

12th Metal+Metallurgy & Thermo Process Korea 2024, March 27-29, 2024, Busan

11th Pacific Rim International Conference on Advanced Materials and Processing - PRICM11, November 19-23, 2023, ICC-Jeju, Jeju Island

7th Steel & Metal Korea - SMK 2023, October 10-13, 2023, Daegu

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AL-TECH KOREA CO., LTD.  -  aluminium gravity die castings, wedge type clamps, connectors, thermostat housings, oil-pans, intake manifolds, fittings, carriers, brackets.

BOMYUNG CO., LTD.  -  cast iron street lamp poles.

BONGSHIN CO., LTD.  -  grey and nodular iron castings, chilled casting for mixing rolls of rubber and plastics, calendar rolls (bored rolls and drilled rolls), paper calendar rolls, hydraulic cylinder piston rams, industrial machine parts for compressor housings, gear cases, hydraulic cylinders, catapult parts, machine tool parts for plano millers, machining centers, lathes.

BUCHEON FOUNDRY CO.  -  grey cast and ductile cast iron products, automobile motor cases, railway train parts, pulleys, hubs, brake drums, cylinder bodies, exhaust manifolds, gear cases, decelerator parts, pump and valve parts, Disamatic moulding line.

BM FOUNDRY CO., LTD.  -  cast iron castings for automobile and compressor parts, valve, sporting goods and agricultural implements.

BOYANG SPECIAL METAL CO., LTD.  -  heat resistance, wear resistance, acid resistance and shock resistance castings, industrial furnace parts, unique industrial parts for petrochemistry, energy, paper making, construction equipments, investment casting, centrifugal casting, sand moulding.

BUKANG SPECIAL INDUSTRIES CO., LTD.  -  sand moulded castings - u-bends of radiant tubes, supports, brackets, working beams, liners, trays, jigs, recuperator bodies, precision investment castings - recuperator, jigs and mechanical cast parts, centrifugal castings, turbine parts, castings for defence industry, stainless steel, heat resistant steel, cobalt / nickel base alloys.

CHUNJI CORP.  -  investment casting for automotive parts, gun parts, industrial machinery parts, bicycles, pumps and valve parts, transmitter parts.

CASTOP CO., LTD.  -  pressure die castings, start motor housings, power steering oil pump housings, fly-wheels, bearing housings, transmission parts, engine parts.

CF E&T CO., LTD.  -  carbon-manganese steel castings, centrifugal casting, sand moulding, hearth rolls, dry rolls, radiant tube supports, walking beams, outlet rings, beam posts, furnace doors, spools, burner rings, retort tubes, taper bowls, roasters, muffles.

CASTEC KOREA  -  production of cast iron automobile parts, Disamatic moulding lines.

DELTACAST CO., LTD.  -  aluminium gravity die casting, power brake parts, steering gear parts, turbo changer and engine mounting parts.

DONGYANG DIE CASTING CO., LTD.  -  aluminium and zinc pressure die casting, parts for the electric home appliances and automobiles.

DAE HAN CAST IRON  -  grey and nodular iron products, mainly different type of manhole covers with frames, frames and grates, drainage gratings.
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DAEYONG INDUSTRY CO.  -  aluminium pressure die casting, engine and transmission parts, water and oil pump parts, electric throttle bodies, housing and steering components, bracket and super charger parts, housings, alternator and start motor parts, belt tensioned parts.

DAECHANG METAL CO., LTD.  -  carbon and low alloy steel casting products for shipyards, power generation plants, industrial machinery and construction companies, max. weight of castings 20 tons, annual production 24 000 tons / yearly.

DAEDONG METALS CO., LTD.  -  cast iron foundry, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks and cast parts for commercial car, automobiles and agricultural machines.

DONGSEO MECHATRONICS CO., LTD. (in reconstruction)  -  aluminium castings made by high / low pressure die casting and gravity die casting, manufacturer of pressure die casting machines and gravity die casting machines for aluminium alloy cast parts production.

DAESHIN METAL, INC.  -  aluminium alloy casting and machining company, dry-sand moulding, automatic and hand green-sand moulding, gravity die casting, parts for high speed train, national defense, heavy electric equipment, aircraft, automotive and high speed boat engines.

DAEJIN METAL IND. CO., LTD.  -  steel castings for steam and gas turbine components, boiler, compressors and pumps, shipbuilding and engine cast parts,
20 000 ton per year castings, max casting unit weight 17 tons.

HIMET CORPORATION  -  carbon, high alloy and low alloy steel castings, non-ferrous metal castings - impellers, valve discs and bodies, pump casings, suction bells, discharge bowls and machinery components for use in power plants, chemical plants and desalination plants.

HANKOOK CASTING CORPORATION  -  aluminium and zinc pressure die-casting products for sewing machines, motorcars and escalators.

HANSCO CO., LTD.  -  steel castings for iron manufacture, industrial plants, electricity generation plants, cement industry, vessel components, maximum casting gross weight 45 tons, yearly production capacity 18 000 tons.

HANIL INVESTMENT CASTING CO., LTD.  -  investment casting, commercial castings, valves, clamps, hangers, unions.

HAEWON INDUSTRIAL, INC.  -  grey, ductile and alloy cast iron shell mould castings for automotive industry, capacity: 8400 tons / year.

HANDOK METAL CO.  -  aluminium forging products and gravity die castings for the automotive industry, agricultural equipment, hand-tool, leisure supplies, aircraft, defense.

HANKOOK STEEL CO., LTD.  -  carbon steel, low alloy steel and special steel castings for different branches of industrial production, CO2 process, alphaset process and furan process moulding.

IL SAN METAL CO.,LTD.  -  cast iron manhole covers.

JIN HEUNG FOUNDRY CO., LTD.  -  grey cast iron, ductile cast iron and austempered cast iron engine parts, suspension parts, brake hubs and discs, differential parts, green-sand moulding and furan-sand moulding lines.

JUWON SPECIAL STEEL CO., LTD.  -  carbon, low and high alloy steel castings, duplex, monel, hastelloy from 2 kg up to 15 000 kg, cast parts for valves, industrial machinery, chemical plants, environmental facilities and construction equipments, CO2 moulding line, VRH line, alpha-set line and shell process moulding line, 10 ton argon oxygen decarburization process.

JAESUNG TECH CO., LTD.  -  vacuum pressure die casting, aluminium cast components for the automobile industry.

KSP CORPORATION  -  grey cast iron and ductile cast iron pipes, fittings, valves, manhole covers and frames, hydrants, steel pipes.

KOREA CAST IRON PIPE (KCIP) IND. CO., LTD.  -  ductile cast iron pipes, coated steel pipes for water service, fittings for the pipes and general casting products for automobiles.

KUMHWA CAST STEEL & INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY CO., LTD.  -  steel castings - anchors, bell mouths, bit and cable lifters, chain compressors, chocks close type, chock panama type, upper / lower castings for the major national shipyards, and special castings for the automotive industry.

KOREA LOST-WAX CO., LTD.  -  investment casting manufacturer, nickel-based and cobalt-based super alloys, precipitation hardening steel, carbon and stainless steel, aluminium alloys commercial casting parts and core casting parts for aerospace, power generation and marine industries - turbine blades, turbine nozzles,
air-seals, sleeves and deflectors, flight control parts, fuselage parts, stators and rotors for aircraft brake systems, turbine wheels and impellers for avionic cooling systems, turbine and compressor wheels, nozzle rings, compressing rings and housings, valve discs and coupling parts.

KOREA METAL TECHNICAL ARTS CO.  -  bronze industrial and art castings.

MIRAEMTECH CO., LTD.  -  aluminium, zinc and magnesium pressure die-castings, mechanical components for various industries - industrial equipment, medical instrument, mobile phone, digital devices, home appliances, automobile, aerospace, fire-fighting appliances, alternative energy, fashion, kitchen devices, motion modules.

NAMYANG METALS CO., LTD.  -  ductile cast iron casting for the automotive and special purpose machinery industries, crank shaft, cam shafts, bearing caps, oil cooler supports and covers, exhaust manifolds, turbine housings, fly wheels, steering knuckles, arm lifts, steering housings, lower arms, calipers, brake discs, brake drums, hubs, atm housings / covers, axle housings, atm differential cases, carriers, carrier cases, automatic green-sand moulding lines.

PUSAN CAST IRON CO., LTD.  -  cast iron and steel parts, crank shafts, knuckles, housings, differential cases, differential carriers, forks, brake carriers, rear carriers, brackets, hubs, brake bridges, brake spiders, caliper discs, hub wheels, brake frames, bearing caps, caliper brakes and other automobile parts.

PK VALVE CO., LTD.  -  carbon & alloy steel valves for chemical & petrochemical plants, thermal & nuclear power plants, oil refinery plants, city gas industries, capacity - cast steel valves 600 tons / monthly, cast stainless steel valves 100 tons / monthly.

SHINWON CASTIRON & MACHINERY CO., LTD.  -  all kinds of ductile iron and grey cast iron products including automobile, forklift, robot and industrial machines parts, medium & large sized casting products produced by the V-process.

SHIN HAN PRECISION CO., LTD.  -  aluminium pressure die-casting automotive parts - throttle bodies, regulator bodies, gear cover, compressor housings, arms, bases, clutch pistons, back plates, fan spacers, reactor blades.

SAMWOO KJS TEC. CO., LTD.  -  investment steel casting for industrial valves.

SAMSHIN LTD.  -  carbon, low alloy, austenitic stainless cast and forged steel gate, globe, ball and check valves for nuclear and thermal power plants, petrochemical plants, oil refinery industries.

SUNYANG MACHINERY & METAL CO., LTD.  -  copper and copper alloys centrifugal casting, parts for blast furnaces, converters, rolling mills, continuous casting facilities, power plants, marine vessels and electric equipments.

SAMYOUNG MT CO., LTD.  -  aluminium parts for automotive industry - alternator housings, start motor housings, wiper motor housings and brackets, main frames, heat sinks, light housings, extension housings, high-pressure die casting and machining.

S.M METAL CO., LTD.  -  cast steel products for the defense industry and bulletproofing, special castings for self-propelled guns and tanks, fork equipment for forklifts, heat-resistant cast steels for incineration furnaces.
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SHIN MYUNG STEEL CAST CO., LTD.  -  special steel cast products required for the Korean defense industry, cast parts for industrial machinery and equipment such as locomotive, pumps, valves and heavy equipment for construction, carbon steel cast, low alloy steel cast, high carbon manganese steel cast, heat-resistant steel cast and stainless steel cast, CO2 moulding for producing multiple items in a small quantity and shell moulding for precise, small products, allowing production of various items.

SAMKWANG PRECISION CO., LTD.  -  zinc and aluminium alloy pressure die casting products for automobiles, electric and electronics parts.

SPECIAL PRECISION PARTS (SPP) CO., LTD.  -  small-sized precise pressure die magnesium parts, computer parts and accessories, mobile-phone parts, tv parts, electro-motion implement, semiconductor implement.

SINIL TRADING COMPANY  -  production of brass and aluminium gravity die castings for single lever mixer faucet series, general faucets and accessories, production of hydraulic gravity die casting machines, automatic shell core blowing machines, sand mixers.

SAMJEONG TURBINE CO., LTD.  -  manufacture of turbo machinery parts, maintenance of turbo system, design and manufacture of turbo system products, own precision (investment) casting factory, vacuum precision superalloy casting - impellers, turbine wheels, turbine blades, nozzles, aluminium castings - impellers, cylinder heads and blocks.

TAEJOO IND. CO., LTD.  -  grey and ductile iron casting parts for automotive, construction equipment and agricultural industries.

TAECHANG PRECISION CO., LTD.  -  air-investment and vacuum-investment casting, valve, pump, boiler and car components.

TY VALVE CORPORATION  -  production of gate valves, globe valves, swing check valves, ball valves, butterfly valves, knife gate valves for refinery, petrochemical, chemical, pulp paper manufacturing, power generation and liquefied natural gas industries, CO2 process moulding line, stainless steel, carbon and low alloy steel castings.

WONTAE DIE-CASTING CO., LTD.  -  aluminium and zinc die-casting products for automotive and electric parts.

WORLD METAL INC.  -  production of cooper-alloy products, centrifugal casting, sand moulding, high strength brass bushes, extruding goods, recycled aluminium ingots.

YOUNG DIECASTING CO., LTD.  -  aluminium pressure die casting housing of electric control equipment for automobile engine, mission, air bag, power train, etc.

YEON KUM SA CO., LTD.  -  bronze centrifugal casting and sand moulding, bushing / pump cases, valve parts, impellers, electrical equipment and components.

YPC LTD.  -  production of cast impellers for industrial pumps, cast parts for various machines, grey, ductile and alloy cast iron, carbon, low and high alloy cast steel, weight of castings - cast iron maximum 350 kg, cast steel maximum 250 kg.

YEONGHWA METAL CO., LTD.  -  grey iron, ductile iron and malleable iron cast parts for cars, fittings, heavy equipment and machinery industry, air impact type GF moulding machine line, Disamatic moulding line, production capacity 120 000 tons / year.

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